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Memories of an Admiral
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 3: Earth



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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November 5, 2014

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Chapter 5: Thirty Year War

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Chapter 7: Long Live The King


The Admiral remembers that he forget his true motivation of why he fought in the war.

Chapter 6: Memories of an Admiral

Book 3: Earth

Chapter 6: Memories of an Admiral

Palartok, Senlin, and Kimaru were camping on a small hill somewhere surrounded by various plains. The sun that shone on the land delicately brushed the sunlight down with one go on the plains, the grass was light green and it looked naturally trimmed perhaps by the various animals that eat from the vegetation present in the area.

The dark blue sleeping bag with the insignia of the Northern Water Tribe was present, in the sleeping bag flowed black like a river of hair. Inside tucked in tightly was Palartok, sleeping soundly before waking up to the sound of rustling in the bushes. The bushes shook, looking to his left he smacked Senlin to awaken and to his right he darted his eyes to see where he placed his club. Sitting up he grabs it and wiggles out of the sleeping bag.

Standing to his feet he gets ready in an offensive position, Senlin stood up and began to listen as he lightly tapped his foot on the ground. The seismic waves surrounding him he listened ever closer. He smirked because Palartok was alert, placing his hand on Palartok's right shoulder.

"It's just a kangarabbit." Senlin smirked.

"You can never be too alert, eastern troops could walk into western borders at any moment." Palartok warned.

"What's going on?" Kimaru awoke.

"Nothing. Palartok thought there was someone in the bushes but it was just a small kangarabbit." Senlin answered.

Palartok had just remembered what today was, he sighed. Senlin looked over concerned and asked, "Everything alright, Palartok?"

Slightly nodded hiding his face from his comrades showing slight emotion of sadness, pausing for a moment then responding, "Yeah." He let out a small puff of breath and ignored it.

In his mind he was hiding from something or someone, he was behind some crates. Wearing casual clothing style in the Northern Water Tribe it happened to be spring at the time since the North Pole began to warm up again for the summer it wasn't as cold as the winter. The inhabitants of the North Pole were able to wear light clothing without getting too cold or freezing to death.

He heard giggling in the distance, and the sound of footsteps he smiled when all of a sudden a little boy had jumped onto Palartok when he had found the man hiding behind the crates. Palartok caught the boy and they both laughed about it.

"Aha! I caught you Dad!" the boy shouted excitedly.

"Argh! Not again!" Palartok chuckled.

He brushed the dust off of himself as he got onto his feet, lifting up the boy and giving him a kiss on his cheek. Putting him down he rub his hair with his hand, making a mess of the young boy's hair.

He thought to himself as he heard his son's belly groan for food, he looked down at his son and asked, "What would you like to eat, Tukkutok?"

"Sea prunes!" the boy responded.

"But we had sea prunes yesterday, wouldn't you want leopard seal meat instead?" Palartok suggested.

"Well.." Tukkutok paused thinking about it, "I guess it couldn't hurt to eat some today instead of sea prunes." he reconsidered.

Palartok placed his left hand on his son's back leading him back home to eat some food. They arrived home after several minutes. Palartok had looked around the snow built home for some materials to begin spicing up the raw leopard seal meat. After cooking it on some type of modern day Northern Water Tribe grill. With a wooden fork he stabbed the tenderizing meat, flipping to each side so that it cooks well.

Young Tukkutok, was playing with his cloth warrior dolls enacting a battle when it came to his mind to ask Palartok. "Dad, I want to meet my mommy."

Flipping the leopard seal meat over once more, he had gulped and was shocked to hear his son say those words. He had sighed and decided to tell his son a lie, "Your mother...left. She's never coming back, after you were born she just left."

"Why would she leave?" Tukkutok asked curiously.

"I don't know, son. She was needed somewhere else." he sighed.

He caught a slight glimpse of the past when she was in a healer's hut giving birth to Tukkutok. Palartok stood there watching as his son was handed to him and his wife was dying. A slight tear fell out as he placed his finger above the baby's hand or grasped his index tightly he had smiled and all the pain had simply gone away. Looking out the window he had seen a woman cooking for her family, sighing once more he turned back on and slid the largest piece to his son and he began to cook himself some stew and began to stir the pot.

Years later, a young man was running and breathing as with each step he lost some air, inhaling and exhaling at a moderate speed. A wave of snow surrounded him and formed around in front of him as a large wall of ice. He had ran into the wall of ice with his hands flat on each other and in front him pointing at the wall. He ran through as the ice shattered. He had begun to sink beneath the snow as he looked back and some a much larger man following right behind him.

The young man's face stern as ever he bent the snow and froze it solid into ice spikes and shot it at the man chasing him. The man had bent and froze a shield made of ice to protect himself as he dodged the spikes of ice being flung at him at great speed. The man then disappeared. The snow again rumbled beneath the young man and a large fist of snow had grabbed the young man and he felt trapped and defeated.

The man had walked forward, "You need to learn to use environment more often, son. You improved well this time but not well enough." Palartok commented.

"At least I did much better than yesterday, but I'll find better tactics to take tomorrow. I won't let you underestimate me, father." Tukkutok claimed.

"Let's go hunting then, arctic bear meat is always delicious." Palartok said.

He grabbed the spear from his back and tossed it to his son, Tukkutok caught the spear and walked with the spear as a walking stick. His father Palartok picked up and unsheathed his bone blade made with whale bones that were sharpened. And they walked on into the snowy wilds searching for arctic bears to hunt.

Eventually reaching a cave where a single arctic bear lay as he slumbered, the winds began to pick up and so they both went at it. The bear awoke growling in anger because Tukkutok and Palartok had walked in and trepassed its territory. They had charged in silently, spear and blade in hand the bear had stood up to intimidate the two, going down to swipe at Tukkutok he had jumped back and lunged his spear at the bear's chest area. The bear had growled loudly in pain, and Palartok ran in give it some slices with his blade before the bear had blocked it and thrown Palartok in the snow.

"Dad!" shouted Tukkutok, as he turned to look as his father flew a few feet the bear turned its attention to Tukkutok. Instead resorting to his waterbending and bent the snow upwards freezing it and creating a wall to protecting himself, the bear smashed head first into the wall of thick ice. Dizzy it staggered itself for a few seconds, sinking down the wall of ice, Tukkutok saw his father Palartok standing up. The bear looked at Palartok and growled again as it staggered a bit more now slowly walking towards Palartok who decided it was best to kick the bear in the chin and slice at its mouth. The bear began to bleed as Palartok dislodged the blade and jumped on the arctic beast and stabbed his blade onto its back.

The bear stumbled and fell dead, Palartok falling off of it, taking in some quick breathes he slightly nodded at Tukkutok. Tukkutok darted his eyes to the air seeing a large flare being thrown into the air, he was barely able to make it out. He pointed out to the sky, "Dad! Look!"

Palartok looked up to where Tukkutok was pointing as the flare flew downwards, his face twisted in fear. He quickly icebended a large ice platform around the dead bear that was oozing blood and stained the white blankety snow. He looked at his son, "We must hurry the city is under attack! Help me bend this platform back to the city."

"By who?" Tukkutok asked.

"I don't know, son. But we must hurry many are in danger." Palartok answered.

They began to thrust their hands forward as in pushing something, the ice platform began to move at a slow pace. When they eventually reached the city, some walls were destroyed, hundreds of Northern Water Tribe warriors and waterbenders stood there patrolling the areas around the city and its outskirts. They had stopped bending the ice platform, Tukkutok ran over to ask one of the warriors what had gone on. Seeing some of the men dragged forest green, and brown uniformed fallen soldiers away.

"We saw the flare what happened?!" Tukkutok inquired.

The warrior looked at him and then back at Palartok and the bear, "It just happened out of nowhere we were attacked by a small army of the Omashu province troops. They only damaged our walls but didn't make it past the beaches."

Palartok walked forward, "You don't know why western Earth Kingdom troops attacked..they want something. My son and I were hunting when we seen the flare."

"Yes, your son had just mentioned it sir. The chieftess will be having a public statement in two hours I suggest you head on off to the palace." the warrior suggested.

Groups of warriors and waterbenders continued their patrols as the citizens of the city had walked or ran to the palace to hear the statement that Chieftess Akitla had to say. When they reached the palace they had seen hundreds of citizens standing down there with their families and such.

The chieftess appeared with at least twenty armed soldiers on each side of her, a bender had bent a pillar underneath her and bent her upwards. Standing tall, with her hands behind her back she began to make the statement.

"We have witnessed and survived an attack by the province of Omashu also known as to many the western Earth Kingdom. Not to worry a lot of warriors and waterbenders had gone for the attack as the enemy troops stormed our beaches. But they were quickly and valiant dispatched, we hold a burial for the causalities that had occurred to our troops. Let us have a moment of silence for our four fallen." the chieftess stated.

The crowd fell silent for a few moments thinking of who's family members were who have had this unfortunate demise. Akitla rose her hands up to signal the citizens to rise again, she continued to speak, "Our soldiers will keep us safe, we have sent detachments to the villages around the North Pole to guard and defend from any invaders, as for the city itself it will be on high patrol. Please do not panic and return home."

After that the crowds dispersed as Palartok and Tukkutok had walked back to the arctic bear. Once arriving they had seen some of the warriors had drained all the blood out of the beast. Palartok smiled at them and he said to one of them, "For protecting the city, I think you guys deserve this bear, my son and I are willing to share it."

That afternoon they had chopped up the bear and prepared it for the evening as each warrior that was in the area had gotten a small steak portion of the large arctic bear. Sitting around a campfire they had talked and shared stories about the past, the present, the fallen warriors and every experience they were willing to share. Laughing it off, at midnight Palartok and Tukkutok had walked back home to sleep.

Few days had gone by, everything was peaceful just like every other day before the attack. Everything went well, until Palartok had awaken one night to fighting darting his eyes to the left to see his son's bed empty. He ran to grab some clothing and some heavier clothing. He darted outside looking quickly outside as he fought off western and eastern Earth Kingdom troops. He shouted loudly, "Tukkutok!"

"Tukkutok!" he shouted once more with no answer, bending a large portion of water and turning them in to ice spikes as he shot them towards some troops. One deflected each spike as the other two fell dead. A large horn was blown as they heard it, the warriors, and waterbenders continued to fight on as the Omashu and Ba Sing Se province soldiers fled from battle.

Palartok like a mad man stormed the streets looking for his son Tukkutok, he headed towards the walls nothing. He ran into a man and asked, "Have you seen my son?!"

The man had shook his head, he had then ran out towards the palace courtyard to see a body, and some healers near it. When they flipped the body over he had seen the open eyes of his son looking towards the sky seeing nothing. One healer shook his head as he frowned and the other shut the young man's eyes.

"TUKKUTOK!" Palartok cried out. Palartok ran towards the fallen body of his son before being held back by some soldiers. He had fallen to his knees shouting loudly, as the soldiers continued to hold him aback. Some on their knees trying to comfort the hurting man as he wept for his fallen child. The healers had carried the young boy away. The next day he was being watched by a close friend.

"Morning Palartok." the man greeted him. Bringing him some food for the morning setting it down on his counter. Palartok just sat silently not responding, and tears fell down his cheeks. Thoughts of Tukkutok filled his mind, he could not speak for the pain was too much. His friend sighed, and sat next to him lightly putting Palartok's head on his shoulder and patting his friend on the back.

"Chieftess Akitla was assassinated last night by the Earth Kingdom, the man who had slain her was a general of the Omashu province." his friend mentioned.

"The Northern Water Tribe, is arranging meetings with the Southern Water Tribe. We're going to war." he said.

"..please eat, you're worrying everyone." he added.

Palartok wiped the tears and shook his head.

A month had gone by and the Water Tribes had waged war on the Earth Kingdom and that was the beginning of the Thirty Year War. Palartok was then seen wearing Northern Water Tribe armor sailing on a boat to the eastern Earth Kingdom. Palartok stood up from his thoughts and had walked off grabbing a few things, a small sack carrying things. He looked back at Kimaru had began to cook, Senlin had gone off looking for more food.

He carried the sack in his hands as he walked off when Kimaru nodded after Palartok said, "I'll be back."

Walking to a far distance he found a lone tree, he began to set up some things using water from his sack he had cut off some pears from it. Placing them on this little thing, he used spark rocks to light small candles, and in his back pocket he took out a folded parchment. On it a drawn picture of his son at the age of eighteen, placing it behind the platform. Closing his eyes as a tear fell from his left eye, wiping it he smiled, then sighed.

"That should have been me on floor of the courtyard, son. Not you." Palartok saddened.

"I'll see you soon, my son...if only I could have helped you. I know that you left the house at night to defend our home. And I thank you for your bravery, I have forgotten my true motivation. I know now what I must do, but it needs to be the correct time to do it." Palartok said.

"I hope you smile upon me, Tukkutok." a tear fell as he began to weep.

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