Crime and War
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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 9, 2013

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Chapter 6 - Hiding Place

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Chapter 8 - Broken Hearted


The Gaang and kids catch up with the assassins after Zuko, but they have a few tricks up their sleeves.

It's almost evening in Republic City. Aang, Toph, Zuko and his daughter are all above water, running through the streets of Republic City trying to find the assassins. 

Aang: How are we going to find them? They could be anywhere!

Zuko: They couldn't have gotten far. Those guys said something about an object to make it easier to use to kill me.

Aang: Yeah, but I don't know what that means.

Toph: Whatever it is, it can't be good! 

The four run towards Republic City Prison. They stop running just outside the prison and look around

Zuko: So are they here?

Toph: I can't feel them. 

Aang sees someone jump off a roof about to land on Toph

Aang: Toph look out!

Aang air blasts her out of the way. The gust of air knocks her a few feet away

Aang: I don't know who you are, but stay away from Firelord Zuko!

Bad Guy [earthbender]: Avatar Aang *bows down* It is an honor to meet the greatest man in the world. *gets up* But no matter how great you are, I can't listen to you, I must put an end to Firelord Zuko. He's made too many mistakes, I want to end him so we don't go through another war because he makes another.

Zuko: Listen to me. I'm sorry for what I've done in the past and I know I've made mistakes, but the one mistake I didn't make was Aang and I founding Republic City. We created this city so benders and non-benders could live in peace together. I know people hold grudges, and you have every right to judge my past, but I've learned from my mistakes. 

Aang: Please don't choose revenge on Firelord Zuko. Let your anger out and then forgive him.

The bad guy looks at Aang who has a pleading facial expression. Then he looks over to Zuko who has a scared facial expression. Then he closes his eyes.

Bad Guy: I'm sorry Avatar Aang, but my grudge is stronger than forgiveness. 

The bad guy earthbends a huge rock towards Zuko, but is broken into pieces just in time because of Toph. Just around the corner is the waterbending assassin. He's holding various pairs of gloves in his hand. He runs over to Aang, grabs his arms and puts the gloves on his hands. He them runs over to Toph and does the same. He does the same with Zuko and his daughter as wellAang tries to bend, but gets a short electric shock.

Aang: I can't bend anymore! It's like these are some kind of antibending gloves! If I try to bend, I get electrically shocked!

Toph: This isn't good.

Aang: Please listen to me! You killing Firelord Zuko won't make you look good! He has a whole nation to look after, and a family.

Zuko's Daughter: Please don't kill my father, he's done with his mistakes.

Bad Guy {waterbender}: Sorry Firelord, but your future mistakes and your life end now.

Aang: *whispering to Toph* I think I know how to get the gloves off. Someone that's not wearing the gloves has to bend them off.

Toph: *whispering back* Seems logical.

The bad guys are bending rocks and a long stream of water, about to use to kill Zuko with. Suddenly, a water whip comes out of nowhere, knocking both guys to the ground. Right behind them is Katara, Sokka, and the kids.

Katara: Stay away from the Firelord!

Aang: Katara!

Bad Guy [earthbender]: You know this girl?

Aang: Know her? She's my wife! How did you not know that?

Bad Guy [earthbender]: *bows down to Katara* It is an honor to meet the wife of the Avatar, but I must kill the Firelord. 

Katara: I understand that you're mad at him, but look at it this way.

Bad Guy [earthbender]: What way?

Katara waterbends both guys very with a huge amount of water knocking them far away. Sokka rushes over to Aang

Sokka: Don't just stand there! Bend them into a prison cell or something!

Aang: I can't! They put these antibending gloves on us and I think they require bending to be taken off.

Katara: I got this. 

Katara waterbends big drops of water on both gloves and slips them off his hands.

Aang: Thank you sweetie.

Aang gives Katara a quick kiss on her right cheek and runs towards the assassins.

Toph: Uh, hello! I'm still trapped in gloves!

Lin: I've got this!

Lin earthbends little rocks on both gloves and bends the gloves off of Toph's hands

Toph: Thank you Lin. *to Zuko and his daughter* Hold on you two.

Toph earthbends off the gloves on Zuko and his daughters hands using the same technique Lin used on her. Everyone starts following Aang as fast as they can. When they catch up, they all form a circle around the assassins, surrounding them. Aang steps out of the circle and walks closer to the assassins.

Aang: I didn't want to have to come to this, but I'm giving you one last chance to surrender before I take your bending away for good!

The assassins start laughing. Aang earthbends both of them in earth like shells; the same thing he did to Yakone. Katara guards the waterbending assassin and Toph guards the earthbending assassin. Aang energybends the waterbending assassin first. He walks over and energybends the earthbending assassin. Then he earthbends the two out of the earth shells, to which they both fall to the ground. Toph handcuffs them both. Her officers show up not too long later and they walk the assassins in the direction of where the the prison is. As the Gaang and kids watch the assassins being escorted to prison, Aang looks down and sighs. Katara looks at Aang concerned.

Katara: What's wrong Aang?

Aang: I know they were trying to kill Zuko, but taking away the bending of someone feels a little harsh. I know they deserved it and it's better than killing them, but bending is a gift. 

Katara: I know it's hard to be a tough guy sometimes, but now that they don't have their bending anymore, they can't kill Zuko now. I know you feel regret now, but you did the right thing. No matter what decision you made with those bums, I would be proud and you know it. Besides, they used their gift of bending for the wrong reasons. They abused it. 

Aang: I know. 

Aang and Katara wrap each other around their arms and share a kiss. Sokka makes a jokingly disgusted face.

Sokka: When will you two stop giving me oogies!

Katara breaks the kiss and walks towards Sokka pointing her finger at him with an angry face

Katara: Sokka, you're a grown man now, would you stop with this 'oogie' stuff! 

Sokka: Yeesh, it was just a joke, you don't have to go all mad on me. 

Toph walks up to Aang and punches him on his upper left arm with a big grin on her face

Toph: Nice job today twinkletoes!

Aang: Toph, how many times do I have to tell you....I'M 40 YEARS OLD! Stop calling me twinkletoes! 

Toph: I'm afraid I can't, Once you get a nickname by me, it never goes away. Isn't that right sweetness?

Katara makes an annoyed face

Zuko: Those guys didn't know what they had coming for them. Lets celebrate with some dinner! 

Katara: That's a great idea! I'll cook, my treat!

Everyone climbs aboard on Appa. 

Aang: YIP YIP!

Appa takes off into the sky and flies towards Air Temple Island. When Appa lands on the island, everyone gets off and runs into the temple. Katara starts cooking some dinner with the help of Aang. The kids start playing a game together. Everyone else is sitting at the dining table talking and laughing. About an hour later, everyone is done with dinner. All the grown ups are sitting at the table talking. 

Zuko: Thank you for having me stay in your home Aang and Katara.

Aang: Why does it sound like you're saying goodbye?

Zuko: I can't stay in Republic City much longer. I feel like people are still holding a grudge against me. I should leave and go back to the Fire Nation tomorrow morning.

Kya, Bumi, and Zuko's daughter overhears this news from around the corner. They all have sad expressions on their faces.

Zuko's Daughter: No! I don't want to leave Republic City!

Bumi: I don't want you or Firelord Zuko to leave either.

Kya: Neither do I.

Zuko's Daughter: Maybe I can convince my father to stay a few more days. 

Zuko's daughter enter the room. She walk up to her father

Zuko: You know we're going home tomorrow, right?

Zuko's Daughter: No! I love Republic City! We just got rid of the last two known people that want to kill you, dad.

Zuko: It's for our safety. I'm trying to protect you.

Zuko's Daughter: I don't need protection! You need the protection! You almost got killed!

Zuko: I'm sorry, but we have to leave tomorrow morning. 

Zuko's Daughter: *sigh* Fine.

Zuko's daughter runs out of the room and storms outside of the temple. Bumi follows her outside and starts looking for her. She's sitting on the same rock her and Bumi sat a previous night. Bumi sits next to her and puts his arm around her.

Bumi: Sorry we couldn't convince you're father to stay longer.

Zuko's Daughter: I shouldn't say this, but I'm going to miss you more than anyone else. 

She starts crying in Bumi's arms. She rest her head on Bumi's right shoulder and upper chest. Bumi puts his arms around her, hugging her tightly. He has tears in his eyes

Bumi: I'm going to miss you too. 

A tear rolls down his right cheek

Zuko's Daughter: I wish I could stay here forever with you and everyone else!

Bumi: Me too. 

Both of them cry in each others arms. The glow of the almost full moon is glowing on them.


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