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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 2: Water



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June 30, 2013

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Rong Yan, focuses on mastering the element of water.

Chapter 7: The Challenging Element

Book 2: Water

Chapter 7: The Challenging Element

After leaving the town of Chao, they felt like they saved many lives within the town. Rong Yan, has certainly seen a few spirits. Including the recent spirit tiger Ling Hu, two or three past lives and other spirits that claimed to be hoaxes.

Though a little freaky at first, it seems he has gotten used to seeing spirits now. He's accepted the fact that it has to do with him being the Avatar and the bridge between the Spirit World and the mortal world.

The gang is flying above a large river, Unaraq being the map handler of the group he mentions the name of the river, "Yantai River. Looks nice down there.."

"Yeah, you're right. I'm going land Shen here, it's a great source of water for my training." Rong Yan said.

Even though Rong Yan's opposite element was water, he was very positive about mastering the element and willing to endure the difficulties of training the element. Like his grandmother Nila has always told him, practice makes perfect. Rong Yan, has always stuck to those words and has applied them to his recent trainings.

Shen, landed on the ground just a couple yards away from the Yantai River, the river had a large amount of rich and fresh vegetation surrounding the outlines of the river shore, and the grass around the area.

The day, was sunny in the Earth Kingdom, even though it was early winter. The areas are just getting ready for winter, the trees do not have any leaves but the grass is green, and the plants around the area are grown and blooming of life.

Aloi, took a deep breath of the air, the air itself was fresh. The still winds did not affect the area at all. So technically it was a perfect day where they had landed. Tanaraq had taken off her clothing, and stayed in her undergarments and training gear so that she and Rong Yan may start the lesson.

Rong Yan undressed as well, and only kept on shorts to start his training. Meeting Tanaraq in the water, they began the lesson. Meanwhile, Aloi and Unaraq were strolling in the nearby forest.

"Hey Unaraq, may I ask you a question?" Aloi asked.

"Uh sure. What's up?" Unaraq answered.

"Do you think Tanaraq and Rong Yan, like like each other?" Aloi asked.

"Uhh, how so?" Unaraq asked once again.

"Well they're spending so much time together, they're always talking, and he rarely pays attention to me." Aloi replied.

"Wait..are you jealous my sister?!" Unaraq looked at Aloi surprised.

"No, no, no..not at all I'm just wondering if you think they like like each other.." Aloi lied.

"Mm, mhm. I think you have a crush on Rong Yan and jealous of my sister spending so much time with him. Look her sole duty was to train the Avatar, that is all. I doubt they actually like each other." Unaraq said.

"Besides..she's happy. I like when my sister is happy. Back at home, she never acted like the way she's acting now." Unaraq added.

"Oh.." Aloi responded, feeling a little upset, and unconfident, she knew that Tanaraq was stealing Rong Yan from her.

Tanaraq was a lot prettier than her she thought, there was something about Tanaraq that attracted Rong Yan.

But she knows that in her culture, it is forbidden for them to fall in love. Air Nomads do not believe in marriage, and most folks believe interracial relationships and marriages are abnormal and wrong.

But love is love, she should at least try to get his attention and see if she can really get him to like her.

"Back in the Southern Water Tribe, have you ever had a girlfriend?" Aloi asked curiously.

"No, I believed that having a girlfriend was distracting from my work and leader training. So no, I've only had girlfriends, when I was younger." Unaraq replied.

"I see, well what do you think of me?" Aloi asked.

"Uhm, I think you're fun, and you seem cool. You're a good friend." Unaraq answered.

"Yeah, I think of you the same way, only you have a hint of boring in there." Aloi joked.

"Boring?!" Unaraq asked.

"I'm joking!" Aloi said excitedly.

"For a second there, I thought I was actually a boring person." Unaraq replied.

Rong Yan had perfected the wave move in waterbending, Tanaraq clapped for her friend's accomplishment.

"The water bullet is a move where a waterbender bends a large amount of water and sends it in a forceful blow toward their target. It is similar to a water jet, but it is more for a quick use since the jet takes more concentration. It is basic yet useful because it takes little time to perform and has a significant effect on the target." Tanaraq explained.

"Just focus on the targeted area of water, and with one of your arms lift a small amount of water and shoot it out with your fist, as if you were to punch it out." Tanaraq finished.

Raising some water from the river, she targeted at a nearby tree, with her free hand she punched the water bullet out. The bullet flew straight out, and hit the tree, removing some bark from the tree, revealing the inside wood of the tree trunk.

Rong Yan, takes in a deep breath and begins to concentrate on the area where he decidingly wishes to bend water out of. With his left he bends the small amount of water from the river, concentrating on the ball of water. With his right fists he shoots out the water ball.

Wondering where it had gone, because he had aimed it towards the same tree Tanaraq had shot it at. He was wondering what happened to it. Again attempts to do the same as he thought he might've done it wrong. Again he lifts water out of the water, and shoots it out with his right fist. Rong Yan punches the water, and the water falls straight back down into the water.

Tanaraq scratching her chin waddles over to Rong Yan, and fixes his stance, doing so she inhales deeply, and holds her breath for two seconds before exhaling it. Rong Yan, getting what she meant by her gestures, he stayed in the stance she had fixated him into, and took a deep breath, held it in for two seconds and exhaled. Continuing to do so, he bent water out of the river, and with his right once again he shot the water bullet straight forward the tree. His water bullet had left a large dent within the trunk of it, removing a medium amount of bark.

"Third time's the charm, now that you've learned how to do the water bullet correctly. One of the most important defensive techniques is the water shield." Tanaraq said.

"Water can be molded into a variety of shapes and can be used to deflect an attack, trap opponents in a viscous body, reshaped and propelled at attackers before they can recover, or solidified into a shield of ice. This diversity and ability to swiftly change to suit the situation is what makes the waterbender's defense so adaptable. Although usually protective, the shield needs some type of compression or else it will not be effective." Tanaraq explained.

"I will demonstrate the water shield, I want you to shoot fireballs at me. And I will use the water shield to deflect them. Just know that I will be fine, and I can heal myself if you burn me." Tanaraq finished.

Rong Yan, nodded. Taking his firebending stance, he took in a deep breathe and with his fists shot out fireballs at Tanaraq. Tanaraq quickly with both hands raised a water shield, extinguishing the fireballs that were recently shot at her. Another ball of fire was shot at her, and she froze the shield, when the fireball impacted with the now ice shield, the shield shattered, but she was alright.

"Alright, it's your turn to try the water shield, I will shoot water bullets at you, and after this I will teach you temperature." Tanaraq said.

"Okay." Rong Yan replied.

Tanaraq rose a ball of water from the river, and shot it at Rong Yan. The water ball picked up speed as it was shot towards the Avatar, quickly he attempted to raise a shield of water but failed. The water ball had struck the Avatar in the chest, leaving a red welt on his chest.

Tanaraq signaled to look at her movements, he began to copy what she did in hopes of succeeding for the second time in forming the water shield. She had taken a deep breath and concentrated on moving the water upwards. Doing so successfully, she had rotated her right palm in from of her to form a shield of water. After doing so, she had clenched her hand to harden and freeze it into ice.

Rong Yan, had followed along to the moves that Tanaraq had performed to make the water shield and then quickly made it into the ice shield. Though he didn't get the temperature manipulation thing down. The farthest he got was making it into a shield of water. But soon enough he will learn how to manipulate the water's temperature.

She began to get into her offensive stance, she lifted the water balls and began to shoot them out towards Rong Yan. He made sure that she never hit him in the chest, with those water balls because they actually really hurt. Three were shot at once at him, and quickly reperformed the moves he had just copied from his waterbending teacher, and rose up a fairly large shield. The three water balls had impacted with the shield, and had only made his shield larger. She began to shoot more balls of water at him, and again he quickly redid the moves he had learnt. The shield rose every time Tanaraq had thrown a ball or multiple balls of water at Rong Yan.

He finally now got the hang of it, this time only a little more excited she threw larger balls of water, pushing his hands downwards, and pulling them upwards did he successfully raise a water wall to block her large water balls.

Tanaraq was in shock, as most beginner waterbenders couldn't perfect the water wall at all. Well not in that early stage. Its even more of a shocker for him, his polar opposite is waterbending since, he was a firebender. Though his Avatar status, backed him up on it.

"Very impressive, Rong Yan. Now you learn your final lesson for today, and that is, water temperature manipulation." Tanaraq announced.

"Waterbenders also possess the ability to alter the physical state of the water they manipulate, between liquid, solid and gas, at will. Changing the phase of water allows for multiple techniques in the course of a battle, from encasing an opponent in ice to hiding behind a wall of mist. Ice and steam/fog can also be molded in a diverse range of shapes." Tanaraq began.

"Ice provides a degree of hard lethally since it can be molded into spikes or blades to pin down or impale opponents. Steam or mist can obscure a battlefield and mask movement. A waterbender can easily superheat and boil water and other liquids to scalding temperatures." Tanaraq explained.

"Waterbenders also possess the ability to breathe an icy mist that freezes water and other substances. You must master this to be able to move on to other things, in the art of waterbending, as some if not, most of the moves require to be able to change the state of the water, into ice or steam. Also learning this it will make you a more formidable opponent in combat, and that much more dangerous. This can also lead to great survival when alone." Tanaraq finished.

"We'll first learn how to boil the temperature of wat-" Tanaraq said before being cut off by Rong Yan who says, "Well to be honest I can boil the temperature of water already, remember I'm a firebender."

"Oh, heh. My bad you're correct, we will skip this one next lesson in the temperature. How about making the water into mist we c-" Tanaraq said before again being cut off by Rong Yan.

"I can superheat the water to evaporate into mist, so that's out of the picture.." Rong Yan replied.

"You're right, you're right. Silly me. You're a firebender, how about not heating water or turning it into steam or mist." Tanaraq replied.

"Let's start by turning the water by-" Tanaraq now slightly being irritated by being interrupted.

"WHAT?! CAN YOU FREEZE WATER TOO?!" Tanaraq yelled at Rong Yan.

"B-" Rong Yan sounded out a letter before even completing the word.

"I wanted to say, I can't do that..." Rong Yan said quietly.

"I'm sorry, I just got a little irritated that you could miraculously heat up and evaporate water at will." Tanaraq replied with apologetic tone.

"Alright, try to concentrating on freezing the water, that you bend out of this river. Bend some water out and concentrate on forming it into ice. Once you master the breath temperature on freezing things, you won't even need to use your breath later, just freezing it with your hands at will." Tanaraq explained.

"Try to absorb some chi from the water, the energy should then transform into cold energy and should result in have the portion of water you bended into your hands into ice." Tanaraq ended.

Rong Yan stood in the water for a couple of seconds, concentrating on what he must do. Instead of heating the energy in his body he tried to make it colder by changing his body temperature to a colder state. He began to make the temperature around his body colder to try and freeze the water ball he had bended and perfectly shaped in his right palm.

Unheating his body, he begins to focus on beginning to freeze his body, a little concentration he began to feel his body getting colder by small amounts. After a while, he was getting colder until he got into a freezing temperature. Blowing out his breath, towards the ball of water he had shaped into his hand, the water ball was covered by the mist of his breath, the mist began to conceal the ball of water. The water began to freeze and in two seconds it had completely frozen over into an ice.

He kept his body temperature at freezing temperatures to try and maintain it and master the temperature manipulation for waterbending. He tried firebending but, not a single spark of fire ignited in his hand. He then closed his eyes to concentrate in reheating his body, taking proper breath control. The sparks of fire ignited in his left palm, while the ice ball had melted in his right hand.

"Well, looks like you're getting the hang of temperature manipulation. I would teach you another important manipulation of water but, you'll learn it tomorrow. I'm a little exhausted right now, so I need to rest." Tanaraq said with a smile.

They walked out of the river, and Tanaraq began to dry herself with a towel. While Rong Yan heated up his body to dry himself up. Unaraq, began to lay out the food on a cloth, as well did Aloi began to prepare her meal.

Rong Yan, watch Unaraq create a small wooden grill created with small sticks that could hold the food as it was being cooked before collapsing into ash. Rong Yan turned on the little grill with fire that shot out of his fingertips. They all sat around the campfire, as Unaraq cooked the meats had hunted around the forest near the river.

Aloi had already began to eat her meal of course since her meal didn't require to be cooked. After they had eaten their meals they had gone to bed in their respective sleeping bags.

The next morning came, and the Sun had risen for them to start their day. The gang had awoken to do a few stretches and eat breakfast, since they had leftovers of their meals from last night to compensate for their hunger in the morning.

Unaraq went to a large rock, and carried his fishing supplies along with him. He sat on the large rock and grabbed his fishing pole and began to prepare it for fishing.

Aloi walked off into the nearby woods, hopefully to go exploring and find some food on the way. Rong Yan and Tanaraq, as usual for the past few days walked off to a nearby source.

In this case, the Yantai River, was there for their training sessions. It is not a surprise that Aloi had not gone skulking around the lush vegetation already present around the river shore lines.

But her being an airbender she probably knew she could find more vegetation and fruits in the woods than near a river. Anyways, Aloi, began strolling down a small path, whistling as she walked through it.

Meanwhile, Unaraq is continuing to do his thing when suddenly there was something that began to pull on the fishing line hard. He began using his strength he had to try and reel it in. In the distance, Tanaraq had Rong Yan throwing water in the air and freezing them in mid-air before evaporating it into steam.

Unaraq gives it one hard tug and a large purple fish jumps out of the river, as he's reeling the large fish in, then the fish decides to slap poor Unaraq with its tail. Unaraq falls off the large rock, when the tail fin of the large purple fish smacked him, and he landed in the water.

Coming out of the water in anger he kicks a rock. Sharp pain quickly fills his foot as he lifts it up in pain and began to hop on his other leg. Unaraq then loses balance and falls on his back and just lays there. The screech of a bird is heard, and an adult eagle-hawk passes by and snatches up Unaraq's bait, and proceeds to fly off.

"AHHHH!" Unaraq shouted at the eagle-hawk. As he got back to his feet and threw a fit, he decided to quit and do something else other than fishing.

Rong Yan, catches an icicle in mid-air and then evaporates it into steam. "You learned temperature in waterbending quick, Ron Yan! I'm proud of you!"

"Thanks!" Rong Yan replied, rubbing the back of his head as he smiled.

"Okay ready, this one might actually be a little more difficult than the other moves, but since you are now a master in temperature manipulation, this shouldn't be too challenging. I'm going to teach how to make an iceberg spike." Tanaraq began.

"Waterbenders can shoot small shards of ice at their opponent, or cause a giant spike to protrude from a body of water. " Tanaraq explained.

"First I'll teach you how split up the water into small portions and then freeze them. You can use these as fatal projectiles. Maybe even being able to defeat that earthbending convict that's on the loose." Tanaraq finished.

"General Senlin?" Rong Yan questioned her.

"Is that his name?" Tanaraq asked.

"Yeah, I remember we've talked about him back when I was discussing my business to your father in the Southern Water Tribe." Rong Yan explained.

"I don't think I was nearby. But now I know his name." Tanaraq said.

Tanaraq lifted a large portion of water from out of the river, and split it into small portions at least eight to be precise. Using her breath to freeze the water balls, they had frozen and formed into ice shards, with the push of her other hand, they shot out with speed, and pierced right through a large tree.

Rong Yan, began to try and re-do the steps that his waterbending teacher had just performed. He lifted the water out of the river, and spread it out into small balls, using his breath to freeze them, he used his free hand to shoot them outwards towards the same tree that Tanaraq had shot at.

Tanaraq began clapping for her friend, on his job well done with the ice bullets. She then concentrates and takes a very deep breath for this next one. With the use of both of her arms she raises them into the air, bending the water out of the river and freezing it with her hands.

Rong Yan as well takes a few deep breaths just to concentrate hard on his task, with the swipe of one arm in the arm, the iceberg rises quickly and freezes. Tanaraq stared at the medium-sized iceberg and shock and looked over at her friend. And realized that he just did that on his first goal.

The sun had began to come down on them, as they had spent a few hours out practicing. Aloi, had reappeared from the woods, and looked at the iceberg, walking down to the shore as Unaraq joined her they both stared in awe.

"That is impressive." Unaraq and Aloi both said.

Tanaraq melted Rong Yan's iceberg back down into regular water. The sun continued to go down as those events were occurring. Off in the distance, a small boat began to appear from one side of the river.

Unaraq stares at the boat and quickly notices its a Water Tribe boat, but not any boat. It was the boat that he used everyday to go out on fishing trips with his crew. Just to be sure, Unaraq shouted, "SAKANA!"

He began waving to see if the people on the boat would notice him. The large man heard his name being called, he turns around to look at small group of people off in the distance just on the shore as one of them was standing there waving his arms around, to catch his attention.

"Hey Sakana, isn't Unaraq?" Tako asked.

"It is! Let's hit the shore of the river and anchor the boat!" Sakana commanded.

Tako ran off, and had Gyomo steer the boat towards the shore of the river. Where Sake and Tako then lifted the anchor and dropped it off the side of the boat so that the boat would stay in one place.

Sakana, Gyomo, Kuma, Tako, and Sake all jumped off the boat. Tanaraq ran towards Sakana and greeted him with a hug. Unaraq as well hugged by each of the crew members. Rong Yan walked up to shake of their hands. Kuma grabbed Rong Yan's hand and pulled him in for a bear hug. Aloi was also hugged by Kuma, who actually enjoyed giving hugs.

They had brought out nets of fish, which they had caught to cook for the upcoming days. Unaraq had looked at Sakana while he was preparing the fish and questioned him.

"So Sakana, what brings you and the crew out here in the Earth Kingdom?" Unaraq asked.

"There's a certain day in this month in the winter season like it is now where the moon looks bigger and changes to an extraordinary color. My father used to bring me along every year, after he passed a continued to do so alone." Sakana said.

"What's it called?" Unaraq asked again.

"Y'know Unaraq, all these years that I have been to this area where it happens I had no clue of the name of the holiday." Sakana replied.

"Oh alright." Unaraq said.

Several minutes had passed by, and Sakana had placed the fish on makeshift stove that was made out of sticks and stones, though it was nothing like a campfire. After the fish was roasted everyone dug in to their meals. Well except Aloi, of course who had meals of her own.

After half an hour of their delicious fish feast, they had sat around the makeshift stove and began to tell campfire stories.

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