Ling Hu
The Beast of Chao Lake
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 2: Water



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King Bumis Heir

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May 19, 2013

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A beast wreaks havoc in a town.

Chapter 6: The Beast of Chao Lake

Book 2: Water

Chapter 6: The Beast of Chao Lake

Over the beginning of the wintery skies around the Earth Kingdom, Rong Yan, Aloi, Tanaraq, and Unaraq flew atop of Rong Yan's red dragon Shen. Unaraq held a large map of the Earth Kingdom, which showed every location of the Earth Kingdom, everything was in small print.

"If we're stopping somewhere, make sure it has a large resource of water, Unaraq." Tanaraq said.

"Got it, sis." Unaraq answered.

"Ooh! I found one which is..right below us. Chao Lake. Land here." Unaraq added.

"This a good place to start training." Tanaraq said, looking down from on top of the dragon.

As Shen the dragon flew down towards the town, a man looked up and saw people on the dragon he then ran excited to tell one of the citizens.

"Ahaha! Remember when I said the Avatar would visit us?! Well look at the sky! That has to be him!" the man shouted in one of the citizens ears.

"Great maybe the Avatar could bring us some food. Look at this place, everyone here is starving. I'm more afraid for the children' health than my own. They're our future." the man replied.

Shen landed by the lake, in the grassy areas before reaching the lake shore. The gang had dismounted the dragon to enter the town. A group of people had approached the Avatar and his friends.

Everyone in the town, had looked ill, like they hadn't eaten in days, the children even looked like little bags of bones walking about. The town had really been hit by a very low economy crash. Everyone within the town was starving, and looking for food. One of the citizens had approached Rong Yan, she might've been the mayor since her clothes looked like it was made in better quality than the other citizens.

She introduced herself, "Hello, Avatar. I am Yule De, the mayor of Chao."

"Nice to meet you Mayor Yule De, I'm Avatar Rong Yan. What's going on here?" Rong Yan asked.

"Our town has had a money crisis for the past two weeks, now we don't have much food to feed our families, no tourists are coming to our town, no tourists means no money, and our businesses are open and operating year round. They stopped coming because of the recent hauntings by Ling Hu." Yule De explained.

"Who is Ling Hu?" Rong Yan asked curiously.

"Ling Hu, is the spirit tiger who roams around the forest in this area, and surrounding lake area. I honestly do not know what we have done to anger Ling Hu, we keep our children around the areas where Ling Hu is said to live in, we don't disturb the spirit beast at all. Something has angered it, and it takes its anger at us with scaring away citizens and tourists." Yule De added.

"Can you describe what Ling Hu may look like?" Rong Yan asked.

"Yes, Ling Hu is a blue tiger with white stripes, and white paws. We first thought the tiger was only the town's legend and guardian of the area. But it seems to me that it is dangerous. There are some visitors we get every once and awhile now. But I fear they won't be here for long, Ling Hu will scare them off." Yule De replied.

"Alright we'll do what can for you, and I'll see what the spirit wants." Rong Yan promised.

"Thank you, Avatar. Without I don't know what we could've done." Yule De thanked him.

They huddled up together and looked at each other, Rong Yan then began, "Alright gang, here's the thing Aloi and Unaraq you two will investigate the case while Tanaraq teaches me some waterbending."

"Why couldn't we all investigate?" Aloi asked.

"Because, I need to teach Rong Yan waterbending, remember?" Tanaraq replied.

"Alright, well be careful Rong Yan." Aloi said.

"I will." Rong Yan answered awkwardly.

Aloi and Unaraq run off towards the town, while Tanaraq and Rong Yan run off towards the lake. Tanaraq begins to take her clothing off so that way she's in her under gear, and doesn't get her top wear wet. Rong Yan, takes off his undershirt, and vest, as well as his hat and boots. Tanaraq and Rong Yan walk into the water, until the water had reached their ankles.

"Let's get started before we bend some water you should probably know that, waterbending is utilized by the people of the Water Tribes, who are divided into the Southern, and the Northern, each with their own unique bending style." Tanaraq began.

"Water is the element of change. The moon is the source of power in waterbending, and the original waterbenders learned to bend by observing how the moon pushed and pulled the tides. The Water Tribes are the only people who did not learn bending from an animal, though the Moon and Ocean Spirits took the form of koi fish in the mortal world near the beginning of the Avatar World." Tanaraq explained.

"The fighting style of waterbending is mostly fluid and graceful, acting in concert with the environment. Waterbenders deal with the flow of energy; they let their defense become their offense, turning their opponents' own forces against them." Tanaraq finished.

"We'll start today with the easiest of all the waterbending techniques, water manipulation. Almost all forms of waterbending involve moving and shaping a body of water to your desire. By simply levitating a large mass of water, you can move water anywhere you wish, even parting it under the surface of a lake or sea, allowing you to walk along the bottom of a basin without the need to swim." Tanaraq began with the lesson.

"These large bodies of water can also be used as weapons, either by shaping them into gigantic whips, swung repeatedly at a target as a snake-like body, formed momentarily into a razor-sharp edge that can cut through even metal, or simply dropped onto an opponent to smother them or put out a fire." Tanaraq explained. "On the sea or ocean, waterbending can be used to create giant maelstroms." Tanaraq finished.

"So I'll demonstrate it, and you follow along." Tanaraq added.

Tanaraq took stance, and inhaled some air to give her some concentration on her bending, Rong Yan, followed the exact things that Tanaraq was doing. Tanaraq bent her right knee in, and her left out, with her left hand, she raised it into the air, and water began to pull itself out of the lake.

With her right hand she pulled the water to her right side, and balanced with both hands to keep it within the middle. She began to make it longer, then smaller. Rong Yan had done exactly the same, as he tried pulling the water out of the lake, nothing happened.

Tanaraq, dropped her water, and went over to Rong Yan, to fix his stance. Again, he attempted to lift the water out of the lake once more. The water began to ripple a bit, as a little bit pulled out before falling back into the water.

"Take some deep breaths, and concentrate on it." Tanaraq commented.

Nodding he took the stance once again, and began to take deep breaths to maintain concentration on the maneuver. Once again attempting to pull the water out of the lake, this time being successful he pulls up to above his waist before losing concentration and letting it drop and splash on him.

"Good, you were close to holding it!" Tanaraq shouted in excitement.

Rong Yan, let out a small smile before giving it another try. Again taking stance, and concentrating he began to pull out some water from the lake. Pulling it higher than above his waist, up to his chest. He then moved it to the sides, and then up and down. He let out a big smile.

"Good hold it, now with the water still in your hands, I want you to do a little exercise I learned that my waterbending instructor had the whole class do. Move your arms in 360 degrees circle with the water. Unaraq's friend Sakana liked to call it, 'streaming the water'. This move is usually used for basic training so that beginning waterbenders can get a "feel" for water, but it is in all actuality a very useful move performed by waterbenders of every skill level." Tanaraq explained.

Rong Yan still holding the water, he began to bend the water in a 360 degrees circle with his arms moving the same exact way as the water. Taking slow, Tanaraq pulls out some water, and does the exercise along with him.

Meanwhile, Unaraq and Aloi, had just left a terrified merchant go back to his daily afternoon routine. They continue down the market street and talk to other vendors and/or tourists to see if they've seen anything or maybe get some fresh information about the spirit tiger, Ling Hu.

A short, skinny teenage boy, wearing unkempt dirty clothing, is leaning against a marketplace chewing on an apple, affected by the food shortage but still healthier than others. The boy also wore glasses, though by his appearance he looked like any other average teen.

"Hey you, kid. Heard anything about the spirit beast, Ling Hu?" Unaraq asked.

"I have a name, guy." the kid responded.

"I'm sorry, I'm Unaraq, and this is my friend Aloi." Unaraq introduced himself and his airbender friend.

"I'm Shudaizi." the kid introduced himself back.

"Nice to meet you, anyways, have you heard anything? Seen anything?' Unaraq asked.

"Ling Hu, you do not want to meet Ling Hu. Ling Hu is a ferocious, terrifying, dangerous animal. He's been haunting the village, because, they've must've taken something away from him. Now our people are dying because of it. Legend has it, that when you hear Ling Hu approaching, you will hear his footsteps which are as loud as thunder hitting the ground. From a distance you will see a luminescent light that is blue. He is a hulking beast, if you were to challenge him and lose, Ling Hu would drag you to the Spirit World. YOUR BODY NOTHING OF YOU WILL BE LEFT TO BE SEEN, IT WILL BE LIKE YOU NEVER EXISTED!" Shudaizi told his story and ended with an exaggerating yell.

"We have the Avatar, we could at least have him find Ling Hu and put a stop to him." Aloi claimed.

"Avatar or not, Ling Hu, will take his defeated to the Spirit World." Shudaizi remarked.

"But-" Aloi let out.

"No buts', Ling Hu is a very powerful creature. It is best if you leave. The Avatar is weak." Shudaizi shouted at Aloi.

"Listen here, you little twerp, you better have respect for the Avatar, he has more power than you do, he's even stronger than me! The Avatar has incredible power, nothing can defeat him. If it weren't for his caring for this world, and your town. He would've let this town be destroyed by Ling Hu. He might have mastered the other two elements, but he's still powerful. So watch your tongue, or you'll regret it." Unaraq whispered to Shudaizi. Shudaizi acted like he was terrified by Unaraq's words, he ran off, and then grinned after, getting out of earshot he laughed. Rong Yan continued to the exercise with Tanaraq, Tanaraq dropped her water then began to explain the next lesson.

"Good, looks like you're finally getting the hang of this. Alright next move for you to try and accomplish is the water whip." Tanaraq said.

"The water whip is a commonly used move that involves creating a lashing tendril of water to swipe at an opponent. The shape, size, and length are all determined by a waterbender's control, and more powerful benders can create larger whips, or ones of greater finesse." Tanaraq explained.

"The whip can be sharpened into a blade that can slice through metal with relative ease, and in time you will also have the ability to create water whips with your feet." Tanaraq finished.

She took her waterbending stance, and bent water out of the lake, stretching the water out in front of her, she forming it into a ball then with her right, she flung out the water like a whip, as it dropped back into the lake.

Rong Yan, took his waterbending stance, and bent water out of the lake, as well. Controlling the shape of the water he swung his arms out in an opposite direction, the water whip hit him in the forehead, and he fell back into the water.

Getting back onto his feet, he heard giggling coming from Tanaraq. Rubbing his forehead, which was now marked. He again attempted the move, and he wrapped it around Tanaraq's leg, he made a large grin on his face, pulling the water she fell backwards in the water letting out a small squeal.

He began to laugh, water arose from the lake freezing his legs, losing his balance he bent forward hitting his head on thin ice. Tanaraq again giggled at Rong Yan's misfortune. He then shouted, "Unfreeze me,!"

"Only if you promise never to do that again!" Tanaraq replied playfully.

"I promise!" Rong Yan shouted in despair.

"Alright, please do the water whip again." Tanaraq said.

Rong Yan, took a deep breath and took stance, pulling the water out of the lake, he tried to control it. Finally getting better control on the whip, he formed it into a ball and with his right arm flung it out. The water flew out of his grasp and into the water.

Tanaraq began to quickly clap for Rong Yan on his accomplishment of the water whip. They walked out of the water, Rong Yan, began to use air to dry himself and Tanaraq up. They both redressed themselves up, and walked into the nearby forest.

Walking down the paths following the trees they came upon a small forest garden, owned by no one. They began to pick some fruit out of the nearby bushes, and began to eat the fruits as for lunch. Rong Yan grabbed some bananas, apples, leechi nuts, and some mangos back for Aloi and Unaraq.

Tanaraq placed the fruits and the small amounts of nuts within her brown carrying sack. Walking back towards the lake, they met up with Unaraq and Aloi who were by the shore looking for Rong Yan and Tanaraq. Tanaraq opened her sack and pulled out the fruits, and nuts.

"Eat up." Tanaraq said.

Aloi grabbed some of the leechi nuts leaving some for Unaraq to try out, Unaraq grabbed the remainder of the nuts and grabbed two mangos.

"Mmm, these are good. Where did you guys find these fruits?" Aloi curiously asked., taking a bite out of an apple she had grabbed. And popping two or three leechi nuts in her mouth.

"Shortly after training we walked into the forest and came across a small garden too far from here." Tanaraq replied.

"Did anyone own it?" Aloi asked.

"No, there was no signs of a person. Nor "no trespassers" signs anywhere within the vicinity." Rong Yan commented.

"Do you know what this means?" Aloi asked.

"We have a big supply of fruits?" Rong Yan guessed.

"Precisely, but also there might enough to feed the entire town for at least a week or so!" Aloi responded excitedly.

"I'll go ahead and send word out to some folks to come get some fruits with me." Rong Yan said.

Rong Yan runs off into the town, with his friends walking right behind him. Reaching a merchant stand, where the man was short on food supply.

"I found fruit along with one of my friends in the nearby forest. Let everyone know." Rong Yan ordered him.

"Preposterous! There is no food within for miles other than the fish, which by the way is on low population, and the dangerous beasts running about in the forest!" the merchant assured.

"Look, here's proof. There's plenty more of these mangos out there, if you get some men and some weapons we can hunt for the fruit and some meat to feed this town!" Rong Yan replied.

"Fine, tomorrow morning meet me back here and I will have some men here so we may begin the hunt." the merchant began.

"Why not right now? There could be another two people dying of starvation as we speak!" Rong Yan persuaded the man.

"No, it is to dangerous now, please I must close shop and secure myself within my home before Ling Hu arrives!" the merchant denied.

"Go along with your friends into the inn, now. Save yourselves." the merchant added.

"Rong Yan, let's go!" Unaraq shouted at Rong Yan, as Unaraq and the two girls walked towards the inn. Rong Yan, walked off following behind his friends, and the man ran into his house and locked the doors.

Walking into the inn, he mentioned to his friends, "The merchant I was speaking to, promised before the afternoon he'd have a group of men ready with weapons to make the hunt for food. I have to meet him at the stand by his house."

"No! You can't! Those are innocent animals out there!" Aloi shouted.

"Aloi, if these people don't hunt for the meat, then most of the citizens here will die off." Rong Yan replied.

"Yeah, its just the natural order of things." Unaraq added.

"Rong Yan, you need to stay behind, let my brother go with them. Surely they need more use of a Water Tribe hunter, more than the Avatar. Plus, you need to train again tomorrow." Tanaraq said.

"Alright." Rong Yan agreed.

"I'll prepare my weapons in my room." Unaraq said.

The gang had walked up the stairs of the inn and went to their respective rooms. The others had gone to sleep, Aloi had gone to sleep upset about the town men planning to kill forest life for their meat.

Unaraq reached into his pack and grabbed a small, five pound sharpening stone, he began to sharpen his machete with it starting with the bottom, and going upwards after the bottom half of the blade was nice, and freshly sharp.

The night was a little breezy, Unaraq still sharping his machete, having his window open so that the cold air could refresh him a bit. Plus it reminded him of home, he left a few weeks back. He misses the weather there and his especially his friends and his dad.

Outside in the far distance, three boys are within the same forest. One of them, called out to the boy that was talking to Aloi and Unaraq.

"Shudaizi! Where's Mafan?" asked the third boy.

"I don't know, Xiaohua, he wasn't walking with me." Shuaizi replied.

Suddenly, a rocks began to levitate and move, both Shudaizi and Xiaohua moved aside frightened. Jumping out of the bushes was their friend Mafan.

"Mafan! You almost scared us half to death, we thought it was the real Ling Hu!" they both barked.

"Ling Hu, is just a legend! He doesn't exist!" Mafan retorted.

"Did you bring the blue rug I told you to bring from your house, Shudaizi.?" Mafan asked.

"Yes, sir." Shudaizi replied.

"Great." Mafan said.

Stomping on the ground below them, a rectangle block of earth had risen from the ground, and Mafan placed the blue rug with white stripes on it. Raising his hands and concentrating on a certain spot he lifted a large rock out of the earth, in the shape of a cone.

He lifted the large rock by five feet and dropped it on the ground, making a large thud. Unaraq distracted by the loud thundering thud, he rose his head up from sharpening to his machete. Looking out the window, he saw nothing.

Again he heard the thud three times more, across the street from a long distance he head a couple run out from behind a building, screaming and running for their lives. Shouting as they were running, "Its Ling Hu, help! Help!"

No one walked out of their home, either they were asleep or too terrified to do anything about it. Unaraq stared out the window, but heard nothing. Its like the tiger came once, targeted two people and vanished in thin air. Walking back to his machete, he continued to sharpen it for the next half hour.

Morning came, and the tourists returned checking out of their inn, Unaraq had strolled by overhearing their conversation with a nearby merchant on his way towards the merchant Rong Yan was supposed to meet up with.

"Ling Hu, came and scared us away! We've never been so terrified in our lives! Never coming back here again! Until they get rid of that beast!" The man babbled.

Walking up to the merchant stand where a couple of men were standing by waiting for the Avatar to come. He spoke with the merchant, "Hi I'm Unaraq, the Avatar sent me instead to help you folks hunt animals. I thought I should come since I have experience in hunting."

"That's fine, as long as either the Avatar came along or he let a friend come it is fine. Though we would much rather be safer with the Avatar. Let us begin." the merchant said.

Unaraq, and the merchant led the men out to the westside of the forest, one of the men carried a map of the surrounding areas, including the eastside of the forest where Rong Yan and Tanaraq had discovered the garden, and westside which contained animals as big as a tigerdillo.

Rong Yan and Tanaraq left the building walking towards the lake area, so they may begin their training. No one was really by the lake, only a few tourists which happened to be on different sides of the lake. So they weren't really a bother to Tanaraq and Rong Yan.

Tanaraq had Rong Yan, do the same exercises he had done yesterday to begin with. Meanwhile, Aloi leaving the inn, she began to walk around the town. Upon reaching some huts, which might've been the poorest neighborhood within the town. She stopped to look at the poor section of the town. Seeing every single person within this section suffering. Men sitting in corners of shade with blankets trying to keep themselves warm.

The children looks very ill, surely a few would die tonight, if they were not treated with meals soon. Families could not bring food to the table, this small event was affecting the whole town with the poorest citizens suffering more than the citizens who have better wealth.

She began to be upset, she felt tugging on her pants, she looked down and saw a small brown skinned Earth Kingdom child around the age of five or six, deathly skinny. The boy looked like he hadn't eaten in two weeks.

The only thing actually keeping most of the citizens in the poor section was the water they had. Though very few left of it, the water was dirty. And most of the people there were non-benders. A few earthbenders but not skillful enough to filter dirt particles out of the water.

He looked up into her eyes, with a feeling of suffrage, she saw that in the boy's eyes and she began to tear a bit. The boy then said, "Don't cry pretty lady, please can you bring me and my family something to eat?"

Wiping her tears and saying nothing, she nodded. He rose his hand, it was shaking, and it was very bony. "I'm Qiji."

She crouched down, and shook his hand, lightly sobbing she said, "I'm Aloi."

She began to run towards to the forest garden that, Tanaraq and Rong Yan had described they had seen. Running at the speed of the wind, she passed by Rong Yan and Tanaraq, all they saw was a sand cloud that led into the forest.

"What was that?" Tanaraq asked looking at the sand cloud.

"I don't know.." Rong Yan replied puzzled.

"High pressure jets can be used to force opponents back or even blast clean through a target if focused enough. Water jets are primarily used if the user has the intent of severely hurting their opponents." Tanaraq explained.

Bending a large amount of water from the lake, she blasted back into the lake like if she was hitting someone or something. She turns around to look at Rong Yan, and gives him the 'its your turn' look.

Rong Yan, begins to push and pull the water around him, lifting the water up, and trying to keep a longer and much bigger portion of water, he swings his arms out in front of him. The water shoots out at a high speed before landing back within the lake.

Tanaraq, claps and then says, "Wow, you're getting a little good at this. I thought since water is your opposite you'd be having trouble."

"Well you could say, I've mastered the element hundreds of times." Rong Yan replied.

An archer stood on a tree, Unaraq stood next to him on the large tree branch. The archer heard a stabbing sound, looking over he saw Unaraq's machete lodged within the trunk of the large tree.

"What are you doing?" he whispered.

"Shhh, its an old trick my dad taught me, if I put my ear against the handle of my machete I can hear the vibrations of anything within the area." Unaraq claimed.

The archer nodded, grabbing an arrow from his quiver, and he pulls it back his bowstring along with the arrow. Waiting on cue when to shoot anything that is moving. All of a sudden, Unaraq hears running, the sound of deer being chased by something larger than them.

Four deers ran within range of the archers, each struck down by at least three arrows, except for one that made an escape. The heavy sounds of feet were coming from the distance, the men on the ground hid behind the trees.

Out came, a saber-tooth moose lion, going on a rampage, two men stomped on the ground, lifting their hands a bit up, earth in case the moose lion's feet to the ground, the moose lion struggled trying to break free. Its head was still able to hit anyone who got close.

"Now, archers!" the man by Unaraq ordered.

As he gave the hand signal, all of them fired at the moose lion. Twelve arrows pierced through the body of the moose lion. The large animal let out a large yelp before crumbling to the ground, lifeless.

Birds had flew out from the trees, Tanaraq and Rong Yan distract by the sound of a moose lion, and soft cheering. Aloi, continued to pick fruits, and nuts from the large garden, her pack was full of nutritious fruit. Wiping sweat from her forehead and drinking water out of a small waterskin she carried. Her sack was full, closing the sack, and slumped it over her shoulder and began to walk back to the village.

Rong Yan, bent a large wave and shot it towards the other side of the lake shore. Tanaraq walked out of the water as to call it a day, the skies were beginning to turn orange. As the afternoon sky was transitioning to the night sky. Aloi caught up with them, with a sack full of fruits.

"Woah, who are those for?" Rong Yan asked.

"These fruits are for the poor section of Chao. I was upset when I saw how they lived during this food shortage. I need to give these out quickly." Aloi responded.

Aloi, sped down the streets of the town of Chao, to quickly reach the poor neighborhood to share the fruits with the starving citizens there. Rong Yan and Aloi, saw the men return along with the merchant and Unaraq.

Two of each men were carrying slain beasts. The two strongest men of the group, were carrying the dead saber-tooth moose lion, while six other men were carrying the three deer that were killed. And Unaraq and the merchant were carrying, a dead tigerdillo. The dead animals were tied by their feet to large bamboo sticks.

"Where did you guys find a saber-tooth moose lion and a tigerdillo?!" Rong Yan asked.

"Well they all sort of showed up, except the tigerdillo. It was eating something so we took it down." Unaraq replied.

The hunter group, carried the carcasses of the animals down the market street, where it would be cooked by various chefs. The town of Chao, was going to eat good tonight. There was plenty of meat for all the villagers, in fact to last them for the next three days.

Three hours passed, and every citizen of the town was sitting on the ground eating food within the market district. Qiji and his family, along with the other poorer citizens were eating the delicious fruit Aloi had given them.

Qiji's mother comes by Aloi, and shakes her hand, "Thank you, airbender. You have saved the fate of my children, my husband and my children."

"Yeah, thank you, Aloi. My baby brother is eating small slices of apples." Qiji added.

Qiji, the small boy reached out his hands, and Aloi crouched down to give the small boy a gentle hug. Aloi, and Unaraq along with some of the town saved lives today. Two hours, passed and the town citizens were all home sleeping.

Mafan, snuck out of his house from his window, running towards the lake shore, where he was to meet up with Shudaizi and Xiaohua. Mafan, had seen Shudaizi but not Xiaohua.

"Where's Xiaohua?" Mafan asked Shudaizi.

"He went to go pee." Shudaizi replied.

Xiaohua, ran back towards the shore, on the way there was a tree with a branch protruding in the middle of the trunk. Not seeing the branch he runs clean through by it. Feeling pain on his right arm, he looks over and sees three medium scratches on his right arm.

"Woah, you're bleeding! Mafan, his cuts look like scratches!" Shudaizi said.

"You're right, Xiaohua, run into the town and yell help and scream!" Mafan commanded.

Holding his hand again his wounds to stop the bleeding he ran towards the village, as Mafan and Shudaizi snuck back into their homes.

"HELP!" shouting was heard outside by someone.

A man quickly ran out of his house, holding a candle to see Xiaohua, holding his right arm. Taking his hand off the wounds, his palm was stained red. He continued to bleed. The man shouted, "HELP! LING HU ATTACKED A BOY! HE NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION!"

Rong Yan, had awaken to a loud thundering sound outside, his face had whatsoever no emotion, he walked out the back of the inn building and walked towards the lake shore. Rong Yan, began to swim in the lake, to a small island covered by trees, though he had no memory of seeing the lake there.

Xiaohua, began to scream in pain to add more exaggeration to it. Tanaraq was also awoken but only to the boy screaming. She ran outside, seeing the boy bleeding, she ran back inside and grabbed her waterskin.

She opened the skin, and bent out water from it, and placed it over the boy's right arm, the boy winced in pain a little. The bleeding stopped from the wound and it immediately healed, like if he had never gotten scratches by something.

"This beast is too dangerous, if we don't kill it, we'll all be part of its next meal! This is a perfectly good example, this young man had his arm almost torn off his body, but he escaped in time!" a man shouted to Yule.

"Calm down, the Avatar surely must do something." Yule De replied.

"Well, we'll all be dead before he does!" another man shouted.

"Rong Yan's not in his room!" Aloi shouted out one of the windows of the inn.

"See! Ling Hu, ate the Avatar! We're all doomed!" a woman shouted.

Meanwhile, after Rong Yan had instinctively followed the spiritual presence, he ended up in on land, he was on the island in the middle of the lake which was surrounded by medium-sized trees. The island also had a large boulder on one side with writing on it, and a tiger engraved on the stone.

"Island of Ling Hu." the writing engraved on the large boulder said.

Rong Yan placed his hand on the boulder, a blue essence filled the writing on the boulder and as well as the picture of the tiger. It began to rain in the area of Chao Lake, Ling Hu's Island, and Chao itself.

Everyone ran back inside of the buildings. Unaraq, Tanaraq, and Aloi ran around to find what happened to Rong Yan. Finally finding footsteps, the footsteps lead out into the lake.

"The tracks end here." Unaraq said.

"So he leaves in the middle of night for a swim?" Aloi asked.

"Maybe, he was kidnapped?" Tanaraq worriedly said.

"Nope, there is no signs of struggle. I'll swim north up the lake, and see if I can find anything." Unaraq said.

"Be careful, Unaraq." Aloi replied. Unaraq nodded. He jumped into the lake and began to swim.

Back on the island, Rong Yan heard roaring, taking stance he waited for Ling Hu. The large blue tiger with white stripes jumped off of the boulder. Sitting down, shapeshifted into the form of a man.

"Ahh the Avatar, I finally was able to contact you." Ling Hu greeted.

"Hello. Ling Hu, we must speak about something." Rong Yan said.

"You're here for, the reasons I 'attacked' the town. Well I wanted to talk to you about the same thing, Avatar." Ling Hu began.

"Why did you attack the town? What do you want from the citizens?" Rong Yan asked.

"Me? I want nothing from the citizens, I protect the forest, the lake and the town from evil people. I didn't attack the town." Ling Hu replied.

"You're lying." Rong Yan exclaimed.

"I swear it, Avatar. I would never harm the townspeople. I am their guardian spirit." Ling Hu denied.

"There...have been three hooligans, they have been scaring off the townspeople and tourists with their pranks and shenanigans. Those people are dying because of those teenage boys, their stupidity is killing innocent people." Ling Hu barked at Rong Yan.

"What are their names?" Rong Yan asked.

"One is the son of the town mayor. His name is Mafan De. Maybe you've heard of him, the other is a boy who was recently wounded, but healed by your Water Tribe friend, his name is Xiaohua. The third one in the mix, is named Shudaizi." Ling Hu explained.

"Come, I want to show you what they look like, so you may expose them." Ling Hu finished.

Rong Yan walked toward Ling Hu. Ling Hu placed one of his hands on Rong Yan's forehead. They had both closed their eyes, and Rong Yan began to receive visions of the boys he mentioned.

Still at the dark of night, Unaraq returned shaking his head.

"I couldn't see anything past the dense clouds of fog." Unaraq said.

The rain stopped pouring, they began to walk back, the fog dissipated from the middle of the lake. Rong Yan began swimming towards the shore, they began hearing the sound of someone swimming, and looked back to see Rong Yan swimming to shore.

"Guys, I know what's going on. Ling Hu, was not haunting nor attacking the town." Rong Yan stated.

"Well you need to be more convincing, one of the town's boys was attacked by Ling Hu." Unaraq said.

"No, he must've been cut by something else. Ling Hu is the protector of the town, lake, and forest here. He has told me the names of the boys and he showed me what they look like." Rong Yan replied.

"This calls for a town meeting." Aloi added.

Exhausted they had fallen asleep on their beds within the inn. It was noon, when they had awaken. Unaraq, and Aloi had left early to gather up a town meeting. Rong Yan had walked to the market district of the town where the meeting was being held. Every citizen was there. Tanaraq was walking right beside Rong Yan, as they walked towards the large group.

"Greetings everyone, I am Avatar Rong Yan. Most of you may know that. I had a spiritual journey somewhere within your lake, and I have spoken to the spirit named Ling Hu. He has claimed and even proven to me through visions of who was committing these actions." Rong Yan began.

"He mentioned three teenage boys were involved in the mix, we have even found, scraps of clothings on a tree branch near the shore of the lake." Rong Yan explained.

"Without further ado, I give you the names, Mafan De, son of the mayor of Chao Yule De, Xiaohua, the teenage boy who had his clothes torn by the tree he ran against hence, why he was wounded, and last but not least the brains of these pranks..Shudaizi." Rong Yan finished.

"MAFAN! How could you?! You've put the townspeople's lives in danger!" Yule yelled at the top of her lungs at her son.

"Xiaohua you are no longer able to hang out with these boys!" Xiaohua's mother shouted.

"Shudaizi, you're in BIG trouble young man. You will work for the town until your bad actions against the citizens are paid off! Mark my words!"

Later that night, Rong Yan had seen Ling Hu once more.

"Avatar Rong Yan." Ling Hu said.

"Ling Hu." Rong Yan said surprised to see the spirit again.

"Here give this to the townspeople. Various sacks of fruits, pasteries, meat, and grains." Ling Hu replied.

"Where did you get these?" Rong Yan asked.

"I miraculously grew these fruits, from my garden, and grains also came from a large portion of my large garden. The meat is from late animals that have died recently still fresh, and the pasteries, the pasteries were donated to the town days ago." Ling Hu answered.

"Guys! Grab some town folk I need help with these sacks of foods!" Rong Yan shouted.

"Where in the Ocean Spirit's name did you get all this food?!" Unaraq shouted back. "Ling Hu, brought it for his people!" Rong Yan shouted.

The group of men that had hunted alongside of Unaraq were carrying the sacks of food into the town where the meeting was being held. People were cheering, and one man shouted, "Thank Ling Hu! Its a miracle!!"

"Yule, I have an idea. We should have the boys run some of the merchant stands without pay for the next three months and have them be tour guides for our town and lake." Xiaohua's father suggested.

"That is a splendid idea. They will start tomorrow." Yule agreed.

The night came, and screaming was heard from the boys. Rong Yan and the gang had left awhile back on Shen. Crates were being knocked about. The boys have encountered and even provoked Ling Hu.

Ling Hu decided to punish the young men, by scaring them to death. Ling Hu roared. The boys screamed again in the night.

"Shut it, you weasels! We know you're trying to play a prank again! We're trying to sleep here!" a man shouted from his home.

"Its the real Ling Hu!" Mafan shouted.

"Yeah, and my grandmother's in my house right now! Oh wait, she's not!" another man shouted.

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