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The Necromancer's Downfall
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The Mayor's Downfall



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September 28, 2013

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Chapter 6: The Criminal and the Lost Blade

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Chapter 8: The Mind Bender Strikes Again

Toward the outskirts of Republic City lay an old, abandoned warehouse. Condemned. Hard to spot during the day and light alike. The perfect location for a gang hideout. At the rugged front entrance two shady individuals stood on guard, one slickly thin, the other pretty well-built. The thin man spit a few balls of fire from his mouth while he smoked a cigar.

"Yah know, rumor has it that stuff ain't good for yah health," the other guard inquired to his partner. The thin guard looked at his partner and snorted rudely.

"Who cares? Ain't nuthin to live long for anyhow," the thin man replied. "All we got are ourselves, our fellow members, and some of us girls. Speakin' of which, how's ur chick been doin?" The bigger man smiled and relaxed against the door.

"She's good Kiev. Fact, it's been almost two years I think. If I wasn't doing this maybe I'd..." the other man cut him off before he could finish.

"You know how the Triad works. Once you're in, you don't get out." Trying to ease his partner's disappointed, the thin guard, put a hand on his friend's scarred shoulder and decided to humor him. "I wonder if that's the case between you and your girl, Keith." The hefty guard let out a bellowing laugh; Kiev joining in shortly after. Kiev then began to speak again, "Yah know, maybe if something were to happen among the ranks, maybe the two of us could..." Suddenly, Keith's face became serious as he put a meaty hand in front of Kiev's face to silence him.

"Someone's here," Keith whispered to Kiev. He then raised his voice. "Alright! Whoever you are, turn the other way and leave and maybe I'll forget I saw you!" There was no reply. However, a silhouette began getting closer and closer until the two could make it out to be that of a girl. She appeared to be relatively attractive, but her most notable feature was her dark red hair splashed with pink streaks. Kiev got a dark smile on his face as he approached the girl, his fists ignited in flames. Keith, however, looked a little nervous.

"Well aren't you the cutie," Kiev began. "What do you say you and I...ACK!" From seemingly out of nowhere, a knife found itself lodged in the lower half of Kiev's gut. Before he could react further, Kiev felt a sudden blow to the right side of his head and noticed a tomahawk fall to the ground before he fell to the floor unconscious. From a dark corner to the right of the warehouse, Byron emerged to reclaim his tomahawk, just barely dodging a large spear of ice that was tossed at him.

"Kiev!!" Keith shouted. "Damn it! You bastards aren't gonna get away with...ARGH!!" Volts of electricity from the Lieutenant's kali sticks surged through Keith's back, causing him to lose consciousness almost instantly. From another dark corner, Bayne and Ping emerged as the group gathered around the door.

"Well I'd say we've got the attention of just about everyone in the Triple Threat Triad," Ping said sarcastically. He then attempted to pick the lock of the door, but to no avail. "That is of course if we can even get inside." Byron shoved Ping, nearly knocking him to the floor.

"Step aside paperboy, I got this," he told him. Byron then cracked his knuckles, lodged his hands between the cracks and rotted portions of the door, and tossed both sides of the door to the floor. He then began running ahead and was about to sprint down the right-hand corridor when Bayne placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Wrong way, bonehead," he told his brother gruffly. "Seriously, did you pay attention at all the plan?" Byron grunted angrily but complied as he followed everyone down the left-hand corridor instead. "I just wanna give Zolt a piece of my mind," he muttered to himself.

In another part of the warehouse, a giant hole emerged from the metal floor in the center of a four way hallway. Jiàn, Jinshu, and Naomi quickly emerged from the hole. Once all three emerged, Jinshu stripped the metal off of one wall and used it to block one of the four passageways. He then did his best to reseal the hole. Jiàn gave his two allies a strange look.

"Your job's all set, you and Naomi could have gone back down the hole and left," he told them. Jinshu shook his head and gave the smallest hint of a smile.

"Zolt and the Triads double crossed me a few too many times and killed Naomi's parents," he told Jiàn. "We'd like to give them a little payback." Naomi nodded in agreement. The three rushed quickly through the various twists and turns of the labyrinth-like building, disposing of any guards instantly utilizing Jinshu's metal darts, Naomi's firebending, and Jiàn's sword and hand-to-hand skills. At one corridor, Jiàn separated from Jinshu and Naomi, directing them to go in the other direction to "help the others."

In a dark room lit only by a single candle, a middle-aged man sat at his desk doing paperwork. Hearing various loud clangs nearby, the man let out a loud grunt and rose to feet, dropping his pen to the floor.

"Bleeding Hog Monkey!!" he shouted angrily. "Shin, what in the name of the Spirits is going on out there?!" A slim man dressed in blue opened the door and closed it nearly the instant he opened it. He was sweating profusely and gasping for air.

"It's bad Boss! It's like they have army out there. They're just...they're just..." The boss punched his crony in the face.

"Damn it Shin! Whose they?! And what the hell you mean by an army?!" After rubbing his punched cheek and standing back up, Shin regained some composure and started speaking again.

"I don't know Zolt but there are fireballs, axes, and all kinds of projectiles flying everywhere! It's..." Before he could finish, the door swung open, hitting Shin straight in the face, knocking him out. Jiàn stood on the other side of the door, with a look of disappointment on his face. However, he did manage a small smile at seeing Zolt's look of exasperation.

"Opps wrong room, sorry," Jiàn said in a cheery voice. "I'm looking for someone else, but a few of my buddies have a bone to pick with you." He then closed the door immediately before Zolt had a chance to react. Zolt then angrily opened his door to look which way the intruder went. To his left he saw a very small shadow that quickly disappeared. That's nothing but the faulty lighting he assumed. To his right, Zolt saw a still silhouette of someone who had a similar shape as the man who invaded his room. "Your times up pal!" Zolt shouted as he blasted lightning at the silhouette. To his surprise, the silhouette rolled out of the way, actually rolling towards Zolt. Zolt's pupils shrunk as he recognized the identity of his assailant. "What! But I thought you...and your brother were..." Zolt desperately gasped, unable to finish his sentence. The assailant looked up and drew his sword.

"I'm not dead," Bayne replied. An instant later, Byron appeared from behind him. "And neither is brother." The two approached Zolt with their weapons drawn. At the end of the corridor on the opposite side, Jiàn crouched behind a wall watching the event unfold. However, he had a worried look on his face.

"My informant must have mixed up the locations of Zolt's and the Necromancer's room. These two barely match Zolt but the rest don't even stand a chance against...hog monkeys! I gotta hurry!"

In an open section of the warehouse, Ping, Talia, and the Lieutenant emerged from one end of the room while Jinshu and Naomi emerged from the other. Ping and the Lieutenant shot the two benders a disapproving glance.

"I thought you two were leaving once you helped Jiàn inside," Ping inquired whilst rolling his eyes.

"We hate the Triads just as much as you do," Naomi replied in an annoyed tone. "We figured we'd lend you a hand."

"Didn't think us non-benders were up to the task I figure?" the Lieutenant asked arrogantly. Before Jinshu or Naomi could retort, Talia put up her hands to stop them.

"Enough, all of you. It'll be far easier for us to capture Zolt with five people than with three." Suddenly, an unfamiliar nasally voice called out.

"But Zolt isn't here." Suddenly, everyone turned to face the large doors at the front of the room. They creaked open slowly as a sickly figure emerged from them. His deathly pale skin appeared even lighter thanks to the dark purple, almost black robes he wore. His robes resembled that of an airbender, if airbenders had a lust for darkness and blood. It was the Necromancer.

Bayne did a quick sidestep to narrowly dodge the bolt of lightning aimed for his head. He considered attempting to run forward to shorten the distance between him and Zolt, but another rapid blast of lightning aimed towards his legs forced Bayne to roll backwards instead. However, this second blast did give Byron a chance to gain ground on Zolt. He sprinted towards the crime boss, tossing a tomahawk as he ran. Zolt dodged it easily, but Byron anticipated this. He quickly grasped his halberd and swung it straight for Zolt's head. A great rush of adrenaline surged through Byron's body. Finally, the man responsible for killing his father would be dead.

Or so he thought. Zolt's reaction time was much greater than Byron had anticipated, dodging the halberd with ease. He then blasted Byron's shoulder with lightning, causing him to grasp his shoulder in pain whilst dropping his halberd. However, Byron led out a loud roar of anger and kept fighting. He attempted to strike Zolt with numerous kicks and even a punch or two with his good arm, all of which Zolt sidestepped easily. Zolt then attempted a few counters with his fire, but Byron managed to control his rage a bit and evade them, for a short while. Byron's confidence got the better of him once again as he attempted a haymaker to Zolt's head. Although he managed to connect with Zolt's chin, Byron felt a surge of electricity pulse through his gut. The bolt was strong enough to send Byron crashing into a wall. Zolt grimaced in pain from the punch but suddenly darted backwards to avoid getting his face sliced apart by Bayne's sword. Bayne attacked Zolt far more conservatively than his brother. Bayne attempted to keep the distance between the crime boss and himself to a minimum this time around. However, although a few of his opening sword strikes nearly hit Zolt, Bayne had no choice but to dart back from Zolt's lightning and fire on a few occasions. At one point, Bayne began to stand up from a backwards roll when a blast of lightning came straight for his face. Instinctively, Bayne raised his blade to try and block the lightning. The sword flew backwards out of his hands, but, thanks to the insulation of his gloves, Bayne remained unharmed. However, sweat still dripped down his face due to exhaustion and fear. Zolt was about to finish off Bayne when he paused at hearing sirens outside to building alongside the voice of Shady Shin.

"Boss, I just got word that there are cops surrounding the building. We gotta zip outta here fast if we want any chance of getting outta here." Zolt sighed, letting loose a quick but ineffective lightning bolt just strong enough to knock Bayne over. He then looked at the Blade brothers laughed.

"Guess we gotta postpone our little game for now," Zolt said sarcastically. "I gotta say I haven't had this much fun since I killed your Daddy." He then started walking with Shin down a corridor and out of sight. "Adios boy!"

"Get back and fight me you bastard!" Byron shouted in rage. He tried to stand up but ended up collapsing to his knees. "Damn it...ARGH! ZOLT! YOU COWARD!" Bayne watched his older brother struggle as he saw a few officers approaching him before passing out in pain.

Talia attempted to say something to the villain in front of her, but nothing audible came out.

"Oh the look on your pretty little face is priceless!" the Necromancer laughed. "To think you really could stand a chance against the Triple Threats! Although I must commend you because I'm not too sure how you figured out where our headquarters was. So let me congratulate you all before your die." Amidst the end of the monologue, Jinshu attempted to launch a set of knives at the Necromancer. However, the robed figure simply leaned to his left to avoid the projectiles and raised his hand. Suddenly, gross creaking became audible to everyone, and Jinshu limbs began shaking. He no longer had any control of his body. Knowing what was going on, Naomi attempted to blast the Necromancer with fire, but she and the remaining 3 people simultaneously were forced to the floor by their foe's blood bending. The immense pain caused everyone to utter cries of pain. Jinshu attempted to stand and resist the bending, but it was to no avail. The Necromancer cackled menacingly. As he did so, his eyes twitched non-stop. "To see the great Qudi so defenseless amuses me. I'll enjoy stopping your heart first." The Necromancer clenched his fist, causing Jinshu to grasp his chest and howl in pain. Shortly after, he raised his other hand and the other four reacted in a similar manner. The Necromancer began his horrifying laughter again, unaware of the figure approaching him from the left. The Necromancer felt a finger tap his shoulder. He turned, still laughing, only to feel something like a rock smash him straight in the face. That rock-like object turned out to be Jiàn's fist. The punch had so much force behind it that it set the Necromancer spiraling to the floor.

"Blood benders like you have no reason to exist," Jiàn remarked completely serious. The Necromancer shook his head a few times in surprise, gaining an eerie smile shortly after. Jiàn then fell down on one knee as the Necromancer utilized his blood bending once again.

"You should have stabbed me with that sword when you had the chance you idiot," the Necromancer laughed. "Now you'll die like your friends!" Suddenly, the Necromancer thought he heard Jiàn make a noise. As he listened harder, the Necromancer recognized the sound to be laughter. However, the laughter was even more dark and sinister than his own. "What are you laughing for you..." The Necromancer stopped. Jiàn was beginning to stand up despite being constricted by his blood bending. Jiàn limbs were still shaking as a result of the bending. However, he was fighting off the bending. As Jiàn stood to his feet, his laughing got even louder and more terrifying. The Necromancer ceased trying to bend him and began stepping back from Jiàn in horror.

"Who...WHO ARE YOU?!" the Necromancer screamed. Jiàn stopped laughing, still keeping his sinister smile.

"The Mayor," Jiàn replied. In an instant, Jiàn took his sword and plunged it straight through the Necromancer's chest. The villain then collapsed to the floor. Jiàn stood over the Necromancer's body. "Even with your blood bending, you die just the same as everyone else," Jiàn stated, putting his sword back into its scabbard. He then went over to his allies, who were unconscious on the floor due to the strain of blood bending. Jiàn took a strange herb out of his pocket and waved it in front of everyone's noses, which instantly brought everyone back to their senses.

"Ack! Ick! What in the world was that?!" Ping remarked as he rose to his feet.

"Just a little something I stumbled upon one day on a trip to one of the air temples," Jiàn answered. "It tastes pretty bitter but its smell is potent enough to wake some from even the strongest of comas."

"The heck is it called?"

"It was previously unknown before I discovered it so I've dubbed it Huán's Little Helper." The two laughed about the name until the Lieutenant made a remark after observing the Necromancer's body.

"How did you manager to resist his bending? Only Avatar Aang and his wife have ever managed to resist blood bending." Jiàn sighed.

"It's not something I like to recount. After being blood bend daily for nearly two months, I managed to build up immunity to it. But I guess if it weren't for that..." Jiàn stopped as he listened to hear sirens coming from outside. He also looked up at the glass ceiling to see spotlights moving all over the area. Numerous metal bending officers stormed the room and surrounded Jiàn and his allies. A few officers emerged from the circle holding Bayne and Byron, both of whom were hand-cuffed. Tarrlok then emerged from behind the two of them with a big grin on his face looking. He looked straight at Jiàn.

"Oh I'd love to see you talk your way out of this one."

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