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Family Ties
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October 15, 2016

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The Blue Delta

Hikar Spiritual Force opening sequence

The new Avatar is the only one capable of bringing peace and balance to the world.

The sun was going down in Republic City, and the city lights were starting to shine fro the streets and the sky scrapers. Deep in the streets there were Sterkur, Vona, Takeyon and Kimyona, who just finished having dinner in Jiraiya's Garden Restaurant, a new fancy restaurant opened downtown near Avatar Korra Memorial Park, and were now walking to their houses. The two earth couples were dressed in their formal clothes, talking and laughing each other, and they were all thinking about nothing else than their children.

–Remember when Kensi tried to prove waterbending was better than earthbending to the girls by opening that pickles jar?– Said Kimyona, who was giggling. Vona laughed.

–Yes, and when he did he blew up the jar making the water soak everybody. Poor thing.– Vona retaled as she tried to stop laughing.


"Yes, and when he did he blew up the jar making the water soak everybody. Poor thing."

–Yeah, those days before we moved to Republic City were great, my little girls are already leaving High School and will our home.– Sighed Takeyon.

–Well, we got free of Kensi last year and we've never been more relaxed. Did you know I heard him and Shaila one night together in their room...?– Said Sterkur curious.

–STERKUR!– Interrupted Vona, angry for pulling out a delicate issue.

–It might be good for you but since we know Bultina and Tao did it too, we're worried.– Said Kimyona worried.

–It's okay Kim, our children aren't underage anymore, except Kosen, so they can legally do it.– Said a peaceful Takeyon, trying to calm down his wife, who turned serious.

–Yeah, but you don't want one day to see Bultina come and give us news like: "Mom, dad, guess who's going to be a mother because she didn't follow mom's advice!".– Said an ironic Kimyona imitating her daughter. Sterkur, Takeyon and Vona didn't know what to answer. Suddenly, an uncomfortable Sterkur suggested:

–Well, I think it's getting late, and I promised my wife I would shave tonight, so... should we make it a day?– Said Sterkur.

–We've got work everyday, doesn't sound like a bad idea.– Said Takeyon. Then Kimyona and Vona hugged and waved goodbye, and also Takeyon and Sterkur stretched hands. Then the two couples went to their respective cars.

–See you later.– Said Vona to the other couple.

–Goodbye my friends!– Waved Kimyona from her car.

Then the two got into the cars, and the two went opposite directions.

Meanwhile, a thousand kilometers southeast, Team Avatar was rushing with Nikumi and Tao's motorbike to the Dai Li headquarters of the Mining Village.

–Again, how can be that the Dai Li aren't in Ba Sing Se anymore?– Asked Hikar as he rode Nikumi towards through the forest.

–I thought you learned history while you were training as an Avatar!– Said Shaila from the motorbike trying to be heard from the motor's sound.

–Either that or he flunked pretty much, like me!– Said Kensi.

–Ha, ha, really funny, like I did!– Said Hikar sarcastic.

–The Dai li were supposed to be in Ba Sing Se, but after Earth King Wu got in the power, he decided to make the country peaceful and free again, and by that he himself dissolved the Dai Li and separated the Earth Kingdom into today's Earth Republics. Given they were also still some soldiers loyal to Kuvira's Earth Empire, they started to make in each state some headquarters to bring back power to the Empire, but they were discovered and the Dai Li defeated them, so now they're considered Heroes and they maintain peace and freedom on the earth republics.– Explained Bultina.

–Hikar, by the way, are you sure the explosion is something done by Denry?– Asked Shaila.

–That was an explosion made from a gasoline bottle, they tie up one end of a silk or some small cloth and they set fire to the other end...– Explained Tao

–I know how it works, we all know! What's the thing with it?– Asked Kosen

–I saw Neji and Kankuro prepare some of those bottles last night!– Said Tao.

Everybody was silent as Nikumi jumped another tree trunk in the forest, which was getting darker by seconds.

–I've got a bad feeling about this!– Said Kensi.

Bultina, from Tao's motorbike, yelled:


–Really? What type?– Asked Shaila

–It's more a strategy, but I think if will work! Hikar can you hear me!?– Tested Bultina.

–Sure, tell us!– Answered Hikar as Bultina started explaining.

Meanwhile, in South River Park, there were a couple of people in a yoga session, with nothing else than Iruka Sato as their teacher. He was in the middle of a half circle of people in a meditating position with both hands on their knees. Iruka was teaching the men and women in a calm and soft voice.

–Alright everybody, if you want to talk and befriend spirits like if you were both the same, which it's true, interacting with them is a good first stage. But if you don't comprehend the Spirits themselves, you will never get to truly know them, and by that we're going to a place where we will connect better with the Spirits.– Explained Iruka. One of his grown up apprentices raised his hand.

–Woah! We're leaving already? But we just arrived!– Complained the grown up. Iruka raised his hand up softly to calm him down.

–Easy Hiru, we're not leaving this place...physically.– Said Iruka in his peaceful tone. Another female student raised her hand enthusiastic.

–OH, OH! WERE MEDITATING TO THE SPIRIT WORLD ALREADY?– She asked joyfully. Iruka pointed to her with a smirk.

–And the prize goes to Tenny! Yes, today we're going to learn how to meditate into the Spirit World, so we can travel through it.– Explained Iruka smiling. Another student interrupted.

–But we can access already thanks to the portal in the middle of the city.– She said.

–Of course Tana, but that way you will contact physically. If you contact the spirits from the soul, it's the moment you'll feel connected each other, because that's what you'll be: two equal free souls.– Explained Iruka.

–Oh boy that that sounds amazing!– Said a nerdy-like student.

–Now, as I can see your impatience, specially in Choji, we're going to proceed, but first, you should know a very important thing before we get to the Spirit World...– Explained Iruka, but suddenly he and his students were surprised by a floating soul in front of them.

–Never let go the earthly attachment that connects you with your body.– Said the floating soul, who looked like a very old Air Nomad with his robes, and lifted two feet above the ground.

Iruka realised who was he and sighed in relief.

–Rohan you're going to give us a heart attack someday.– Said Iruka chuckling.

–I'm sorry to interrupt your nocturnal lesson Iruka, but there are very important things to attend, an it's life or death.– Said Rohan's soul. Iruka quickly got up and his happy expression quickly turned frightened.

–Where? Who?– He asked.

–Your old "friend" Zhasha, and maybe some Red Lotus disguised as White Lotus.– Answered Rohan.

–One question!– Asked Hiru –What's exactly going on between the Red and White Lotus? I know they're supranational organisations and that one's good an another's bad, but what happened?–

–Last week it turned out the White Lotus was no more but the Red Lotus, right? It grew from the inside?– Answered Tenny.

–Yes, but by now normal people shouldn't get to know more about it, or it will endanger their lives, that organisation is everywhere. They could be Red Lotus your neighbor, your cousin, even that guy who sells you food.– Warned Rohan's soul. –The White Lotus is no more, and the Red Lotus shouldn't be either.–

–Okay Rohan, where did you saw Zhasha?!– Returned Iruka to the main issue. Rohan took a deep breath and said:

–You better hurry, to Avatar Hikar's house.–

Iruka and Rohan

"You better hurry, to Avatar Hikar's house."

A little Aria was playing in the park, alongside her baby brother Zeick, to catch and play. Meanwhile, her pregnant mother was watching her and her brother sitting on a bench.

–Be careful Aria! Zeick isn't as fast as you!– Said Amala.

–HE-HE! You can't catch me Zeek.– Said Aria in her joking tone.

–DA-DA-DA.– Babbled Zeick, as he ran with his little chubby legs, tripping on and on.

Meanwhile, a transparent Yurei was watching from the shadow of a tree, without being noticed by the children. Little Zeick had been running in circles around a big tree chasing Aria, until he lost her sight and couldn't see her.

–Uh? Adda?– Babbled Zeick. And suddenly he was caught from behind by his sister.

–GOTCHA!– She said as she held Zeick three inches above the ground.
Little Aria and Zeick


–HEHEHE! LEGGO!– Cried Zeick laughing.

–Why? Because you have TICKLES!?– And Aria placed Zeick to the ground and started attacking him with tickles.

–HEHEHEHE!!!– Giggled Zeick

Amala was smiling looking at her children play peacefully, and Yurei's invisible body was watching her serious, disappointed about the path they chose each other.

–Oh, Amala. Why did it had to be this way? Can't you see we were a happy family? After that day you threw it all overboard. We could have stayed together if you had listened to me, and followed me.– Said Yurei, concerned.

–Come on Aria, leave your brother, I think he had enough tickles!– She said, as she hardly got up and walked to them holding her stomach, like she hadn't heard Yurei at all.

–But of course, this is not your dream Amala, it's Aria's, so you can't hear me.– Said Yurei.

Then everything froze, Amala, Zeick, the birds and the clouds got still in a grayer tone, except Aria, who leaned towards her dad with her young four-year-body.

–Hey dad. What are you doing here?– She said with her eighteen-year-old voice tone.

Yurei Spiritual Form

"Why do you remember your mother?"

–Why do you remember your mother? She abandoned you.– Said Yurei.

–No dad, we abandoned her, because we believed in your path. But, I'm already eighteen years old and still don't understand what does it have to make it the only way to live free in peace. But we already do.– Said little Aria, still with her eighteen-year-old voice. Yurei hesitated.

–Yes, you're right, but even though there are still burglaries and massacres, conflicts all over the world. If everyone had the same life, same routines, same houses, same food. Everything equal, in a way everybody can have a free life without getting involved with other, a more secure life.– And everything started to turn colourful again. –And that world COULD have the Avatar, if he accepted.– Said Yurei.

–OH!!!– Winced in pain Amala, holding her stomach.

–What's wrong mommy?– Asked Aria, who came back to her four-year-old voice tone.

–Nothing, it's okay a...uh...ARGH!– And she got hold of her crotch, which was wet.

–MUM PEE! MUM PEE!– Laughed Zeick.

Amala in Labor

"Amala, your water...broke...AGH!"

–The!– Amala was in pain. Suddenly, a younger Yurei appeared, and Yurei's invisible spirit got in it, reliving.

–Amala, your water...broke? AGH!– Asked Yurei, as Amala held his hand tight.

–We're having a little brother!!– Cried Aria in joy.

Meanwhile, somewhere in some headquarters around the forest, there were a sleeping tight Aria in a bed and Yurei meditating next to her, who started to smile.

In the middle of the Dai-Li headquarters there was a huge brawl. Many agents were desperately trying to grab those college students with their high-tech gloves, but they seemed useless to Kankuro and Kakashi's strength, who broke each glove that grabbed them. Danila had no problem kicking some agents and shooting some sleeping-darts to their necks to protect Neji, who was busy building some strange artifact in the wall.

–How long it will take you?– Asked Danila, irritated by the amount of agents that were attacking them.

–Stay there, I'm almost done.– Said Neji, as he tangled another cable in the dispositive.

–You can see everything with those glasses. You can't see which is the correct cable or anything?– Replied Danila. Neji's artifact beeped, Neji turned to Danila with a smirk and winked to her.

–Done. I told you it needed patience.– He answered.

–Kakashi! Behind you!– Shouted Kankuro to advertise Kakashi, while he knocked out two more agents.

–It's okay.– Said Kakashi from his mask. He did a mortal spin above the agent he had behind, who became really surprised and amused, and then her was Chi-blocked by Kakashi from the back. –I got him.– He said, and even though he had that mask, Kankuro noticed he was happy.

From the rooftop, the head of the Dai-Li was watching the whole scene.

–Alright, it's time to finish with those brats.– He removed his cape from his belt, pulling out a gun fire, and another from the other side. He targeted Neji and Danila. –You're going down.– He said with a malicious tone.

–No, YOU'RE LITERALLY going down!– Said a voice from behind him. The head of Dai-Li was caught of guard, looked behind and frightened when he saw a furious Denryoku running over the rooftop towards him. He didn't had enough time to point to him when the head of Dai-Li received a metallic punch in the face. –YIAH!!– Shouted Denryoku.

–OUCH!– Winced in pain the man before falling to the ground. –AAAAAAAH!– And he stomped into the ground, knocked out like all the rest of agents.

–Well. I guess that was the last one.– Said Kankuro. Denryoku jumped and landed in front of his friends with a big thud.

–Neji, how much for the next explosion?– Asked Denryoku.

–Exactly 3 hours, 5 minutes, 58.392 seconds. We better hurry, or we-D'OH!– Neji was interrupted by and arrow that pinned him to the wall behind.

–What the-?– Danila and Kakashi were interrupted by two metallic bands that grabbed them to the other wall, Kankuro felt his underpants wet for a moment and then they froze, making him paralyze.

Suddenly Denryoku saw around him Tao, Bultina and Shaila in a motorbike driving from the rooftop down the wall, to the front of Denryoku. Nikumi also appeared ridden by Kensi and Kosen. Shaila jumped between Danila and Kakashi, and made two fire streaks from her fists, placing them next to her hostages. Tao and Bultina knocked Kankuro, who was still paralyzed by the cold, with a double kick from their motorbike, and Nikumi got in the middle of the area, leaving Denryoku alone and surrounded. He looked around and saw nobody of them was going to attack him.

–Well, seems like you don't want to fight me. And I'm the less armed.– He said.

–Nah, it's not that.– Tao pointed up, as Bultina shoot another arrow to Neji pinning his clothes to the wall.

–What is it then?– Denryoku felt the air was rushing, and then he saw Hikar over an air spout.

–Over here cousin.– Said Hikar.

Suddenly he airbent his cousin to the wall, which made him wince in pain for a moment, and then he earthbent his hands and his ankles, immobilizing him.

–Nggh... You know, to be my little cousin AND the Avatar, you don't seen to be pretty tough enough to directly deal with me.– Said an immobilized Denryoku and Hikar landed in front of him, and then he had him face to face.

–NO! Now you're going to listen to me, "cousin"!– Said Hikar angrily to him, purposely mispronouncing cousin. –What the hell where you thinking about? Assaulting the Dai-Li? One of the Earth Republics' biggest organization for order? You said you're a Freedom Fighter but this, THIS...WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!– Hikar was raising his voice.

Hikar and Denryoku face to face

"NO! Now you're going to listen to me, "cousin"!"

–They killed them!– Replied Denryoku. Hikar was confused, he didn't know what he was talking about. –They killed my mother, Kakashi, Kankuro and Neji's parents, and Danila's brother.– He dropped. Hikar couldn't believe his words.

–You, you said you didn't know...– Bultina said.

–If we had told you to go against justice would you have just accepted or stopped us?– Interrupted Neji, who was still hanging from the wall with his now broken T-shirt.

–Believe me Hikar, if this is secret between us, no one will ever tell. We'll disappear and we will never be found again. I promise.– Said Denryoku, asking Hikar to let him go. Hikar thought for a moment, but Kosen interrupted.

–By the law of the Republic City Police Department, you're arrested.– Kosen pointed to him. Bultina punched her shoulder.

–First, you don't have a license. Second, even if you did, WE'RE A FRICKING THOUSAND KILOMETRES OF REPUBLIC CITY! You can't arrest them with that law.– Corrected Bultina

–Just like me Kosen, I can't do to much with the Fire Nation Law here with this chaps.– Said Shaila.

–How did you?– Asked Danila amazed.

–You told me you were Fire Nation in our travel.– Answered Shaila, bored.

–I'm sorry cousin, but were taking you to justice.– Said Hikar, serious. Denryoku looked down, and then he smiled, and started laughing.

–Huh? What's so funny?– Said Hikar angry. Denryoku looked at him with a smirk.

–Make us.– He turned to his friend Neji, who was still trapped under Bultina's arrows. –NEJI! NOW!–

–Activating!– Neji moved his eyes to certain directions, and Bultina noticed on his glasses some numbers and digital data.

–What the hell?– She said.

Denryoku grinned and suddenly, his metallic plates on his clothes started to extend over his arms and legs, creating an armor, and it broke Hikar's earth immobilizers. Suddenly, all Denryoku's body was covered in a metallic armor. Team Avatar was surprised.

–The real fight starts now.– Said Denryoku as his armor covered his neck and head.

Hikar was very surprised, he didn't expected his cousin to be a tougher rival, neither his friends. He didn't know what to do; his friends were also in trouble. Danila and Kakashi grabbed Shaila by her arms and kicked her back, throwing her forward.

–Sorry my majesty.– Said Danila, with a smirk.

Kankuro freed from his pelvic immobilization, breaking the ice. And Neji ripped his clothes from the arrows that had him prisoner. Kakashi ran to one of the unconscious Dai-Li, and started to whisper to his ear some as clicked his fingers:

–Now you're only going to hear my voice, just my voice. You're going to obey every instruction I tell you after I click my fingers. You'll be under my control until I, only I, shout "Victory," and then you'll fall again to sleep out of my control.– Whispered Kakashi, as he clicked again his fingers. The Dai-Li got up like a zombie; he had a tired look and a young face, more or less Kosen's age. –Now you'll fight with us.–

Kosen shot a look on him, ready to strike him. She saw that they were suddenly equalized in number, six vs. six, without counting Nikumi. And given he was an earthbender she had no choice.

Bultina stared at Kakashi, who didn't seem like a simple cook and acrobat, but a good hypnotizer, hi-skilled ninja, and probably the chi-blocker who paralyzed her four days ago. In other words, he was a very skilled non-bender of her rank.

Tao faced Kankuro, who looked way more muscular and stronger than him. He was weaponless, but he seemed really confident he was going to win; even with the fact Tao had two swords.

Team Avatar vs New Freedom Fighters

And Kensi, he had Neji left, the short and nerdy one, the easiest one, thought Kensi. But those glasses seemed special; he couldn't just see what he had in front of him, but everything 360 degrees, and even with probably X-ray. And also was the fact, that it controlled Denryoku's armor.

Hikar saw his friends were going to fight them back too, so he turned to his cousin and prepared to battle for his friends.

–If I win, you'll let us go and you'll never attack anyone or anything without my permission. And if I lose, you can blame us for this attack. Whatever are the results, you'll have to hide somewhere so they don't discover you and put you in jail.– Said Hikar, as he burst fire from his fists. Denryoku kept his stance.

–Okay then, my little cousin.– Said Denryoku in a serious provocative tone.

And then, the fight between the New Freedom Fighters, versus Team Avatar, begun.

Aria was in the middle of the streets. Everything was black and white. Except for her tattoos, her tattoo's red was shining bright. She turned to the left to see her reflection on the shop window on her left, and she saw her little four-year-old self, without her tattoos. Then her father came next to her.

–Come on sweetheart.– Said Yurei, whose reflection was full of color. Aria turned to him.

–Dad, I've been thinking and, that new world you talk about. Wouldn't be better if anyone had his own life and not everybody the same? I mean, it would be to monotone.– Said Aria, who's tattoos were still glowing red.


HikaVaatu looked at Aria.

–The difference has brought change. And change has brought nothing but chaos. Nobody wants chaos; it's unpredictable and dangerous, and of course dark. One of my purposes is to stop darkness to rise, and with that, stop the Dark Avatar.– He looked upwards. The sky got dark, and the monotone people started to run panicked in a direction, Aria looked upwards too and she saw it.

It was a huge, black Dark Spirit, full of reddish tendrils coming from its back, many bright red lines over its chest, arms and legs, and she could tell that it's hair and eyes were also red. It looked really familiar for her that dark monstrous figure, and when he leaned towards them, she discovered who he was, and it had a really evil smile.

–Is that...Hikar?– She said frightened. The monstrous version of Hikar punched on his chest like a gorilla and laughed evilly with a dark voice, combined with another one even darker.

–Yes, that's the Dark Avatar Hikar in his enlarged form: HikaVaatu.– Said Yurei. HikaVaatu looked at Aria, who was frightened, and then, he shot an energy blast from his chest. Aria closed her eyes for the impact, and suddenly, all that chaos was gone.

She found herself with her father in a void; of course, everything was in color except the darkness around.

Dark in Hikar

–Where are we?– Said Aria, confused.

–That was a second level dream, now we are in a third level dream, which I control. Let me show you something.– Explained Yurei as a blue silhouette of Hikar appeared. –This is the Avatar in his normal state. All positive energy, influenced by the light spirit of Raava.– Aria nodded, then Hikar's blue silhouette started to show a small red insurgence on his heart. –But, here's the real Hikar, the new Avatar.–

–What's wrong with his heart?– Asked Aria.

–It's Vaatu. Korra defeated the spirit, but of course, light cannot exist without darkness, both have to exist. When one of them is destroyed, it will regrow inside the other. And that's what's happening. Hikar's negative feelings are activating his Dark side, and then there will be a moment that he will collapse. If he doesn't agree to stay with me and follow my orders for my new world, Vaatu will keep growing in him, and nothing but another Avatar could stop him. That's why I threatened to kill him, but it's for the safety of all. The only way for him to stay alive is staying by my side.– Explained Yurei as Hikar's figure's red heart extended all over the body. Aria felt frightened.

–I want to go home.– She said in a frightened little voice as everything went black again.

Sterkur and Vona arrived to their house. They entered the door and turned on the lights.

–Well, that was a night well expended.– Said Vona

–I saw you and Kim didn't stop talking the whole dinner about Hikar's training.– Answered Sterkur.

–A-ha! Well, you and Takeyon where still arguing whether lavabending or metalbending is the best, come on its been twenty years since that tie.– Said Vona as she went up to the stairs. –I'm going to get changed, I have a surprise for you.– She said in a flirty tone. Sterkur looked back with another flirty look.

–Well, the kids are out of house, I guess we can be bad parents now.– Winked back Sterkur.

Vona went upstairs, meanwhile Sterkur took his jacket off throwing it to the sofa like when we was young, he also undid his tie and threw it to the hanger to make it in one shot, but he missed.

–Sigh, guess this fifty years are making me lose practice.–

He prepared two glasses of wine for him and his wife, and waited patiently holding them downstairs. They passed a minute, two, five, Sterkur started to get suspicious.

–Vona, honey.– Said Sterkur with a jingly tone. –Is the surprise readyyyyy?– He exaggerated the question tone.

Still, silence. Sterkur started to get worried, he left the glasses of wine on a table next to the stairs and went upstairs.

–Vona? Is everything alright?– Asked Sterkur, worried.

When he arrived upstairs, we couldn't believe his eyes. He saw his wife, frightened, wearing some leggings and a sweater, being held by a mysterious woman, who looked like a fifty-year-old waterbender. She had a water tendril frozen around Vona's neck, making her captive.

–Hello Sterkur.– Said the waterbender evilly. Sterkur stepped back.

–Who...who are you? Leave my wife!– Ordered Sterkur.

–Oh, I think my name doesn't matter right now, but the fact she's coming with me! Right Vona?– She said in a threating tone.

–PLEASE! LET ME GO!– Begged Vona. From her ice collar, ice spikes came outwards, and Vona bounced in terror.

–You miss, stay shut, or the next time those will grow inwards.– Threatened Zhasha.

–Let her go! Is this about Hikar?– Asked Sterkur angry. Zhasha let out a really evil laugh.

–HAHAHAHA! No, that's an amazing coincidence you got to be the Avatar's mother, Vona. But I'm not really here for that; in fact, you being the Avatar's mother is the reason we want you alive. Unlike your sister, who unfortunately didn't had the same fate.– Said Zhasha, Vona was getting each time more and more scared, and Sterkur also got frightened when he heard that.

–You...killed...Shera?– Realized Sterkur.

–Well, not exactly me, but us the Red Lotus, it's nothing personal. It's because of who are you.– Said Zhasha to Vona, with a deep evil tone that frightened Vona like never before.

–What? What is she talking about Vona?– Asked Sterkur worried.

–Please. Don't harm my son for this, it's not our fault to be descendants of him.– Begged Vona. Zhasha turned to Sterkur.

Captive Vona

"You should know who you marry my dear Sterkur."

–You should know who you marry my dear Sterkur. In fact, she's nothing else than one of the last Earth Royal descendant of Earth King Wu, the last Earth King before he turned the Earth Kingdom into several republics.– Zhasha explained. –But the Earth Royalty menaces the Red Lotus's objectives for freedom. So we exterminated it.– Sterkur was shocked at what he was hearing, and he could see his wife was crying.

–But, I thought the Red Lotus also had an issue with the Avatar, right. You could have killed us the first.– Said Sterkur, scared.

–Oh, please. This time, when Yurei made it to the charge the murders stopped, and unfortunately, only you and maybe a couple more families got saved from their murders.– Zhasha sighed –Sure that Wu had a lot of descendants.–

–What do you want from me?– Cried Vona. Zhasha let out an evil laughter.

–Just you.– And Zhasha waterbended Sterkur to the wall, and then she pressed some points on his body. Then everything turned dark for Sterkur.

Then the scenery changed again, and they were sleeping in the waiting room of Republic City hospital. Everything was back in color. Aria saw her little brother Zeick next to her, sleeping, on her father's leg, who was making sure they were all right. Yurei saw his daughter was awake again.

–Daddy, when is mom coming back?– Asked little Aria.

–Don't worry my dear. Everything will be alright, just stay calm.– Said a young Yurei. While the real Yurei's mentality was away from them, staring at the scene.

Suddenly, a masked doctor with his gloves and came out of the door.

–Yurei?– He asked. Yurei stood up with the two kids.

–How is she?– Asked Yurei. The doctor took his mask off and smiled.

–Congratulations, it's a boy.– He said.

–Awww, come on. Another boy?– Complained little Aria.

–WEEE!– Cheered little Zeick.

The three entered the room, and in a bed, there was Amala in a hospital patient suit, thin again, holding a baby on her arms, smiling. She looked at her children smiling.

–Kids, come on. Say hello to your new baby brother.– Said Amala.

Aria tiptoed on a side of the bed, and she saw a dark-skinned baby with black hair, like her father.

Baby Deyek

"Aria, Zeick, meet your new brother: Deyek."

–Aria, Zeick, meet your new brother: Deyek.– Said Amala, holding the baby.

–Duh-yuk.– Pronounced Zeick. Yurei's real conscience smiled.

Then, in the physical world, Yurei got up from his inception in Aria's dream, and he left the room, leaving Aria sleeping in her bed.

Hikar jumped to the wall and earthbent a couple more boulders from it, but Denryoku's armor was too strong he punched them and made them grave.

–You can't do anything involving bending to defeat my armor.– Said Denryoku

–Really? What about metalbending? HIAH!– Hikar attempted to metalbend the armor, but it was useless. –COME ON! I SHOULD BE ABLE TO METALBEND!–

–It's useless, this is platinum, it can't be metalbended.– Said Denryoku

–Dang it.– Cursed Hikar

Bultina and Kakashi were having an intense flexibility fight, trying to get to the others weak points on their skin. Bultina shoot some arrow to him, but he ducked them easily.

–You're not gonna win.– Said Bultina.

–Well I'm not going to lose to a GIRL.– Said Kakashi in his sarcastic tone from behind.

Bultina enraged with that comment. She grabbed her arc and waved it to Kakashi, but he stopped it, and stabbed two of his fingers on her arm. Bultina winced in pain and her arm stopped responding.

–Ah! DAMN! I'M GONNA RIP YOUR HEAD OFF!!– Bultina was more wild than ever, with her other arm she got on the floor and waved her legs to make Kakashi fall, but he was too quick. He jumped over her and jabbed her in the spine, making her legs collapse on the floor.

–Told ya.– Sighed Kakashi, looking her directly to the face.

–I still have another arm you idiot.– Said Bultina, as she stabbed one of her arrows on Kakashi's ankle.

–OOOOWWWW!!! THAT HURTS!!!– Screamed Kakashi bouncing on his other leg, as Bultina let a smirk.

Kensi was still dealing with Neji.

–Do I really have to fight you? I mean, look at you. You're just a nerd.– Said Kensi.

–Well, you still haven't defeated me. I can predict your movements with this glasses.– Said Neji as he avoided another waterbending attack from Kensi.

–Can you...just...stay...still...for a moment?!– Complained Kensi, exhausted from waterbending too much. Then, Neji threw what it looked like a shuriken to his feet. Kensi jumped to avoid it, but suddenly the water he was bending fell to the floor. –Oh!– Kensi tried to waterbend it again, but he was so tired he couldn't lift it.

–Chi has a limit, and when you have bended to many extreme movements like those water rings and tendrils, you start to overwork it like it was a muscle. Chi is like work, if you do many difficult movements at that speed, you get yourself tired.– Explained Neji. Kensi was panting.

– stupid nerd!– Complained Kensi.

–I might be a nerd, but I'm pretty fast.– As Neji said that, he punched him in certain points of his body, making him fall. –And that's how you beat a "master".– Said as Kensi groaned. Then, Nikumi appeared from behind and knocked Neji to the wall. –YEAHHHRGH!– Screamed Neji, as he crashed with the wall and fell.

–Ha! That's how you beat a cat hater.– Said Kensi, Nikumi growled in disagreement. –OK, armadillo lion.– Nikumi growled again. Kensi sighed. –Thank you oh mighty Nikumi.– Said in tiredness, and Nikumi approved.

Shaila and Danila were having a tough confrontation. Shaila shoot many lightning, but either she was faster than light to avoid them, or she had something it didn't affect her.

–How the freaking hell...huff...can you avoid lightning that easily?– Said Shaila in disbelieve.

–Well, as you can see, my clothes are made of rubber, which electricity can't go through. But I'm going to warn you, not a single girl has defeated me, so in case you come out injured, it wasn't personal.– Said Danila, who also looked exhausted. Shaila smirked.

–You know, I've realized something. You fight pretty much like me, I see a lot of myself in you.– Said Shaila. Danila hesitated.

–I'm NOTHING like you!– Roared Danila, as she punched Shaila in her stomach, making her retreat. –If you're really like me I wouldn't be already complaining.–

–I'm not, I was just distracting you.– Smirked Shaila. Danila got confused and suddenly Nikumi bumped her to the wall, knocking her out. –Nice buddy, one down.– Said Shaila to the armadillo lion.

–Actually, I think that's the third one. Need a hand?– Said Kensi, who was laying on Nikumi's back, still incapable to move.

–It's just a punch in the stomach, I can deal with it.– Said Shaila as she got up forcibly. –I'm not the weak princess type.– Said with a smirk.

Tao and Kankuro knocked their heads so strong they bounced by the inertia. Kankuro got dizzy and started to mumble delirious, swearing he was seeing stars around, and he fainted. Tao looked proud.

–That's what happens when you try to knock a hard-headed.– Laughed Tao.

Kosen had problems with her rival. Even though he was just a hypnotized unconscious guy, he seemed to fight pretty well.

–What the hell! He's just a hypnotized guy! How the heck can he earthbend?– Complained Kosen as she avoided another earth glove.

–That's how hypnosis works, and I have to say that the human brain is really amazing in that field. Once you order something to his brain by moving your finger and doing some sounds, his neurons obey this orders, making the body do them no matter the state of the body.– Said Kakashi, injured by his feet still.

–Well, then. STOP!– Ordered Kosen to the Dai Li, but nothing happened.

–I ordered him to only listen to my voice, there's nothing you can do.– Said Kakashi.

–Then, in that case...ORDER HIM TO STOP!– This time, Kosen didn't metalbend her bracelets to the agent, but to Kakashi, who quickly avoided them.

–Nice try, but your sister didn't made me lose a little of my speed.– Mocked Kakashi under his mask.

–Well, but I got you right where I wanted you.– Said Kosen as she avoided another attack from the Dai Li, and made a gesture with her hand.

–AAAARGH!– Kakashi winced in pain and discovered his injured foot had been caught on an earthbending move. –WHAT THE...?– Kakashi was very surprised. Kosen moved behind him, situating Kakashi right in the middle between Kosen and the Dai Li. Kosen this time metalbended her bracelets to his wrists, paralyzing him completely.

–Order him to stop, or the next attack could go to you.– Said Kosen as she threatened him with a metalbended tube from the wall. Kakashi was in a tight situation, he saw both his puppet agent and Kosen were about to clash in a middle point, and even if he ordered the agent to go to the left and avoid him, Kosen would still attack him. He had no choice, desperately, he screamed:

–VICTORY!– And the agent fell to the floor, so as Kosen's tube.

–That's more like it.– Said Kosen with a sarcastic smirk.

Meanwhile, Hikar was having a tough time with his cousin. Not only he couldn't metalbend his armor, but even if he did, would still be useless. He was exhausted and his cousin didn't seen to lose any energy.

–I can't believe you're really my cousin, neither the Avatar. You shouldn't be so tired already.– Said Denryoku from his armor. Hikar got up again.

–Don' ME!– And he charged with a huge fire blast to his cousin. But suddenly, he could see his cousin was on fire, literally emitting fire from the cracks of his joints. Then it stopped.

–I told you bending is useless to this armor. You're not going to win unless you enter the Avatar State.– Said Denryoku. Hikar suddenly thought of something, but he needed a distraction.

–DENRY! THE BOMB!– Screamed Kakashi. Everyone got shocked, Denryoku had completely forgotten about the bomb. Then, Neji's box blew up as everyone tried to get covered by the fire.

Denryoku didn't feel any heat. Then he turned, and he was amazed like everyone. Shaila was firebending a massive volume of fire into a conical shape. Then it started to get in shape of a fire tornado, and went straight up to extinguish itself in the sky, causing no damage at all in the building. Shaila fell unconscious, with a bleeding nose, but hopefully, Tao caught her.

–Broken engines! That was amazing Shasha!– Acclaimed Kensi from Nikumi, still incapable to move. Bultina had crawled to get her movement back and looked at her.

–That must have been a big deal for her to control such a big amount of fire. Thank you Shaila.– Said Bultina.

–You're welcome.– Whispered Shaila, weak.

Denryoku turned again to his cousin, but Hikar was gone.

–Huh?– Denryoku felt a slight tremble from underneath. And then quickly, without warning, a fist broke out of the earth and punched Denryoku in his face, making his mask fell off. Hikar burst out and, with one fist bleeding, caught his cousin by the neck and stamped him in the wall, strangling him.

Hikar defeats Denryoku

–You were right, I didn't need bending to take your helmet off. NOW TAKE THIS.– Hikar started to strangle his cousin.

–AGH! HI...KAAAR!– Denryoku was starting to stop feeling the blood rush to his brain, but he noticed something. He saw Hikar's eyes, his hazel green eyes, and with the remaining light that were on, he noticed that his pupil was enlarging like a feline's eyes, an that the brown ring he had around it was starting to expand over the iris; and what looked like an angry smile in Hikar's face, was slowly modifying into an evil smile.

–Hikar! Stop! It's okay you win, we retreat!– Begged Kakashi, terrified at what he was doing to his own cousin.

–I'm not gonna stop until he...stops...breathing!– Hikar started to sound more evil. Denryoku could tell something.

–You're...not...yourself.– Said Denryoku in a weak voice. Bultina suddenly, got her energy back and rushed to Hikar.

–HIKAR STOP!– Begged Bultina, but Hikar kept strangling his cousin –I...said...– She took several steps towards Hikar's back. –STOOOOOOP!!!!!!!– And Bultina knocked out Hikar with a stockade from her arc, and both Hikar and Denryoku fainted. The battle was over, and everybody got conscious again as the sun started to rise.

–Ugh. Did we lose?– Asked Neji.

–I see unicorns!– Said Kankuro, who was still delirious by the kick on his head.

–Yes, we lost. We're taking Denryoku, we have to leave before they get us.– Ordered Kakashi as he and Neji got their armored leader up. Before they left, Kakashi turned his masked face to Bultina.

–Hey, Bultina, right?– Said Kakashi. Bultina looked at him, panting. –Thank you.– And the Freedom Fighters left what was left of the Dai Li headquarters of the Mining Village.

–I think we should also leave before more Dai Li appear.– Said Kensi, still immobilized in Nikumi.

–Yes you're right.– Said Kosen, taking Hikar on Nikumi. –I guess I'm going to pilot you again buddy.– Nikumi growled in response. Team Avatar got their injured members on Tao's motorbike and Nikumi, and left up to the east.


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  • The battle between Hikar vs Denryoku was going to happen in the previous chapter, but the author had the idea of expanding the chapter with more ideas.
  • Denryoku's armor is inspired in the Destroyer from Thor's 2011 movie.
  • Neji's glasses are supposed to work like a Byakugan in Naruto.
  • The restaurant in the beginning is named after Naruto's Jiraiya.
  • Aria's dream was meant to be a memory from her school's first love, but the idea was scrapped.
    • The "second level" and "third level" dream thing was inspired from the movie "Inception".
    • The third level makes now think Aria that the Avatar has to be controlled.
  • The way Hikar's eyes change is inspired in Naruto's Nine-Tail Mode, given the fact he also had a monster inside of him.
  • Shaila's firebending in the explosion would be inspired to be a firebending substyle called "Solarbending" or "Plasmabending".

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