Sokka collects money
Chapter 8: The Bounty
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air


Chapter 8

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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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September 14, 2012

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Rong Yan and Yong Ten, arrive at a northern Fire Nation village called Jiangsu Village. They perform tasks for the village.

Chapter 8: The Bounty

Book 1: Air

Chapter 8: The Bounty

Roadside kiosk

Yong Ten and, Rong Yan look at the kiosk.

Scene appears, Yong Ten and Rong Yan are flying on Jippo, Jippo roars, as Yong Ten steers Jippo downwards. They lands five yards away from a village, Rong Yan and Yong Ten dismount off of Jippo. Rong Yan sees a kiosk with people looking at papers and runs over to it.

"Hey Yong Ten check this out! This kiosk has wanted posters for criminals that are around this village." Rong Yan said excitedly looking over at Yong Ten, Yong Ten walks over to the kiosk, strafes his beard.

"Hmm..yes, we do need the money I suppose we could look for these criminals.." Yong Ten replied, continually strafing his beard. Rong Yan takes a poster off of the kiosk, then begins to read it, "Wanted: Jiong Crimes: For theft of the jewelery shop in the bazaar. Reward: fifty silver pieces." Yong Ten walks up to a signpost with one piece of wood pointing to a nearby town it says, "Jiangsu Village".


The poster showed a picture of Jiong.

Yong Ten turns to Rong Yan then looks at another poster on the kiosk, this time the poster was of an airbender, the poster said, "Wanted: Jigme Crimes: Mugging locals, Reward: Fifty silver pieces.", Yong Ten looks down, shakes his head, and sighs, Rong Yan looks over at Yong Ten, "What's wrong, Yong Ten?" Rong Yan asked.


The poster Yong Ten grabbed, showed the picture of an airbender.

"Nothing." Yong Ten replied, "Just the simple fact that we Air Nomads, are a peaceful people and here is one Air Nomad who is wanted to for mugging, why? Why would he do such a thing." Yong Ten asked.

"I don't know..maybe..he's a rebel." Rong Yan replied.

"Let us head into the Jiangsu Village, maybe we can get information on these criminals." Rong Yan said, walking north down the road into the village. They began to walk into the village of Jiangsu, they're walking into the bazaar district when they entered the village.

Rong Yan walks up to shop, he opens the door, and Yong Ten goes a different way. A man is looking through a small chest, when he sees Rong Yan he immediately closes the chest and tosses it under the counter. Rong Yan looks around and places his hand on the vendor's counter, he pulls a folded poster out from his pocket, he unfolds it and places it on the vendor's counter.

He eyes the vendor, and then says, "Have you seen this man? His name is Jiong." Rong Yan asked, the man examines the poster and then replies, "That damned thief came into my shop in the middle of the night and stole some jewelery!" Rong Yan rolls up the poster, and tucks it in pocket.

"Have you seen this man? What does he look like?" Rong Yan asked, "He's a firebender, he has bushy black hair, has a small scar on his right eye and wears a red bandana, he also wears brown clothing, and carries a brown satchel, I chased him out of the town. I'm guessing he ran towards the mountain near our village, there's a cave check it out. Then come back and I'll reward you." The man replied.

Yong Ten walks around, and sees a vendor selling food he walks up to him, "You airbender! I have rich vegetation wouldn't you like to try my fruits, and vegetables?" the vendor asks, Yong Ten pulls out the poster and unrolls it and showing it to the vendor, with a serious look on his face without saying a word, Yong Ten points to the wanted airbender. The vendor shakes his head.

Then Yong Ten walks away, a little boy runs in the direction of Yong Ten and tugs at his robes, Yong Ten looks down at the crying child, "What's wrong, child?" he asks the little boy, the little boy continuing to cry points at the alleyway and suddenly, Yong Ten hears a woman screaming, a tall young man in orange, and yellow robes runs out of the alleyway with a coinpurse in his hands, the man also was tattooed with airbending arrows, it was Jigme the mugger.

Unnamed Fire Nation boy

The Fire Nation boy who tugs on Yong Ten's robes.

The airbender criminal runs for the gates of the village, Yong Ten circles his hands creating a twister, he jump spin kicks a blast of air at the twister, the twister speeds up after the airbender. Catching up to him it spins him around really fast, after the twister dispersed he quickly got up from his dazed state, and ran.

Yong Ten running after him threw his glider into the air and jumped in the air, grabbing onto it and gliding past Jigme. Yong Ten lands ten feet in front of Jigme.

"STOP! Now! And hand over the coinpurse!" Yong Ten yelled. Jigme stops running and drops the coinpurse, he then grins and throws a blast of air at Yong Ten, the air blast comes at Yong Ten who quickly places his hands together in front of him and splits the air currents in half.

Jigme makes a run for it to the right, running past trees, Yong Ten chasing Jigme, looks up at the branches as Yong Ten jumps up onto the branches running after Jigme still, he's running above Jigme, Yong Ten blasts air downward toward Jigme, the large branches fall on top of Jigme trapping him. Unable to move Jigme begins to struggle.

Moving his arms up and closing his hands Yong Ten, bends the air out of Jigme's lungs making him pass out. Guards running up to the fight scene run passed Yong Ten, and tie up the passed out Jigme.

"Thank you, for capturing this criminal." the female guard said. "It is my pleasure" Yong Ten replied, bowing down. Walking back to the village with the guards, and Jigme with his hands tied behind his back. Yong Ten picks up the woman's coin purse off the ground.

Back at the village Rong Yan enters another store, and pulls out the poster, and another vendor shakes his head, walking out of the store. He walks into the next one, seeing a man kneeling down trying to open a chest, as the man feels the presence of someone being there, "Come on, come on.." he whispered to himself, he turned around.

Seeing a young Fire Nation man holding a wanted poster with a picture, of him, dropping the key he turns around and attempts to punch a fireball at Rong Yan.

Rong Yan quickly reacts to the man trying to assault him, grabbing onto the man's shoulders Rong Yan grapples the man and throws him out the through the shop's window.

Onto the streets locals, look at the man lying on the ground who was just thrown out of the store. The man looks up, to see the young man and then kicks fire in his direction.

Blocking the fire blast, Rong Yan appears with his arms crossed, using the offensive move that Takumi taught him Rong Yan did a backflip kick sending a wheel of fire at the man.

Hitting on impact the man slid and hit up against the wall of a house, Rong Yan then jumping into the air punches fire at the man, who then spin kicks while on the ground sending fire at Rong Yan knocking him out of balance, while he was in mid-air.

Falling to the ground, the man grins wickedly at Rong Yan, and sparks embers in his hands, running up to Rong Yan, a blast of fire comes from the left and knocks the man to the ground. The man attempting to get up falls back down when a large net is thrown over him.

Rendering him from moving at all due to the large bolas keeping him onto the ground, a guard picks him up and ties his hand behind his back. "Jiong you..are going away for..a LONG time..for crimes of theft, and murder." the guard said. Walking away with Jiong the thief.

Meanwhile, Monk Yong Ten arrives back at into the village, walking into the bazaar sitting by a house, the woman was sobbing, trying to be comforted by her child.

Sela cries

The young woman who was mugged by Jigme.

Yong Ten approaches the crying woman, and crouches down in front of her. The woman lifts her head, and wipes her tears with her sleeves, Yong Ten reaches into his robes and grabs the woman's coinpurse, and hands it to her.

The woman grabs the coinpurse, and her son claps excitedly, she stands up and so does Yong Ten, she hugs the old monk and he bows to her.

"Thank you, airbender." she said, bowing back to Yong Ten. She grabs her son's hand and walks off, Yong Ten walks back out of the village, and towards the kiosk, in the distance by the kiosk he sees Rong Yan standing there looking at the wanted posters.

Rong Yan grabs one and runs back waving at Yong Ten then heads into the village. Yong Ten reaches the kiosk and reads "Wanted: Aiko Crimes: Disguises herself as a maid to rob nobles.", he takes it off the kiosk and under it was another poster that said, "Wanted: Kimaru Crimes: Murderer." he also took that one off, and glides back into Jiangsu Village.

The wanted poster had a picture of Aiko.


The other wanted poster that Yong Ten grabbed, showed the picture of a man.

Landing in the poor streets of Jiangsu Village, Yong Ten walks down the street at night, minding his own business, since he knows that murderers and pickpockets would usually hang out around the slums of a village, town, or city at night.

He passed by a street at night, "Hey, you! Give me all your money!" shouted a man. Yong Ten turns to see a man wearing dark blue clothing, leaning against a dark corner flipping a coin in his hands, he wasn't able to see the man's face, since he hid it real well, the mysterious man was wearing a beaten down straw hat.

"I said, give me all your money!" the man shouted at him, turning to grab something the man shot out a water whip, smacking Yong Ten on the forehead, Yong Ten reacted quickly by blasting air at the man, sending him flying near a fountain.

"You're going to wish you never did that, pal!" the waterbender shouted, circling his arms in clockwise motion, then lifting them up, water from the fountain rose up over the waterbender, then he put his hands in from of him, the water turned into a torrent, and shot straight at Yong Ten knocking him into a nearby wall.

Yong Ten with a blurred vision sees the waterbender walk towards him, he picks up rolled up poster, and he reads it. He rips it, into four pieces and crumbles the pieces up.

"You're too old to be a bounty hunter.." the waterbender said, getting a clear vision again, Yong Ten pretends to be dazed, he fakes a cough and asks, "Are you, Kimaru?" the waterbender grins and nods.

He bends a nearby puddle, and freezes it into an icicle and slowly walks up, he raises the icicle up into the air, then Yong Ten smiles at him and inhales air, and scrunches his eyebrows to show an angry expression on his face.

Kimaru in confusion wondering what the airbender was up to, Yong Ten then blows a strong air current out of his mouth and Kimaru goes flying into the water fountain.

Yong Ten stands up and runs towards the fountain, Kimaru quickly reacts and makes a water shield, Yong Ten spin kicks sending a blade of air cutting through the water, and hitting Kimaru slamming him onto the fountain wall knocking him out.

Tarrlok waterbending

Kimaru the wanted murderer, created a shield of water.

Yong Ten pulls out rope and ties Kimaru's wrists and ankles altogether. He drags the waterbender out of the water, and drags him all the way to the barracks. Yong Ten knocks on the door to the barracks, and a guard opens it, Yong Ten kicks Kimaru, the waterbender jolts in pain and rolls over a bit towards the guard.

The guard looks at Yong Ten who smiles, and then looks at Kimaru, who then coughs out a little bit of water. The guard signals for assistance another guard comes to help the guard who called him.

They carry Kimaru into the barracks, and down the stairs into the jail they have there. The guard tells Kimaru, "Looks like tomorrow we're shipping you to the Boiling Rock." Kimaru struggles, and the guard grabs the handle of his sword, and hits him upside the head with it, Kimaru knocks out, and the guard laughs.

The another guard walks up to the door, and throws Yong Ten a sack of forty silver pieces. "There you go, old man." the guard said, Yong Ten walks away, and jumps on glider.

After gliding farther into the village, he begins to see noble estates, he lands in one of them. The estate had a large white house, with a red rooftop, green grasses, a beautiful garden on one corner of the estate, with several river rocks decorating some paths leading to the garden, to the patio, and the home, in the middle of the estate was a large water fountain.

Piandao's castle

The estate, that Yong Ten found Aiko.

As Yong Ten walked up to the estate, he sees a Water Tribeswoman dusting the patio, Yong Ten pulls out the wanted poster and looks at it then back at the Water Tribe maid, and back at the poster again.

Grabbing rope out of his robes, he approaches the woman, the woman stares at him, he grabs the woman and slams her against the wall of the home. Tying her hands behind her back, "What are you doing?!" the woman cried out beginning to struggle.

The woman then began to cry out for help, "Master, help! HELP!" she cried, out of the doorway, a short Fire Nation nobleman ran to the voice of his maid, he looks to the left and sees an old Air Nomad holding his Water Tribe maid.

"Guards! Guards! Come there's a kidnapper here, trying to kidnap my maid." the nobleman yelled, in the distance of Jiangsu Village guards began running towards the home, standing behind Yong Ten in a firebending stance, "Let her go Air Nomad! Now! Or we'll be forced to attack you." one of the guards yelled at Yong Ten.

Jerking at the struggling woman, Yong Ten pulls out the wanted poster from his pocket, tripping the woman, who falls face first on the ground. The guard grabs the wanted poster from Yong Ten's hand, and opens it.

Zuko opens a scroll

The guard opens to the scroll to read it.

Nodding at Yong Ten then looking at the nobleman who is confused in this situation. The two guards lift the maid to her feet, then one of them tosses a sack of silver pieces to Yong Ten.

"Aiko of the Northern Water Tribe, you are hereby, under arrest for theft of money, and valuables from nobles." one of the guards said, Aiko struggles and then beginning to sob, the men get a good hold of her, and take her away.

The nobleman looks at Yong Ten, reaches into his pockets and takes out ten gold pieces and hands it to the airbender, "Thank you, airbender..I apologize for what I said." the nobleman said, taking the ten gold pieces from the nobleman, Yong Ten bows to the nobleman, "Apology accepted, you saved yourself and your riches by calling the guards." Yong Ten replied. Looking at the sky, Yong Ten jumps on his glider, and flies off.

Meanwhile, Rong Yan is shooting fireballs and dodging air blasts, Rong Yan thrusts his hands forward shooting a torrent of fire at the airbender, the airbender shoots a strong wind of air at him sending a cart of hay towards Rong Yan who then quickly shoots another torrent of fire, instantly burning the cart, but still hitting him, knocking him into nearby barrels, breaking two of the barrels, that contained water.

The water splashes around the cart, and turns off the fire, not really causing much harm to Rong Yan. The airbender walks up to the cart, who then jump kicks as a blade of air cuts the cart in half, Rong Yan blasts another torrent of fire at the airbender, burning part of his robes, and leaving soot marks on his skin, smoke began coming off the airbender.

Rong Yan jumps into the air and does a backflip and sends it off to the airbender. The airbender reacts fast and jumps into the air dodging the wheel of fire, in the air he blows a strong air current out of his mouth. Rong Yan flies, and breaks through the wall of a nearby house.

A teenage girl wakes up and lights a candle and begins to scream, Rong Yan runs out of the house and makes a rope of fire and lashes it out at the airbender. The airbender throws another air blast at Rong Yan sending him flying through the hole in the wall and back into the screaming teenage girl's room.

The airbender walks into the room, where the teenage girl still screaming. The airbender turns to look at the girl, with a swish of his staff a small current lifts the mattress of the girl and slams her into a nearby wall. The mattress falls back into place, and now the girl is unconscious, picking up the girl he slams her once more on the wall, and tosses her into her hallway, walking back he begins to drag Rong Yan out again through the hole in the wall.

Tossing the firebender back onto the streets, unable to move due to weakness, the airbender walks to over to Rong Yan, and begins to run real quick around Rong Yan making a tornado, Rong Yan begins to suffocate.

All of a sudden Yong Ten flies down on his glider and slams his staff in the direction of the airbender, the large air wave knocks the airbender out of balance, and knocks him into a brick wall knocking him out and breaking some of the bricks in the process.

Yong Ten runs over to Rong Yan and blasts a soft air current into his mouth from his left hand, coughing Rong Yan opens his eyes, still weakened, he tries to stand up but collapses.

Yong Ten lifts the firebender on his shoulders, and begins to walk toward the airbender, lightly dropping Rong Yan to the floor, he ties the airbender up, and whistles for a nearby guard, who happened to be strolling by.

Monk Gyatso

Yong Ten looking at the unconscious airbender.

The guard runs over to the airbenders, Yong Ten picks up the scroll from Rong Yan's trousers and hands it to the guard, the guard opens it and his eyes move left to right signifying that he's reading the scroll.

He hands a small pouch of silver pieces to Yong Ten, and takes the scroll and the airbender with him. Again lifting Rong Yan onto his shoulders, Yong Ten begins to walk to the stables within the village.

At the stables, Yong Ten places Rong Yan in Jippo's saddle, and climbs onto Jippo's head.

"Yip, yip!" Yong Ten shouted, Jippo lifts off the ground and into the sky. Riding into the night, they leave the village, and head west of the Fire Nation.

The scene disappears.

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