Hama's village at night
Chapter 6: Hi Sho Village Part 1: The Village
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air


Chapter 6

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September 7, 2012

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Chapter 5: Wisdom from the Past

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Chapter 7: Hi Sho Village Part 2: The Bandit King


Rong Yan and Yong Ten are found by an old man who invites them to his village, for however long they plan to stay there. The old man seems suspicious though...

Chapter 6: Hi Sho Village Part 1: The Village

Book 1: Air

Chapter 6: The Village


The campfire Rong Yan and Yong Ten had made, during the night.

The scene appears, at the camp where Yong Ten and Rong Yan have spent the night at, the morning sun shining brightly, the birds chirping a melody, the campfire dimming soon to be put out by itself.

The air fresher than the Fire Temple or Yin La, ahh yes! They're in the woods far away from Yin La, a small bug begins to crawl on Rong Yan's face, the scene changes to the woods then small black birds flying upwards, and away from the woods, as Rong Yan let out a loud scream.

Yong Ten's eyes open and buldgen as he quickly wakes up to aid Rong Yan as he hears him scream. Rong Yan, jumps out of his sleeping bag, and runs around in circles, finally getting the courage to slap the bug off his face, the bug then flies over and lands right next to Jippo's foot.

Jippo curiously looks at large purple bug and picks it up with his tongue and begins to chew on it. Rong Yan looks over at Jippo with a disgusted look on his face. Yong Ten walks over to Rong Yan chuckling.

They both hear bristling within the bushes of the woods, Yong Ten sends a little gust of air to turn off the dimming camp fire, and they both quickly turn to look at the bushes, and stand ready in their respective bending stances, awaiting to what might come out from the bushes.

A short Fire Nation elderly man with a large scar on his right arm running across from his bicep down to his forearm, with a large walking stick walks out of the bushes. The man looks at them for a second and walks towards them, they drop their stances and stand next to each other as he approaches them.

Old man

The Mayor comes from out of the bushes.

"It is not safe out here you two, you should rest within my village." the old man said, Rong Yan and Yong Ten both looked at each other, then back at the old man, Yong Ten asks, "Why isn't it safe out here?" the old man looks at both at them then raises his walking stick, without responding to Yong Ten's question he turns around and begins walking towards the village in the woods.

Rong Yan nods at Yong Ten, Yong Ten raises his hand at Jippo and Jippo follows both of them in the direction of the old man. After five minutes of walking they see the wooden gates protecting the village open, the village doesn't seem so lively, though there is still people walking around, going about their daily business.

Yong Ten looks around the village, as the old man walks them down the far end of the village and into a large house. The old man takes a kettle off the bar above his cooking pot, and pours tea into two separate cups, and hands them to Yong Ten and Rong Yan.


The Mayor is pouring tea for Rong Yan, Yong Ten, and himself, as they discussing the dangers of the woods.

"Please,..sit down." the old man says, as he sits down at his dining table. "The reason I didn't answer your question is because, they're listening," said the old man. Yong Ten looks at Rong Yan, then back at the old man, "Who's listening?" Yong Ten asks, he lightly sips on the tea, that the old man had made.

Rong Yan blows on his tea, and begins to chug some of it. The old man leans into Yong Ten's face then says, "..the bandits.." Yong Ten backs away from him then looks at him and thinks to himself "This guy, is crazy.." eyeing the old man again.

"You may think I'm crazy but, if they caught you at night, you're as good as gone. We lost a man two nights ago, poor man..I hope he's alright." the old man said.

Looking down at the ground, then looking up at Yong Ten then sips his tea. "Well I hope you two have a nice time while you're here in Hi Sho Village." the old man said.

Rong Yan finishing his tea, as well as Yong Ten, they both walk out of the old man's house and into a nearby inn. They walk inside, and Yong Ten throws down 40 silver for a room with two beds.

The receptionist being a pale woman with whitening gray hair, looks at Rong Yan, then shouts, "Hey wait! You're the Avatar, the room is free!" she shouted in excitement, the woman slid the money back over to Yong Ten, who collected it, and put it away.

People from the village who were in the inn stopped what they were doing and crowded around the Avatar. Yong Ten and Rong Yan, crowded by the villagers, quickly slipped around the crowd and ran upstairs to their room. Rong Yan walked in and jumped on the bed, next to the window, and took off his boots.

"Yong Ten, what did he mean by bandits?" Rong Yan asked, Yong Ten looked at Rong Yan and replied, "Thieves, thugs.." Rong Yan thought for a quick moment then asked, "This guy who disappeared two nights ago..we should go looking for him, maybe we might get something in return if we rescue him?" Yong Ten began unpacking his stuff, then turned to look at the firebender.

"Tonight, we will leave the inn, and check out the woods, yes?" Yong Ten suggested. Rong Yan nodded in agreement.

Soon nighttime came by, and Rong Yan and Yong Ten had, snuck out the window, walking on the roof and jumping off onto the ground. They snuck out the gates and walked out into the woods.

Rong Yan opens his palm and sparks a small ember, the ember lights around just a little. They both begin to walk into the dark woods as hours pass by and the sun is beginning to rise. Yong Ten, and Rong Yan run as fast as they can back to the village.

Fire bomb

Rong Yan sparks an ember in his palm to light their way.

Thirty minutes pass by and they reach the village again. They both climb up onto the balcony sneaking back into the window and they slump on their own beds and rest. The sun's rays wake up Rong Yan, it is hot today, he wipes the sweat off his forehead, and he awakes Yong Ten. They both walk out of the inn, as they pass one of the merchant stands the old man who is the mayor of Hi Sho runs towards them and shouts out their names.

"Yong Ten! Rong Yan!" he shouts, running up to Yong Ten, Yong Ten stares at him. "Last night another villager has disappeared! We don't know what's going on his wife is crying. Argh! This is bad for business and reputation!" the old man yelled, and stormed off.

Yong Ten and Rong Yan, began to look around the village for a woman who was crying. They walked down two houses, and saw a young woman with short brown hair crying sitting on stump, with her knees pulled up to her face, to hide her tears. Yong Ten walked up to the young woman, seeing his shadow from in between her kness she raises her head, to see who had approached her.

"We've heard the news, we'd like to hear what happened to your husband. The Avatar and I will try to help the best we can!" Yong Ten said, the young woman wipes her tears away and begins to tell the story.

"Well last night, I noticed he woke up to get a drink of water, minutes later I heard a glass cup breaking on our wooden floor, as I called his name I got no answer, I walked downstairs to investigate and our front door was open. He was walking out of the gates, I shouted his name to get his attention...Utsah didn't turn around, he just kept walking. I ran as fast I could to stop him..but as I reached the gates..he was gone.." the young woman explained.

Yong Ten strafes his beard beginning to think.

"We'll go search the woods tonight, to see if we find anything." Yong Ten said, she nodded she stood up from the stump and turned to walk to her house. Rong Yan ran up to stop her, "I have a quick question, does your husband Utsah have anything that is valuable to him? Something that he always carries?" she looks at the eighteen year old, and replies, "Yes, he carries a hunting knife with our nation's insignia on the handle."

"Okay thanks, I will certainly, be on the look at for that."

Pearl dagger

The dagger that the young woman proclaims that her husband Utsah carries.

Rong tells her his answer then nods, the young woman bows, and says, "Thank you, Avatar." he bows back and she continues to walk back into her home.

Midday, comes and they go to small restaurant, a tall, pale, well combed black haired man, in a white vest, red belt, black trousers, and black shoes, walks up to Rong Yan and Yong Ten's table.
Pro-bending ring announcer

The waiter, makes his appearance as Rong Yan's and Yong Ten's waiter for the night.

"Hello, I am your waiter, for tonight, what may I offer you gentlemen?" he asks. The waiter hands them two small three paged books. Rong Yan, begins to look at the book, then closes it and hands it back to the waiter, "I'll have Komodo Rhino please." Rong Yan ordered, Rong Yan points over at Yong Ten who looks up at the waiter, the waiter looks over at the old airbender, "And you sir?" the waiter asks.

Yong Ten hands him back the book and says, "I'll have..rice, steamed cabbage, and fruit tart." the old airbender replied. Rong Yan stares at him for a second, "I just remembered that Air Nomads were vegetarians." Rong Yan said.

The waiter finished writing down the orders on his notepad, then looks at both men and asks, "What beverages will you both like?", "I'll have..Ginseng tea." Rong Yan replied, Yong Ten thinks for a second, and asks, "Do you have watermelon juice?", the waiter nods, and Yong Ten and the waiter both exchange looks, he writes down the order, and walks off.

A few minutes pass by and the waiter returns with a cup of ginseng tea, and cup of watermelon juice. He places them both on the table, "Your meals will be here shortly," he said before walking off. Fifteen minutes pass by and the same waiter returns with a tray, holding the plates of food on it.

"For the airbender.." he places a bowl of rice, and steamed cabbages on the table, and then a plate with a big slice of fruit tart. "...a bowl of rice with steaming cabbage in it, and a big slice of fruit tart." the waiter said, taking off the last plate and setting it on the table.

Fire Nation food

Rong Yan's and Yong Ten's dinner.

Fruit pie

The fruit tart that Yong Ten ordered.

"For the firebender, a roasted Komodo Rhino leg!" he said, "Enjoy your dinner!" he quietly said walking off. The komodo rhino leg, smelled so good and the steam was still rising from it meaning it was hot, Rong Yan bended the steam from his food, only to leave off a little, to lower the temperature of his komodo rhino leg.

Yong Ten made a little twister to blow on the hot meal. They both started to eat their delicious meals, then an hour and a half later, it was nighttime and they walked back to the inn.

They stayed awake and waited for the whole village to dose off, they snuck off through the window, and into the woods. Rong Yan produced a small flame out of his palm to light their path.

They continued walking about two hundred paces, as they soon reached a large tree with charred marks and scars on the old tree trunk, the leaves on the old tree were colored dark red, the leaves looked like they hadn't seen a better days.

Rong Yan began examining the large old tree, then stumbled upon a large hunting knife lodged within the wood of the tree trunk, the blade also had soot smudges of fire on it, he then looked at the handle of the blade which was colored red, orange, and yellow, on the other side of the handle, it had the Fire Nation insignia carved on the top part of the handle.
Sokka's dagger

Utsah's dagger, lodged into the tree.

Also which was colored in red, but the paint on the handle of the blade was beginning to fade into a light red color. Rong Yan puts his right foot onto the tree trunk and begins to jerk on the blade so that it would come off of the trunk of the tree, with one hard tug the blade dislodged off the trunk of the tree as he fell to the ground. Yong Ten lent out his hand, and Rong Yan grabbed onto it, Yong Ten then pulled Rong Yan unto his feet.

"Would you look at this Yong Ten? Its the hunting knife the young woman had described that her husband Utsah was carrying." Rong Yan said, looking at the old monk, the old monk looked up then down and said, "What a smart young man, it seemed he was fighting off the bandits, who were seemingly firebenders that or he IS a firebender, due to the fact that the hunting knife has.." Yong Ten cut off as he took the blade from Rong Yan's hands and pointed at the black smudges on the blade.

" smudges of charred fire on the blade, he might've then surrendered, then quickly thought that maybe if he lodged his hunting knife into the trunk of the tree, that someone would come looking for him." Yong Ten finished.

Yong Ten then looked up at the sky but couldn't really see it for the fact that the trees were covering most of it, he tapped his staff lightly onto the ground, and it transformed into a glider, he jumps into the air, and glides off into the air on his glider, he comes back down and lands, again lightly tapping his glider onto the ground, transforming it back into a staff.

" coming Rong Yan, we must hurry back to Hi Sho village." Yong Ten said, running. Half an hour later they reach the gates of the city, and the Sun begun rising up from the mountains, they jump onto the balcony, and then into the window once more and lay back on their respective beds pretending to fall asleep.

The old man, or should I say the mayor of the village begins knocking really hard on their door. Yong Ten gets up, scratches his head, and opens the door. He fakes a yawn and the mayor barges in, sitting down on a small old rickety chair by a small beaten old wooden table, and places both of his hands on his head like he's going crazy.

"I can't! I can't stand this anymore!" the mayor cries out, then he places his head between his legs and begins to sob, "Stand what? What happened now?" Rong Yan asks, looking over at Yong Ten with a look of suspicion, the mayor raises his head, still continuing to cry, he rubs his eyes with his sleeve to wipe away the tears.

"Those damned bandits took another one of the villagers!" he replied back, placing his head back between his knees and crying even louder, Yong Ten raises the old man's head, "Look, we'll investigate around the village right now, and try to find any clues." Yong Ten suggested.

Yong Ten looks over at Rong Yan who gives him a light nod, the mayor bends down on his knees and continues to cry and beg, "Thank you, thank you, thank you Avatar." he replied. Yong Ten and Rong Yan walk out of the room and down the stairs, they reach the counter, and notice the receptionist lady was nowhere to be present.

They both then walked out of the door of the inn, and began to walk around the village again, they then walk by the gates of the village. Footprints leading outside of the village caught Rong Yan's eye, he kneels down and calls over Monk Yong Ten who kneels beside him.

"It looks like someone had walked out of the village late last night." Rong Yan said, the old airbender shakes his head, then says, "Those are our footprints, Rong Yan..." Yong Ten replies, the now confused and stupid feeling Rong Yan looks back up at Yong Ten and back down at the footprints then finally replies, "Oh." Yong Ten then laughs.

They continue walking around, after three hours of looking around they end up behind the house of the young woman, they find a small dirt pile next to the small stump that the young woman was sitting upon. Rong Yan kneels down, and begins to dig, retrieving a small box, with a key within the keyhole.

He twists the key and the box opens, he grabs the contents of the small box, and shakes them gently in the palm of his hand, the contents appeared to be small bone shards. Both begin to look in different directions making sure that no one is watching them with suspicion, Rong Yan then hands the box to Yong Ten and Yong Ten hides it somewhere within his robes. The waiter, looks at them from the restaurant with an anger-like expression on his face, as they turn their heads back at each other.

Box of money

The wooden chest that, Yong Ten digs out of the dirt pile.

They begin to walk towards the restaurant, and they see the waiter, "Table for two?" the waiter asks suspiciously, they both look at each other and nod, they both walk in and he leads them to their table. He grabs and extra chair, and sits down with them, Rong Yan looks at the waiter, in confusion wondering why he sat with them.

The waiter then looks at both at them, and stares at Yong Ten, then leans it and begins to whisper to them. "I've seen you two sneaking out at the middle of night, and walking into the woods.." he says then pauses, Rong Yan then gives the waiter a shocking look and Yong Ten continues to look at the man with a serious face.

"Don't worry, I won't tell the mayor..see I've been very suspicious about the mayor for the past three months since I've arrived here. You see I was locking up the restaurant one night a month ago walking passed the mayor's house, and seen colorful lights escaping from the bottom of his door, and I heard him chanting something strange, didn't think anything of it, and continued on my merry way." he explained, and then said, "I think the up to something, why do you think people keep disappearing?" he stated with a question.

Yong Ten looked at the waiter like if he's crazy, "No, he said that bandits invaded the village at night!" Yong Ten replied slamming his fists on the table.

People begun to stare at the airbender, the waiter then thinks for a short moment and replied, "If bandits were really, around here I'd hear reports and if they came into the village and began kidnapping people don't you think the people would scream for help? And leave signs of struggle?" the waiter asked.

"You're correct, unless what you're saying about the mayor is true, that means that he is dealing with evil spirits and magic.." Yong Ten replied, then paused beginning to bring what he said into thought, Rong Yan then snaps his fingers and replies, "That's it! He's a shaman and evokes with the spirits who then in turn possess the villagers to walk out of the village and into the woods!" Yong Ten looks at Rong Yan then says, "That gives a supporting clue due to the fact that the young woman said that her husband Utsah said nothing, he made no sound and just walked out."

The waiter nods, then finishes the conversation with "You're both most likely correct, I'll explain things in two days, tops!" The waiter looks at both of them.

"Same as last time, I suppose?" he asks, they both nod, and he writes what their orders were last time, and walks away. Their food comes really early this time and they began to eat again. After about an hour and a half they finish their meals, and walk out of the restaurant. They go back into the inn, and into their room.

The night comes again once more, and they sneak out again. They began walking around, and snuck behind the mayor's large house. The window flashes three different colors, green, orange, and purple. They then hear noises inside and peek a little.

Just as they had thought they see the old man dancing around a large purple ritual pot filled with a burning fire, and bones scattered around the floor of the room he is currently in. He opens a book, and throws a bone into the fire, the bone begins to crack and he begins to chant strange words, the room flashes orange.

Book of Clouds

The book the Mayor carries.

He turns the page and throws another bone, it cracks and the room flashes green. He does the same thing once more and the room flashes purple. They soon sneak back to their room, and go to sleep. They wake up early the next morning, surprisingly the mayor did not come barging into their room "crying" this time, they then walk out of the inn.

Rong Yan and Yong Ten walk around to the restaurant to tell the waiter that he was right about the old man all along. But they saw his co-worker, Rong Yan went up to tap her on the shoulder and asked her, "Where's the waiter that always attends us?" she turned around to look at Rong Yan, and replied, "We don't know..I went over to his house to pick him up like I do every morning, he wasn't home..his uniform was torn to shreds, on the floor..I'm worried about him, I think the bandits, or some animal snuck into the village at night, and took off with him.." the waitress replied.

She turned to face the restaurant and walked into the counter area and began counting the money inside the restaurant's chest. Rong Yan and Yong Ten now in confusion look at each other and begun to think of the clues and things they've seen, they just yet have to confront the old man, but they want to do it at the right time.

Scene fades.

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