The Secret of the City
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The Journey Of Flynn


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Chapter 8: Collateral Damage

The sun beamed its boiling heat down through the clear blue sky. It had been like that for around a week now, and when Jake and Andra found it swelteringly hot, Flynn felt it as a nice chilled breeze. He had never felt more alive.

Jake, Andra and Flynn were sitting in the in the truck they stole a week ago. All of them had drawn out and bored expressions after a five-hour drive. Flynn had had enough and turned on the radio, only to be treated to Born to be Wild when he did. Andra's face lit up from its previous gloomy state and she turned to Flynn. "Get your motor running!" They sang in unison at the top of their lungs.

"Get out on the highway! Looking for adventure! Take whatever comes our way!"

Andra threw her hands up in the air. "BORN TO BE WILD!"

Jake snapped his head around, blatantly annoyed by their singing. "Stop singing!" He yelled.

Andra and Flynn sunk into themselves and went quite. Flynn then started muttering the song under his breath and Andra placed her hand over her mouth and giggled. "Stop it, or I will turn this truck around!" Flynn went silent and smirked. His smirk however, quickly turned into a wide smile and he burst out in a fit of laughter and was quickly joined by Andra. Jake sighed and ignored them as they wiped tears of joy from their eyes and tried to get their breath back.

"Lighten up Jake," Flynn said.

"Listen. Just because we haven't run into the Authorities in a week, doesn't mean that they aren't going to find us now. Especially where we are going."

Flynn remembered where they were going and grew serious. "As yes, the cities. Good place for an ambush."

"I don't know what you guys are talking about, this is going to be great!" Flynn and Jake looked over to Andra, confused. "This place is my haven! There is earth everywhere for me to bend. Imagine," Andra put her hands up. "We are being chased by a bad guy, then..." She clapped her hands together. "A wall hits him from a building."

Jake saw the sign for the next city zoom past the truck. "Pack your things, we're dumping the truck."

Jake made sure the truck landed in a nice ditch before they went into the sprawling city. People littered the streets and scurried around like ants in a colony. The tall stone and metal buildings towered into the sky and cast their shadows down onto the people below. The sunlight beamed down onto the windows and reflected off them with blinding light.

Jake, Flynn and Andra blended in with the crowds with their tattered hair, bloodstained clothes and pale skin until they realised it was not such a good idea and found themselves going down one of the many dark alleys that plagued the city. "Why did we even come down here," Asked Flynn.

"Did you see how many people were looking at us? We have to get some more clothes and stay out of sight for now." Jake was right, but skirting down dark alleyways that smelled of urine was not always the best idea.

A man then stepped out from a back door and faced the trio as they briskly walked down the alley. The three halted when they saw him and got ready for trouble. "Give me your money." That made them lower their guard and look at each other in a wow, really kind of look.

"I don't think so pal," Flynn shouted back.

The man then sprouted a flame in his hand. "I do, or else."

Flynn and Andra looked at each other and turned to the man again, who was patiently waiting for his victims to give in at the sight of his mystical powers. Flynn set both of his hands alight and Andra stomped a rock out of the earth and levitated it in front of her, ready to fire. The thief's eyes widened and Flynn shot a blast of fire at him.

The thief blocked the attack and Flynn smirked. "You can block fire!" He turned to Jake. "I never knew you could do that!" The mugger shot his own fire and Flynn blocked it in a similar way the thief did. "Awesome," He said to himself.

Andra dropped the rock back into the ground and did a roundhouse kick in the air which caused a wall to rip out from a building and crush the thief in between it and the wall that lay on the other building. She turned her cocky face to Flynn and Jake. "Told you it would work." And she proudly strolled down the alley, leaving Flynn and Jake standing corrected.


It didn't take the trio long to exit the maze of neglected buildings and streets but they finally reached the high street of the sprawling city. The first order of business for them was to get new clothes. Their current attire was covered in crimson blood and dirt and they could easily be spotted in a crowd like this. Whilst Jake and Flynn insisted that they should go in the first clothes shop they saw, Andra was reluctant and continued to try and find the best shop on the high street. After fifteen minutes of walking and looking, Andra found one she was looking for and dragged a bored and gloomy Flynn inside.

"Look at this place guys!" She said enthusiastically as she wandered her eyes around the mirrored walls and silver ceiling.

"Yes, it's really good," Flynn said sarcastically. Andra just looked at him with a snarl on her face and he immediately regretted his tone. But before it got worse Andra was distracted by a top near the back of the shop and she took off for it. "Men's section is upstairs. Come on," Jake went up the large set of stairs and Flynn quickly followed, eager to escape Andra's wrath.

Jake walked around the clothing racks taking quick glances at clothes. "It has to be combat efficient" he thought and found that none suited his needs. Flynn on the other hand saw a plain black shirt and bought it immediately and when he came out of the changing rooms he didn't look any different as he did going in. Jake saw this and followed the same example.

When they went back to the ground floor Andra was looked at them with a disappointed face. "You guys couldn't think of getting anything else?"

"I wasn't really bothered with what I got. I don't even want to be here," Flynn plainly put. "Besides, your still in green."

"Can't you tell? It's a different shade of green."

"Lets just get out of here before you two bring the place down." Jake just left the shop into the blistering heat, shaking his head and Andra and Flynn followed whilst constantly bickering to each other.


On the other side of the city a large group of thugs were hiding out in a dimly lit warehouse. It was completely empty, bar a few boxes that were used as makeshift seats. The metal beams that lay high on the ceiling constantly creaked and shifted under the weight of the roof. Most of the windows at the very top of the building were smashed by rocks thrown by vandals and what little light they offered in the daytime was quickly intercepted by dust floating in the air.

The thugs were all having a good time and some were counting the profits from their muggings but it was all broken when the single metal door flung open and smacked against the wall. It sent a large cracking sound and all the thugs stopped what they were doing and stared at the silhouette that stood in the doorway with intimidating eyes. The man was resting on the door and sounded out of breath as his heavy pants of exhaustion filled the large room.

The man collapsed onto the floor and the thugs quickly grabbed him and held him up to the light. One large thug kept a good hold of him but realised the man. "Bill, what happened to you?" The man's deep, strong voice matched his build. The muscles on his arms were huge and his shoulders were as wide as a rugby player's.

"I was just trying to get some quick cash in my usual spot..." He gulped hard, "then these kids fought back and did this to me."

"What are yo-" The thug was about to reply to his friend but was cut-off by a man standing on a metal scaffold at the back of the warehouse.

"Enough!" He shouted. "Bill, explain yourself."

Bill dropped to his knees, almost like he was bowing to the man. "Boss, I- I was trying to mug these kids b-but-"

"But what?" The boss' patience was getting thin.

"They fought back... hard." The man was shameful of his defeat. "But there was something else boss." The thug took a long pause, trying to put together the words to explain his encounter. "They were like us."

The boss' face quickly went serious. "If this is true, I want them found and brought back here, alive. This goes to all of you!" He pointed his finger to his captivated audience. "Bill will tell you what they look like and you will find them. Or face my wrath." The boss walked back into his office and sat down, staring out the window with contempt. Nobody messed with him.



Andra, Jake and Flynn were sitting on a marble bench that laid at the edge of a large grass square. Stone and glass buildings surrounded them and small businesses had set up around the busy relaxing spot. People were lay on the grass in groups enjoying a pick-nick whilst others stayed under the shade of the buildings or the single tree that stood in the middle.

"How long has it been since we've just relaxed?" Andra said with a sigh.

"We have been sitting in a truck for almost a week. If you don't call that relaxing, I don't know what is." Jake wasn't pleased with this. They had to keep moving, not sit down and take in the sights.

"Jake, I was half conscious and you had bruises all over yourself for half of that time. I wouldn't call that relaxing."

"What ever," Jake got up off the bench.

"Where are you going?"

"Getting some supplies. For our journey. That we are trying to take." Jake kept trying to get the point across, but Andra had no idea what he was talking about, she was too caught up in the moment.

"You know what, I should go too." Flynn got up off the bench and stretched his back.

"So you are just going to leave me here!?" Andra started to raise her voice and people began glancing over when they passed by.

Jake had to reassure her. "We are just going over there," he pointed to a nearby shop at the edge of the square. "Here, have some money. Treat yourself."

Flynn could feel the tension rising. "Let's go, shall we?" And with that Jake and Flynn went to the shop conveniently labelled Food Place.

when they entered the bell rang when they went past the sensor, but something was wrong. The place was empty. Jake and Flynn looked at each other worryingly. They began slowly walking down separate food isles. As Flynn observed and the multicoloured treats and snacks that were on display, his heart almost jumped out of its chest when Jake burst through it with a man pinning him against the floor. Jake took a quick glance at Flynn and saw someone approaching him. "Behind you!" He shouted, but Flynn wasn't quick enough and the man grabbed him from behind. Flynn ran backwards to get his attacker to let go and they barged through three isles, sending fruit, vegetables and chocolate bars flying everywhere.

Jake managed to get one of his hands free from the attackers grip and he punched him in the jaw. This bought him enough time to get back on his feet and enough time to dodge a fireball that shot at him. Shocked, he wondered if it was Flynn, but he saw him being restrained in the corner of his eye. "Flynn did you see that!?"

"Yep!" Flynn managed to squeeze out whilst he was being constricted by the thug that was attacking him.

Jake ducked under another shot of fire and moved in closer to his attacker. he rapidly jabbed the man's arm all the way up to his shoulder and moved back. The firebender tried launching a fireball, but found himself unable to. He looked down at his arm in shock and looked back at Jake with fear. He went for a blast with his other hand, but Jake repeated the same process as before and disabled his other arm. Jake jabbed the man rapidly in the stomach and thrusted his palm in the man's nose, breaking it and making him stumble back holding his nose. Jake used the opening to kick the man in his stomach and finish him off with a knee strike to the face when he was bent over from the blow.

In the meantime, Flynn was still struggling to get free from the vice of the thug who was holding him back. He could feel his bones slowly cracking as the man tightened his grip and started to lift Flynn up in the air. The grunts of pain got the attention of Jake and he tried to get to the man who was holding him. His punches were stopped though as the thug used Flynn as a human shield. That was until Jake jumped off the counter and attacked from the side with a punch to the head.

The thug dropped Flynn, giving him an opportunity to strike. Flynn made a heavy elbow strike behind him, making the man stumble back and open for a fire blast. Flynn knocked him back into one on the freezer with him fire blast and watched him as he slowly sunk down covered in frozen peas and ice cream. Two more men burst through the door and saw Jake and Flynn standing triumphant.

That was when they decided to leave and made for the back door. As soon as Jake opened it both of them scrambled out and were knocked out by a big slab of rock that was held in mid-air by a bulky man. As their heads connected with it their bodies kept moving and they flew a fair distance before cracking their backs on the floor.

The bulky man threw the large rock away effortlessly and looked inside the shop, disappointed with the chaos caused. The two that entered were tending to the other two that were left unconscious. "Leave 'em, the boss wants these guys back pronto." "But Rocky..." One of the thugs tried to object but was silenced by a deathly stare from Rocky. "Okay."

Rocky stomped on the ground and a hole opened up into a dark tunnel network. "Get in." The other two jumped in the hole and Rocky picked up Jake and Flynn and slung them over his shoulders before jumping in and closing the hole.


Andra was getting tired of waiting, they had been in the shop for over an hour. She huffed and stormed over to the shop and was ready to yell until she actually got through the door and saw the carnage. All the food was piled up and scattered around and almost everything was broken. Two men were unconscious, except one who started to groan and raise his head.

Andra bent down over him and pulled him up by his collar. "Hey, what happened here?"

The man started muttering gibberish and he shot his head up to look at Andra. "My-my bending," He stuttered out through his shaking form.

Andra gave him a little slap across the cheek. "Tell me what happened here!"

"We had orders. Get the teenagers and bring them back..." The man's head started to flop as he began losing consciousness again.

Andra shook him to keep him awake but to no avail. She let go of the man and stood up "Where could they be?" she thought and began looking curiously round the room. She then realised the open door that led into the back alley and walked through it. Nothing was out of the ordinary bar little patches of blood that lay on the floor. Andra saw the blood and began inspecting her whereabouts immediately. Her eyes shifted to the hundreds of identical windows that surrounded her. All she was met with was the glint of the sun shining off the towering buildings. They were gone, but she had a very good way of finding people in a crowd. Andra slammed her foot into the ground and closed her eyes. White vibrations went through the whole city. People were walking in drones and packs. The buildings housed busy office workers furiously clicking on their mouse and keyboards. Far off car horns knocked off her concentration and made her seismic sense blur.

Her closed eyes squinted more and she focused on the sewers. The water rippled across the concrete whilst mice skittered across the side walkways. It was then something came to light. A tunnel right beneath her feet wound around the city all the way to the other side of town and small, quiet foot steps could be felt scurrying around.

"There we go" Andra knew where they were taken, even if it was a long shot she still got some relief. She opened her eyes and slid her foot across the ground, opening a loose piece of earth that lay next to her. She jumped down without a second guess or hesitation and found herself in a pitch black tunnel encased in darkness. The odd psychotic laugh could be heard echoing from the abyss followed by heavy footsteps and rapid pants of breath.

Andra looked to her right to try and find the beacon of light Flynn usually carried for her, but he was not there. She looked to her left to try and find her protective guardian, but he was not there either. For the first time in her entire life Andra was alone. She always thought she would enjoy this moment, but instead it was filled with fear and dread. What if she could not find them? They could be hurt... or worse.


She couldn't think that way. They had to be alive, they didn't give up that easily. Andra closed her eyes and let her senses guide her way down the tunnel of darkness.


Flynn started to come around with hazed vision. He shook his head to make sure his senses were working properly. He looked around himself and saw the dust floating in the air. he tried moving his arms but when he looked at them they were securely fastened to the wall with earth shackles, and so were his feet.

Flynn sighed and looked to his right, seeing Jake in exactly the same position. "Morning," Flynn jokingly said. Jake blinked a few times to get his whereabouts and grunted a few times as the strike from earlier started to kick in.

"Where are we?"

"I have no idea," Flynn said before hearing heavy footsteps bounding their way. "This guy might know." Flynn was about to speak until the man knocked the wind out of him with a heavy punch. He took in a deep breath and sucked up the pain. "That's no way to treat a guest," he started to chuckle until another punch to the stomach silenced him.

"You gave our man Billy here a beatin'. Now you're gonna get the same." Rocky's low, deep voice almost shook the ground he stood on.

Billy gingerly poked his head out from behind his friend's back. Flynn saw the fear in his face. "Hey Jake, it's Billy. You remember Billy right? You know, the guy Andra crushed with a wall?"

Jake sighed, he would have preferred to stay quiet, but Flynn was not going to stop any time soon. "Yes, I remember."

"Good cause that was awesome!" He looked at Billy. "Hey Bill, how are you feeling? Is the spine better?" Flynn suddenly grunted in pain and his arms tensed when he felt the rocks around his wrist crunch down on his bones as they constricted. Rocky held his fist up in the air as Flynn writhed in pain until he finally released his grip and let the rocks reset. A small sized crowd had gathered around them now, numbering up to ten thugs in all. Jake just stayed shackled to the wall, staring blankly into space not even saying a word. Rocky went up to Jake and looked him in the eye with his intimidating stare, but Jake didn't budge, he stayed calm and collected and shot his own deathly look at the big bruiser.

A omnipotent voice erupted from the darkness of the ceiling and caught everyone's attention. "Men, that's enough. Remember, we need them alive. You will have your fun later."

"Yes boss," the crowd all said at once and they all dispersed into the dark corners of the warehouse apart from Rocky, Billy and a couple of other thugs sat down at a wooden crate and began playing cards.

Flynn looked over to Jake. "I wonder how Andra's doing."

Jake looked at Flynn with worried eyes. "That's what I'm worried about. We're the bait."

Flynn smirked "I'm sure she'll be fine. In the mean time however it's my turn to torture them."

"Always look on the bright side of life!" Flynn began singing out of tune and Jake desperately tried to get his hands free to shield his ears. The thugs hung their heads low.

This had to be the worst kidnapping ever.


Andra let her ripples of vibrations guide her through the darkness. Being encased in the darkness gave her time to think, to be truly alone with her thoughts. It was like a blank canvas for the mind. Suddenly, a very vague memory sprang to mind.

A five year old Andra was standing in her front room awaiting the return of her father. She clutched onto her green teddy and hung it lazily by her side. Her seven year old brother towered over her and stood next to the door waiting in the same anticipation.

The door handle creaked and turned. Her father bounded through the door in his usual jolly fashion, but something was different. He did not have the same beaming smile he usually had when he saw his young children. He took Jake into the dining room with her mother whilst leaving Andra standing in the same spot with a look of worry on her face. After ten minutes her father walked out of the dining room, leaving behind morbid sobs from that echoed in the room.

He walked over to her and knelt down do he was at her eye level. "Daddy, why is mummy crying?" Andra said in her squeaky voice.

His face dropped. "Because daddy has to go away for a while."

"Why?" Andra questioned her father like any young child would.

"It is something really important that I just have to do." Andra's eyes started to water and a single tear rolled down her cheek. Her father rubbed it off with his thumb. "Hey now. Don't cry. Don't cry. We will see each other again."

Andra sniffed and rubbed her eyes. "When daddy?"

"I don't know Andra." Her head sunk low, but her father started to smile. He pulled her in for a hug and held his precious daughter tight. "Listen. I want you to be strong for me okay?"

"Like a rock?"

"Exactly, like the strong rock you are," he kissed his daughter on the forehead and stood up. Jake was waiting behind his father with a tear in his eye. "Come Jake. I want to speak with you." His father opened the door and let Jake walk out into the porch that was sheltering them from the battering rain that bounced on the ground. He followed and closed the door behind him.

Andra was left there with her mother's cries and the echo of his voice in her mind. She could not just stand there and let him leave. he was her daddy. taken by the sudden urge to not let go, she ran for the door and jumped up to turn the handle. When she opened it she ran out sobbing and crying "Daddy! Don't..."

But it was too late. he had vanished into the dark stormy night. Jake stood there, tall and proud. He heard her and knelt down to her level. "Where's daddy?" Andra stuttered out through her cries.

Jake looked into her shiny green eyes with a new found purpose. "He's gone for a while Andra." That did not help her jittering form. "Listen. I'm going to protect you now, okay? I promise, with all my heart, that I will protect you little sister. Through thick and thin. No matter what." He hugged his sister and let her tears soak into his shoulder for what seemed like hours until she finally cried herself to sleep.

Andra was snapped back to reality when she felt footsteps getting closer towards her. They pounded like a drum on the earth; rhythmically, yet erratic. When they started to get closer, Andra slowly slid her feet across the floor of the tunnel, digging her feet in the earth to get a nice stable stance. When the movement finally became clear it turned out to be an innocent mouse that sniffed at Andra's feet before carrying on down the path.

Andra sighed in relief and uprooted herself from the earth, only to be knocked down by a sudden kick to the back. she landed on the floor face first but managed to put her hands out to stop the full force of the fall. An orange glow quickly followed her fall and using the temporary light, she managed to see the attack and roll out of the way just in time. As the searing heat passed her she thrusted both her hands together into the air and rose an earth pillar straight into the gut of the attacker.

he was knocked into the ceiling of the tunnel but managed to land steadily through his partial dizziness. Andra quickly arose and ducked underneath another blast of fire. She could tell when he was about to attack from his stances. That and the heat gave it away allot. The man blasted another punch of fire at her, followed by another but Andra stepped side to side and easily dodged his attacks. The fire created an orange glow which illuminated the tunnel for a few seconds and all the firebender could see with his attacks was Andra's closed eyes and emotionless face. Andra aggressively slid her foot against the ground and made a pillar of earth erupt from the left side of the tunnel which went straight into his shin and broke it in half. The man doubled over in pain and screamed as he held his ankle. He created a small fire in his hand to see an evil smirk on Andra's face. He took in a shaky breath and screamed when Andra kicked him square on in the face with a large rock boot that was attached to her right foot.

she scraped the blood from the bottom of the boot against the floor and she was sure she was done. Until a loud scrape went right through her teeth and twitched her ears. She turned to the noise and heard a large rock rocketing towards her. Andra was not given a chance to react and the rock hit her straight in the face and broke to pieces. Andra's head was flopped back and her long hair dangled behind her, but she was still stood up. With a sudden flick of her head she looked up and closed the tunnel off by closing her forearms together and creating a circular wall that stretched through the tunnel. Andra pushed the wall with tremendous force and it was sent flying back into the dark abyss along with the scream of a man trying desperately to stop.

Andra stomped her foot on the ground again to send out another vibration. The white ripples bounced off many peoples forms as it travelled down the cave. Andra was so close to the end. but she had a lot to get through.

She raised her front foot off the ground carrying the earth with it. When she reached a good angle, she pushed the air in front of her and started to grind across the floor on her earth slab. Andra slid over to the wall and stuck her hand in the side of the tunnel to clump together a mas of rocks around her hand to make an earth gauntlet. She pulled away from the wall with the earth gauntlet and clothes lined a thug with a heavy blow, making him fall unconscious immediately. trying to keep up the speed, she realised two more figures in the tunnel. With a flick of both her wrists, she pinned them both to the walls of the tunnel with pillars and skimmed up the side of the tunnel to grind across the ceiling. Their shocked faces followed Andra as she sped past them with sparks fluttering behind her.

As Andra still clung to the ceiling it made her a harder target to hit. A rock brushed past her head with a whistle and a stream of fire blazed past her other side. Careful not to get caught in the fire, she straightened her self out and clapped her hands together to create earth walls just behind her opponents and as she passed them, she grabbed their collars with her earth covered hands and slammed them into the walls with a sickening crunch.

She slid down the wall again on her earth board so she was back on the ground again and she continued to delve deeper into the darkness.


Meanwhile, Flynn was still singing the same line over and over again. All of the thugs muscles were tensed from pure annoyance and every one was thinking of shutting him up and beating him into a pulpy mass. But the boss says he wanted them alive. so they let him continue. Jake had felt his sanity go a while ago after about the hundredth time Flynn sang the same line.

Eventually he gave up and began singing with Flynn in his mono toned voice. He sounded more like he was being hypnotized and controlled than doing it himself. "Always look on the bright side of life!"

After a few more repeated lines Rocky banged on the table and split it in half. a stood up and turned to them. "I have had enough of this!" Jake and Flynn stopped, but he bounded over with his heavy foot steps and raised his arms up as if he was grabbing two rocks. and surely enough he was, two large rocks rose from the concrete floor and hovered just behind him. Rocky turned his hands into fists and sent them flying towards Flynn, who squinted and looked away.

When he felt nothing strike him, he peaked open his left eye and saw the two rocks shaking in one place, with Rocky's arms shaking violently from strain too. he was fighting against something, but Flynn did not know what it was.

Andra then burst through the concrete in a cloud of dust and flung her arms back, throwing the suspended rocks into the wall right next to Flynn. "Hey Andra," Flynn said.

Andra nodded her head and the earth bindings that held them to the wall crumbled off. Jake landed and immediately got into a fighting stance. Flynn dropped and rubbed his red, aching wrists. he looked at Andra "So, how do you want this to go down?"

She kept her eyes focused on Rocky. "What do we usually do when surrounded by villainous looking people?"

"Oh yeah! now I remember," Flynn cracked his knuckles and his neck by twisting it side to side. The thugs started to converge on them now. They were backed up against a wall and had no where to go.

The boss then emerged on his little balcony. "Now that you are here. It is time for your punishment."

"Are you going to ruff us up?" Flynn teased.

"Oh no. Your punishment must be more severe." The boss smirked whilst in his shadowed domain. "Kill them."

"For some reason, I knew he was gonna say that." Jake and Andra looked at him with the same blank expressions that must of run in the family. Rocky saw this and lifted his foot up to create an earth fissure. Andra sensed this and snapped her head back followed by a small stomp on the ground and the launching of a boulder with a strong punch. Rocky was sent flying back and Andra quickly chased after him, followed by a few other thugs.

Jake and Flynn took suite and went for the attack. Jake ducked under a water whip that was lashed out at him and quickly closed the gap between him and his long haired attacker whilst he attempted to retract the water. When the waterbender saw him near his face he summoned a slice of water from the skin that was attached around his belt and with a flick of his wrist, he shifted it to the edge of his hand to slice down at Jake's neck. Jake saw the water flowing from the pouch and blocked the hand as it came down on it, only to receive minor cuts on his wrist. He then punched the thug in the face twice with his free hand and made him stumble back.

Flynn was unlucky enough to have some quite skilled benders attack him. When Jake went after the waterbender many of the others began to attack Flynn. he ducked under a rock and watched it travel through the air and into the metal wall. "You pack a punch don't you?" Immediately after, a fire blast went straight for his heart, but was intercepted by his sweeping arm which blocked the flame and sent it flying in different directions. He side stepped another boulder and countered with a quick jab of fire that was strong enough to break the earthbender's stance and catch him off guard.

He quickly followed though by sending an arching kick of fire to the firebender who ducked underneath it skilfully and kicked a small wave of fire when he was low on the ground. Flynn saw the orange rapidly creeping up on him and jumped above it. Whilst in the air he sent a weak fire stream at the firebender, taking him by surprise and blasting him across the floor in a could of smoke and dust. The earthbender shifted the earth underneath Flynn's left foot and made him almost do the splits. Whilst Flynn was stuck in that position, the Earthbender swung his heavy boot right in Flynn's face. As he fell to the ground holding his nose the earthbender kicked his heel into the ground to jab a pillar into Flynn's back and send him back up on his feet. When Flynn was raised up he set his right hand on fire and dodged a punch thrown by the thug to quickly follow through with his own flaming punch to the face. The earthbender took the punch and his head shook. When it finally stopped he fell straight on his back, groaning in pain.

"Works every time." Flynn put out his hand with the opening of his fist and smirked. He caught sight of something in the corner of his eye and a big boulder sent him flying across the room as five more benders chased after him.

Andra was having it a bit more easier than the others, they were just lining up to be knocked down. One thug ran up to her with a water whip curled at his side but before he could lash it out, Andra opened up a hole into the tunnels blow right underneath him and he fell down screaming. another approached her from behind and she kicked up behind herself to create an earth pillar that raised up and hit the man in the chin sending him into the air and back down with a thud. She suddenly sensed a large vibration in the ground and she turned behind her just in time to break a large boulder thrown by Rocky. She kept her fist in the air and waited for his next move.

He kicked into the floor and flung a boulder straight out of the earth along with another kick, and another. Andra punched the first one and broke it into pieces, she then kicked the underside of the second one and sent it into the air straight into the meatl roof, where it stuck in position. She dropped to the ground when she realised she had no time to counter the third attack. She was now at Rocky's mercy. he swung his arms back and cracked the ground and when he brought his arms back he pulled a large slate from the ground and slammed it down on Andra like a gauntlet. She quickly pulled her arms up and created an earth tent to stop the rock crushing her, but that made Andra even more vulnerable. He pulled out another rock and brought it down again, making her earth tent shake and dirt to fall on her head. He struck blow after blow, each hit aching Andra's muscles and adding more cracks to her shield.

Jake was still fighting the same waterbender. He was a lot more fluid than Jake had originally thought as he easily swerved round his punches and kicks. When Jake went for a roundhouse kick, the waterbender side stepped and wrapped a water whip around his leg and pulled his arm up to trip Jake and make him land on his back. The thug drew back his water whip and turned it into an icicle to pierce through Jake's skull. Jake moved his head slightly and dodged it by the hairs on his chin. As the waterbender stood over Jake, he kicked him in between the legs and the waterbender fell to the ground, coughing and groaning violently.

It was then Jake was in control and his heart began pumping as well as the adrenaline. Time seemed to slow down again and his senses were heightened. He heard the crack of the earth behind him and he stepped to the side to dodge an earth pillar raised by a thug's uppercut. He grabbed the man's arm, then the back of his head and plated his face onto the same pillar he raised.

He ducked under a blazing fireball and as he came up he went underneath the thug's arm and grabbed hold of it, dislocating it from the shoulder as he was fully raised. The man yelped and Jake gave him no time to react when he twisted the dislocated arms and rammed his elbow into the thug's elbow, breaking his arm in half with a nice loud crack of the bone. The thug almost cried then Jake flipped him over his back and onto the cold floor.

He looked at the fallen men and looked around him, seeing the immense cloud of dust where Andra was, as well as the beating Flynn was getting from the other thugs. He was forced to look away when more people came to attack him.

Flynn was struggling to dodge all the attacks they were throwing at him due to the boulder that struck him before. A rock caught him in the thigh and he fell down to one knee. Another thug decided to finish him with a fire blast and went for the kill. Flynn's eyes dilated in fear and he managed to raise his hand to grab the fire and throw it onto the ground. He rolled backwards and punched two fireballs at the earthbenders who had no time to make their defense. One was flown back and the other just managed to raise half a shield before being knocked back by the blasts.

The two firebenders went for the charge and kicked two simultaneous balls of fire at Flynn. He rolled sideways to avoid them and sent two more blasts that were easily blocked. it was then Flynn tried something a little risky. He went from his low position and did a front-flip with fire being guided by his heel. When he landed the fire sliced through the dust and air and knocked over one on the fire benders leaving a black scorch on his face.

Flynn swept low with a wave of fire and went straight for a roundhouse kick of fire. The firebender got his feet burned by the first attack and as he held his charred feet he was flown back by the powerful fire.

Andra was left in her tent being pounded on by Rocky's rocks repeatedly hammering down on her. The earth shield shook more and more and the first true crack showed in the middle of it. Sweat dripped off Andra's brow and she was sure that this would be it. Rocky brought both of the boulders up high and smiled. "I'm gonna squash you like a bug!" He shouted so she could hear him. He grunted as he brought the rocks down and Andra gasped as the walls fell.

The massive blow created a huge cloud of light brown dust and when it cleared, the tent, and Andra were nowhere to be seen. Rocky's head shifted from side to side in confusion and he scratched his head. Andra then tunnelled out of the ground behind him and leapt into the air. When she landed she sent the impact on her force through the earth in a fissure which burst up behind Rocky and sent him into the ceiling. His yelled in his deep voice until his head clanked against the metal beams and made him fly off into one of the small glass windows with a shatter. He then fell down fifteen metres to the ground and was sprinkled with glass and dust.

Jake just finished off his last man with a sidekick to the face. The trio all looked at each other with tired and triumphant faces. Their heads all snapped to the office though when the Boss stood up. "Enough!" His deep voice bellowed and he jumped from the balcony and created a massive shock wave when he landed. He wore black clothes similar to those worn by the Authorities, but his was different. It bore a red badge that no one could clearly see and a big red flame on the back. Rocks and dust went flying everywhere and Flynn, Andra and Jake were propelled in different directions but all landed into the walls of the warehouse. "Who knew you could be so much trouble?" Jake recovered quickly and he ran up to the boss from behind, but he was sensed and stopped by a rock straight to the face. He fell down with his eyes closed and the boss encased his hands and feet in earth so he could not move.

The boss then walked over to Flynn and looked at his shaking body. Flynn looked up and shot a fire blast at him, which was easily dodged and then he was kicked in the face and brought to the ground. His hands and feet were too encased in earth and the boss raised a large earth boulder from the ground and hovered it just above Flynn's head ready to drop.

Two rocks were flown towards the boss and he had to shift the boulder to his rear to protect himself. "It will take a lot more than little pebbles to defeat me girl!" he punched the boulder at Andra, who broke it with a heavy head butt. "Please. I've crushed walls bigger than that," Andra scoffed and threw another boulder at the boss. He slid past it and kicked an earth fissure at Andra that cracked along the ground. She raised herself atop an earth pillar to cancel its travel and jumped down on the pillar, making a second one underneath the boss and sending him leaping backwards. He landed easily and smirked.

He raised two boulders at either side of Andra and brought them together with a clap of his hands. Andra dropped low and punched the two rocks to pieces but didn't notice the third boulder that got her front and sent her back against the wall and fall limp. "What's the matter little girl?" The boss teased.

Andra looked up at him with a burning fury in her eyes and began charging him with a huge earth gauntlet attached to her arm. The boss sent rock after rock at Andra but she either smashed them to pieces effortlessly or ducked under them. His eyes widened when she got close and she punched him right in his chest, breaking his ribs and sending him into the wall. "Big mistake girl!" The boss lay on the floor and covered the front of his body in rocks before rolling over and doing the same on his back.

Andra made an evil smirk. "No. Your mistake." She held out her arms and grabbed the armour the boss was encased in. He slowly levitated about ten feet in the air until she slammed him down on the floor twice and threw him across the room. He looked up into her eyes begging for mercy. All Andra gave him was what he deserved. She drew her arms in and the armour broke off into two rock piles on the floor. And, with a loud grunt, she threw the rocks back at the boss, knocking the wind out of him and making him unconscious.

"Whoo. Yay. Good job," Flynn said in a half-enthused tone. "Now can you get me out of this thing?" Andra simply stomped the ground and the bindings were loosened. Andra walked over to Jake and helped him up.

He stumbled slightly from his dizziness. "You know what? We should just take a day," Flynn joked.

"No time," Jake bluntly replied.

"Why? Where are we headed next?"


Andra kept supporting Jake. "We could take the tunnels out of the city and make our way from there."

"Well that sounds like a plan to me," Flynn said with a smirk. "Let's get out of here."

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