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The Battle of the Northern Air Temple
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Azula's Mysterious Plan





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January 16, 2011

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Chapter 5 (Azula's Mysterious Plan)

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The gang confront Azula and Long Feng, who are seconds away from securing their second Elemental Amulet...

Chapter 6: The Battle of the Northern Air Temple.

"What is taking them so long?" Katara asked.

"Beats me," said Sokka. "Why."

"I don't know, it's just...they've been gone for a really long time," she said. "I'm going to go look for them."

"I'll come too," said Toph. "Are you coming, Sokka?"

"Is that a serious question?" Sokka laid down on Appa and was asleep in seconds. Suki rolled her eyes and jumped up to accompany Katara and Toph.

"Come on, let's go look for them!" Katara said.

"That won't be necessary," Toph replied, placing her hands on the ground. "I already know where they are. Whoa, this place is amazing. Who knew that all of that was underneath the temple?"

"All of what?" Katara asked dubiously. Suki shrugged her shoulders.

"Just follow me," said Toph, and she led Katara and Suki to the stairs leading to the underground labyrinth. Toph used her feet to guide the group through the maze with ease. She could 'see' the entire place using Earthbending, so all she had to do was solve it like a maze and find their way through. When they emerged on the other side of the tangle of tunnels, they were in a large room with a pedestal in the middle. Across the room they saw Aang and Zuko, and Katara was about to call to them when Suki pulled her back.

"Wait, look!" she whispered. She pointed to two figures that were approaching the pedestal. Aang and Zuko were in hot pursuit. The figures turned around, and Katara recognized them immediately. They were Azula and Long Feng.

"Stop!" Aang yelled. He punched upward with his hands, and the ground underneath Long Feng was firmly uprooted, sending him hurtling backwards.

"I'll take care of Long Feng," said Zuko. "You stop Azula."

"Agreed." Aang altered his course and headed straight for the pedestal. Azula was already almost there. Seeing no reason to hide anymore, Katara and Toph joined in the battle as well. Katara went to help Aang as Toph hurried to Zuko's aid. It was four vs. two, but that didn't mean a thing.

Long Feng was outmatched and he knew it. Toph punched a rock at him, and he fell to the floor. Zuko shot a few fire blasts at him for good measure, and within a minute, this half of the fight was over. Long Feng lay curled up on the ground, utterly defeated, with bruises, cuts, and burn marks covering much of his skin. The battle with Azula, however, wasn't going so well.

While Toph and Zuko could go on the offensive against Long Feng, Aang and Katara had to be defensive in order to protect the stone on the glowing pedestal in the center of the room.

It was no use. Even with just the power of one stone, Azula was untouchable. When Katara shot water at her, she merely cancelled it out with a burst of flame. Whatever Aang threw at her, no matter the element, she simply dodged it.

"This isn't working," Aang cried. "Katara, grab the stone. Toph take Katara and the stone and get out of here!"

"You got it, Twinkletoes!" Toph hollered, obviously enjoying this action after months of home life. Katara went to grab the stone, but it wasn't there.

"Where is it Aang?" Katara screamed.

"Just grab it off of that pedestal!" Aang cried as he fought to keep Azula away.

"IT'S NOT HERE!" Katara shrieked.

"No, it isn't." Long Feng stood behind them, the elemental amulet in his hand. "Princess Azula!" He threw the amulet. Before anyone could do anything to stop her, Azula had the stone in her hand, and a blinding light filled the room.

"Aghh!" Aang yelled. "I...can't...see!" He grappled in the blinding light but couldn't open his eyes to see where the two had gone. Only Toph, unfazed by the light, was able to race after them as they attempted to make their escape.

"Stop them!" Zuko yelled as the light began dimming and he regained his sight. He and Toph raced after them, but suddenly Azula stopped running and turned to face them. She held the two elemental amulets she already had and pressed them together. Another flash of light blinded Zuko, while Toph raced ahead toward Azula.

With a cackle of crazed delight, Azula raised her arm and the floor uprooted onto itself, crushing Toph's feet and, without the use of her feet, rendering her blind.

"My feet!" Toph screamed as she toppled over and tried desperately to free her feet from the floor. "How did she Earthbend?"

"With these two amulets I'm already more powerful than all of you filthy scum! But don't worry. We'll meet again. Once I gain all of the powers of the Avatar, I'l return to destroy you all!" Azula grinned crazily again, reminding Zuko horribly of the Agni Kai in the Royal Palace during Sozin's Comet. "Ha ha ha HAAAAA!" Azula shrieked, and with a powerful gust of air she propelled herself down the tunnel and out of sight.

"She's already got the Air and Earth amulets!" said Zuko, horrified. "This is worse than we could have even imagined!"

Katara raced up to Toph and used Waterbending to turn the ground to mud. Toph raised her damaged feet from the gunk and Suki helped her stumble to her feet.

"I can heal you while we ride on Appa," Katara told Toph. "Any idea where we go next, Aang? Aang? Aan-." Her voice was drowned out by a giant explosion that rocked the entire temple. The group raced back to find Aang face down on the floor, a large scar through his chest and an exit mark out his right arm; Azula had struck him with lightning.

"WHERE IS SHE!?" Katara exclaimed. Suddenly, a blur whizzed by her and back down the hall, a giant gust of air left in its wake. Azula was gone again...

Author's Note

First real action scene. What did you think?

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