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Chapter 6 Tiapie

"What was that?" Bo exclaimed.

"The dog can Airbend?" Aya said," interesting."

"Awesome!,"Jia said, and picked up Da, giving the little dog a hug.

"Well we can figure this out later. Lets go before those guys show up again," Aya said.

After the had dragged the damaged boat onshore, they hid it in some bushes.

"Okay," Aya said, "we need to head to the other side of the island." She took out the map and looked at it. "The quickest way to the opposite shore is through the forest. There's a cliff that we'll need to cross. But according to the map there are some tunnels that we can use to cut through the cliff."

"We have to hurry," Jia said, "those soldiers have a head start."

Da barked as if in agreement.

They trekked into the forest. It was a bright hot day with not a cloud in the sky. The forest was thick and humid. Bugs flew by and birds chirped from their nests.

'At least there aren't as many mosquitoes here,' Bo thought.

Sorako was not one to give up easily. After Jia and the guys had left, he quickly got in another boat and headed to shore. He saw the battle between them and the soldiers. But he was able to avoid being seen. He waited until he saw everyone enter the forest and then headed in to shore. Sorako got out of his boat and dragged it onshore. He hid it in some bushes and used a palm branch to wipe out the drag marks in the sand.

'Now to find Jia and her friends,' he thought.

Crack! He heard a branch snap and spun around to face the forest. He peered into the forest searching for the source of the noise. And then he found it. Two soldiers stepped out of the forest.

'It's those guys that were after Jia,' he thought. ' I thought I had avoided them.'

"Haman has a mission for you Sorako," one of the men said.

Aya and the team had been walking for hours. The heat, the humid sticky heat, was getting to them. Sweat dripped from their faces and soaked their clothes.

"How much further?" Bo asked.

"We'll get to the cliff by sunset," Aya said.

"Good," Jia said. It was a few hours after midday so the evening wasn't too far away.

Then Jia heard something move in the forest. 'something's following us,' she thought.

"Any idea how Da can make sound waves?" Bo asked.

"Well," Aya said, "sound waves are just vibrations in the air. So a master Airbender should be able to create them. In theory. But it's never been done before. How a little dog can create them is a mystery."

Da turned and growled at the bushes. 'Da hears it too,' Jia thought. "Hey guys. Did you hear that?" she said.

"Ha Ha," Bo said, "you're just trying to scare us."

"No se-" Jia was cut off when a giant scorpion snake shot out of the bushes and lunged at Jia. She jumped back and it missed her by a few inches.

It was a fifty-foot snake with a scorpion's stinger, legs and claws. It would draw it's legs in whenever it wanted to move really fast, and slither on its stomach like a snake.

Aya bent a ring of fire around it and everyone ran.

"What was that?" Bo asked as they ran.

"Haven't you guys ever heard of a scorpion snake?" Aya asked.

"Giant man eating snakes don't exactly roam the streets back home," Jia said.

Da barked as a tree branch fell down in front of them blocking their way. It was cut down by a strike from the scorpion snakes tail.

"Ahh!" Jia yelped.

The snake was right behind them. Da sent a sound wave at the snake. But the snake was so large that the wave just made it skid back a few feet. Then Jia drew water out of the trees around her, and created a huge ice disc. The disc was razor sharp and as thin as a card. She sent it at the snake but it shattered the disc with one strike from its tail.

Bo bent a large rock up into the air and sent it flying at the snake. The beast struck at it as well, and the rock split in half. Revealing that Aya had leaped up right behind the rock, using it as a shield. She sent a fire ball flying at the snake. But it seemed to do little if anything. The snake snatched Aya up in one of its claws. And she yelped in surprise.

Horou took out some brass knuckles from his backpack and put them on. He rarely had to use them, but this time he had no choice. He ran at the snake, and it swiped at him with its tail. Hourou ducked under its tail and punched it.

The snake hissed and backed up. Then a shadow fell across its face. The shadow was so black, that it looked as if someone had poured ink on its face. The beast hissed and thrashed, as if it had gone blind, and finally dropped Aya. Then Sorako dropped down from the branches above. "Hey guys," he said, "we'd better get going. I can't hold that blindness shadow forever."

"I told you not to come," Aya said.

"And I don't take orders from you," Sorako replied.

"How did you?" Jia asked. She was completely confused now.

"Run now. Talk later!" he said and ran. Everyone followed.

After a while they felt that they were far enough away. So they took a break.

"So Sorako," Bo said, "what was that back there?"

"Yeah," Jia said, "how did you do that shadow thing?"

"That was shadow bending," Sorako said, "it's an ancient bending art that my father taught me."

"Of course," Aya said, "every bending art has an opposite. Earth has Air. Water has Fire, and Light has Shadow."

"Oh," Jia said.

"So now we have another scroll to go after?" Bo asked.

"No," Sorako said," my family has the shadow bending scroll. No one will get to it."

"You don't know Haman," Aya said, "if he finds out about the shadow scroll he will get his hands on it."

"Who's Haman?" Sorako asked.

"Someone who wants to use the scrolls to start a war," Aya said.

"Oh, well then lets get moving!" Sorako said as he got up.

They arrived at the cliff right at sunset. And camped near the entrance of the tunnels.

"We'll camp here for the night," Aya said, "and head into the tunnels in the morning."

It was a cool and starry night. Aya was taking the first watch. Her mind wandered as she stood leaning against a tree. 'We're so close now,' she thought,'I'll finally be able to take on Haman.' Her mind flashed back to that day, five years ago, that Haman betrayed her.

It was a rainy day and lightning flashed outside of a cave. Aya, Junjie and Haman were in the cave.

"You betrayed me!" Aya screamed at Haman. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Aya, I had to," Haman said.

"Liar!" Aya shouted and sent a blast of fire at Haman, but he met it with his own blast. The two streams of fire pushed at each other. Then Haman leaped to the right, and Aya's flames shot past him.

"I'm sorry Aya," Haman said and bent lightning. He sent a bolt right at Aya. It hit her full on and she was blasted right out of the cave.

Aya cleared her head of the memories and looked around. The flickering flames cast shadows on the forest around the campsite. She saw a shadow move, and tensed expecting and attack. But nothing happened.

"Guess it was nothing," she said to herself.

The next morning they ate a light breakfast over the campfire, and headed into the tunnels.

It was humid in the tunnels, and a small stream of water trickled down the middle of the tunnel..

"Everyone stay together," Aya said. She created a ball of fire in her left hand, to light their way.

"Well at least nothing is living in here," Bo said.

"Don't jinx it!" Jia hissed at him.

"Don't worry. I'm sure we can handle whatever we meet up with," Sorako said.

They walked for a long while before they reached a fork in the tunnel.

"Does the map say witch way to take?" Jia asked.

"It says we should take the right tunnel," Aya said.

"But which is the wrong tunnel?" Bo asked. And smiled at his own joke.

Jia punched him on the shoulder and said," let's go before Bo makes anymore lame jokes."

They trekked down the right hand tunnel. The flame in Aya's hand made a made shadows dance across the cavern walls. For a second Jia thought she thought she saw someone up ahead. But then the person disappeared.

A while later they saw a dim light up ahead.

"Finally!" Bo said, "I thought we'd never-" He stopped mid-sentence, when he saw that the light wasn't sign of an exit. The light came from a small hole in the ceiling, of a large cavern. In the middle of the cavern was a meteor rock. At the other end of the cavern was another tunnel.

The rock was about the size of a basketball, and it sat on top of a short pedestal. The sunlight filled the cavern with a dim glow.

"Why is this rock on a pedestal?" Jia asked.

"I don't know," Bo said, then he walked up to the rock and picked it up.

"Are you sure you should be touching that?" Jia asked.

"It's a moonstone," Aya said.

"A what?" Jia asked.

"It enhances a Waterbender's powers."

"Exactly," a man said. He was dressed in red, from his boots to his T-shirt. He a was bald man with a dark complexion . "What are you people doing here?" he asked them.

"My name is Aya and we're just passing through," Aya said as Bo put the stone back on the pedestal.

"It's too bad you found the moonstone," the man said," now I can't let you leave.

"Hey look, man," Sorako said, "there are five of us and one of you."

Da barked indignantly.

"Make that six of us," Sorako said, "so just let us leave and we'll forget we ever met you."

"My name is Feng," the man said, "and I cannot let you leave." Then Feng raised his right hand and Sorako stiffened.

"What the heck are you doing to me?" Sorako asked in surprise.

"Bloodbending," Jia said, "it's a dark art of Waterbending. That's what the ship captain was warning us about. People that can control you're every move."

"Well now that we've all been introduced," Feng said, "you can come with me."

"Like Sorako said," Bo said, "there are six of us."

"And you can't control all of us," Aya said with a smile. She sent a bolt of lightning at Feng but he ducked. In doing so he lost his hold on Sorako.

Before Feng could stand back up Sorako ran up to him tackled him. And he fell flat on his back. Aya stood over Feng and was about to knock him out with a punch when she stiffened. A man walked up to Aya, and created a wall of ice. To separate Aya from the others. Then he froze Sorako's boots to the ground. Immobilizing him.

"Thanks, Chang," Feng said.

"No problem," Chang responded," lets go."

"No!" Jia shouted and shattered the ice wall. Horou ran after the Bloodbenders.

They were taking Aya prisoner.

The Rise Of Haman
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