Zhao arrests Zuko
The Battle at Roku's Temple
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Chapter 6: The Kidnapping of my Uncle

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Chapter 8: Bribing the Waterbender

Chapter 7: The Battle at Roku's Temple

We continued pursuing the Avatar by following his bison. As we followed him, I realized that he was heading to the Fire Nation. I was considered as an enemy of the nation.

"Zuko, you are still in Earth Kingdom waters. You can turn around now," he told me. I refused.

As we neared the Fire Nation border, I spotted a blockade. Curious, I peered through my telescope to see who led this. It was none other than that sick, twisted Commander Zhao. Ugh, he makes me sick.

I arrived at the Temple in a smaller vessel because Zhao was following me. I managed to capture the Avatar but he broke free from my grip and went into the sanctuary. I turned to Fire Sage Shyu.

"Why did you help the Avatar?" I asked.

"It has always been the Fire Sage's duty to help the Avatar. And it still is," he said. Then, Zhao came in and said that he would wait until the Avatar comes out.

All of a sudden, Avatar Roku came out in the Avatar State. He nearly destroyed the entire place but somehow, the Avatar managed to get out. We ran back to the ships and sailed away.

"That was close," Uncle said.

"Too close," I said.

"See what I mean when I said be careful?" Uncle asked. I frowned.

"Yes Uncle," I said.

We turned around and docked somewhere in the Earth Kingdom to rest. Tomorrow, I would continue my chase. I hope Zhao would give up and go away. Even better, I hope that Zhao dies.

Author's Note

Sorry about this. I haven't seen this episode for a while because I didn't like it

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