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May 19, 2014

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Chapter 6 - The Sacred Tree

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A new evil has risen; a darkbending nation. The world may be fighting, but only the Avatar can defeat the Dark Lord and bring peace to the world.

Book One: Dark

Chapter Seven: Wushu

Previously on Naton

Naton has trained with Onza and Gardie, but they are interrupted by an army of darkbenders. Beeno loses his bending to a darkbender. Naton gives his bending back and turns the tide of the battle using the Sacred Tree, but Onza is killed by the Dark Lord himself. Gardie takes up the position as new leader of the Ben Hai. Onza said he would come back, but Naton thinks he will be gone forever.

Chapter Seven: Wushu

The Ben Hai was silent. They had buried Onza under the Sacred Tree. Gardie broke the silence. "Look guys. I know some people in the Fire Nation who can help us. We should get ready."

"Fire Nation? Just in case you forgot, we're in the middle of the Earth Kingdom. We don't have any form of transportation," Tazen said.

Gardie grinned. "That's what you think."

Inside Gardie's house, he pulled a lever, and the floor opened up, revealing a long staircase leading underground. "When I first came to the forest, I decided I should keep a bit of the outside world. I brought my very own plane, and I've been keeping it underground." Gardie flipped a switch, and a giant room was lit up. In the middle of the room, an old rusty plane sat there, lonely and unused.

"We're supposed to ride that to the Fire Nation?" Aeron asked. Beeno rushed over to the plane and jumped into the cockpit.

"I can repair it, but it'll take a while," Beeno said. "Master Gardie, could you give me a hand?"


Tazen, Naton, Aeron and Karrie waited outside. "Has anyone seen Kian? He went missing after we buried Onza," Aeron said.

"He was pretty close to Onza. Kian could've ran away," Karrie said.

"I don't think so. He probably went out to search for surviving darkbenders."

"Come on, Gardie! It'll look soooooo cool!"

"We can't have missile launchers! I don't even have the supplies to build them!"

"I'll get the supplies, don't worry!"

"No, Beeno! We don't have that kind of time! Just repair the wings and we'll be done!"

"Hey, guys. Is it ready?" Naton asked.

"Almost. The wings and the rockets need work, and that's it," Gardie replied.

"No, Gardie. We need the missiles!"

"Oh, Naton. We named the plane Wushu."

"Wushu? My dad?"

Gardie nodded.

"Gardie, Kian's gone missing."

"He's not missing. He's gone ahead. He's busy with other things," Gardie said.

Beeno leaped down and pulled off the welding helmet. "It's done. The rockets are a bit bad, but it'll do."

"What? You have to get the rockets!" Aeron said. "If the rockets go down, we'll all die!"

"We don't have much time, Aeron. The Fire Nation is almost completely taken over by the darkbenders. We have to move fast," Gardie said.

The Ben Hai gathered into the plane, and Beeno took the wheel. "Trust me guys. I've driven planes before."

"Actually, you haven't driven this one. This plane is from the Northern Water Tribe not Future Industries," Gardie corrected him.

"Whatever. Probably the same." Beeno put on his flight goggles, and grabbed hold of the wheel. "Everyone buckled in?"

"Just go already!"


Beeno hit the gas, and Wushu sped forward. The plane barely missed some trees. Beeno then pulled a lever, and the wings deployed. Naton held on tight. He finally hit a final lever, and the rocket on the back lit on fire. The giant stream of flame pushed the plane upward. Wushu barely missed the cliff. "Woo hoo!"

Tazen was about to barf. "Next time.... don't let Beeno drive-Blaughhgeghhh!!!"

Naton looked out the window, and saw the tiny town of Guang rush past them. "So long."

Karrie had brought some bread and fruit, but that was about it. "Once we arrive in the Fire Nation, we'll join forces with the army there. We'll probably be able to take down the dark-benders in that area," Gardie explained.

"Who are these people? Are they a secret government force?" Aeron asked.

"They are rebels. They have been active for a very long time. The rebels have been doing well, but their leader told me that they'll soon go down."

"I hope Kian is okay," Naton said.

"Kian will be fine," Karrie said. "He's a master waterbender."

They landed in a coastal earth village. As they stepped off of Wushu, a group of citizens gathered.

"Are you guys benders? We could use your help!"

"Some criminals have been stealing things from us!"

"Sorry, guys. We're sort of busy," Tazen said, brushing past the crowd.

After they bought some meat, quick stew and snacks, they prepared to board Wushu. "We should get going. It's getting dark," Gardie said.

Naton looked at the people. They were just like the people in Guang. Oppressed by an evil nation, but they couldn't do anything. They were helpless. "Gardie," Naton stopped his master. "We have to help these people. They might tell us something."

"Sorry. We have to get going," Tazen said. "We have to get to the Fire Nation as fast as we can."

"Wait. The Avatar has a point. We should help them," Gardie said.

The Ben Hai hid behind the food shop. Tazen grumbled. "I don't like this. It could be a trap."

"Shhh. Look." Naton pointed to a merchant packing up. As he walked over to his car, three thugs jumped out and tackled him. The short one lifted his hands, and the merchant was trapped by earth. The other two searched the car trunk. They pulled out some packages. As the three criminals made a run for it, Beeno punched the ground. He blocked them off with walls of earth. Gardie jumped up and froze the criminals in ice. The Ben Hai leaped into the ring and gathered around the criminals.

"Who are you guys?" Gardie asked.

The short one groaned. "Not telling."

Tazen placed his hands on the short one's head. "Say it, or I'll burn your head."

The short one gulped. "Fine. We're ordinary criminals, trying to live here. Just arrest us."

"I don't think so." Tazen began to heat up his hands.

"Okay! Okay! Okay! Fine! We're benders hired by the darkbenders. We're supposed to keep this town under watch until they come!"

Gardie leaned forward. "Are there any other benders who work for them?"

Another criminal spoke up. "There's this other bender. His name is Shin, and he's a master metalbender."

"Metalbender? I fought him at the Forest of Thorns!" Beeno said. "I know what he looks like, Gardie! If we track him down, I'll kick his butt!"

Gardie turned to the short one. "We'll keep you guys here."

As they began to leave, the short one laughed. "Isn't that convenient? The Avatar is with the Ben Hai!"

Naton turned around. "What?"

"The Avatar! You! The boy! You're the Avatar!"

Tazen spun around, and shot a fireball at the short one's head.

"Why did you do that?" Beeno cried.

"He got really annoying," Tazen growled.

The Ben Hai filed into Wushu, and they flew off.

Out of the shadows, Shin looked up at the plane. "So, that kid's the Avatar. The Dark Lord will want to hear this!"


Writer- GretriXcape

Illustrator- GretriXcape

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