Fire Navy attacks
The Attack
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Christopher's Journey


Book1: Earth


Chapter 6

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Mr. and Mrs. Kinchil, The General

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"Look! There's the Earth King's palace! And there's the market my family used to go to!" Nad was telling Christopher and Ally all about the city of Ba Sig Se. He abd his parents moved here from the Southern Air Temple when he was only a child. This is where he grew up. He told them that his family owned a farm about 5 miles out of town; they used to come here for everything. "And there's the statute of King Bumi! And look..." Nad stopped in tracks and started crying. He sat down a bench nearby.

Christopher approached him on the bench. "What is it?" He said, as kind as he could be.

"T-that," Nad couldn't hold back the tears, "is w-where the Fire N-nation Army i-imprisoned my parents!" He let out a wail. Ally came and sat on the other side of him. "You d-don't know how i-it was, n-not having my parents."

Nad sat on a bench overlooking the never-ending fields on his family's farm. He had a good life; his mother was kind, his dad had enough money every month, Nad was ceiling in his Airbending training. He just sat there, embracing the scene, when out of nowhere he heard a large "BANG".

What could that be? Nad thought. It's too late for father to be tilling. Then he heard it again: BANG! This time, it was closer.

"Come inside, Nad," his screamed out into the field. "The Fire Nation has attacked!"

"Coming, mother!" Nad was blown off his feet when a bomb exploded behind him. His mother rushed out to Nad and swooped the sooty, helpless child. They heard tanks rolling in their way.

"Come in, quickly!" Nad's father opened a door to the cellar under their house. "Stay there until you son't hear them anymore."

They sat and waited. Outside, Nad's father went inside the house to prepare for the attack. Suddenly, the door got knocked down from a blast of fire. The lead general entered the house.

"Now, Mr. Kinchil," the General sneered at him. "I have heard of your operations here."

Mr. Kinchil knew exactly what he was talking about. He was trading to a rebellion in the Fire Nation. "You won't take me alive!" He got into his stance

"Oh, on the contrary." The General got ready; he threw the first blow. Mr. Kinchil blocked it with an air swipe. He threw an air-ball at the General.

"Quit fighting!" The General sent a heel-kick that pushed Mr. Kinchil back to the wall. A man burst in, holding Nad and Mrs. Kinchil in his grasp.

"We found them, General," he said, flinging Nad and Mrs. Kinchil back to the wall with Mr. Kinchil.

"No, no," Mr. Kinchil said, struggling to get up, "leave them, take me."

"Take them all to the prison," the General ordered to the guards. They picked up the family, put them in a cage, and carried them off ot Ba Sing Se prison.

When they got to the prison, they were thrown into a cell.

"It'll be okay," Mr. Kinchil whispered to his wife and son. "We'll be okay." He kept repeating.

"Get up!" The guard on duty opened the cell, and a stranger came in. She was tall, had a determined expression, and looked like an Earthbender.

"Come, let us get out of this wretched place," she said, helping them up. "Thank you again." She stared at the guard for a moment; he scowled back.

"That person saved me and my family's lives that day," Nad explained. "But that wouldn't help the Fire Nation from killing my parents." Nad clenched his fists.

"Nad," Christopher said to him, "that person was my grandmother." Nad looked at Christopher, eyes wide in shock.

"I-I don't know what to say!" Nad looked for the words he was trying to find. He started sobbing again. "She saved my life!" Ally and Christopher held Nad close, hoping to calm him.

A shadowy figure walked into the dark room, lit only by a small window close to the ceiling.

"Are the necessary preparations made?" A dark figure asked from a corner of the room.

"Yes, my master," the shadowy figure said.

"Good." Both figures started laughing.

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