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Chapter 6

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This is the sixth chapter of my fanon, Fanon: Adventures of Li Hua. The main page for the fanon is here.

~What Happened Last Time~

Last time on Adventures of Li Hua: Li Hua surely knows how to mess things up. She and the escort's kiss took an unexpected turn. Jiha, Li Hua's friend, came to comfort her.


"Wakey wakey!"

A sudden light flashed in my face. I opened one eye and looked around. At this moment, everything seems a blur.

I have such a headache right now.

"Come on Li Li. Time to get up. I've been having to entertain myself while you slept. I'm not doing a good job. Come on!"

I sat up and stared at Jiha. She was smiling like always.

I began to rub my eyes saying, "Morning, Jiha. How are you?"

"Fine. Enough of this friendly talk. Lets go out on this place. I want to see what's here."

No way! I do not want to look around. What if I see that guy? What if he sees me. What if...

"Oh....yea. I forgot, I'm sorry. We don't have to go if you don't want to. We can stay here and make some fun out of it."

She began to sit on my bed and take her shoes off.

"Uh... no. I guess we can go. We'll just stay out of areas that would increase our chances of seeing him. That's not too hard." I gave a fake smile and clapped my hands together. I sprang up and began to put my clothes on.

I had to make it seem like I was excited. I refuse to hold my best friend back from her dreams. I just refuse.

We walked out the door and was greeted by everyone. Nothing but smiles on everyone's faces; it brightened my day.

"Oh em gee. Li Li! Get a look at this."

I turned my head and looked at the purse in Jiha's hand. It was medium in size. It hung perfectly on her shoulder. An added plus? The bag was a blue color. It was a match made in heaven. Like the bag was set there to attract Jiha.

"Wow, that's so pretty. You have to get that. Just have to."

I turned back around and continued to look a fruit.

I figured that we would need some while we stay here. The visitors room came with little food which isn't enough for two growing girls.

I heard over my shoulder Jiha say "I'm buying this bag. It's to die for."

"I want to buy this, sir."

I made the translation and walked over to stand next to Jiha's side.

We continued to shop around for a while until it began to get dark. There wasn't much in our hands. We simply had the necessities. Things needed to survive this place. It looks like we are going to be here for a while. I told Jiha that we must leave today. But of course she found a way to distract me. Now it's way too dark to leave. We would, for sure, get lost.

We walked back to the house and began to start another night. As soon as Jiha pulled the cover over her head, I knew she was asleep. Sleeping very well.

I couldn't sleep at all. To much on my mind. I got out of bed and crept to the door. I planned to go to the river. Somewhere that always calmed me.

I stood there by the river and breathed in the river's smell. Nothing like water's sound and smell. It's perfect. Reminds me of home. Nothing like it.


I turned around and "my guy" was standing there. I was beyond shocked. I didn't know what exactly to do, but one thing I did know was that I needed to say something or this is going to be a repeat of what happened last time. I can't afford that. Not at all. Boy, I think too much.


Did I just yell? Great. Way to go Li Hua.

"I had to talk to you. I didn't like the way I left."


He walked closer to me and stood next to me. He turned his head and stared at me.

I wonder what he is thinking. Wonder if he's thinking what I'm thinking. He's just standing there looking so cute.

I turned and looked him in the eyes. He had a crease between his eyebrows, so I knew that what was about to happened been bothering him. I just wish I could read minds, just for a moment, just for a second even, just to know what was running threw his mind. I sighed and short low sigh of wonder and calmness.

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