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Chapter 7 – The Battle
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The Future of Korra





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March 15, 2015

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Chapter 6 - Vogdar City

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FOK: Book 2 - Secrets: Chapter 1 - Zutara's Descendants

"Ring ring ring," the windup alarm clock went waking up the Avatar and her boyfriend, who were sleeping in the same bed together in a hotel room in Vogdar City. Outside, everyone did their normal thing, whether that was selling cabbages or other goods, or walking to work. Everyone's lives went just as normally as ever until BANG! A loud noise was made when a large thick metal ship docked into Vogdar City's international dock in the VIP parking area. Korra looked out the window; with her hotel room being near the dock, she could see exactly what was going on and she realised she had to get there as fast as possible. She quickly metalbended some armor for her self and Mako got up and knew what was going on. It was the day. The day to stop the king, at least for treating all these people as his royal slaves.

Korra burst out of the hotel and was running block after block with Mako trying to keep up. Finally, she arrived and the King was walking out of his ship onto solid ground with all of his guards lined up.

"I want everyone of you to find out why my goods aren't being shipped and why even the mayor is disrespecting my orders," the king ordered.

"Yes, Your Majesty, we will do as we're told," one of the highest guards in rank said.

Korra appeared out of the air.

"I'm not going to let you treat everyone in this city as if they are a part of your royal sandbox."

"I don't have a sandbox, Avatar. I will ask you to let me do what I must and no one will get hurt at all."

"I don't buy your lies, you should know that by now, you know."

"Well, looks like we'll have to settle this the hard way. Guards, attack the Avatar."

All of a sudden, 50 hand shaped pieces of rock came charging at Korra. Korra redirected them with her earthbending, knocking down 10 opponents. However, more were being fired at her, so Korra made a quick ball of air surrounding herself for maybe 5 seconds, shooting hundreds of the rock shaped hands all over the place. Mako finally arrived and gave Korra some extra support with his firebending. Eventually, Korra and Mako pooped out all of the Dai Li agents.

"I see now, Avatar Korra, I suggest you step down now or else I will have to hurt you."

"I'm not afraid of you, how old do you think I am, 12? Do you know how many crooks I have to take down? You are the single dumbest person who ever tried to stop me."

Angered, the King fired dozens of rocks at Korra, but Korra just simply earthbended rocks to stop him where he was standing. Realizing his defeat, the apparently mighty Earth King was stopped in his tracks by Korra.

"Please, spare me, Korra, please spare me!" He begged like a dirty peasant.

Korra thought in her head. "If I let him go, he will do the same thing learning absolutely nothing, hurting his own people again and again for generations."

"I'm going to end this madness once and for all," Korra announced.

"You don't have to do this Korra," Mako said.

"Mako, it's my duty to protect innocent people's lives. I have a dream for the Earth Kingdom and that dream is the same as Wu's, the very person you assassinated, Mr. Earth King, because you wanted the Earth Kingdom after the collapse of the Earth Empire to be yours, and Wu would have stopped that because he wanted to turn the Earth Kingdom to the Earth Republic, which means that you would never had taken on power. Now I am going to build on Wu's legacy and turn your Earth Kingdom into the Earth Republic."

"No, no, stop this!" The King said as he started sobbing.

"Korra, as I said to Wu, this is the best choice, and I will do everything I can to help you turn the Earth Kingdom into the Earth Republic."

"Thanks, Mako, I'm sure I will need it. Now let's arrest this man for the murder of Wu."

The End

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