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Zuko saves Iroh
The Kidnapping of my Uncle
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The Perspective of the Banished Prince





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Chapter 6: The Kidnapping of my Uncle

"Uncle, it's time to leave! Where are you? Uncle Iroh!" I called impatiently. I hope he wasn't doing anything stupid.

"Over here!" Uncle called back. I came across him relaxing in a hot spring.

"Uncle, we need to move on. We're closing in on the Avatar's trail and I don't want to lose him!" I said.

"You're tired Prince Zuko. Why don't you join me in these hot springs and soak away your troubles?" Uncle asked.

"My troubles cannot be soaked away. It's time to go!" I said.

"You should listen to your teacher's advice and relax a little. The temperature's just right. I heated it myself," Uncle said, breathing steam from his nose. He's making me so angry right now.

"Enough! We need to leave now! Get out of the water!" I demanded.

"Very well," Uncle said, rising out of the water. I should have never counter-argued. I turned away in disgust and shielded my face with my hand.

"On second thought, why don't you stay in there for a few minutes. But be back at the ship in half an hour or I'm leaving without you!" I said, walking away. Great. Now I have a disturbing image in my head and it might never go away!

I was in the ship waiting. Half an hour has passed. We waited for a few more hours. The sun was setting. Where in the world had Uncle gone? This is ridiculous. I went back to the hot spring with three soldiers.

"Uncle! Uncle, where are you?" I called out.

"Sir, he must have thought you left without him," a soldier told me.

"Something's not right. That pile of rocks," I said suspiciously, pointing towards the spring.

"It looks like there's been a landslide sir," another soldier said.

"Land doesn't slide uphill. Those rocks didn't move naturally. My uncle's been captured by Earthbenders!" I realized. He should have come when he had the chance. I decided to go after him. I mounted a rhino and rode through the forest.

Morning came. As I followed the trail of ostrich-horse footsteps, I came across a sandal. I picked it up and sniffed it. I turned away in disgust. "Yeah, that's Uncle Iroh," I said, re-mounting my rhino. But while following the footsteps, I noticed the bison. "The Avatar," I said. Then, I looked at the footprints and decided that finding Uncle was more important than capturing the Avatar.

I finally found Uncle. There were two Earthbender soldiers who had placed Uncle's chained hands on a boulder with another boulder above. I jumped in and kicked the rock away. Then, I broke Uncle's chain.

"Excellent, Prince Zuko," Uncle said.

"You taught me well," I said. We then proceeded to fight the Earth Kingdom soldiers and we defeated them. We stared at the wreckage.

"Now will you please put some clothes on?" I asked, handing him his clothes. We went back to the Fire Nation ship.

"Have you found out about where the Avatar is heading?" I asked the captain.

"Uh, yes but you're not going to like it," he said.

"Tell me!" I demanded.

"He is going to Avatar Roku's Temple, which is in the Fire Nation," the captain said gravely. An uneasy feeling came to me. I am considered the enemy now. What am I going to do?

Author's Note

I hope all my readers are enjoying this

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