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This is the sixth chapter of Book One: Mel of the Earth Kingdom. It tells of what happens to Hope once her ship is attacked. It is told from her perspective.

Chapter Six

My ship was sinking fast, and there was nothing I could do about it. With every step I made, I could hear metal crack. Water started gushing everywhere and before long, I was swimming. Thankfully, I jumped right on time and could climb on top of the ship. I looked around and saw the ship that had attacked me. It didn't seem big, so it was surprising that it would have a catapult. On the other hand, we were living in troubled times, so it made sense. Another catapult ball struck the ship, almost hitting me. At least I was safer than being inside the ship.

Then I heard a loud voice: "What are you doing fools? I told you to interrogate the ship and then sink it! How dare you disobey your Avatar?"

I couldn't believe my ears. Had he just said what I thought he said?

"You're sorry?" the voice continued. "Go below deck now and—"

The rest was too muffled to understand, but I had heard enough – the captain of that ship was the Avatar himself. I had no time to spare if I were to get him to believe me. I was gushing with excitement – if he knew my goals, we could work together to slay the Fire Mistress! Against me, she stood a chance, but against both of us, she would fall! She would finally fall!

I jumped in the water and shot fireblasts with my hands and feet. The ship was getting closer and closer. I was almost there! But I had forgotten that they thought I was their enemy. Next second a humongous was heading my way, and it was fast. I did not know what happened after that.

I opened my eyes to find myself in an earth cage, bound with earth chains. It looked as if they were considering me as a highly dangerous prisoner. But I did not have enough time to spare just to wait for them to come and then explain. I had to get out of here. Strange detours into unknown lands weren't experiences I wanted to go through. At least not then.

I had to escape, and fortunately I knew how – lightning. I relaxed my hands and my entire body. Then I concentrated and took a deep breath. My energy started flowing faster and faster. I could already hear the slight rumbling. And then someone walked in.


  • This is the shortest in Book One.
  • The period between the re-release of this chapter and the last one is the longest so far.

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