Lu Ten of the Red Chi clan
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1 5 alkatraz

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February 24, 2013

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Chapter 6: Sister Xion

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Chapter 8:Republic City

Xion's idea

After the events of the morning before, Lu Ten had avoided his sister.As she dragged him back, she explained how she fought that Pao was so much stronger, and that his fire bending was more finely executed than hers, that if he continued the fight, Lu would end up with 4th degree burn marks and would lose the ability to feel anything. Somehow, for some reason he thought differently. Like every morning, he washed his hair, dressed and then made his way down to the hall. He avoided crashing into servants, and when he entered the hall he was shocked to see his whole family waiting for him. His father Zhao at the end,his sister and mother to his left,and one other surprise, Kiba sat at the second chair to his right. He ran in and bumped fists with the younger boy, Kiba reminded him of Zolotoi, Zolotoi was Lu Ten's best friend, he had passed away several months ago on a badly planned mission and Lu Ten promised to take care of Kiba,sadly, like Lu he was a prodigy and prodigies were never given time to be kids. They were born for greatness, meaning he was exposed to Lu campaigns. Kiba took to battle like a caged animal set free.

They all greeted him, Zhao began by praising Kiba,

"Lu Ten! Come, join in celebrating Kiba's first successful mission! A true prodigy! A fine asset and friend, if only his father would join us, the celebration would be complete, his mother came and went, "no rest for the wicked" she says, completely true!". he laughed, obviously in a good mood, as he always was when he relieved good news.

They all congratulated him, Ursa kissed his fore head, and gave him a hug,her eyes sparkling with pride as she considered Kiba a second son. When Kiba's mother fell ill she could not take care of the boys, so Ursa took them in. They even combed her hair, and rubbed her feet in oil, as a way of giving thanks.

"Yes he's a fine young man,but don't push him to do anything ridiculous!"

"Miss Li, I assure you I'm prepared for any mission,I have faith in the Lord's judge of skill and character!" to which Zhao nodded his head and slapped Kiba's shoulder.

"Miss Li? I had thought you'd stop calling me that by now!" Ursa said, laughing, she glowed more than usual, and from the way she looked at Zhao he had the feeling that he had pleased her in some way or form.

"Kiba? Is it true you can bend water out of thin air?" asked Xion with obvious zeal.

"My father taught me! He's even better than I am and he promises me he has even greater things to teach me, if I can prove my self."

"What was the assignment?"

"I'd rather not go over details."He replied as a servant came by with the cabbage corp newspaper.

Lu read, and only found one article that truly interested him, an article about vigilantes that caused chaos in Silver Town, viciously maiming more than a dozen guards and destroying a wall that served as protection to vicious beasts. The report went on to say how the beasts charged the city, causing huge repair costs and mass disorder in the public. It also said that the city would struggle to regain control, and the authorities expected any city to return the vigilantes for trail and justice. Lu Ten quickly shared the article with his parents and Kiba, purposely excluding Xion who looked genuinely hurt by the notion. The article evoked a large debate, conversations born about The Beifong Legacy and Republic City, about vigilantes, then fighters which then procrastinated to the Arenas and Zhao's business, who had finally allowed his wife to take part in. Once the conversation died down, and they moved onto the after tea, Ursa brought up a different topic.

"I have recently spoken to Donnie, from the Tao part of your family, your uncle claims his village has become even more impressive, and that I should bring you all to visit, he wants to see jealousy on Zhao's face, and he wants to see your new skills!"

"I can't go, I have an important meeting soon, go with out me."He rumbled.

"Wait! That reminds me, Lu did you tell Xion?" asked Ursa.

"No, he didn't tell me anything."

"Why not?"

"I got distracted,that's all." He replied, avoiding Xion's gaze.

Xion asked "Well why don't you tell me now?"

Lu Ten was reluctant to involve her in anything,but in front of Zhao and his Mother he had no choice. "I was going to get Miyuki some thing, I was hoping you'd help me pick something..."

"For Miyuki, That's so cute!"

"Well...Something hard to find is best...Turtle Oysters! They have the best pearls in their shells...but they are hard to find, some of the Turtle Oysters spend years working on their pearls, sometimes they work on more than one, and they fight-"

"I can use my water bending, my brother found a big black one for my mother's birth day a few years ago...but it's hard to bend them out because apparently they can water bend, just like us but not as big." Interrupted Kiba.

"Then it's settled, we'll go down to the river bed, and catch some Turtle Oysters." Xion declared.

Miyuki's pearl

That day Xion, Lu and Kiba traveled in Satomobiles to the sixth village,as that one was closest to the river bed. They all brought extra clothes, and made their way to the cliff. There was a make shift wooden elevator, turned manually by workers. They all entered, and a worker lowered them down to the river bed. A large plot of land stayed untouched, this was were fishers sat, this was were they rolled up their trouser legs,and took a dip in the rushing stream. The stream burned them, stabbed them with a thousand frozen swords, and caused them to shiver and scream.Lu's body was covered in goose bumps, as he trudged along the freezing river bed. Xion trudged over next to him...

"You know I only said what I said yesterday to keep you safe-"

Lu had cut her off quickly, "I'm not scared of him, he'd probably end up dead anyway if dad found out."

"He still would've hurt you! Besides, what I do has nothing to do with you! I like him, I don't see why that would effect you-"

"I know him, he's not a nice guy to girls, why do you like him anyway?"

"I don't wanna sound like a cliche but he's BAD!"

"Forget it, I don't want to know,lets just focus on the Turtle Oysters"

For the prying open of shells he brought his hunting knife, a small,sharp blade. He searched the water, moved around slowly, feeling for Turtle Oysters...He could feel one by his ankle. He focused, until he saw it swimming by his ankle. He froze, and while it slipped away in the foamy tide he lunged out, catching the turtle Oyster in the palm of his right hand. He pulled up his dagger, but when the Turtle Oyster saw the sharp tool it waved it's paws and a sudden water whip lashed out and made direct contact with his nose. He doubled over in pain, a flow of blood dripped from nostrils. The pain subsided, but the blood drop reminded him of the vermilion flame he conjured yesterday. He quickly discarded the fought, and when on hunting.To his dismay,several more turtle oysters attacked him, one he was sure permanently scared him for life, just next to the corner of his left eye. His epic struggle with turtles continued for 2 whole hours, on guard he'd grab one and smash it down with out mercy, the shell didn't break but they did flip open, he discovered 6 worthless pearls, one turtle had 3 tiny ones. He turned to travel back to the plot of land, where he discovered Xion also had bad luck. He watched a dark grin creep onto her face, an ugly twitch appeared, just before she rained down fiery missiles upon the turtles, one after another, huge vapor clouds spurred into life, causing a mighty temperature change. She laughed a witch's cackle when she saw the 20 toasted turtle oysters. She cried "BWAH HAHAHA HAHA HAAHA ARGHHH HAHAHAAA HAHAHA!"As she began discovering numerous pearls of value, but not any Lu wanted to present to Miyuki. She continued to laugh when the crisply cooked turtle oysters lay their without their pearls. He buckled over in pain, grasping for air in between laughs till a wave of fire surged towards him, he was forced to dive back into the water.

The Red Flame

When he emerged from the deep, Kiba called him over. When Lu arrived he saw the mountain of turtle oysters Kiba had bended out of the water.They looked dry, left in the sun to render their bending useless.

"Let's get started then". Kiba announced.

For the next hour they all helped open up the waterless turtles, the pearls discovered were not what Lu wanted, so they were returned to their owners, when they became hungry, they fed on the turtles Xion had burnt to a crisp, Xion herself had a huge grin when she bit into the soft flesh.

Kiba began "So what do we do now?"

"We've been looking in all the wrong places, we should be looking for old turtle oysters, even dead ones, they'd have the best ones!" announced Xion. So they all turned back to the waters, and began the search for old folk to steal from. As he continued with Xion,they conversed like how they did when they were younger.Of memories, dreams, hopes,-

"No! You had the nightmare that mum turned into a dragon and ate you, not me!" shouted Lu.

"No, I specific--" Xion cut of mid sentence, Lu saw her looking at the opposite bank, at some distant couple. The couple were locked in each other's arms, kissing passionately.

"Xion,that's peep-" Lu also cut of mid sentence, when he payed closer attention, he realized that he recognized the tall male,it was Pao, his tongue in some other girls mouth.

"He isn't worth anything! Forget him!-"

He stopped for the second time,mid sentence, as a tear drop dripped down her cheek. This tear drop was followed by another, and then another,until she finally let her self embrace her tears, and she ran off, away from the scene of Pao kissing this mystery women. No one but Kiba saw the irises of Lu Ten's eyes go red. No one but Lu Ten felt the strange sensation occur again. His stomach knotted, his blood gushed faster, his emotions took control. He ran towards Pao, and screamed. Pao turned, when he saw Lu he smiled.

"Tell your sister that there is enough of me to share?no?Okay."

Arrogance flooded his face, he jumped forward, double stepped and released a ball of fire. The flame shot towards him, aimed dead center, this was when Lu Ten first discovered his clan gift. He, by some form of second nature he held his hand out, allowing the burning meteor to surge and make contact with his skin. The blaze melted, into a foamy, bloody, Vermilion flame, it rested in his palm,he turned the flame and shot out his own hand. The vermilion flame became a vermilion beam, it darted, fast as bender's lightning, amplifying a deafening cry, like a burning firework, emitting concentric ripples all along the beam, and as the raw form of energy came in contact with Pao's body, the beam blew, and split into several tails, like a fire work gone awry,the cry became a banshee's scream, a screen of smoke grew, but everybody, the workers, Kiba and the girl saw Pao's body blast backwards 15 meters, and create a crater where his body landed on a cliff face. Some how he managed to survive, he struggled onto his knees, his shot forward one more meteor, again he caught the flame, again he conjured the vermilion aura, but this time he pointed his hand to the back. The beam ejected, the ripples, the trailing fire works as he pressure caused him to shoot towards Pao, he some how managed to keep control and stopped directly in front, pushing all the energy and momentum into his palm, slapping down a deadly force unto Pao's cranium. Lu felt the bender's skull obliterate beneath his skin, a sea of blood gushed out of all openings, ears, noes, mouth and even his eyes. His head ripped open, the aura was seen pouring into his body. When Lu was finished, he observed his work, the thing that laid in the dirt was no longer human, just a lump of charred meat. Not even organs were recognizable.

Once his rage sub sided, he noticed the only one remaining was Kiba,he also noticed a dead Turtle Oyster,it had to be at least a hundred, it had a different color and was covered in crust. He slipped in his blade and pried the oyster shell open, within was the perfect pearl, a beautiful pearl of an emerald colour, the like of witch he had never seen.

The Clan

Back at the estate, Ursa held a weeping Xion in her arms, her body shook and vibrated, the tears flowed without a sign of finishing.

"Shhhh, Honey he'll never come next to you again, I'll make sure of that....I know,You've never felt like this, the first heart break is always the worst, I know it seems like the world will end, bu trust me, and you need to listen to me, that phase will come to pass..."

"But I was told your love only comes once in a life-"

"Whoever said that is a compulsive liar, they obviously died at a very young age, after living a miserable existence."

Zhao sat at his desk, his eyes were red, pained to see his daughter like this,excited to display what happens to any who disrespects his family. He was about to rise to personally hunt down Pao, by coincidence his servant ran to the door and knocked loudly. He was told to come in, and when he entered he quickly bowed and stood to give his message.

"My lord, Pao of the Chang tribe no longer lives, his life taken by none other than Lu Ten of your own family, witnesses describe a fire work like explosion...they say nothing is left to identify the charred remains." He bowed, and made his leave.

When he left, an eerie silence followed, Xion's tears stopped in a pained gasp, the fire instantly quenched as she breathed in. She rose, a few feet taller, glee apparent in her eyes,

"What does he mean by fire work?" Xion managed to utter.

"It seems that Lu Ten really does share his Father's blood."

Lu Ten arrived to a tense room of faces ecstatic in anticipating. Like some great secret was about to be released. He walked over to his fathers desk and sat in the opposite chair. He looked up expectantly.

"Is it true you killed Pao?"

"Yes Father." Lu had expected a fit of rage, but only glee was apparent in his father's eyes.

"Do you know how you did it?"

"No father?"

"But you conjured something?"

"Yes, some strange...flame...But only because I touched Pao's fire."


Zhao reached into his pocket, and pulled out a lighter, on the lighter was the Li symbol, a fiery star, in the middle of an ouroboros. He flicked the lighter open, a flame protruded from the hole. Zhao reached out, and left his hand directly over the fire. Suddenly his hand burst into flames and evoked screams. But he seemed unharmed. He rotated his hand so his palm faced the ceiling, the flame suddenly dilated, milked, and became the vermilion aura.

"Not much is actually known about our origins, only they dated back to the Sun warriors...All I can tell you is that we have different chi...mangled chi. It allows us to use fire and break it back down to the chi that created it and with that we can render other benders useless...Through out the Fire Nation's history we've one point we even ruled much of the land...The Hong Zhi."

"If we were so mighty, why did we no longer use the same name?

"I thought you would ask me that. Firstly, before we documented our histories, the people rebelled against us and our unusual ways. They declared war, and most of our tribe died down. The strongest noble family were given the monarchy titles, and it was they who kept the last few members hidden. In the initiation of the 100 year war, we relinquished the Air Nomads, we could not handle the guilt that burdened our backs, so when Ozai came into power we refused to participate. A small tribe couldn't stand the whole military, so we fled here, and we changed our name."

His father handed him the lighter.

"One last question if I may, Father are we really the only family left?"

"No,there was one other family...but they cut their connections and just became mercenaries...but then again their style of red chi was some what different...more disciplined."

"This lighter? It's for me?"

"Yes, you are now an official Hong Zhi warrior."

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