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The Blue Delta
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November 26, 2016

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Hikar Spiritual Force opening sequence

The new Avatar is the only one capable of bringing peace and balance to the world.
Sterkur woke up in the middle of a white room, but even though all what he could see was blurry, he recognised that place wasn't his house. He tried to get up, but a familiar hand stopped him.

–Calm down Sterkur, it's okay you're in the hospital. You were badly hurt.– Said Amala. Sterkur saw in a window next to him than he was, indeed, in the Republic City Central Hospital, he could see Avatar Aang's old statue from there.

–What...? How long have I been unconscious?– Asked Sterkur, who noticed his beard had grew longer.

–Two days, counting this one.– Said Iruka, who was standing next to him. Sterkur then remembered.

–WHERE'S SHE? WHERE'S VONA?– Roared Sterkur.

–Sterkur, Sterkur, calm down.– Amala held his arm, trying to calm him down. Iruka looked way more serious than any other day, because of course, it's not normal to see him without a smile or getting you lifted up. But that day, he seemed totally different.

–I'm sorry Sterkur, I couldn't do anything, I was too late. They got her.– Said Iruka. Sterkur was astonished, he tried to get up, but he felt an uncontrollable pain in his shoulder and his abdomen.

–I know what you going on through now, but now there's nothing you can do but rest.– Said Iruka.

–What...has she done to me?– Said Sterkur wincing in pain.

–You confronted Zhasha, a powerful spiritbender like me; she knocked by punching you with microscopic Dark Spirits. They introduced into your body making you unconscious. She made you a lot of damage, you should rest for at least a month.– Explained Iruka.


–Yes, we should. But we don't know where they are, and as I suppose, this is something the Avatar has to deal with. If we interfere, they'll probably kill Vona.– Iruka looked directly at Sterkur –Only her son can save her.–

Meanwhile, thousands of kilometres to the southeast of Republic City, Team Avatar arrived to the so-called Blue Delta. As they arrived, unmounting Nikumi and, Hikar started to think by himself.

–I still can't believe I almost killed my own cousin.– He said.

–Well, that passed. They retreated to the North, so we won't cross our paths again. Pretty cool huh?– Said Kensi with a smile on his face, like always bringing the mood up. Hikar Smiled, and Shaila placed a hand on his shoulder.

–You can always count on us for anything.– She said smirking, as they arrived to a motel located next to the majestic river.

–You know, instead of staying just one night here, why not two days? I mean, this place is the Blue Delta! Look everywhere, there are amazing river beaches here to swim!– Said Tao. Bultina grinned.

–Um, honey we're on an important mission here. We need to get to the Red Lotus Base as fast as possible.– She said serious. Kosen interrupted.

–Actually, that doesn't sound as a bad idea at all.– Said Kosen. –What do you think Hikar?–

Hikar was thoughtful for a moment, and then he stepped to the motel with an insecure smirk on his face.

–I say, Blue Delta here we come.– Said Hikar as he went to check in the hotel followed by Nikumi and Kensi, who was in a triumphant pose. The seven friends went to reception.

–One VIP Room for two.– Said Tao showing his credit card to the receptionist, holding Bultina at his side.

–Alright sir, one moment.– Said the receptionist as he searched for free rooms. Bultina shoved her from Tao.

–Um, Tao, what about them? We're a team, we're in this together.– She said annoyed.

–I don't think they've got room for seven.– Said Kensi defending Tao.

–Anyway, could you get us consecutive rooms for seven?– Asked Bultina

–Um, sure. All VIP for one night?– Asked the receptionist.

–Uhhh, yes all VIP. And two nights.– Corrected Tao. The receptionist started to calculate on her computer. –Alllriiiight,...That's 3.000 gold pieces.– Dropped the receptionist. Tao's jaw dropped.

–Whaaaaat?! I only have 5.000 pieces in that card.– Tao complained, but neither Nikumi could see what was wrong with that.

She really is her


–Yeah Nikumi. Tao I think you're exaggerating, you've got enough for even three nights.– Said Hikar.

–But it's more than half of what I've got here. And my account is blocked because I'm grounded for expending too much money– Said Tao, who did a quick stare to Bultina.

Hikar couldn't see it clearly, but he swore he saw Tao stare at Bultina's chest.

–So, we can't get money from the Tenba family. Shaila?– Said Kensi.

–Excuse me miss, you might not believe me but, I'm Fire Princess Shaila.– Said Shaila to the receptionist, who looked estranged at that.

–You have guts to say something like that.– She said.

–Check it on the internet.– Said Shaila. The receptionist did a quick search on her computer, and suddenly her jaw and glasses dropped.

–– Said the receptionist very surprised. Shaila smiled.

–Guys, we've got room for all.– Said Shaila. –I heard here we can have a good bath in the river. Why don't we go?–


Tao, Kosen, Kensi, Hikar and Nikumi were at the river's beach, waiting for the girls to get ready.

–What are they waiting for?– Said Tao, impatient.

–It's okay they are taking their time, it's not like our bath suits are the same as the girl's.– Said Hikar confident. Nikumi growled back.

–I wonder which one picked Shaila? She looks gorgeous in many of them.– Said Kensi daydreaming.

–Puff, you two guys are so sexist. What you're saying is that you just want to see your girlfriends in their bathing suit, you know how that sounds?– Said Kosen annoyed. Hikar pointed her.

–Uhm...I don't think being a typical college pervert doesn't have anything to do with being sexist Kosen. You know all men are like this at this age.– Answered Hikar. Nikumi growled in agreement Hikar turned to the river stretching his arms. –By the way, where them girls at? I thought this place would be filled up with girls.– Kosen tipped that.

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–Hikar, I'm right here.– She said in a flirty tone.

–Yeah I know, but you're not going to have a bath?– Answered Hikar.

–Do I look like I want to?– Kosen sighed at her flirting attempt fail.

–Boys! We're here!– Said Shaila in a singing tone.

The friends and Nikumi turned to see, and the boys had their jaws dropped. They saw Bultina and Shaila wearing bikinis, Bultina wore a pink-purple one and Shaila had a red and brown one. Kensi was hypnotized at his girlfriend's sexy pose. Tao was half drooling from his open smile and with a little bleed in his nose and his hands were like if they were squeezing something, and Hikar...

Hikar saw Bultina's body figure was stunning, and he got so excited that his nose shoot blood and propel him to the other side of the river. Kosen just let out an angry groan, as Nikumi made a laughing sound.

–Boys, you're all the same.– Said Kosen as Bultina and Shaila went to their respective boyfriends.

Meanwhile, at the other side of the river, Hikar was still shocked but with a sort of smile on his face, and a little bit of blood under the nose.

– bra...more...time.– Said Hikar interlocked as he laid upwards on the ground. Then, a man's chuckle caught his attention.

–Ooh my my, yes, those seem perfect, that ginger haired...OOOH MY GOSH! Hahahaha! I need tyo get a screenshot of this! AND MY GOSH! The black haired...yeees.– Said the voice, which came from the bushes.

–Huh?– Hikar was stranged, he got up, cleaned the blood from his nose, and went to see what was happening. He removed a branch and saw a forty-year-old man looking through some bushes, he had a small vest that marked his muscles, a headband and shorts under a belt. And apparently, his face was blushing and smiling, maybe for something he was looking.

–Yeah! Sure this are hot.– He said happily.

–Uhm, excuse me?– Said Hikar. The man bounced for the surprise.

–WAAAGH!! OH MY GOSH! NOTHING, I'M NOT DOING NOTHING!– He said. Hikar was estranged

–Yeaaaah, right, I was just coming through.– Said Hikar –Who are you?–

–Oh, nobody in special. Just a simple pervert that has just spotted a couple of the most beautiful ladies in the world.– He said in an excited tone. Hikar smiled in a grin imagining pretty girls, like Bultina. Then he shoved the man to a side and took his place.

–Let me see! Let me see!...Duh?– Hikar got excited for a moment but then he realised the girls the man was looking were Bultina and Shaila.

–And what do you think?– Said the man in a flirty tone.


–Woah, woah, calm down kid.– Said the man. Hikar felt underrated with that tone.

–You did NOT just called me KID and took it lightly, huh?– Said Hikar annoyed.

–What, are you looking for a fight?– Said the man in a joking tone. –Because I'm really scared of what this little peasant could do to me!– Said in a girly voice, mocking Hikar.

Suddenly, as the girls and her boyfriends were splashing themselves water, except Kosen, who was sitting there feeling like a third, in this case fifth, wheel, the man Hikar was talking to flew out of the bushes to fall into the water. He came out of the water quickly as Hikar was waterbending water below his feet.

–Call the Avatar a kid again and you'll swallow this boulder!– Said Hikar in an angry tone.

–Okay kid, you really should calm down.– Said the man.

–Why is Hikar so pissed off?– Whispered Shaila to Bultina.

–No idea.– Whispered back Bultina.

–Alright that's it!– And Hikar charged to the pervert man, who sighed.

–You leave me no other choice.– And the man started Firebending in some series of strange moves.

The fire started spinning between his hands so fast, he picked up some mud in between, and also the air current started to swirl around the fire sphere. Suddenly there was a small fire sphere containing all four elements in it. Hikar charged to the man, who didn't seem like a simple pervert, and the man punched with the spinning sphere in Hikar's stomach, propelling him to the water.

–GAAAHH! OOF!– Winced Hikar as he was picked up by Kensi and Kosen.

–Are you going to calm down now Hikar?– Said the man.



–Who...who are you? Did you just bent the four elements simultaneously?– Said Bultina a little bit terrified.

–How do you know my name!?– Said Hikar.

–Easy there. In first place,– the man made a pose –I AM TAN, THE FIREBENDER OF THE FOUR TETRAMASTERS!– Said Tan in an acclamation tone with a shining smile. All Team Avatar was unamused.

–Frick the what?– Said Kensi.

–What the fuck?– Said Kosen. She was punched in the head by Bultina. –OW!–

–That mouth sis.– Said Bultina in a serious tone.

–Nah! I guess Iruka didn't tell ya about that.– Said Tan. Hikar and Kensi suddenly dropped their jaws and looked at each other, then back to Tan.

–You know Iruka?! THE WORLD MOST AMAZINGLY AMAZINGEST WATERBENDING TEACHER?!– Asked Kensi amazed, looking more joyful than ever.

–Oh, sure I do.– Said Tan winking. –He's the water tetramaster. And you must be Kensi, he thinks you're the best waterbender in the world other than Hikar.–

–Um, I don't know if you realised, but we have no idea about who are they.– Said Shaila in a serious tone.

–Of course, the tetramasters are four benders in this world that have the incredible ability to, knowing how to bend ONE element, control the other FOUR.– Said Tan showing four fingers. –Of course there are one of each element: I'm the fire tetramaster, master Leo the air tetramaster, Iruka Sato the water tetramaster and Toph Beifong the earth tetramaster.– Hikar turned to his friends with an open smile.

–Toph Beifong is still alive!– Asked Kosen amazed.

–Not that Toph, unfortunately, she passed away long.––Why weren't this four guys my bending instructors!?– Said Hikar amazed.

–Iruka WAS your waterbending instructor.– Said Tao.

–Yeah I know.– Said Hikar ignoring Tao.

–Well, complications. Many missions involving the fate of the world, your security, blah, blah, blah...– Babbled Tan.

–Could you teach me that technique.– Said Hikar. Tan looked at him.

–Uhm, which? The one I did to you?– Said Tan.

–Yessss, pleeease!– Said Hikar bowing at his feet. Kosen looked at him ashamed.

–But you still haven't got the cinch to metalbending.– Said Kosen.

–I'll get back to that later. Please teach me that awesome movement.– Begged Hikar. Tan let out a chuckle.

–If I tell anyone I had the Avatar bowing at my feet nobody would believe me. Come with me buddy.– Said Tan as he ran to the mountain, followed by Hikar and Nikumi.

–Huff, this guy is the worst student ever.– Pouted Kosen.

–But the prettiest right?– Smirked Bultina mischievously to her sister, who immediately turned red.

– UP!– Said Kosen, totally red, ashamed, angry and annoyed. Everyone laughed.

A couple minutes later, Hikar, Tan and Nikumi arrived to the top of the mount next to the Blue Delta. Hikar was anxious to learn some powerful techniques.

–So...what's going to be first? Creating air currents with fire? Sparks from rocks? Get water from air? OH I GOT ONE!– Then Hikar thought that what he was going to say could be a stupidity, so he said in a doubtful tone. –Burning water?– He asked. Tan broke out laughing out loud.

–HAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Man, you're for sure my favourite Avatar right now. Burning water, I copy that.– Tan couldn't stop laughing, Hikar felt stupid. –The best thing is...IT CAN ACTUALLY BE DONE!! HAHAHAAAA!!!!!– Tan was laughing hysterically. Hikar turned to his lion buddy Nikumi, and he could tell he looked he was also laughing, and then he turned to you.

–Can you actually believe this?– Said Hikar breaking the fourth wall. –Well you can say it in the comments below.–

–Okay buddy, enough with talking with our viewers, and let's just show you how to control all four elements.– Tan turned serious. –Because you're the Avatar you have more advantage on controlling any element, but listen, it's not the same to control one element than controlling the four SIMULTANEOUSLY.– Tan made a stance and firebent a small flame. –The reason the tetramasters were made was because your predecessor, Avatar Korra, got really old, you know she made to be 126 years old.–

–Yeah, I guess that's the normal longevity of an Avatar, around the one hundred. I know Avatar Kyoshi, the last earth Avatar, got to be 230 years. Does that mean I could get to that age?– Said Hikar.

–Focus back on my flame.– Tan started to make soft movements with his hands, making the flame change of shape and grow. –We tetramasters can only bend one element, but by learning the other bending arts and adapting them to your original bending, it helps you learn how nature works, and control the other elements by bending one.– The flame spanned quickly and grabbed a boulder by the inertia in the middle of a fire ring, then he managed to create an air current that grabbed water. –You see?– Asked Tan, and then he took the elemental sphere to a trunk, and destroyed it.

Hikar and Nikumi had both of their mouths dropped.

–Now try.– Said Tan with a smirk.

–Right. I'll do it more Hikar style.– Said Hikar as he grabbed a boulder and started practicing. –Maybe I'll get it in a day.– Said Hikar.

The five friends were down in the beach, all in their bath suits except for Kosen, who was still on her sport outfit. –Come on Kossie, take just one bath at least, the water is fine!– Said Bultina as she squished her ginger hair to dry it, coming out of the water.

–Yeah, and she's not a waterbender who likes any kind water.– Commented Kensi.

–No thanks, I think I'll just go get an ice cream.– Said Kosen as she left for an ice cream to the motel's ice cream stand, that was starting to get full with girls.

–Well look at those girls.– Said Tao with a mischievous look. Bultina looked at him angry. –What? I mean that they're not even the half of hot that you are.– Corrected himself. Bultina nodded.

–Hikar, Nikumi and Tan went up like half hour ago, I wonder what are they doing.– Said Shaila.

–Nah. They'll be fine.– Said Kensi as he kept waterbending in the river.

–Man, you've already been in water for a long time, why don't you come out?– Said Tao.

–Tao, as I said before, I'm an experienced waterbender.– Said Kensi as he waterbended Tao back to the river.

–Woah, what was that for?– Said Tao, Kensi placed his hands in front of him allegating he didn't do it on purpose.

–Whoops! I'm sorry I was totally busy with my awesomeness.– Said Kensi in a sassy tone, Shaila and Bultina Laughed.

–Kensass strikes again.– Said Shaila.

Suddenly, an explosion was heard from the top of the hill.

–That must be Hikar.– Said Bultina.

Hikar stroked once again to a trunk throwing an elemental sphere, breaking all the trunks in the same direction in front of him, plus some rocks.

Elemental sphere

"Hey I think I just got it!"

–Hey I think I just got it!– Said Hikar joyful. Tan turned to see and Hikar was holding in his hand a spinning elemental sphere: an air bubble with one fire ring and another water ring, and a solid almost spherical rock in the middle. Tan was very impressed.

–Well, that was quick. You've been the quickest one to learn how to do that movement.– Said Tan winking at Hikar, who dropped the rock, with the water ring, and dissipated the air and fire.

–I really did?– Hikar looked disappointed.

–Yes. That's great.– Said Tan with his shining smile. Hikar looked down.

–But how can I still can't metalbend or enter the Avatar State and control such a complicated technique in less than ten seconds?– Said Hikar, Tan surprised.

–Whoa...You haven't mastered the Avatar State yet after learning the four elements?– He asked.

–Well, I did entered my first time a month ago, but it suddenly turned of and since then I haven't been able to enter it again.– Explained Hikar, Nikumi growled in agreement.

Tan hesitated for a moment, looking from the top of the cliff to the whole landscape, and then he turned to Hikar again.

–I've got an idea to teach you the Avatar State.– Said Tan finally.

–Really?– Asked Hikar.

–Close your eyes.– Said Tan as Hikar did. Then he grabbed him and placed him in the other side.

–Is this really necessary?– Said Hikar.

–Open.– Ordered Tan and Hikar opened his eyes.

–Look, can't you just tell me what you're going to...– Said Hikar, until he was interrupted by Tan, who pushed him backwards making him lose his breath. –OOFF!!–

Then he suddenly looked downwards and he felt again totally frightened by looking at the free fall he had underneath. Hikar, panicked, shook his arms up and down in order to maintain himself in the air.


–The Avatar State will automatically active by the fall don't worry!– Said Tan.

–YOU'RE CRAZYYYYYYYYYYY!– And Hikar fell down the cliff.

The whole gang was in the beach; Bultina was logging in her phone to check her social media, as Shaila did the same, Tao cuddled from behind his girlfriend and Kensi played with his phone camera.–Okay guys, we got signal here, so we can see how many notifications did we got.–

–I saw it, we're getting famous here. Hikar has already 10 million followers and you Bultina and Shaila have 2 million, almost 3.– Said amazed Kosen.

–Indeed.– Said Shaila.

–Look, I'm a drawing.– Said Kensi as he took another selfie. Then Tao pointed at the cliff.

–Hey, isn't that Hikar?– Asked Tao, and the four friends turned to see, except Kensi, who was still doing weird selfies.

–OH MY FUCKING SPIRITS!– Yelled Bultina and Kosen terrified.

–KENSI HIKAR'S FALLING DOWN THE CLIFF!– Yelled Shaila to her boyfriend, who took a quick look.

–Nah, he'll be fine, he'll activate the Avatar State or something.– And he went back to his mobile, Shaila looked at him like if he was really serious or joking.

–He's your best friend!– She told him.

–That's how I know him so well.– Answered Kensi.

Meanwhile, Hikar was falling, with his hands in a praying position.

–Avatar State, Avatar State, Avatar State...Avatar State!!! FUCKING DAMN IT!!!– Yelled Hikar nervous.

Tan and Nikumi were at the top, Nikumi with one of the most worried expressions in his face.

–Hikar, I don't think it works by yelling it out loud!– Suggested Tan.

–RAAAARGH!– Screamed Hikar scared.

Suddenly, Hikar closed his eyes and concentrated deeply to control his power, and then he felt how the energy flowed through his body, like he was losing all physical attachment to the world. And suddenly, it happened; with a bang, Hikar stopped falling.

Kosen opened his eyes, and so did Shaila and the rest of friends.

–Seriously how the broken engines...– Cursed Tao.

–How did Hikar?– Asked Shaila.

–THAT'S AMAZING HIK!!– Cheered Kosen.

Hikar opened his eyes with fear, insecure, and then he saw what he was actually doing and his jaw dropped; he was standing still like nothing happened, but the thing was, he wasn't standing on the floor.

–I'm...I'm...I'm walking on the wall?– Said Hikar as he looked downwards all the distance he had left for the ground.

–Great job Avatar!– Tan greeted Hikar from up the cliff, Nikumi was still frightened at his side.

–What did I just do?– Asked Hikar.

–That's metalbending!– Shouted Kosen cheerfully. –The walls are partly metallic, and what you're doing now it's that you're magnetizing yourself to the wall, it's the most complicated movement in metalbending to master.– She said.

–It is? Woohoo! I'm a metalbender!– Cheered Hikar, standing horizontally on the wall, as Team Avatar started taking photos about the event.

–Stand still, we're going to take some pictures!– Said Shaila.

–Say "metalbend!"– Joked Kosen.

–"Metalbend!"– Said Hikar as he posed for them, and they took pictures and posted them on Gazogram.

Gazogram 1

And they took pictures and posted them on Gazogram

Hours later, hundreds of kilometres to the west, inside an underground training room, Aria was right in the middle, with a battle stance. Zeick and Deyek were watching from the cabin.

–So, again why does she train this way and not also us?– Asked Deyek.

–Again, brother, we have our own type of training, not everyone has to do, neither CAN do, the same type of training for various reasons.– Answered Zeick.

Then, in the room Aria was standing, six black dressed ninja came out of nowhere and set to attack Aria, who quickly dodged the attacks and defeated them easily with an airwave around her. The ninjas were badly injured in the floor. Zeick and Deyek felt intimidated.

–Oh spirits, and I thought YOU were the most powerful.– Said Zeick.

–Only when it's night and almost a full moon, like when we met Hikar.– Answered Deyek.

–I know but, I mean, you haven't really seen her in her powerful mode.– Replied Zeick.

–I her what?– Asked Deyek.

Aria turned to her brothers with a serious expression, which made her brothers get scared. And Deyek said nothing, but he swore that his sister's eyes, which were the usual violet blue, looked red.

Later that night, after having dealt with some crazy Avatar fanatics over the motel, the gangs were separated in their rooms. In one room Tao was waiting in front of the bathroom door.

–C'mon bully, you're taking too long.– Said Tao impatient. –I don't think you're going to need the whole night for tha...– Tao's jaw dropped when he saw Bultina come out of the bathroom, wearing one of the most sexy outfits she ever wore.

–Well then, what do you think?– She said in a mischievous flirty tone.

–Ooohaaa...why don't you wear that everyday?– Said Tao with a small bleed on his nose. Before he knew it, he was lying on bed with Bultina on top. –Hey, I wanted to be on top this time!– Complained Tao.

–Well, nope. I'm not that type of easy go girl, and you're gonna see it.– Said Bultina with a naughty look and in a deep sexy tone.

Meanwhile, in the contiguous room, Kosen was lying on her bed, watching bored her phone, struggling to see her lack of followers on the social media from her phone, and then she started hearing bumps and creaks from Tao and Bultina's room. Kosen, annoyed, knocked on the wall.

–Hey! Could you two please do it more quietly?– Asked annoyed through the wall.

–Yeah, some people here are trying to sleep.– Said Kensi, who was in the other bed next to Kosen.

Kosen looked annoyed at Kensi.

–Refresh my mind, why did I agree to share room with you?– She asked.

–Well, rooms here have beds for two, Bultina and Tao's was the last room left with a matrimonial bed in it, so now instead of going through the uncomfortable situation of being in the same room in separate beds we decided to arrange it this way.– Answered Kensi.

–And why are you with me instead of Shaila?– Asked Kosen.

–Because scissors beat paper.– Replied Kensi

–Oh, so you won a place to be with me?– Asked Kosen.

–Note: I was the one who picked paper.– Answered Kensi in order to avoid a confrontation between his girlfriend and Kosen, who was looking very pissed off.

–WHAAAT?!?– Roared Kosen.

Meanwhile, in a room at the other side of the hall, Hikar, Shaila and Nikumi were getting ready to sleep.

–That training with Tan sure got its benefits, right?– Asked Shaila.

–Hell yeah, I'm one more step closer to master metalbending.– Answered Hikar. Nikumi growled in acceptance.

–Yeah, but I mean, that sphere you learned looks powerful.– Said Shaila.

–You mean the elemental sphere? That was piece of cake.– Replied Hikar. Shaila look at him in acceptance.

–Yaaawn! Call me an old lady but I'm going to sleep.– Said Shaila, yawning. Nikumi also yawned.

–Yeah, I'm going to sleep too.– Hikar turned off the light. –G'night everyone.–

–G'night.– Replied Shaila, and so did Nikumi with a growl.

Everyone slept peacefully, until the nightmares came for Hikar.

Hikar was in a strange circular valley, surrounded by peaked mountains, small rivers and a purple looking never-ending sky. In the middle appeared to be an old big empty tree, plus two light rays that looked like the northern and southern Spirit Portals. Hikar saw Yurei at the other side of the valley.

–I promise I'm going to defeat you, Yurei.– Said Hikar to the figure of Yurei.

–You think you can defeat me?– Said Yurei.

–Just because you know my former Avatar fighting abilities doesn't mean you...wait...did you just replied to me? You're my sub conscience!– Said Hikar frightened –Are we in the Spirit World and this is real?– He asked scared.

–No this is in fact your dream.– Said Yurei seriously.

– looks like you really are Yurei!– Said Hikar surprised.

–I am. And I got in your dream.– Said Yurei.

Hikar was astonished; he was talking with the real conscience of Yurei.

–People's minds are like small Spirit Worlds, you can get to them by meditating and concentrating in that person. Your mind looks literally the most empty I've ever been.–

–Cut it out old man! What do you want?– Said Hikar angry.

–Look over here.– Yurei showed an image in which Vona, Hikar's mother, was tied up in a chair with Zhasha in front of her, watching her evilly. Hikar was in more rage than ever.

–That's not her...that's illusion.– Hikar was trembling.

–Memories show what you saw exactly in detail, the subconscious always shows real life events you witnessed.– Said Yurei. That ticked off Hikar.

–I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!– Screamed Hikar as he was going to charge to Yurei, but then some strange force paralyzed him. –What the...?– He saw Yurei wasn't moving at all either, we was just standing there at the other side of the circular valley.

Hikar's dream

"You have two options: with me or against me, my way or highway as it's said. Anyway, whatever you choose won't kill your mother, you just only need to follow my instructions."

The floor was starting to change into a huge yin-yang; the rivers and rocks were gone, and so were the portals and the tree o the middle, and there was only left Hikar and Yurei facing each other.

–You have two options: with me or against me, my way or highway as it's said. Anyway, whatever you choose won't kill your mother, you just only need to follow my instructions.– Said Yurei.

–So, are you threatening me to kill my mother if I don't choose something, and whatever I choose or not won't matter to kill her?!?!– Shouted Hikar. Yurei looked at him.

–If you want your mother to stay alive, come to the Nagata Crater alone.– Answered Yurei. –If you come, I promise I'll free your mother at Ba Sing Se, tell where're you going to anyone and she'll die, that simple.–

–HOW CAN I TRUST YOU?!?! HUH?!?!– Roared Hikar.

–As Air Nomad and as your master, I give you my word that nothing will happen to her and she'll come back to a peaceful free life after this.– Said Yurei as he raised his right hand, giving his word. –I promise.–

And the dream vanished.

Hikar woke up panting in anger, he didn't know what had just happened, and he was both confused and angry at the same time.

–Did he just got inside my dream?– Said Hikar to himself, looking to an infinite point at the front.

Then he turned to check on Shaila, who was apparently sleeping tight. Hikar got up from bed in his underpants; he put on his old ripped green tank top and his black pants. He checked if he needed to shave, thought during the last days he had grown a spiky facial hair. And silently he went to Nikumi, who growled at the fact he was being woken up.

–Shhh buddy, be quiet, we are leaving.– Whispered Hikar quietly. Nikumi growled in response in a curious tone. –Mom has been kidnapped.– Nikumi sounded worried, Hikar muffled his mouth, and they left the room without doing a sound.

But from the other bed, Shaila had heard everything, so she turned to see what was going on. She dressed up, and quickly went chasing down Hikar to the entrance. There in the parking lot she saw how he and Nikumi were getting ready to ride to dawn.

–HIKAR WAIT!!– Screamed Shaila. Hikar turned; Shaila had never such a serious expression on his face. Hikar was looking so serious that Shaila couldn't see any emotion at all on his face. –I heard everything, why are you so sure about that? It was just a dream.– Said Shaila. Hikar fully turned.

–It was him, he entered my dream like he can meditate into the Spirit World, it was really him, in my mind.– Said Hikar –I have to go...alone...or she'll die.–

–He'll kill you.– Said Shaila.

–He'll kill my mother if I don't, well his sister but that's no the point! The thing is, whatever my choice is won't matter if don't come, because if I do not, mom we'll be killed!– Roared Hikar in the parking lot. –And I don't care what happens to me, I'll survive.– Said Hikar. Shaila was so desperate.

–Hikar, can't you see history it's repeating itself? Last time, Korra let herself be kidnapped in order to free captive airbenders, and not only they didn't free them, they caught her in a trap and poisoned her!– Advised Shaila. –They don't want you to join them, they want to finish the Avatar once and for all!!– She begged. Hikar looked at her with the same serious expression.

–You're forgetting the fact that I'm the strongest Avatar that has ever existed, I'll become more powerful than both Aang and Korra ever did.– Said Hikar with a smooth smirk. Shaila's tears where about to come out, and Nikumi shared an understandable look with her.

–Hikar, no. If you leave I'll scream!– Said Shaila. Then, Hikar disappeared and Shaila felt his breath behind her.

–Sorry Shaila, but you don't understand my position right now.– Said Hikar, and he knocked out Shaila with a punch on her head.

–UNH!– Shaila winced and fell to the floor, but Hikar caught her and placed her on a bank. Nikumi looked at Hikar in a sad way.

–Don't look at me like that Nikumi, mom is in trouble, I had to do it!– And Hikar mounted Nikumi, and sun started to rise. –This is going to sound very typical buddy dawn we ride!– And both the Avatar and the armadillo-lion set on to the sunrise.


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  • There's a lot of Naruto inspiration:
    • The Four Tetramasters are inspired in the Three Legendary Sannin.
    • The Elemental Sphere is inspired in the Rasengan.
    • Tan's behaviour is really similar to famous pervy-sage Jiraiya.
    • Hikar's reacciton to seeing Bultina in Bikini would be summed up like this [1] (LOL XD).
  • This is the first time the gang except Kosen wears their bath attire.
  • This episode was fun to write because of the pervert jokes.
  • This might be one of the most explicit episodes in the series.

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