The Encirclement
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Air. Water. Earth. Fire.
After a long, fulfilled and yet exhausting life, Avatar Korra passed, being succeeded by Sari of the Earth Kingdom, who died early and almost didn't play a role in history.
The current Avatar is Asura of the Fire Nation, who mastered the elements quickly.
Although she thought she would never play an important role in history, she was proven wrong when the black ships arrived. The first one came in peace, but all the following carried a deadly cargo: WAR.
A war even the Avatar and her allies can barely end.
But the question is: Will there still be a world to save?

Previously on Avatar: The War of the Worlds

The new Team Avatar goes to save a friend of three of its members: Malu of the Air Nomads. On the way to the sieged stronghold of Air Temple Island, they find an underground Equalist weapon depot and equip each of their members with at least one electrified glove before they use the tunnel network to get to the coastline. As this fails, the Team has to get there on the surface, while Mike secures the surroundings, acting as a sniper. As they get onto the Island in the night, Malu, who is guarding the Temple's basement mistakes them as invaders and attacks them. At noon the next day, Mike has the idea to evacuate the isle through the air and underwater. All the surviving Air Nomads agree to execute his plan at midnight.

Beneath the surface

The five guarded the one and a half dozens of Air Nomads, men, women and children as well, most of them injured and - after only two days of fighting - battle-hardened. During the second day of fighting they had lost another ten of theirs, all of those had already been injured, and unlike the day before, it had been adults and children as well. All of the Air Nomads had been close to the sixteen who had died during those two days, as their community only consisted of fifty-two members - before the war. From where they were they could clearly see the ships' bodies from below, fortunately not noticing the three sky bison that flew through the sky. Mike could hardly believe these people trusted him that fast. Malu, still partially covered in dressing material, came over to him and asked him, "How... How does it come you can convince people that... fast?"
Mike looked at a Fire Nation destroyer which streamed above their heads before he answered, "Malu, ever hear of some famous speeches from my world's history? We shall fight on the beaches or Wollt ihr den Totalen Krieg for example? I just studied them and... Well, I copy and combine them..."
"Can't be everything..."
"You're right, I also copy and combine military plans and operations from that time... They're proven to work, so they will again. Sometimes I just make up something completely new, but it existed sometime in history..."
Malu thought of what he had said, looking up. She kept looking up with her one intact eye, noticing another destroyer.
"They're coming back! Their sonar must have sensed us!"
All of them looked up to the huge ship, two dozens of metres above them, preparing to throw their depth charges. But one of the two waterbenders there cried out, "Fast! If we hurry, we can make it!"
Mike looked up as the bombs detonated and almost cut their way off, dividing the huge bubble of air on the bay's ground into two, Mike ending up right between those two. He found himself swimming to the first one, which was held up by Asura.
He swam as fast as he could, but found himself too slow to make any significant progress as he was nearer to the bubble which was held up by Kiruya. After a minute of diving he fell onto the ground of Kiruya's bubble, exhausted. Soon, all of them ran for their lives, and the coastline was coming nearer. After a few minutes of running through the enemy lines, all the remaining Air Nomads - three dozens - had reached the entrance to one of the many tunnels that lead beneath the metropolis and even beyond its borders. The three sky bisons still had not been spotted, as all of them landed there unharmed and unnoticed. Now, Mike, Asura and Malu started to organise the mess they had created. Those who needed help in a medical way walked or were carried in the centre, where Kiruya took care of them, while all the others walked in the front, in the back or carried the heavily injured. Asura walked in the front of the mass, holding a map and a compass in her hands to guide these people out of this cursed city. Alongside her walked Malu and Mike, while Luo and Zolu were in the back. Their journey was a quiet one, except for the artillery guns and the groaning of the wounded. It soon was revealed that units of the United Forces fought for Republic City and had built barricades to hinder the enemy's tanks to advance. Their technology was superior to the Fire Nation one's, but more than just inferior to the Fourth Reich one's. Mike had heard from Zolu that the URN's spies had found blueprints of weapons in the Fire Nation Ministry of State-Security and stolen them, as did Earth Kingdom spies and even the only two Water Tribe spies. These blueprints were such of rifles, tanks, artillery guns, but even of submarines, aircraft and battleships. Now, one or two divisions of the United Forces, around thirty-thousand men, put up a desperate fight to defend their home against a million, technologically superior soldiers. As they talked about such topics, Luo, now in the group's front, shouted, "Damn! These doors are platinum! There's no way around them - except for the surface. Guys, prepare for fighting!"

In the Ruins

Again, their group emerged from a manhole in the centre of a street. Around them were buildings, bombed into the ground, mostly alongside their inhabitants. A few civilians could be seen, crawling through the ruins which had remained of their homes, searching for food in the snow. As the Air Nomads passed by, all of the civilians gave them curious looks. Mike, crouching in the front, turned back and shouted, "What the hell are you doing? GET THE HELL DOWN! ...unless you wanna be shot."
Mike and Asura made it clear they did not want to put up a fight, as they just wanted to get out of Republic City as fast and undetected as possible, so all of the Air Nomads, now all three dozens, followed their orders. Whenever the time to fight came, it was long range and Mike did the job of eliminating the enemy. It seemed the Fire Nation and the Fourth Reich were moving all of their soldiers to the outskirts to encircle the city, as the United Forces knew the area well, had dug themselves in and also fought to the last man. Sure, they could have bombed Republic City again, but that would just have destroyed it completely, and they needed it as a base for further operations as unharmed as possible.
Mike was walking a few dozens of metres in front of the rest to warn them in case of incoming attacks, and now, he saw a tank coming. It looked like an ordinary tank, but Mike could see it was an obsolete and damaged one. On the sides it beard the insignia of the URN, an armour plate that covered the suspension was hanging down loose, several parts of the hull indicated it had seen action lately, as grenades had exploded right in front of it. It stopped besides Mike and the hatch opened, an officer climbing out of it and aiming the AA-machine-gun on Mike. "Surrender! You have no chance to win!" said the officer confident.
Mike first looked back to the rest of the group, before thoughtfully looking at the ground, asking, "If I was a Fire Nation soldier, wouldn't I shoot the Air Nomads behind me?"
The officer took out binoculars and looked where Mike had looked before, as he said, „Well, soldier, you do seem to be right... But you can't be trusted!"
Mike waited for the group to arrive, so Asura and her brother could confirm him as an ally. The officer was surprised to hear of a Grand Admiral right in front of him, and agreed to take the Air Nomads to the outskirts, whose buildings, unlike the centre's, still were mostly intact.

A Truckride

Mike sat on the last lorry's cargo area, holding his Lee-Enfield close to his body. Around him laid wounded who were not in the condition to sit, not to talk about walking. Malu, who sat beside him, looked sad, as they had abandoned their home, the place they all had been born. Mike did not tell anyone, but he knew this feeling, as he simply had abandoned Europe after the Washington War Room incident. She turned to him, her eye still covered, asking him, "I don't want to be... insensitive, but where do you come from? Where did you grow up?"
Mike looked at the road they already had behind them, answering, "Well... you won't know the name nor the landscapes and such, but... Bohemia. It is... the climate... ah, never mind. I don't know what to compare it to..."
Malu thoughtfully looked away, whispering, "I understand... Air Temple Island too is difficult to describe to outsiders..."
The lorry kept moving forward, as another, Fire Nation one, sped up to get beside it. A soldier rose from its cargo area, holding an AT-weapon, which closely resembled a Panzerfaust. Mike leaned back and aimed his rifle at the soldier. In the moment the soldier would have fired the rocket launcher, a bullet pierced his heart. Malu, as well as everybody else who had seen this action, looked stunned. He reloaded the Enfield rifle, crying out, "Damnit, drive faster! There's another lorry coming up... fast!"
Malu saw it coming as well, jumping on it with an airbending-enhanced jump. She landed on the lorry's engine bonnet as Mike focused on a second lorry behind it. As he looked at the first one again, only a second later, the windscreen was pierced, as was the driver and the vehicle crushed into the following one. Having both lorries eliminated, Mike smiled at Malu.
"Even with only one eye left, you're a great fighter..."
The sound of engines like only possessed by tanks came closer fast, and soon the armoured track vehicle could be seen nearby the Mike's lorry. He started running and catapulted himself onto the turret, using his rifle. There, he tried to open the hatch, which failed as the turret turned to the lorry, a gunner loading the 75-millimetre-gun the tank was armed with. Without thinking of it for too long, Malu jumped onto the barrel and ran to assist Mike. She threw an air blade on its lock, crushing it, so Mike could open it. He threw, as presumed by Malu, a hand grenade into the vehicle before jumping onto the lorry again.

"Okay, we are nearing Republic City's outskirts, we'll stop in a few minutes. Everyone better be ready to walk by then, because we've got a battle to fight," the officer, a Major, called out.

When the convoy stopped and everyone got off, the Major, who was on the same lorry as Mike, asked, "And how do you plan to get through the enemy lines, Grand Admiral Přemysl?"
"Well, I guess we have to... break through them, if there's no other way, of course. But as it seems, it is the only - and a very risky - way."

Breaking the enemy lines

The group of three and a half dozens of people moved forward slowly. Everyone was in the condition to walk thanks to Kiruya, but the question was for how long and how fast they could do it. This time, Malu was somewhere in the group's centre with Kiruya, Luo and Asura protecting their back, and Mike and Zolu forming a small vanguard. This section of the metropolis was surprisingly silent, but if they paid attention, the group could hear footsteps that were not their own. As they came to a crossroads, all of the new Team Avatar moved to the group's front, as an attack could come from everywhere and their power was needed concentrated. Zolu decided to his sword and slowly move in. Mike already saw what was coming, letting out a cautious, "Pozor!" not noticing nobody around him was able to understand his mother tongue. Zolu walked forward nonetheless, and was confronted with the consequences of his action, in the form of a few dozens of bullets, piercing his body. Mike shook his head, reloading his rifle, speeding to the still breathing body of Zolu. Again, a few dozens of bullets shot through the air, missing their target and being answered by three precise aimed ones, fired from an obsolete rifle, piercing their aims' gas masks and forehead. Mike still stood there, barely wounded by two bullets which he did not manage to avoid, calling for help with Zolu. Kiruya rushed to help her long-time friend and the Grand Admiral, but Mike rejected her help, as Zolu needed it more than him. The group needed to move faster, as they were spotted now. Luo and Asura both stated they could sense a tank or similar similar coming towards them, which was proven true as a tank, resembling a Panzer IV, drove as fast as possible to crush them only a minute later. As it began to fire at them, the group took cover behind a wall. As it aimed the gun's muzzle right at Malu after it had destroyed the wall, Luo shouted, "It's time we go underground again!"
Immediately after he had said it, Mike found himself surrounded by the immense darkness of the cave Luo had created. Here, everyone could feel the shaking of the ground the artillery and the tanks and lorries, rolling above them, caused, the cave's wall and ceiling crumbling then and now. Luo moved the cave forward fast but undetected, as the soldiers on the surface dug themselves in to besiege the last troops of the United Forces in Republic City. Like in ancient sieges, Alesia for example, the besieger's forces formed a so-called investment around the huge area of the city, preventing a possible break-out as well as a relief by Earth Kingdom or disloyal Fire Nation forces. The group had to move forward nonetheless, as they would be executed if caught. But as they saw the sunlight again after hours of walking beneath the surface, it was blinding (although it the sun was setting) but relieving. They had broken out of the encirclement and were relatively free to go. Mike, still injured, climbed up a small hill and announced, "From what I have heard, the city of Ba Sing Se is almost impenetrable, and therefore relatively safe. I suggest you, the Air Nomad community of Air Temple Island, move there - for now. It sure is a long way there, but we have to take it."

Notes and Trivia

  • The destroyers throwing depth charges on the group is the first of many Das Boot references in this fanon (later a whole chapter will be dedicated to this movie).
  • Damnit! Should I use the British lorry or the American truck?

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