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February 24, 2013

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Chapter 7:Lu Ten of the Red Chi Clan

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Chapter 9: Republic City pt 2

Republic City was living mass of towers, buildings, squares, circles, octagons and pentagons, temples, monuments, bridges and chimneys. A skyline of fluctuating points, temple tops, and pyramids laid back on an amber twilight, painted by gods. The sky burned with brilliance, a brown golden solar flare, glowing like a single colored Aurora Borealis. The moment of perfection, when peace flooded into the industrial pit, when the sun kissed the moon goodnight, and the moon took the sun's lonely place, waiting their next, timeless meeting. The buildings, created a magnificent silhouette, shading in the trees of the parks, shedding their multicolored leaves upon the citizens of the Republic, unaware of the beauty of raw nature, as it rarely compliments an artificial world. In the middle of this, sandwiched by the Sun and the Moon flew a brilliant beast, with a cat like head and the body of a hawk with spotted feathers. From its beak came a gorgeous symphony. The lucky souls, obviously new comers as they actually gasped when they were hit by the beauty, like it was an epic blow to their chests, sat perched upon the girth of its back, his feathers more than large enough to sit comfortably, safely.

"It's amazing...I've never seen something as beautiful." exclaimed Asami. She climbed unto his head, nested in between his cat ears and took pleasure in the final minutes of holy grace.

"Yes, but it won't be for long, this is the only time Republic City is peaceful, sadly the people as well the city can't equate to the grace you see now?" Kuzon replied.

Yamato asked, "Really? that's a shame...I'm sure there are plenty of wonderful people."

Iruka remained silent throughout, he had evidently fallen asleep.

"How comes were in the Republic, what about Taku?" Asami continued. "I fought of all places we would hit the Capitol, given the situation."

"Noo, Taku is too afraid to have another war with the Bei fong, after the problems we caused Silver Town is demanding that you should be returned...Your only hope is Republic City...And even then you're going to be very limited. Everybody in the city would by now be aware of your positions, luckily it's not necessary to have an alias...but you will face other problems."

"Hmm, so what do we do from here?" asked Yamato.

"You have to do what every body does, find a job, pay the rent etc. You're now official members of the city, you will receive ID, Social security numbers, bank details soon..."

"Jobs? what do we do for work?"

"You'll have to find that on your own...The main thing is you're here...safer."

The word safer rang through their ears, like an echoing whisper. They were flying over the skyline now. They had discovered that Kuzon was not wrong when the city was not so beautiful. As they flew over head they could see a sea of buildings, layered in dirt and filth. Abandoned warehouses loomed over mud tracks, the streets were divided into classes with obvious differences between the nobles and the peasants. Much of the district stank of sewage.

"People live here?" asked Asami, a faint note of disdain crept in.

"Yes, unfortunately, but don't worry, you're not going to be left here...You're going to live somewhere more central...although nothing fancy."

A few more miles passed. The Leopard Falcon soared along the skies, a steady flow of wind rushed past them, Asami's hair flowing black wads, as she heaved in the surge her lungs tightened, her ribs heaved as she released a yell, her body flew back into Yamato's arms. His hair also flowing backwards, his eyelids struggled to close, the Falcon sped up, lowered and suddenly revolved around bridges and into alleys. The speed picked up, they blasted past buildings and homes, revolving again, twice and then came to a sharp turn. They streamed over a body of water, surrounded by the garden green of the Republic park, the falcon dipped it's talons into the water and for some reason turned, leaving them upside down as it finally stopped...confused wondering where to go next.

Kuzon pointed forward, this time the falcon only glided along, still fast but not as energetic. They passed over the upper classed districts, tall estates, white painted walls, jasmine rooftops, couples on romantic strolls and pleasant cafes set up for resting passersby. The night was a dark canvas now, like some artist had just thrown a tub of blackness upon the orange and blue, and dotted the canvass with yellow dots. The moon hang in the sky, as if on string. They were flying over air bender temple, and then the pro-bender arena. The falcon stopped, then carried on past the giant towers, completed ones as well as one under construction, as they came upon a more average district. Flowing with life, flowing with people who played out their routines, their lives without the slightest concern or thought of those around them. It amazed Asami and Yamato, how many people lived in this maze of hopes and dreams, how many times you could pass a parson, only a little blur to them, and them to you. So many problems and lies, truths, heart a story without a protagonist...or one with too many. They approached a long road with tall, casual homes, shared by floors. It was the perch of this building where Kuzon made the Falcon stop, he turned and said---

"This is it! Yours is apartment no 23, here are the keys -( he hands them both keys)- the first three months have already been paid have until then to find jobs...after that it's very unlikely you will see us again..." He said as their surroundings grew morose. The air no longer rushed by, they stood frozen, no more adrenaline coursed as the end of their journey finally found them.

Yamato bowed low, "Thank you! For everything! It was an honor to fight by your side...if fate will have it, I hope to meet again someday."

Asami joined in--"Really thank you...I don't know what we would have done without you! Is Iruka awake?"

"No, but he would have felt the same. Sadly there is no space for you to keep the he'll stay with me."

She quickly ran and grabbed the beast's pointy ears, and tickled them. She kissed his beak and said good bye. The Falcon rose into the air, Kuzon looked for one last time and bid fare well. Asami and Yamato watched as their two new friends they flew into the starry skies, without any real hope of seeing them again.

As the bird rose higher into the air, Iruka opened his eyes after faking his sleep.

"You could have said good bye."

"No, I'm not interested in getting emotionally attached to those I'll probably never see again."

And with that, the group ceased to exist, their struggle a new memory...As they now began new stories, and entered their unknown future in Republic City, they all looked back once, hoping to find new people, who they could share such experiences with again.

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