Eternal Flame
The Return of the Comet Part 1: The Eternal Flame
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Chapter 5: Trip to the Sun Warriors

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Chapter 7: The Return of the Comet Part 2: Ran and Shaw

"Master Ozai, Sozin's Comet is returning," said Ryu.

"What?" Said Ozai, "Ran and Shaw might go into rage."

Soon the sky begins to darken and the comet returns.

"Master Ozai, the flames."

"Oh no, the flame is dimming."

"Ryu, check at Ran and Shaw," said Ozai.


So Ryu checked on Ran and Chaw and the two dragons roared at Ryu.

"Oh no, the flame, it's about to disappear," said Ozai.

Meanwhile in the Spirit World:

"Entropy has surpassed the flame and the flame is dimming if," said Aang.

"Too much negative energy caused by those two dragons," said Korra.

Back in the physical world:

As the flame rises, Ran and Shaw attack Ryu, but he shields it with earthbending and shoots them with a boulder.

"Aargh, they're too strong," said Ryu.

"Hold on, I am trying to keep it lit."

Ryu then combined a multiple fire and earth strike at Ran and Shaw, but they fight back.


Korra then enters Ryu's body and fights the two dragons.

Ran and Shaw blew a single fire blast that knocked comet out of its orbit and begins to crash to the earth.

Korra proceeds by fighting the two dragons.

"Oh no," said Ozai.

Then the comet prepares to crash unto the Eternal Flame.

Korra splits from Ryu's body and returns to being spirit; Aang too has done the same.

They both use airbending to stop the comet from crashing.

To be continued

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