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The Dream

"Roast duck only ten silver coins!" a man from one of the numerous stores declared.

Vakama was strolling along a Fire Nation boardwalk near a port on a fine sunny day. He remembered that he needed to get his sword sharpened and to buy a few supplies for his family. He took caution near the many mercenaries who always seemed to be looking for trouble, especially with young warriors like Vakama.

After walking for a few minutes and avoiding the crowded places he finally noticed the blacksmith he usually went to when he required services. The owner of the store was a burly man known as "The Ox". His appearance was intimidating, heavy armor below his midsection, strong decorative boots, a muscular bare chest, gauntlets, several piercings on his face, and his legendary hammer, used to make countless great weapons and armor. He didn't have to worry about him though. They were great friends.

"Vakama! It's good to see all grown up! How's your father?" The Ox said with his booming voice.

"His doing fine, were struggling a little but we'll manage" Vakama smiled, "Can you do me a favor?"


"I need my sword sharpened" Vakama handed him his sword, "How long do you think it will take?"

The Ox observed the blade very closely before saying "Well I also have to work on other weapons but...It will be done in an hour."

With that, Vakama made a slight bow, but as he departed The Ox said,

"There is a small problem though..."

"What's that?" Vakama sounded nervous. "It's not really a favor if you're paying me." The Ox smiled.

Vakama returned it and rolled his eyes. He loved his sense of humor.

Exiting the shop he decided to buy fish next but then he looked at the sky and saw black clouds.

What the? How long was I in there?

He ignored it after a few minutes and continued his way to the market when it suddenly started to rain. No, it wasn't raining, the drops fell too lightly. Then he noticed that it was actually black...flakes falling down slowly.

The flakes slowly transitioned from black to a light grey, and then finally white.

Is this snow? There has never been snow before in the Fire Nation.

Vakama looked around as he noticed the huge, powerful, metallic, Fire Navy ships transformed into humble Water Tribe boats. The people who were wearing short sleeve clothing were now wearing blue fluffy coats. The snow continued, now like a blizzard. Day became night. The snow was now swirling around him.

I knew I shouldn't have eaten my sister's cooking...

The blizzard slowed down, until everything became more visible. The sun vanished and the moon appeared. He was still at a port, but he was standing on ice and snow instead of wood. What was a chaotic blizzard turned into a peaceful soothing breeze.

Where am I?

"You're in the Northern Water Tribe" a voice said.

"Who is that?" Vakama demanded "What's going on?"

"You're in a dream."


"No, you really are dreaming," the source of the voice suddenly appeared as a middle aged man, with physical features such as tan skin and blue eyes which clearly said he was from the Water Tribes.

Vakama wanted to say something but couldn't find the words, so the man talked instead.

"I am Avatar Kuruk," he said, "and I need your help."

Vakama just stood there, amazed, and then said, "An Avatar needing my help? This is an honor! How can I possib-"

"I need help dealing with Koh."

Hearing the name Koh instantly made Vakama realize this was a dream, and that he was still trapped in the Spirit World.

"How can I help?" Vakama asked eagerly.

"We don't have much time, this message is concealed telepathically, meaning only you and I know of this discussion. However a powerful Spirit like Koh can intercept this if we don't make this short."

Vakama nodded.

"Koh knows I'm after him, since my time as Avatar the world was already in a peaceful era, so I didn't take my duties so seriously, one night during a celebration in my Tribe I met a beautiful women from the Southern Water Tribe named Umm-"

"Don't mean to be rude and interrupted you but I already know all this, and you did say we have limited time so..."

"Ah right, I can't track Koh's location because him being a powerful spirit, but I can track you". Kuruk stated.

"Hmm...I like where this is going, what else?"

"All you need to do is stay emotionless for a while until I can pin point your exact location, then we will deal with Koh together."

As much as Vakama wanted this plan to work, he still had his doubts, was it possible to 'deal' with a spirit?

"But Kuru-"

"I most go now, I stayed too long, and I'll continue this at a later time."

With that Kuruk was gone, and the Water Tribe port turned back into a Fire Nation port, and as Vakama opened his eyes, back to Koh's lair.

Vakama's thoughts were swirling with all the things that just happened, and he wandered if Koh saw the vision too.

Suddenly Koh turned his face to the one of Ummi's and grinned as he slithered away.

Does he know?

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