Shattered Mind, Broken Body
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Arthur Keane

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April 10, 2013

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Chapter 6: Necessary Adjustments

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Chapter 8: Kero's Decision

Wulon took a deep breath.

"She will not be the way you remember her, sir," the nurse said.

"I am not the way she remembers me."

With that Kero watched his half-brother disappear into the room at the hospital.

Neru whispered. "You think Wulon's gonna be okay?"

Kero shook his head. "Lio tried to take her own life after she thought Wulon was dead."

"So probably not."

Inside the room, Wulon stood, his back to the door. Lio was sleeping.

"She'll think she's dreaming when she wakes up, sir."

Wulon turned to the nurse. "I think it's better that way."

He went and sat down at the end of the bed. A small amount of light filtered through the window that he could see by.

"Leave us, please."

The nurse obliged and took two brisk steps outside, leaving the door open just a crack.

"It is probably better if you leave now," she murmured to the family. "This could take awhile."

Kerya stood, but Vef remained seated. "You take the boys home. I will wait for Wulon."

Kero sneaked a glance inside the room as they walked past.

Once they were outside he spoke. "He was just sitting there, looking at her. I don't think she was awake."

Neru nodded.

"How's your relationship with Naera?" Kero tried.

"Fine. I think it'll last."

Kero bit his lip to keep from saying anything.

Lio's eyes opened slowly as she woke up. For almost a minute she didn't see Wulon sitting at the end of her bed, but when she did she only blinked. "Ahh. I am not awake after all. A shame that I am not."

"You are awake," Wulon choked out.

"That is just what a person in a dream should say. I commend you, dream, for being realistic." As Lio spoke she moved--with some difficulty-- to a sitting position.

A single tear appeared in Wulon's eye, but it disappeared once he blinked. "How are you feeling?"

"As usual."

"And how is that?"

"My spine hurts, Wulon. But of course you don't know that," she murmured.

"What happened to my beautiful tiger lily?" Wulon asked, his mind solely on the conversation.

Lio smiled at the old nickname before responding. "I crashed."

"On purpose?"

"No," she sighed. "But they don't believe that. They told me that I needed to be in here to heal my body and my mind."

"Is your body getting better?"

"Yes, but my mind slips."

"How?" Wulon reached down and took her hand as he asked.

"Like now. I can see you here as plain as if I were still awake."

"But you are awake."

"You are a good dream, Wulon."

"Would you like me to come back?"

"Can you?" She sunk into the covers, her voice quieting.

"Of course I can."

"Then... Until then..."

Lio's hand went limp and her gentle snores filled the room.

Wulon closed the door behind him and he nodded at the nurse.

"Did it go well, son?" Vef asked as they walked outside.

"Her mind is shattered and her body broken. She thinks... She thinks I am a dream."

Thirty minutes later the nurse woke Lio for her regular meal. Lio grabbed the nurse's hand. "Oh, nurse," she cried. "I have just had the most wonderful dream!"

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