The Sacred Tree
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The Tale of Naton



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May 18, 2014

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A new evil has risen; a darkbending nation. The world may be fighting, but only the Avatar can defeat the Dark Lord and bring peace to the world.

Book One: Dark

Chapter Six: The Sacred Tree

Previously on Naton

Naton has arrived in the Forest of Thorns. To help him become the Avatar, Gardie trains him in plantbending. Onza also tries to teach Naton lightbending, but in the process, Naton darkbends from an unknown hate. Darkbenders swarm the forest, and the Ben Hai are outnumbered.

Chapter Six: The Sacred Tree

"How many are there?" Onza asked.

"Too many. At least fifty," Aeron answered.

"Fifty? Bring it on!" Beeno roared.

"We have no idea what kind of tricks they have up their sleeves!" Gardie warned them. "I'll use the forest. You guys fight them. Naton, go to the tree and keep it safe."

"But, Gardie I can handle myself!" Naton protested.

"I know you can. But the tree is defenseless," Gardie replied. "The tree is the very soul of this forest. Protect it, and protect yourself." Naton nodded.

"If you guys need any help, give us a signal," Tazen said.

"Do they have machines?" Karrie asked.

"I don't know," Onza said.

"Destroy the forest!" Shin shouted. The darkbenders charged down the valley. A darkbender approached him.

"I've heard that this forest is very spiritual? What happens if we find a spirit?"

"Kill it," Shin said. He earthbended down the mountain, and flung rocks into the trees. Tazen, Kian and Beeno fought the darkbenders, and Aeron flew up.

"It's just darkbenders, no machines." Karrie created a wall of ice. "Onza, how long will we be able to hold them off?"

"Not for long. We're greatly outnumbered!" Gardie said. We raised his hands, and the trees fell onto darkbenders. Beeno launched himself onto the valley top.

"Hey! Eat rock candy!" Beeno flung a boulder at Shin, and pulled out a metal bar from his back and deflected it. Shin kicked the ground, and a rock face hit Beeno in the chin.

"You-! Traitor!" Beeno spun around, sending rocky shards at Shin.

Kian looked up, and his eyes widened. "BEENO! LOOK OUT!"

Gardie sent vines to wrap around the incoming army. "Onza! There's more coming!"

Onza thrust his hands forward, sending a beam of light towards the darkbenders. Tazen punched out fireballs, and then pulled his hand back. His arm spun forward, and a stream of lightning passed through several goons.

Aeron opened up his glider, and flew up. "Onza! I see a huge army coming this way! And there's this one guy in the middle. He looks sort of strong!" He dodged a dark bolt, and flew back.

"By Raava, I hope it's not the Dark Lord," Onza said.

"It probably is," Gardie said. Onza raised an eyebrow.

Naton rushed to the Sacred Tree. It looked fine, except one leaf was slightly grey. "The darkness is taking over." He touched the tree, and he felt the surge of energy. "Who knows what kind of power this thing has?" He heard a loud bang, and an entire section of the forest erupted into black flames.

"What just happened?" Tazen yelled.

"Darkbending bombs!" Kian shouted. He created a water whip and knocked a darkbender aside. "Incoming!"

Another large black sphere hit the trees, and a tall trunk nearly hit Onza. "Whoever is leading them, I will see!" He clasped his hands together, and his entire body was covered in light. He flew up and headed for the giant army.

Shin knocked Beeno to the ground. "Earth against earth, huh? How about metal vs. earth?" Shin raised his hand, and an iron platform rose out of the ground. A giant air wave sent Shin flying backwards.

"I got you!" Aeron flew down and deployed his staff. Beeno stood up and threw a boulder. Shin jumped out of the way and flung several spikes. A darkbender approached Beeno, held out his hand, and grabbed his shoulder. A green substance seeped out of the darkbender's hand, and Beeno collapsed to the ground.

"Beeno!" Aeron dodged a rock and picked up Beeno. He knocked the darkbender aside and flew up.

Onza landed in the middle of the darkbending army. He sent a light wave in all directions, and headed for the leader. He spun around and fired a bolt of light. The leader created a dark shield, and shot a bolt of darkness. Onza dodged and pointed his staff at the leader. "The Dark Lord." A sphere of light hit the leader. Onza raised his arms, and several light beams rose out of the ground. The Dark Lord stood up and fired three shots of dark. The light beams disappeared. Onza rushed forward, and a darkbending bomb struck the ground, and he was sent flying. He landed right in front of the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord lifted his hand, and prepared to strike.

"Naton! Beeno's injured!" Aeron landed, and set Beeno on the ground. "The darkbender did something to him." Gardie rushed up to them and placed a hand on Beeno's chest.

"He's lost most of his bending."


"The darkbender greatly decreased his earthbending."

Aeron's eyes widened. "What do we do?"

"Naton, I want you to take Beeno to the Sacred Tree. Aeron, come with me. There are still tons of darkbenders out there."

"Yes, sir!" Naton put Beeno around his shoulders, and walked towards the tree.

Tazen struck the ground, sending burned darkbenders flying. "Kian! Where's Master Onza?"

"I don't know!" The waterbender flung a giant icicle. "I saw him flying towards the leader!" Karrie yelled.

"WHAT?!" Tazen shot fire out of his hands, and began to fly towards Onza. Onza lifted his head and saw the Dark Lord. "No...." A darkbending beam shot through Onza's body.

Tazen's eyes widened. "NOOOO!" He flung a fireball at the Dark Lord, and he shot a dark bolt. The two fought, and Tazen, in a fit of rage, spun around, creating a ring of fire. The Dark Lord staggered backward, then raised his arms. He flew into the sky, and Tazen growled. The firebender then rushed to his dying master.

"Tazen..... is that you....."

"Master. You can't die."

Naton set Beeno right underneath the tree. "Come on..." Naton put Beeno's hands on the trunk. Several leaves turned black. Naton then put his hands on the leaves. "Do your stuff, sacred tree.. Give his bending back...." The ground shook, and Naton fell on his knees. He put a hand on the trunk. "Do the spiritual stuff! Come on!" Aeron spun his staff, creating an air sphere, and shot air blasts out of the ball.

"Gardie, there's too many of them!" A dark bolt struck the shield, and Aeron flew back. Gardie flung a log at a darkbender.

"Where's Onza?" Kian was knocked back, and he stabbed a darkbender with an ice shard. A darkbender shot Karrie with a dark-ball. Gardie rushed over to her, and began to heal her.

"Gardie, behind you!" Kian froze a darkbender, and he stood up. He sent a wave through the forest and threw an icicle in the air. Aeron crawled up to a tree.

"Ugh..." A darkbending bomb exploded near him, and he flew back. Several darkbenders backed Kian into a corner, and fired dark blasts. The waterbender ducked, but was attacked from behind.

The Sacred Tree began to tilt, as the roots turned rotten. "Why won't you work, stupid tree!" Naton hit the trunk in anger. He fell to the ground. "Why doesn't anything work?!"

You must focus on what's really important. Look closely and see.

Naton stared at the Sacred Tree. It was falling to darkness. "What is there to see?" Concentrate. Find the good things. Several branches fell off.

Naton. This is Alang.

"Guardian Spirit?"

Listen, Naton. You must reach deep into the Tree. There is great power which you can use.

"But it doesn't do anything!!!"

Don't look on the outside. Look in deep. Treat it as a whole. Treat it like a leaf. With all of the small water droplets.

Naton placed a hand on the tree. Feel the power. He closed his eyes. Find the good. Suddenly, a surge power went not into Naton, but into the tree. The tree glowed brightly, and a wave of energy covered the entire forest. Beeno's eyes glowed blue, and Naton felt himself become more powerful. "The tree!"

"What was that?" A blue wave hit the darkbenders, sending them back. "It's a spirit! Run!" Gardie stood up.

"He did it." The darkbenders began to flee, but the trees began to move. They blocked them off, and vines shot out of the ground, and dragged them under. The darkbenders on the cliff, watched the sudden turn of events, and retreated. Soon, the forest was silent, and the plants returned to their normal state. Naton lay on the ground, staring at the clear sky.

"Dude. You okay?" Beeno asked.

"Yeah. By the way, could you earthbend for me?" Naton said. Beeno punched the ground, and a boulder knocked into a tree.

"Whoa. How did you do that? You didn't even energybend."

"Thank the tree." Gardie, Aeron, Karrie and Kian rushed to the Sacred Tree.

"Is anyone hurt? Did Beeno get his bending back?" Gardie asked.

"No and yes," Naton replied.

"But where are Tazen and Onza?" The firebender landed in front of him, and set Onza on the ground. There was a large wound in Onza's chest.

"Ohmygosh Master Onza!" Aeron slapped his face.

"Is he okay?"

"No. It was the Dark Lord," Tazen said.

"Can the Sacred Tree heal him?" Kian asked.

"I don't know," Naton said.

"It gave Beeno his bending back, but it might not give Master Onza his life back." Gardie kneeled in front of Onza. "He's still alive. Barely."

"Gardie...." Onza spoke. "Lead them."


"Lead the Ben Hai for me."

"What? No, Onza you can't leave!" Karrie cried. "You gotta live, Master!" Beeno said.

"No. The wound is too deep," Onza croaked. Naton crouched over the master. "I've only known you for a week. You can't just die! I just became the Avatar! I need a master!"

"You still do," Onza said.

Naton looked at Gardie. "But Master! Who will teach me lightbending? What if I need to master it to defeat the Dark Lord?"

"Don't worry, Master. I'll take revenge on the Dark Lord for what he did to you!" Tazen said.

"No. Don't. Go forward and help the people. But do not take revenge," Onza said. "I will come back when you need me."

"What? No you won't! You'll die and will never come back!" Kian shouted.

"Kian.... I will come back. I promise you. Promise on your father." Kian sighed.

"On my father." Naton placed a hand on Onza's head. "You have to come back Master."

Onza smiled "I will."

Then Onza breathed his last. The Ben Hai was silent. "I will never sleep until the Dark Lord is dead! For Onza!" Beeno roared.

"No. No revenge," Gardie said. "We have to continue without him. It was his dying wish." Naton picked up Onza's body and placed it near the Sacred Tree.

"Goodbye Master." Gardie put a hand on Naton's shoulder.

"You did it, Avatar. You harnessed the power of the forest."

"Yeah. But I'd rather have my master back," Naton said.


Writer - GretriXcape

Illustrator - GretriXcape

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