Ran and Shaw
The Return of the Comet Part 2: Ran and Shaw
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Chapter 6: The Return of the Comet Part 1: The Eternal Flame

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Chapter 8: The Woodbender of Wulong Forest

Korra and Aang hold the Sozin's Comet with airbending, while Ryu tries to calm down Ran and Shaw.

"Ryu, the Fire is about to die. If the fire dies, Ran and Shaw will begin to lose control."

"But why did they knock the comet out of orbit?"

"Because of the energy it keeps releasing, it's disturbing for the dragons," said Ozai.

"Ryu, you must listen to me. If the comet crashes to the earth, the balance is broken. Every firebender will have unbelievable power. If that happens, the world be struck with an imbalance. Your first duty as the Avatar: stop Ran and Shaw," said Aang.

"Okay, Aang," said Ryu.

"What do I do? I know, I'll call Yue," thought Ryu.

Ryu calls Yue.

"Yue, help me, please. Stop Ran and Shaw and hold them long enough for me to head to the Spirit World," said Ryu.

"I only can hold them off for a short amount of time, hurry," said Yue.

Yue with her light tries to calm the dragons from their fierce rage.

Ryu meditates.

"Ryu," said Aang.

"Meditate, Ryu, use your mind. Concentrate."

"Ryu's eyes glow as he is in the Spirit World."

He has arrived in the Spirit World and as he walks he sees in the puddle a reflection.

"Who are you?" said Ryu.

"I am Raava, spirit of light and peace and I am the avatar spirit within you."

"I need your help. Please help me. The two dragons are fighting and the eternal flame is about to die."

"You must trust in past lives. During the last Harmonic Convergence Korra recreated the avatar cycle. I will unlock your other past lives," said Raava.

Ryu's Spirit begins to glow and a huge burst of light released from his body. In his vision not only he see's Korra and Aang but he sees

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