Shadow Lord's Duel
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Avatar: The Tragedy of Korra


Book 1: Bloodbending



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Book Two: Spirit of Azulon

Bolin, now gone, and Mako nearing his end. Korra is completing all of her training as quick as she possibly could. Two weeks later she has almost mastered bloodbending and metalbending. Now she feels she's ready to take down the Shadow Lord.

Korra wakes up from a hard night of metalbending practice with Lin. She walks outside to where Tenzin meditates and decides to speak with him.

"Hey, Tenzin, I really need your advice right now," she said. Usually Tenzin would try to continue meditating, but instead he opened his eyes and stood up to talk.

"Yes, what is it?"

"It's about the Shadow Lord and all that stuff. I think I'm ready."

Jinora who had been meditating with Tenzin opened her eyes and looked surprised. She stood up and joined the conversation.

"Korra no! You have to continue practicing! These people are crazy and they can create illusions out of no where!" Jinora looked scared while saying this.

"Jinora how do you know anything about them?" Tenzin asked.

"I read about them and what they could do a long time ago. They don't seem human to me."

Korra walked away with a worried look on her face. She didn't think she was able to win, but she still wanted to try. That night, Korra didn't take Naga, but she took Oogi to fly to Republic City leaving a note that said, "I know I have to try to put an end to this. I took Oogi so you can't follow me and try to fix my mistakes. I need to face him myself. It won't be easy, and if you don't hear of me soon assume the worst."

The following morning Ikki found this note when she was going to go feed the animals. She got on her glider and took the note back to Katara as quickly as possible. Katara read it and immediately told the White Lotus and Tenzin to try and bring her back safely.

Meanwhile, Korra was meditating on Oogi trying to contact her past lives for help. To her surprise, an Avatar didn't appear before her.

"Hello, Avatar Korra. I am Fire Lord Azulon. I see what you're doing and I have to disagree with it. I fought with Shadowbenders before, and I have to say, I didn't win. I had to escape. Just remember this, The way to escape the shadows is to find the light, and bend it." Azulon disappeared, leaving Korra puzzled.

"Who was that?" she whispered to herself. She continued meditating and Avatar Kuruk appeared before her.

"I am Avatar Kuruk, successor of Avatar Yangchen and predecessor of Avatar Kyoshi," he said.

"Yes, Avatar Kuruk, I don't know what to do right now. I'm suppose to be fighting the Shadowbenders and their ruler soon..." Avatar Kuruk started to interrupt her.

"Don't fight them alone! You will need the help of an army just to handle a few! I have never faced Shadowbenders before but Avatar Yangchen warned me of them. She told me of their power and how they were apparently extinct by the time she was born, but she encountered them herself leading to her demise."

Korra looked determined and said, "But I need to save the world. They can't possibly be stronger than me if I can Energybend, Firebend, Airbend, Earthbend and more! There's no way I can lose."

"I'm warning you, Avatar Korra, it will possibly lead to your demise, and the demise of all the Avatars. The only way to win, is with the help of many, and when the time comes to end them, do not hesitate."

Avatar Kuruk disappeared.

Korra sat back and went to sleep, still awaiting her duel.

Meanwhile, back in the Southern Water Tribe Tenzin was ordering all White Lotus members to bring Korra home safely.

"I need every last man in Republic City protecting Korra! Even get the general if you have to! I should be there in a few days and she better be there, alive!" he said through the newly invented phone.

"Tenzin, I don't know how strong this threat is, but Korra is well trained. I'm pretty sure she can handle this," Katara said.

"No, this is by far one of the worst threats the world has ever seen since the Hundred Year War". Tenzin ran to Naga and hopped on her.

"Tenzin, let me come with you! We have to find Korra now!" Lin said.

Zuko and Iroh ran to Naga as well.

"I'm sorry, but I have no room on Naga," Tenzin said.

"I have a surprise I had been waiting to show everyone some day. Follow me," Zuko said.

Zuko led them to a clear area where nothing was. Just ice. He started to firebend a huge sphere around everyone. The flames began to become orange, yellow, red, blue, and more colors and two large dragons appeared.

"Everyone, meet my old friends, Ran and Shaw," he said. The dragons were extremely large. Ran now with red and dark grey scales and Shaw with Dark Grey and Black scales.

Everyone seemed amazed by the two large dragons, as they have been alive longer than Zuko himself.

"Alright, now everyone hop on a dragon and let's get the Avatar back safely!" Iroh said.

Korra was now in Republic City awaiting nightfall. She heard sirens everywhere and assumed everyone began searching for her. All of a sudden, a huge blimp appeared above her and the lights began pursuing her.

"Avatar Korra, remain still! This is Commander Bumi! I am ordering you to stand still! You will not be arrested!"

Korra began earthbending and created an underground tunnel for herself to run through. Bumi and the metalbending police force jumped down from the blimp and began chasing her.

Korra saw them behind her and began attacking them heavily with earth and fire and kept moving.

"Avatar Korra! You're mine now!" Bumi shouted. He kicked through the rocks and ran through the fire chasing her. Korra kept running when all of a sudden she tripped and fell. Bumi and the police were standing over her. Then she saw something behind them.

"Bumi! Look behind you!" she said.

"I'm not falling for that old trick again! It's worked on me too many times!"

Then darkness consumed Bumi and the rest of the police. Korra began attacking with everything she had. Everything was now dark. The flame appeared in Korra's face again, but this time, it started to become large and out of control.

"Your time has come Avatar Korra! The Shadow realm will now commence and the world will be engulfed in complete darkness! There's no where to hide!"

Korra was now in a darkened area that seemed like a battle had took place there. She began running to try and find the police or any type of help she can get. She saw large rocks covering something and she began to dig through them. She saw a hand and grabbed it, and pulled the body out. It was Bolin. Tears began pouring out of Korra's eyes and the Shadow Lord along with his Shadowbenders appeared in front of her. The Shadow Lord's body was completely black. He had gold glowing eyes and his shadowbenders had white glowing eyes with completely black bodies.

"This is what you wanted, right?! You wanted to face me! It's time for your demise! No where you can run or hide! Face me now!" he shouted. He began attacking with all 4 elements some how.

"This is insane! I'm the Avatar! I should be the only one who's able to do this!" she shouted while dodging the attacks.

"You amuse me," he replied.

Korra began crying and screamed, "I'll kill you!"

Her eyes began to glow and she was in the Avatar State, which she still hadn't mastered. The two began their dual and Korra seemed to be winning, slashing the Shadow Lord with all the elements.

"I'll end you permanently for what you've done," she said.

The Shadow Lord's golden eyes began to glow brighter and his Chakra tattoos, which Korra hadn't seen, had started to glow gold as well. It had seemed he had entered a somewhat 'Avatar State' as well.

"Don't think you've won this! I'm far more superior than any Avatar! I'm no mortal! I will be the cause of your last breath!" As the Shadow Lord spoke, it had seemed he had many voices into one just like an Avatar in the Avatar State.

Korra swung a large air tornado toward the Shadow Lord, which he jumped inside and started bending it forming it into some type of torpedo, which launched him quickly into Korra's stomach. Korra fell to the ground but recovered quickly and began bending the ground they stood on, creating a massive earthquake. The Shadow Lord jumped high in the air and formed a fire tornado around himself, then he jumped even higher out of the fire tornado and launched it towards Korra.

Korra stopped shaking the ground and jumped through the fire tornado, then made a pillar of earth to lift herself as high as he was. She jumped off of the pillar just as it was about to reach his height and she started bending it into deadly sharp blades towards him. He disappeared after that.

"Where'd you go, coward! Come out and fight!" Korra said.

"Right here," he said.

He appeared right behind her and chi-blocked her entire body. Her eyes turned back to normal, so now she is out of the Avatar State. She fell to the ground and looked too tired to even try to move.

"Young Avatar, this is not how I intend to end you. So you and your little friend get to leave my Shadow realm. But you better be back, otherwise Tenzin and the rest of his family will pay the ultimate price for your failure," the Shadow Lord said.

Korra's eyes closed and she appeared on the outskirts of the city along with Bolin and Mako. They all were knocked out cold and awaited for help.

Back in the Shadow Realm, the Shadow Lord began to speak to someone who had passed long ago.

"I've been awaiting for your arrival and I have been looking forward to allying with you," he said.

"Anything to end the Avatar Cycle forever!" the shadowed face said.

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