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January 13th, 2012

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"Intelligence" is the 7th chapter of the Child of the War continuity. It was written by Annawantimes.


Confused and tired, Jenju sat around Makapu Village and thought for a long while. He couldn't help but remember the woods where he could sit and think without any interruptions. Makapu Village, the noisy hub of the northwest Earth Kingdom, was quite a different story. All the chaos from the villagers' bitterness towards Aunt Wu didn't aid in keeping the place quiet. After much thought, Jenju knew what likely had happened to Sha Lu, but he didn't want to realize this. "No. He wasn't captured by the Rough Rhinos. No way." Jenju thought. No matter how much he tried to avoid the conclusion, he knew that it wouldn't hold back reality.

Jenju waited patiently for night to fall, and for the villagers to quiet down. Aunt Wu told him to seek in the night, and he would find Sha Lu. Jenju continued to ponder, "Perhaps it was a metaphor, or maybe she really meant search in the night. Maybe someone will come in the night and reveal where he is."

"Ugh." Jenju massaged his temples. With all of the problems he faced at this point, his head ached. The thought of problems connected Jenju's mind to different train of thought. "My father. Finding him certainly has preference over finding Sha Lu, someone I haven't even known for a week." Whatever was going to happen that evening, Jenju was more than ready.

Jenju had drifted off into a restless sleep just before dusk. He snored loudly, which was enough to wake him up. "Dark," he whispered to quietly.

He stood up, groaning when he stepped on his bad leg. "It must be healing," he thought, "I didn't collapse this time."

Hobbling across the stone walkways, Jenju looked all over the village until the moon was high in the sky. "Now what?" he thought. Jenju looked around, standing stationary.

"Psst." Came from an alleyway in between two buildings.

Jenju turned around and hobbled over to the alley. He was startled to see an Earth Kingdom-looking man in the tight street wearing a green cloak with a hood. The man removed his hood and Jenju gasped. "You're Shen, the messenger who delivered news to my family."

"Right, right. You must have been through a lot lately son."

"Yeah, I have. Have you seen my father? I'm not even sure if he's alive or not." Jenju resisted the urge to begin sobbing.

"He is alive. Trust me."

Jenju gasped again. "Where is he? Can you take me to him? I've hurt my leg." Jenju lifted his pantleg revealing the wound, which was looking worse than before.

"Ahh, you might want to get that looked at," Shen chuckled a bit. "Anyway, your father's headed for the safety of Ba Sing Se. He narrowly escaped being burnt up. He sent me to come find you, and it's taken me a while to do so."

"Ba Sing Se?" Jenju asked with wide eyes.

"Right again. The city is packed from wall to wall with war refugees. He's traveling with a group of refugees from Shaman's Crossing, not too far from where your settlement was."

Jenju recognized Shaman's Crossing as the settlement with the crazy wise man who happened to be a healer. "Oh. Well then I've gotta' get to Ba Sing Se!" He was filled with excitement for the first time in days.

"Wait, it's clear across the Earth Kingdom. The journey will take you months if not more."

"If that's what it takes, I'm still going."

"No, you don't understand. The Fire Nation plans to capture the city. You can't go there on your own. You don't even know where to find your father."

"I think I can handle it. He's my father after all."

"Fine, but you'll need supplies. We'll rest tonight and I'll buy you some things tomorrow."

"Will you be joining me?"

"Sorry, but I've got many messages to deliver. People like you need to be informed of where their families are."

"Great I can't..." Jenju's breath was taken away. Amidst the excitement he'd forgotten all about Sha Lu. The person who'd saved him. Now he needed to be saved. This thought nearly destroyed his enthusiasm. He couldn't go to Ba Sing Se knowing Sha Lu's potential fate. It would ruin everything.

Somehow, he needed to free Sha Lu.

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