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A Final Goodbye
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Spirit of the North


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20 July, 2014

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Cry no more little one

Child of the moon

For the sun will shortly rise

So very soon

And chase away the darkness

Left by those who have passed away

So honour their legacy

Every single day

--Child of the Moon, a song of mourning passed down orally through generations.

It was a windy morning in Manirak. The howling gales blew Miki's dark hair across her face as she stood atop the gravestone-lined hill. It was nearing the end of summer, and so the colder winds from the north would reach their village in a few weeks. The snow crunched beneath her feet each step she took, leaving a trail right from her home all the way to where she was now.

Her father's note last night had been hard to read. Both of the sisters had learnt so much about their father and what he had been living with all that time. How he missed their mother so much. Miki felt she had to see his grave at least once more.

As she approached the tall rectangle stone with the two swirling waves, Miki managed not to shed a single tear. But unlike at the funeral, it was not out of hatred or unresolved wrongs committed by her father. She was just a lot calmer than when they had put the gravestone up, and after last night's revelations she was beginning to feel at peace with everything. But still, she needed to get some things off her chest, even if her father was no longer with them. She needed closure.

"Hey Father," A smile crept across her face as she gazed upon the gravestone. For a fleeting moment she considered how strange this was; to speak to a loved one who clearly wasn't around to hear it. But somehow, it was as if the piece of her old father left behind in her heart, the 'man' her father had told her to remember in his note, needed to hear her words. The former councilman's daughter laughed, "You really were the worst at endings. You remember your stories you used to tell us before bed? I always hated your endings you made up. It was as if you couldn't think of a good way to finish so you would just say whatever popped into your head, trying to get us to go to sleep," she exhaled a loud sigh, laced with a tinge of sorrow. "And this ending is pretty awful too."

From where she was atop the hill, Miki could see the vast oceans ahead of her. She could hear the gentle push and pull of the waves, and smell the salt from the sea. The calls of hawk-gulls in the air could be heard, the majestic birds riding the air currents high in the sky. Her parents had once sailed these oceans. From the north they had both left, in search of a new life here in Manirak. It was also the village that had claimed both her parent's lives.

Miki brushed her fringe out of her face before continuing. "I miss you Father," her voice became unsteady, "I have since that night when Mom had died. And I will probably keep missing you until the day I die." Miki felt her eyes grow warm with tears. Perhaps there was still more sorrow to be shed than what had been last night. "And I know that you will be reunited with Mom, wherever that may be. But still, how can I forgive you for all that has happened? I wanted you to change, not just disappear altogether! I wanted to go back to a time where I could honestly say I loved you." Miki wiped her arm across her face, her thick jacket collecting her tears that were shed.

Shaking her head, Miki spoke into the morning air, "But I didn't come here to blame you, nor bring up what has happened. I came here to... Try and move on. I came here to say a proper goodbye. Junetsu was so good at it," Miki smiled as she cast her mind back to yesterday, when she had seen Junetsu say her goodbyes to Keiro. "She had managed to turn all of her sadness into something else. And that doesn't mean she has forgotten about you; she surely hasn't and continues to grieve in her heart just as we do. But it means that her sorrow is no longer weighing her down. She is able to adapt, to change just like water does when it flows down a stream, moving around the rocks and things blocking its path but not letting itself be blocked. And I need to do the same."

Images of their past together flashed through her mind. The times he had played with her, built her snowmen, taught her how to fish, and hunt, and read. The times he and her mother would sing together, or when they would go on family trips altogether. This man was the one who Miki loved dearly, and the one she would honour for all her life.

"I don't think I can forgive you now for all you have done to me, and Saskha. But perhaps today marks the day when I can begin to forgive you." She smiled and looked once again into the windy sky, imagining her father looking down from somewhere. For Miki, forgiveness was something which would take time. All the ignoring and abuse she had suffered by her father's hand would take a while to forgive, and even longer to forget, if she ever would do either. It would take time, and perhaps she would never fully come to terms with his actions, but someday she hoped that she could at least be at peace with all that had happened.

Miki turned and began walking back to the village. It had felt strangely satisfying speaking out loud. It was as if her father was somewhere, watching her, and he had heard all she had said. She gave the gravestone one last glance, "I suppose I did get my real father back; you're now reunited with Mom, and the piece of you that was lost when she died will be restored." Miki laughed slightly, "But I suppose I won't get to meet him again until I die." After she had finished, she turned and walked back to the village. She would see her real father again, the one whom she missed dearly. The one she had longed to return after her mother had died. She would see him again, but unfortunately she would not see him in again in this life.

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