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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 8, 2013

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Chapter 5 - The News

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The Gaang and kids hide on an island so no one can find Zuko and kill him, but the hiding place wasn't as good as they thought

It's nighttime. The Gaang and kids are all on Appa flying across Yue Bay. Everyone, except Aang is sitting on Appa's saddle. Aang is sitting on the back of Appa's head. 

Aang: How did the bad guys get away Toph?

Toph: Well, I went to deal with them, but when I opened the door where my officers were keeping an eye on them, they ran out and escaped! All my officers were knocked out. I don't know how they did it, but they took out my officers. Instead of going after the lily livers, I had to get someone to help with my officers. 

Katara: So where do you think the assassins are?

Sokka: They're probably looking for us! They want to kill Zuko right?

Zuko: Yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?

Sokka: It means we should hide somewhere for the night, somewhere they would never find us.

Aang: *points in front of him* There's an island over there! We can hide there for the night!

Appa flies a little faster to the island. Appa lands and everyone gets off him. 

Sokka: Looks like we're going to have to camp here, like old times.

Zuko's daughter walks near Bumi and points over to the edge of the island, signaling him to go with her away from everyone else. Zuko's daughter walks ahead of him and sits down. Bumi sits next to her and puts his arm around her.

Bumi: Are you okay?

Zuko's Daughter: No, I'm not!

Tears start rolling down her face and her voice is starting to croak.

Zuko's Daughter: People are trying to kill my father, and they're most likely trying to kill me!

Bumi hugs Zuko's daughter tightly and puts his other arm around her

Bumi: Don't worry, I won't let anyone kill you. I promise.

Zuko's Daughter: Thank you Bumi

Zuko's daughter gives Bumi a half smile as a tear rolls down her right cheek. Kya watches her brother and Zuko's daughter from a few yards away, thinking. She quietly walks over to them. 

Kya: Hey you two!

Bumi screams from being startled by Kya and falls over. Still on the ground, he turns his head and sees Kya standing there. He sits up quickly

Bumi: Kya! You scared me!

Kya: Sorry, but I just came over to say I know you must be dealing with a lot. Your father is a great man, and everything he did was in the past.

Zuko's Daughter: I know. I don't want anything to happen to my father.

Katara: *yelling at Kya, Bumi, and Zuko's daughter* Kids! Come over here and get some sleep!

Kya, Bumi and Zuko's daughter walk back over to the center of the island. The Gaang set up some sleeping bags for everyone when Bumi and Zuko's daughter were talking. Everyone chooses a sleeping bag and falls asleep. A few hours go by and its the crack of dawn. The sun starts rising. Aang awakens and sits up. He looks over to where Zuko was sleeping and his eyes get wider. He turns to his other side and shakes Katara's shoulder.

Aang: Everyone wake up!

Everyone starts waking up from Aang yelling. Everyone sits up alert.

Katara: What is it sweetie?

Aang: Where is Zuko?

Sokka: Zuko's gone!?

Toph: How is that possible? I would have been able to feel vibrations on this island if someone came!

Katara: Maybe he left Republic City.

Zuko's Daughter: But I'm still here! He wouldn't leave without me!

Sokka walks over to Zuko's sleeping bag. He starts to feel the ground with a puzzled expression on his face. 

Sokka: It feels strangely damp over here in this area of the island....*starts feeling other parts of the island* ...but only this part of the island. This can only mean one thing. Someone waterbended Zuko off the island so Toph couldn't feel the vibrations. I hate to say it, but *puts his head down and closes his eyes* I think Zuko is dead.

Aang and Katara hug each other and cry. Sokka eyes begin to shed tears, along with Toph. All the kids start hugging each other and cry. Zuko's daughter is in shock and she begins to cry. Bumi hugs her and she puts her face on his chest. Everyone climbs on Appa with their sleeping bags. 

Aang: *low* Yip Yip

Appa starts flying across Yue Bay towards Republic City

Katara: *sadly* I can't believe this. Zuko is gone, and it's all because they can't forgive him.

Aang: *serious* Sweetie, remember a long time ago when I told you to let your anger out and forgive the guy who killed your mother?

Katara: Yeah.

Aang: Well, maybe they let their anger out, but they forgave him, maybe he's still alive. Maybe I'm wrong, but we can only hope he isn't dead yet.

Katara: I have a theory. That spot on the island wouldn't be wet if they didn't capture him only a couple hours or so ago! We have to find him, I hope it's just not too late.

Appa lands on shore near the boats and everyone gets off

Katara: Where would a couple of bad guys take the Firelord?

Sokka: Lets think through this. They took Zuko with waterbending and they tried to kill Zuko underwater.

Toph: The other bad guy is an earthbender.

Sokka: Maybe the bad guys have a secret underwater bunker, kinda like the one at Lake Laogai in Ba Sing Se. 

Toph: I think you might be right. When Katara and I were under there, I felt some tunnel-like thing underground.

Sokka: Then we don't have another moment to waste, lets go! 

Aang: Wait! What about the kids?

Sokka: Take them with us, I've seen them fight, they make a good team. 

Everyone starts going under the water in an air bubble. Aang and Kya help Katara bend the air bubble around everyone

Toph: I feel something! *earthbends a hole in the ground* Just what I suspected, It's a tunnel! Lets go everyone!

Toph jumps down the tunnel first, followed by Lin, Sokka, Zuko's daughter, Bumi, Kya, Katara and Aang. They land inside an underground tunnel, just like Lake Laogai.

Sokka: So now where do we go?

Toph: I can hear screaming down that way! *points to her left*

Everyone starts running in the direction Toph pointed from. Toph runs in front of everyone

Sokka: Is it Zuko?

Toph: If I knew right now, I would tell you! Lets go!

They continue running down the hall until they make it to a door. Toph takes a step back and kicks the door off the hinges. Right in front of the Gaang is Zuko tied up to a chair and his mouth tied up. Zuko is still alive

Aang: Zuko! You're okay!

Sokka: Come on, lets get him untied!

Katara: *Takes the tied rope off his mouth* Where are the bad guys that captured you?

Zuko: I don't know, but how did you find me?

Sokka: My brain, Aang, Katara, and Kya's water and air skills, and Toph's earthbending skills.

Toph: Uh, guys, we're not alone. *points behind her*

Right behind the Gaang are two guys. Every bender bends their element in from of them as a threat. Every nonbender uses their weapon as a threat

Guy 1: Wait! We're not who you think!

Sokka: *not believing him* Are you? Are you trying to tell us you didn't capture Firelord Zuko so you could kill him?

Guy 2: Yes! You see, my buddy and I heard the Firelord was coming into town, and we wanted to meet you. This morning we were walking around because we couldn't sleep, and we saw this water arm grab someone on an island. We went to go investigate, finding out that the Firelord was captured, but before we did anything, they saw us and we got captured too.

Toph: Drop your elements and weapons everyone, they're telling the truth.

Everyone drops their threats

Katara: Do you know where the bad guys are?

Guy 1: Not exactly, but we know they aren't underwater anymore, I think they mentioned something about getting an object to make it easier on killing you Firelord.

Both guys bow their heads to Zuko in unison

Sokka: We should split up. I'll stay down here in case they manage to come back without us knowing it. Anyone want to stay with me?

Katara: I think I should. I'm surrounded by water after all.

Tenzin: I wanna stay down here! 

Lin: I'll stay here too!

Kya: Me three!

Aang: I think I shouldn't stay, I need to be up there in case the bad guys are there.

Toph: Me too, I need to be there to arrest them!

Zuko: I should go with you two. I can't live underwater, or die underwater.

Zuko's Daughter: I want to be with you dad!

Bumi: I'm going with you!

Katara: No Bumi! In case the bad guys are up there, I think you should stay.

Bumi: *sigh* Okay. *hugs Zuko's daughter* Be safe okay?

Zuko's Daughter: Okay.

Aang runs back over to Katara

Aang: I know you can handle yourself, but please stay safe.

Katara: You too.

Aang wraps his arms around Katara's upper back. Katara wraps her arms around Aang's neck. The couple closes their eyes, leans their heads closer together and share a kiss. Katara sheds a tear as the kiss becomes more dramatic.


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