Pohuai Stronghold
Rescue, Part 1
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Child of the War



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January 22nd, 2012

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"Rescue, Part 1" is the 8th chapter of the Child of the War continuity. It was written by Annawantimes.


Jenju had stopped in his tracks, awestruck.

"Jenju, what's the matter?"

"Shen, I don't think I can go to Ba Sing Se yet. I have something to attend to."

"Okay, what is it?"

"Right after our settlement had been laid waste to, I ran off in search of my father. I was confused, and some backwoods pirates really had me in a situation. Sha Lu came to rescue, only because he hated the pirates. Now he's in great danger."

"I understand, son. Your father would be proud. Of course, I would still go to Ba Sing Se at let him know that you're alive." At this, Shen and Jenju laughed.

Jenju knew that now there was only one thing to figure out. Where is Sha Lu? Better yet, where do traitors of the Fire Nation go? Jenju had to discover these things somehow.

"Well Jenju, I'd better be going." Shen shook Jenju's hand.

Jenju then thought, What better of a person to ask then Shen, a man who knows the Northwestern Earth Kingdom by heart.

They finished their hand shake, and Jenju spoke. "You wouldn't know where traitors to the Fire Nation would be held, would you? Maybe somewhere here in the Earth Kingdom where they'd be held until sent to the Fire Nation."

Shen stroked his short beard. "There is one place. It is known as Pohuai Stronghold. It's a troop and supply hub, but sometimes traitors or deserters are kept there until a Fire Nation ship comes back to gather prisoners. Head west to the Mo Ce Sea coast and then head south, you'll see it from there."

"Thanks Shen. I'm sorry I never thanked you for deliver messages to us."

"No problem. Good luck finding you friend, and your father."

They shook hands once again, and Shen walked off into the alleyway. Jenju hobbled over, and watched Shen ride off into the distance. Jenju laid down against a building and fell into a deep sleep.

In the morning, Jenju sat up and cracked his knuckles. He didn't think to make a plan yet, what he needed to do now was collect supplies for his journey to Pohuai Stronghold. He was to be as quick as possible, he knew Sha Lu may be sent to the Fire Nation at some point in the near future.

The only person Jenju could think of getting any money from was Aunt Wu. He was surprised to find that his leg had healed more. He could now walk, but not quite at normal speed.

Jenju knocked at the door. Aunt Wu opened the door. She looked exhausted.

"You again?"

"Yes, I need your help."

"Come in, come in."

Inside, Jenju sat down and explained what had happened the night before. Without coming right out and saying it, he asked for supplies from Aunt Wu.

"So, you came here to ask for supplies?" Aunt Wu raised her voice.

"Well... no, I mean yes... ugh."

Aunt Wu returned to her calm self. "Of course I'll give you something. Anything for the only person left who believes in my predictions."

Aunt Wu had given Jenju a few things: her famous Bean Curd Puffs, Rose hips for tea, three copper pieces. She provided a bag to carry everything.

"Thank you, if I ever get back home, I'll be sure to make this up to you somehow."

"Pfff, no need son. You've already done it by trusting me, unlike anyone else. Maybe this town has finally come to their senses."

Jenju was puzzled, but he waved goodbye as he slowly walked away. He walked until he came to a fast running stream, where he sat down and enjoyed the Bean Curd Puffs he had been given. He drank from the river, and decided to save the rose hip tea for later.

Jenju decided to follow the river west, as it could only lead to the Mo Ce Sea. He often saw Se Tu Fish leaping from blue waters along the way.

His walk continued, as the sun rose higher and higher. Rather than be bored out of his mind, Jenju decided to run at different speeds and help return his leg to normal. He would certainly need all of the strength and stealth he could get for what would face him next.

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