Necessary Adjustments
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Average and Below



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Arthur Keane

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April 4, 2013

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Chapter 5: Long Journeys, Part 3

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Chapter 7: Shattered Mind, Broken Body

"Why did they hold you for so long?" Vef Hai asked after introductions had been made.

"The regional governor decided to withhold information from the Earth King regarding how many prisoners he was really holding," Wulon responded. Jor had explained it to him on the way to the port.

"I assume he has since been deposed?" Kero remarked.

"Unfortunately, no. According to the guards, the Earth King had other things to worry about. But one guard did say the governor had lost a lot of his favor with the people."

Vef looked at Kero as if he had done something wrong. As soon as Wulon finished speaking, though, he dropped the look as if it had ever existed.

Kero bit his lip and moved back away from the doorway a little.

"Indeed, son? Were you attacked by anti-Fire Nation zealots during your travels here?"

"No, father, only a bounty hunter. The guard and I succeeded in humiliating him."

Vef Hai laughed with only a hint of unease. "Of course."

There was a short silence. Then Kerya straightened. "How rude I am! I will go prepare a meal in honor of Wulon's return."

Vef nodded distractedly before his wife, with a crisp bow, left. Neru and Gre took off running upstairs to finish their game of Pai Sho.

"Father, may I suggest that you go into the parlor until mother finishes the meal?"

Vef began to speak, but Wulon beat him to it. "That would be an excellent idea! Perhaps after the meal my new brother could show me around the place."

Kero nodded respectfully.

Two hours later they had finished eating and were walking around the grounds, just Wulon and Vef.

"Father," Wulon began. "I have a question to ask of you. Whatever became of Lio?"

"Your fiancée from the colonies?"

"Yes, father."

Vef nodded. "We will arrange a meeting with her tomorrow afternoon."

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