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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 2: Water



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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July 3, 2013

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General Senlin, gets captured.

Chapter 8: Captured

Book 2: Water

Chapter 8: Captured

Earlier that morning

The gang is flying above a large river, Unaraq being the map handler of the group he mentions the name of the river, "Yantai River. Looks nice down there.."

While Rong Yan and his companions were landing at a river called Yantai.

Senlin, Palartok, and Kimaru, are walking through the grasslands when in the distance they see a small village just a few yards off. The village was on fire, and smoke was seen rising to the sky. There were men chasing off men, women, and children and even slaughtering the ones they caught up to.

Palartok looks over at Senlin, and asks, "What shall we do, General?"

"Palartok, Kimaru, get ready for a big fight. Looks like we're going to save a village from a group of misfit bandits." Senlin said with small grin.

The trio ran towards the small village, Kimaru while running bent water out of his waterskin, and encased his arms in water, then he froze them, and formed the ice into sharp icicles.

As they got close to a house, there was bandit who had lifted his blade at Senlin, the bandit was running toward him roaring. Senlin without even looking at the bandit, slightly slid his right foot, the hardened earth under the bandit's feet had turned into sand, and the bandit sunk down into the sand. He was buried waist deep in the sand.

In panic and fear the man dropped his sword to the side, he then cried out, "Please..please d-don't hurt me!"

"Hurt you? No, we only want questions." Senlin asked.

"I don't know any answers to your questions, I was just told like the many others to attack this village!" the bandit shouted in fear.

"No answers? Do you guys hear that, this young man, does not have the answers were looking for." Senlin said.

The man looked up in terror, when he saw Palartok and Kimaru with wide grins on their faces. Looking back at Senlin, who now had a face of an insane maniac, Senlin closes his fists, and clenches them. Screams of agony are heard from the bandit, and the sounds of bones being crushed were heard.

Senlin, stood up and then suggested, "I suggest we split up, Kimaru you take out the bandits on the left side of the village, Palartok you will take the right side of the village, and I'll take the middle. After you have killed or even injured the bandits, you will meet me in the middle of the village. We will find their leader and we will show him no mercy like he showed these villagers."

Kimaru and Palartok, nodded to Senlin's suggestion and ran off in their assigned directions.

Kimaru, began to run to past a few of the bandits, eviscerating the torsos of the men. He was smacked in the back of the head with a boomerang that was thrown at him, it had knocked off his straw hat that he adorns.

Kimaru turned to look at a teenage boy, a small dagger was thrown towards Kimaru by another bandit. The assassin quickly ducked down, then back onto his feet, he pointed both of his arms at the bandits, he then shot out shards from the icicles he had formed on his arms.

The icicles of course pierced through the men's armors, and had killed both of them. Running towards the corpse of the man who threw a dagger at him, he had turned the shards into water, and encased it back onto his left arm.

Running past the teenager, he had done the same and the icicles were formed back on his arms as he continued to run on and clearing out more of the invading men. Meanwhile, Palartok was taking out his enemies one by one. Palartok, had used a water whip to a hit a man and freeze his head in ice. He then froze another man who had dropped his stone mallet.

"Thank you." Palartok said and chuckled.

Picking up the stone mallet, Palartok kicked down the man with the frozen head, lifting it high in the air, he brought it down against the man's head. After the job was done, the mallet was stained red.

He dropped the mallet next to one of the dead bandits', Palartok released the other bandit but left his legs and feet encased in ice and frozen to the ground. He bended the water into the sky, and shaped them into ice spikes and dropped them on the other bandit.

Palartok, was then hit by stone, defrosting the ice, he had shot water bullets at the man who had thrown the large stone. A cry of pain was heard but then it fainted. Palartok rubbed his hands of non-existing dust, and walked off.

Senlin, disintegrates a large boulder of earth, and punches the earth. An earth tremor rocketed the earth as it sped by, Senlin stomping the ground, when the tremor reached the bandit leader, the leader had used the pillar to jump up in the air.

The man bent his knees and shot straight down like a bullet into the earth. Large rocks shot into the air, as he went down, and the earth around the area where he and Senlin stood was lifting up. As one of Senlin's defenses he softened up the earth, and sunk within it.

The leader reappeared from the ground, and began looking around for Senlin. Kimaru and Palartok showed up in the middle. And Senlin came out of the ground behind the leader.

"NOW!" Senlin shouted.

The bandit leader had no idea what was going on, but he did turn around and looked into Senlin's eyes. Senlin waves goodbye to the man before sinking back into the ground. The nearby barrels around the homes of the villagers began to shake and rumble, water had pressurized and shot out of the barrels.

Palartok and Kimaru, moved the water around the bandit leader and froze him in place with only his neck and head sticking out.

Senlin again reappeared from the ground. The man spat on Senlin, Senlin wiped off the man's spit off his face, and in fury ordered Kimaru to finish the job.

"FINISH HIM!" Senlin shouted.

Kimaru bended a small portion of water out of his waterskin, he had formed it into a small icicle. Walking up to the man, he cut open the man's throat before walking off.

All of a sudden, a small group of Earth Kingdom troops had shown up at the distorted village. The men had gotten off their ostrich horses, amongst the men was Captain Wei. It looks like that small group were a search party looking for General Senlin.

Along with Captain Wei, was another man, though he did not wear a uniform, he was dressed differently. He wore a straw hat just like Kimaru does, a black bandana covering his nose and mouth, he wore a necklace that had platypus bear teeth as the ornaments. A brown vest along, with brown pants, he also wore black boots and gloves.

The man was still on his ostrich horse, and had pulled out a scroll out of his satchel. Opening up the scroll he looked at the picture of the wanted criminal. And looked at Senlin, comparing the picture to Senlin. He then closed the scroll, and dismounted from the ostrich horse.

Captain Wei, and his troops had walked off to arrest any survivors. The mysterious man who had accompanied Captain Wei had approached Senlin and his companions.

"We want to thank you three for what you have done for this village. If we hadn't come any quicker all these villagers' blood would be on our hands." the man said.

"You're welcome we were traveling along the wilderness and spotted the village as it was being under attack." Palartok replied.

"I assure you, stranger we did the best we could. We might've killed a couple of men but they would have done the same if we did nothing." Kimaru said.

"Haha, I have nothing against it. I-I am only a traveling man, nothing more. I do collect pieces of information on time to time when I reach destinations." the man spoke.

"You sure don't look like one, dressed like that. What is your name, stranger?" Palartok asked.

"My name is Shang Jin." Shang Jin introduced himself.

"And you three are?" Shang Jin added.

"Kimaru, Palartok and-" Palartok introduced themselves before being interrupted by Senlin who gave out his fake name.

"Taofan.." Senlin muttered.

"And Taofan." Palartok responded.

"Did you come along with those troops?" Senlin asked.

"And you mentioned pieces of information. Do you know any sightings where the Avatar might be located?" Senlin added.

"Me? No, like I said I am only a traveler. Actually, yes, yes I have. Are you three interested in meeting the Avatar himself?" Shang Jin responded, and ended with a question in return for the former General.

"Yes, we're citizens who want to thank the Avatar for what he did for us back in our respective villages." Senlin lied.

"Ahh well then friend, you and I need to speak. Is that alright with you Taofan?" Shang Jin lied in return.

Senlin and Shang Jin had walked off into the distance, Kimaru and Palartok left behind, had entered a tavern where most of the townspeople were hiding in, though most had left now only belonged those who enter the premises daily.

They had sat down to get a drink. Meanwhile, Senlin and Shang Jin, had gotten to an area where no people were around. Though Captain Wei and his troops were hiding somewhere, as they waited for Shang Jin to give Senlin the wrong information.

"Well Taofan, last I heard of the Avatar is that he was traveling north. Don't know exactly where, but I know that he will be in the Earth Kingdom for a few weeks. Maybe even a month or two. If you ask me, we should definitely travel togeth-"

All of a sudden, steel nets had dropped onto Senlin, and Captain Wei's trooped had closed the locks on the chains so that Senlin would not bend. Furious the earthbender tried to move his limbs to try an escape, but alas he could not. Shang Jin, pulled out a scrolls and rolled it out to reveal writing and a painting of General Senlin on the scroll.

"General Senlin, you are hereby under arrest, for crimes listed here, escaping prison, countless murders of soldiers within the prison and inside the palace, and for the assassination of Earth King Ta Po." Shang Jin said.

"Where are you taking me?!" Senlin shouted.

"Well General, to a place you call home, and very well killed one of its leaders." Shang Jin responded.

"The Earth King was a weak old man. He deserved to die for he did to me!" Senlin shouted.

"Silence, garbage!" Shang Jin kicked Senlin in the head to knock him out.

Meanwhile, Palartok and Kimaru, had gotten out of the bar to search for their friend Senlin, they had noticed that the troops were gone. A crowd of people were on the village square, one of the men who had appointed himself leader of the village began to speak.

"Shang Jin, and Captain Wei, and the troops that had come along with them. Had made a great capture today. They recently arrested General Senlin, the man who escaped the Ba Sing Se prison and murdered our beloved Earth King. He as of now is being taken back to Ba Sing Se, where he will face the consequences." the man announced.

Palartok and Kimaru had looked at each other and began to run following the ostrich horse tracks, knowing real well that they were going to take him back Ba Sing Se.

Nighttime, had come and Senlin had looked up at the man across him, who was leading the way to the capital city of Ba Sing Se.

"Wait a second, I recognize your face.." Senlin said to Wei.

"..yes, I remember now, you're Laobing's're just a coward like your father." Senlin insulted Captain Wei.

"No my father, is not a coward. He was brave man, and he never BETRAYED his nation. My father is a well known and well respected war veteran. He brought luck to whoever was with him. Hence why his comrades nicknamed him, "Lucky" Laobing. Have some respect for our war heroes!" Wei shouted.

"War heroes?" Senlin mocked with a laugh.

"You call them war heroes?!" Senlin asked.

"Yes, war heroes!" Wei shouted back.

"HAHA! Just a bunch cowards my former comrades, were afraid to face the Water Tribes when the last battle took place!" Senlin shouted at Wei.

"SILENCE!" shouted Shang Jin.

"Am I being locked up again?" Senlin asked.

"Locked up? Hah, you're going to be placed for execution by the Earth King himself." Wei reassured.

"I am not afraid of death, I accomplished many of my life goals, yet there is still one. I know that the Earth Kingdom won't execute me, the Avatar will." Selin responded.

"This does not involve the Avatar, this involves you and your betrayal to your nation, Senlin!" Wei shouted.

Senlin, shakes a bit and tries to reach into his pockets, doing so he falls off the saddle of the ostrich horse that he sits on, lands on the ground with a large thud. The soldiers look back and stop their mounts, and remount Senlin back onto the ostrich horse. Senlin had large grin on his mouth.

When they had placed him back onto the ostrich horse, they failed to notice the shiny Earth Kingdom military rank emblem on the ground. The emblem was only carried and proudly worn by those who are ranked as generals within the Earth Kingdom army. Meanwhile, by the time Palartok and Kimaru reach the path that Senlin was being taking through on his way to Ba Sing Se. He was long gone, though Palartok did notice something shiny on the ground. He walked over to the shiny object and picked it up.

"Kimaru, come quick!" Palartok shouted.

"What? What did you find?" Kimaru responded as he ran over to Palartok.

"An Earth Kingdom General rank emblem, this has to be Senlin's emblem. I think he's dropping clues of his location. We have to keep going down this path, we might be close!" Palartok excitedly said.

It was the late afternoon when Senlin and the Earth Kingdom troops had arrived by a mountain side, as they were passing through, Selin decided to fall off once more, and bend the earth underneath him, even though he couldn't do much he bent his shape into the ground, and then tried to slide down.

A slab of earth stopped him in his tracks. Captain Wei, and Shang Jin pulled him back up onto the ostrich horse.

"Cap'n, may I suggest we crush his hands and feet, so he can't attempt to bend?" one of the soldiers suggested.

"Good idea, soldier." Captain Wei agreed.

They had taken Senlin to the bottom of the mountain, there at the bottom was a large flat rock, and Captain Wei saw a large boulder nearby. He lifted the boulder with his earthbending, and hovered it over General Senlin's hands.

"I have a better solution, you know I'm a master earthbender right? I have many tricks in my sleeve, why don't you just kill me instead?" Senlin asked.

"Trust me, if I wanted to kill you, I'd do it right here and now, but I am following strict orders from the Earth King not to." Captain Wei answered.

"The king is a coward like his grandfather only wanting revenge to satisfy his wishes. He's just a child he cannot rule an entire nation." Senlin added.

All of a sudden, water sliced the boulder in half, as it fell to the sides, a troop cried in pain, as he was struck by an icicle. The troop fell dead, Captain Wei began to look around alarmed of what was going on.

More icicles flew out from the trees, Captain Wei and Shang Jin dodged them all. Then Kimaru and Palartok flew out of the trees throwing ice shards in every direction possible only managing to kill one troop and injuring two. Shang Jin, begins to fight off Kimaru, Shang Jin sweeps at the waterbender's feet and knocks him to the ground.

Shang Jin began to punch Kimaru in the face, as Palartok, kicks Shang Jin in the gut to get him off of Palartok's friend. Bending water out of his sack, he began to water whip another troop. Kimaru, set his eyes on Captain Wei who was walking towards Senlin.

Bending water of his waterskin Kimaru, pressurized the water and shot a water bullet to Captain Wei's back. As it hit the captain, he felt pain rush through his body, the bullet had left a large red patch on his back. Captain Wei spin kicked a small boulder to Kimaru, hitting the man in his stomach.

Senlin jerked his head back, and small rocks surrounded the locks of the chains he was held in. Jerking his head to the right, the rocks broke the chains, and Senlin grabbed onto the chains and used them as a weapon.

Senlin began beating two troops with the chains, and he then got an idea. He decided to encase one end of the chains with a small boulder. He then began to flail his new makeshift weapon at the remaining troops.

Kimaru, was looking for Shang Jin as he was fighting off Captain Wei, but Shang Jin was nowhere to be found. Shang Jin the bounty hunter must have fled. Palartok kills off the last troop. Leaving Captain Wei left.

A moment of silence occurs, Wei and Senlin eyeing each other from a distance. Suddenly, Wei slides his left foot on the ground, and stomps down hard with his right, and lifts a pillar with his right arm, and he shoots it with his left hand. The pillar of earth slides toward Senlin.

Senlin, splits the pillar in half, and redirects both new pillars at Wei. Hitting Wei, and knocking him out of balance. The Earth Kingdom Captain, was beginning to stagger and regain his balance. Slamming his fists to the ground, a large wave of earth moves about the ground.

And knocks Senlin, to the ground, Wei picks up a boulder from out of the ground, and splits the boulder up to smaller sizes like the shapes of smaller rocks, to hopefully hit Senlin and maybe finish the job or even injure him. Kimaru and Palartok were in defensive stances awaiting orders by Senlin or for Wei to attack them.

Senlin, regrounds himself and stands in a defensive stance, Wei then thinks to and splits the rocks even a bit smaller. Still concentrating on the earth bullets, he shoots the projectiles at all three men.

Kimaru pulls a water whip to block the projectiles coming towards him, Palartok bends the humidity in the air and turns it into water, and forms an ice shield to protect himself. And Senlin raises a large earth wall. The earth wall lowers, and Senlin was nowhere to be seen.

Kimaru and Palartok, go off on Captain Wei, like any earthbender within the ranks of the Earth Kingdom military, Captain Wei was trained to fight off multiple enemies.

Kimaru was running towards Captain Wei, reading himself for another kill. Captain Wei jumps up and then down, and a large pillar rises from the side where Kimaru was running from, Kimaru was hit by the pillar and knocked off to the side.

Palartok, sees his friend being hit by the boulder, he would run over to aid Kimaru but revenge was result for what Wei had done to Kimaru. Palartok, though was more agile than Kimaru, and well experienced in the arts of combat whether it be hand-to-hand or even waterbending. Wei lifted another boulder out of the ground, and shot it at Palartok.

Palartok, dodged the boulder, and whipped out a waterwhip, and hit Captain Wei in the leg. Slightly injuring the left leg of the captain. Senlin, resurfaces from the earth, behind Captain Wei. Now the captain has to be more defensive. Captain Wei kicks sand in the face of Palartok to disorient the man and to obscure himself from Palartok. Palartok though nor disoriented from the sand cloud he was not able to see the captain.

The sound of earth rumbling came out of nowhere and an earth tremor had come from the dirt cloud. The tremor had hit Palartok, then all of sudden Palartok sunk a bit into the ground. Knees deep he was impaired and not able to release himself from the earth.

Yet again he sunk into the earth again now waist deep. The cloud dissipated, as Senlin bent the sand cloud away. Captain Wei now faced Senlin once again, Palartok had an idea, he was still able to move his arms.

Palartok bent water out his waterskin that was laid out in front of him, and formed a tentacle. He wrapped the water tentacle around Captain Wei's leg, and pulled him. Captain Wei lost balance and fell face first to the ground.

Now Senlin had the major advantage over the captain, as the captain rose to his feet, Senlin with a finishing move, he used a pillar to hit Captain Wei in the chest. Doing so successfully, it broke many of the captain's ribs and punctured one of his lungs.

The captain laid on the ground helpless, and he laid there suffering as he was dying slowly. Senlin, broke Palartok free from the fissure that determined his fate. Of course after Captain Wei was done with Senlin, he was going to crush Palartok within that small hole. Palartok picked up his waterskin, and went to assist Kimaru.

Captain Wei, lay dying as Senlin walked up to him. Wei was coughing and trying to breathe for air.

"Senlin, you have put yourself into a great danger.." Wei said.

The captain coughed once again, "W-when...word g-gets..out my f-father Laobing..will h-hunt you down! He will see to your end, j-justice will...pre..vail." Captain Wei released that last word with his last breath.

Wei laid on the ground motionless. At least showing respect to someone who fought valiantly against the former general, Senlin shut the captain's eyes.

Kimaru was being attended by Palartok, night time had already hit and they needed to move on forward. Senlin searched the corpse of the captain for anything. He had found some money, and a map.

Palartok, had brought out water and used it to tend to Kimaru's wounds. Healing his arm, Kimaru winced in pain.

"General!" Palartok called out.

"Yes, Admiral?" Senlin asked.

"Kimaru's left arm is broken. I'll try to heal it over the next few days, he should be fine in two to three weeks. We might need to go to a nearby village to see if they may be able to put a sling on him." Palartok suggested.

"No time, here take this bag and make a sling out of it for our friend here. We need to get a move on. I took a map from the captain. There's a tavern not to far from here, we should go there and ask for information on the Avatar." Senlin responded.

"Aye." Palartok agreed.

Palartok and Senlin, assisted Kimaru to his feet, and the trio began to walk towards the tavern. After a few minutes of walking they had finally reached thei destination an walked inside.

Palartok goes in the back of the bar and tends to Kimaru's arm once again. Using some of the supplies they looted from the dead soldiers. Senlin sat by the bar counter and began to ask the bartender questions.

"What can I get for ya, stranger?" the bartender asks.

"I need information. Have you heard any news on the Avatar?" Senlin answered and then asked.

"Hmm..well several weeks ago, the Avatar was in the Southern Water Tribe, weeks later I heard his last whereabouts were in Han Tui. I don't know where he is now, but I have a cousin in Han Tui, he has met the Avatar." the bartender replied.

"Han Tui.." Senlin said to himself.

"Do you need help finding it? I can mark it on your map if you'd like, stranger." the bartender added.

"Yes, please." Senlin smiled.

"I have a few questions. Why are you looking for the Avatar? And why is your friend in a sling? I know I shouldn't get into my customers businesses but-" the bartender asked but was cut off by Senlin.

"It's fine, I am a messenger from Ba Sing Se, the Earth King needs to speak with the Avatar. I've been traveling around the Earth Kingdom in finding the Avatar for the past couple of months. And my friend fell from a high distance, and broke his left arm. My other friend his healing his arm." Senlin explained.

"Any recent news from Ba Sing Se?" Senlin asked. Hoping to get the old news of the assassination from Ta Po, and the coronation of Qiang Zhen.

"Well I've heard that the new Earth King is laying down the law, on the crime. Crime rates have lowered the past two months. Though it might be rise again for another few months. More guards in the palace, more guards on the streets. They've recently caught the last remaining gangster thugs called the Mousha Quan. There was other news, that two other gangs exist but that is still a theory. But if there is such thing, they are in hiding." the bartender said.

"Baotu..Haoke..Ying Xiao.." Senlin muttered to himself.

"What was that?" the bartender asked. "Nothing. Any other news?" Senlin asked.

"Well..hmm..there is a metalbender loose in the Earth Kingdom. But I didn't hear anything about him being around these parts. The roads are unsafe now, I suggest you do keep to the roads, and be careful. This nutcase can be very dangerous. Nothing other than that. Good luck on finding the Avatar, stranger." the bartender finished.

"Thank you." Senlin finished.

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