Hard Earned Trust
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The Journey Of Flynn


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The Walking Inferno


The Walking Inferno

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Chapter 6: Hard Earned Trust

Flynn's eyes opened and slowly drifted around him. The feeling of life was returning to his body, slowly replenishing his strength and helping gain control of his limbs again. This wasn't the first time Flynn had felt this way, and he had a strong reason to belive it certainly wouldn't be his last.

As his eyes lazily drifted around his surroundings he saw the black metal roof and tinted black windows blocking out the sunlights rays. His hand stretched over the back seat and he felt a soft tissue. Flynn brought it up to his face, and on closer inspection found that it was covered in blood. "Great" He thought.

He needed to get up, get some air. His chest was starting to constrict him. As he made a move though he realised something on his stomach. Flynn leaned his head up and saw Andra's hand, gently placed over his right side, dotted with crimson blood. He carefully moved her hand by her wrist and placed it by her side with the upmost care, careful not to wake her from her slumber.

Flynn stretched his limbs and clambered out of the car, landing with a slight wobble. His eyes fluttered and stung as he adapted to the light again. Everything seemed a lot brighter, yet still gloomy in some way. He locked both of his fingers together and stretched out infront of him with a satisfying crunch and, keeping them locked, began to stretch his arms up. A sharp pain stabbed Flynn in his side, making him double over, but before he landed flat on his face a helping hand grabbed his shoulder.

Andra pulled Flynn back up and leant him against the car. Flynn didn't even bother to look at Andra, his pain was far too excrutiating. He just kept his eyes shut like they were glued together, and his mouth closed to stop probably one of the worst barrage of curses he would have said in his life.

Flynn managed to peel open half of his left eye. "Thanks."

"Are you okay?" Her words carried the worries of a thousand people.

He adjusted himself against the side of the Jeep, grunting with every movement. "I'm fine. I'm getting used to passing out these days." His brow furrowed as he realised the situation. "How long was I out?"

"Around eighteen hours. We managed to get the bullet out, but you lost alot of blood."

Flynn patted his stomach. "So that's why I feel half full" Something then caught his eye. Andra had blood all down her side, staining her green T-shirt. She must of been the one who placed all the bandages. "Andra... Tha-"

Flynn was cut short when Jake slammed Flynn's head on the Jeep and threw him on the floor. "Jake! What are you doing!"

Jake failed to register Andra's alarmed state and he put his foot on Flynn's neck. "I want answers!"

Flynn feebly grasped Jake's ankle to stop it from crushing his neck. "Never start with the head, I can't think straight."

"Not the answer I was looking for." Jake picked Flynn up by his collar and slammed him into the back door of the Jeep. Andra was only looking in shock. Although she possessed a great skill, she was still scared to act for fear of choosing the wrong side. "Tell me what you know!"

"I don't know anything."

Jake tightend his grip on Flynn's collar, partially constricting his neck as he lifted him up off the ground. "Why didn't you tell us your father was in the Authorities!"

"I never knew..." Flynn rasped. His eyes began rolling into the back of his head as the oxygen was slowly cut off from his brain. Jake just looked at him with his blank stare, debating whether or not to kill him. Luckily, Jake took pity on Flynn and he dropped him to the ground. Flynn lay there muttering "I never knew... I never knew..." between gasps for air.

"What's wrong with you!" Andra screamed and she ran over to Flynn who was still worming around on the floor, desperately trying to catch his breath.

"In case you didn't notice, our friend over here has a connection to the Authorities."

"That doesn't me-"

Flynn put his hand up to stop Andra's protest. He strained to rise, using the car as support. "How dare you..." His voice was still weak, but still carried a low tone of aggression. Jake turned to him, clearly offended and ready to strike again. "I was the one who led you away from them!" Flynn started to tumble over and Andra rushed to his side. He put his hand out to halt her and stood himself up. "If it wasn't for me, You wouldn't even be alive!"

"Flynn why didn't you tell us?" Andra was slightly disappointed in him. Flynn always seemed like a person you could trust, but her faith was tainted just a few hours ago by the words of one man.

Flynn flungs his arms up into the air, ignoring the searing pain surging up his sides as he did. "What was I supposed to say!"

Andra got a little aggrovated by Flynn's tone and sharply raised her voice. "The truth!"

Flynn recomposed himself. "You want the truth? Fine, I'll give you the truth. My entier family was slaughtered by the Authorities." He flopped his arms down to his side like it meant nothing. "What was I supposed to say!?"

Those words hit Andra hard with guilt and pity. "I'm sorry Flynn. I didn't know..."

"No, you didn't!" Flynn screamed in Andra's face. "My whole family is dead! I have no one else to turn to! And I didn't exaclty plan for tag-alongs!" Each of his words were full of hate and sorrow. "The only reason your both alive is because you came with me!"

Andra and Jake failed to utter out any words as Flynn stood there looking for answers in their faces. "Nothing to say..." All he received was the blank look from Jake and a look of empathy from Andra's somewhat teary eyes. "Exactly." Flynn grabbed a small Authority survival kit from the trunk of the Jeep and slung it over his shoulder. "I'll be going now..."

"Flynn, wait!" Andra grabbed his arm, not willing to let go.

"I don't want to hear it." And he ripped his arm from her grasp. He started walking down the road, not looking back in the fear that he would be drawn back by sympathetic faces. Andra tried to go after him, but Jake barred her with his arm. She looked at him with pleading eyes. All Jake did was shake his head and got in the drivers seat of the car.

Andra watched as Flynn took off down the lonely road in the middle of nowhere before getting in the Jeep and speeding past him to their next destination.


Flynn wandered down the road that cut through abandoned farmlands thinking about what to do. The sky was plagued by looming grey clouds that always caried uncertainty of whether it would bring a storm or not. Several farmhouses, long since abandoned, dotted the green landscape. They were nothing but skeletons, cleared completely of their old contents and walls missing as they were claimed by the unrelenting elements.

Flynn's head was an tangled mess of emotions and memories. He didn't know whether to feel angry, sad, or betrayed. All of them gave him no support. He saved them from almost certain death, and they repay him by throwing him all around the place. Treacherous. Deceitful.


No, how could they be? Flynn's brow furrowed as he continued to listen to his clash of thoughts cluttering his head. A car sped along the road and ran straight through a puddle, sending a wave of dirty, mucky water all over Flynn. That was all it took to push him over the edge.

Flynn threw the survival kit on the grass and shot a searing fireball at the car. As the fire made impact with the back of the car, it raised it raised it up and burst its back tyres, sending it swerving to the side of the road and onto the sodden grass. Flynn picked up the kit and slung it over his shoulder again and continued to nonchalantly walk down the road, ignoring the man unconscious on the airbag of the steering wheel.

A large gale rushed past Flynn, sending a shiver down his spine. The cold merely reminded him of the horrible nightmares that tormented him. The blame he could not dispel haunted him, as did the memory of his families' souls. Khana talked about him being the one to carry his families' memory and continue their legacy, but their memory was the thing that haunted him. Twisted him. Turned him into a different person than he was but a week ago. There was only one memory that was happy and uncorrupted.

The picture.

It was something to be treasured. Something that, beyond everything, still brought him peace of mind and provided a beacon of light in the shadows of his soul. Step after step, Flynn stayed on the path until day became night, and the light became darkness that encased him and the baron fields in its impermeable shadow.


Andra was sound asleep in the passenger seat of the Jeep and Jake was keeping his eyes fixtated on the road. The headlights of the car shone their semi circle of light infront of it, revealing white lines one after the other on the road. Jake kept his left hand on the wheel and wiped his face with the other hand, trying to keep himself refreshed and awake.

Andra groaned and dropped her head to her left side, resting it on her shoulder. Jake took a quick glance at her and smiled at her peaceful slumber. Another night, another day he had protected her. The promise he made long ago was a burden on his life, but Jake didn't see it that way. He took it as his duty and since then he had lived by it.

He trained night and day to ensure her safety. He sacrificed his childhood, his job, and his moral standings. All for her, but not all for her. For his father, to keep his memory alive even though he wasn't there anymore. He had no friends, no real life, just Andra and his father's memory.

Jake ran over a pothole in the road that shook the car. Andra was forced side to side and she quickly awakened. "Wha-what's happening?"

"Don't worry. We just hit a pothole is all." Jake reassured.

Andra yawned and ran her fingers through her hair. "Well I'm awake now." She looked at the back seat and felt a slight sense of emptiness when all she saw was a blank leather seat. She looked out the window into the darkness outside. "Should we go back for him?"

The same question had run through Jake's head many a time in the few hours since he abandoned them. "I don't know Andra. He can't be trusted." Although his words seemed to be bitter, Jake did feel empathy for Flynn. He too had lost loved ones, and knew what it was like to try and live without them afterwards.

Andra seemed disappointed at Jakes answer and you could see it on her face. "We- I shouldn't of said those things to him."

"Don't blame yourself Andra, I played as big a part of this than both of us." He set his eyes back on the road. "Listen, he's gone now and we just have to accept that."

Andra was annoyed at Jake's response, but he was right. Flynn was gone now and there was nothing they could do. "I suppose your right..."

Jake heard the disappointment in her voice. "How about we put on the radio?" Jake said in an attempt to cheer her up. He turned on the radio in the Jeep and all it picked up was static. He kept re-tuning the frequency, but still there was nothing.

Sussenly the static cleared and something that sounded like a microphone clicked. Both Jake and Andra looked at the radio with curiosity. A cold voice broke the eerie silence. "Look to your right." It plainly said.

Jake caught sight of something in the corner of his eye and he snapped his head to the right, only to see a flash of light. A truck then slammed into the side of the Jeep sending bits of metal and glass flying through the air. The Jeep rolled over again and again, thrashing Andra and Jake aorund on the inside. Their heads cracked against the seats and doors, and their arms and legs were thrown around like a rag doll.

After several cycles the Jeep came to a stop upside down. Smoke ascended from its underbelly and a trail of shattered glass was left behind it. Jake found himself scrunched up between the drivers seat and the roof of the Jeep. He struggled to straighten himself out, groaning and grunting in pain with every movement. He then saw Andra unconscious with her head slowly trickling out blood. He reached out his own crimson hand to awake her, but his injuries weakend him and he passed out before he could even get close to her.


Flynn didn't stop to sleep that night. He just kept walking and his legs were starting to take the strain. It was confusing him on why he carried on. He had no determination, no reason to continue, just him and the endless stretch of farmlands that lay before him. Their greenery was a nice and calming sight, but it got boring after the first hour.

That was until Flynn noticed a pillar of smoke rising from behind a slight incline just a bit further up the road. He raced towards it and dropped down to the ground when he reached the summit of the tiny hill. Shuffling across the grass made his stomach wet and cold, but he didn't even feel it when he saw what was creating the smoke.

Lying upside down in the grass was Jake and Andra's Jeep covered in flames. A large truck with a red, metal container was parked just a bit further away from it. The sun shone on shards of glass and metal, making them flicker and shine as the sun moved in the sky.

Flynn slid down the hill on his back, water drops were flying behind him and the grass turned light green with the trail he left behind. He rolled at the end of his descent and ran to the Jeep as fast as he could. The closer Flynn got, the more blistering the heat became but it did not discourage him from what was truly important. He looked into the flames and desperately hoped that they were not inside. Flynn only saw blood covering the sides of the doors and the wheel, but as he leaned in for a closer look the heat hit him like a barrage and he was forced back.

That is when he noticed the blood trail that was spread across the grass towards the back of the truck. He followed the trail and pressed his ear up against the back of the container. A dulled yelp of pain could be heard on the other side and Flynn jumped back in surprise, accindentally kicking the metal with his foot.

"What was that?" He could hear more voices coming from inside the container.

"I don't know, check it out."

"Let's get the boys in front to do it, I'm having too much fun."

Flynn looked around for a place to hide, but being stuck in a vast open field didn't help. He then looked under the truck and rolled underneath just as the diver and his partner got out the front. They were both armed with pistols as they looked around both sides of the vehicle before meeting up at the back. "Did you see anything?" The guard on the right asked.

"Negative. Must of been a bird." The other guard said bluntly.

"A bird? Really?"

Flynn blocked them out as they stood there squabling about nonsense. He had to take them out, but silently. Holding his breath, Flynn slowly shuffled to the back of the tuck until both guards were in striking range. Flynn grabbed both of their ankles and yanked back, sending them straight onto the ground and making them shoot their pistols and the same time in random directions.

Flynn quickly rolled out from underneath the truck and met the two armed guards who had started to recover. He kicked one in the face and grabbed the other one's gun to redirect a shot that was fired. They struggled for control of the weapon and Flynn rammed the guard into the container, causing him to fire another shot that barely missed his partner. Flynn forced the man's gun into his face, shunting him into the back of the container again. He was then hit with a powerful uppercut from Flynn which broke his jaw and sent him onto the ground.

His partner had then recovered and went to grab the pistol that he dropped before, but before he could reach it, Flynn shot his hand with a fire blast which burned his hand and froced him to retract. He then stood up and ran at Flynn trying to swing a punch with his right hand. Flynn grabbed the punch as it went past him and he grabbed the guards shoulder, giving him control of his upper body. He then span the guard around and slammed his face into the metal with a loud gong. The guard then fell flopped to the ground, unconscious.

"What's going on out there?"

Flynn's head snapped around to the back of the container. Thinking fast he cleared his throat and put on a deep voice. "It-" He clered his throat again. "It was just a guy who got lost. We took care of him though."

"A tourist huh? Sounds like you guys had a bit of trouble."

"Oh you should of seen him, this guy was huge. Come take a look." Flynn heard the locks on the other side crack the hollow metal and the large doors beginning to squeek open. Two men opened both of the doors and were surprised to see Flynn standing there with a misceivious smile on his face.

"Hi." Flynn blasted both of them with fire, making them fly back into the container and slide across its metal floor. Sat there under a single, flickering light bulb was Jake strapped to a chair and covered in cuts and bruises. He looked up and winced at the light whilst watching Flynn's sillhouette finally come into view.

"Flynn..." He weakly muttered.

Flynn went behind him and untied his hands. "Come on, lets get you out of this."

Jake mumbled words Flynn couldn't understand. "Where's Andra?"

He nudged his head towards a dark corner. "There..."

The sight was horrific. Andra lay there, completely still in a pool of dried up blood. "Oh my God! Andra!" Flynn ran over and hovered his ear near her nose. Picking up the faint sound of her weak breath a tiny bit of reliefe came to him. He undid the hog tie that bound her together and picked her up in a cradling position.

Jake had untied the bindings that held his feet to the chair and he staggered to the side wall for support. "Is she..."

"Yeah, she's fine."

"Thank you..." His words were genuine.

Flynn gave an approving nod. "So what happened?"

Jake stumbled around a bit more whilst tying to grip onto the metal ridges in the container with his slippery, bloody hands. "It all happened so fast. We were just driving then." He punched his fist into his palm to try and recreate what happened. "I got up, and there was blood everywhere. I tried to get to Andra but... I passed out." The pained expression on his face almost mirrored the one he had during the actual crash. "I regained consciousness here and they began beating me. Drilled my thigh, that's why I can't walk properly." He looked over to a yellow power dill that was covered in blood at the tip.

Flynn just looked around with horror at the amount of blood in there. He must of been beaten all over the place. Wanting to quickly leave this horrible place Flynn walked towards the doors. "Let's get out of here." Jake let out another mumble and followed Flynn outside, where he was met with the same shocked expression as Flynn.

Stood there infront of them were over fifteen Authority agents. And in the middle, was the Colonel. "Does this guy not die?" Jake rasped.

"Seems not." Flynn replied with an expression of hate on his face.

"Ah, Flynn it is so good to see you again. How have you been?" The Colonel sounded courteous, almost mocking him.

Flynn turned to Jake and passed Andra into his arms before turning back to the Colonel. The Colonel laughed histerically. "You think you can take us all on?"

Flynn's expression became serious and he put his fists up to his face. "I can try." "I admire your courage. But you can't defeat us all."

"Why don't you get me angry and we'll see how that plays out?" Flynn taunted.

"Fine." The Colonel turned to his men "Kill him."

Flynn heard the Colonel's orders and he turned to Jake. "Get in the truck and get her out of here!"

"Okay." Jake didn't even oppose the order but was still reluctant to leave. Flynn turned back to the squad of agents. "Flynn. Knock em' dead."

"Sorry Jake, but killings not my style. Now go." Flynn didn't look back at them again, but this time it was for different reasons. He didn't want to see jake's gaze of despair.

The line of agents all charged towards him, some skirted over the cars. Flynn felt a little bit of fear in his heart, but he was unwilling to give into it as it would slowly corrupt him, making him unable to do anything. The beast crawled in the back of his mind, locked in its imaginary cage. Just this once Flynn let it out, on purpose. It quickly took control and he was soon launching attacks of burning hellfire at the agents.

The first attack was a blazing fire swipe that knocked over two agents who weren't quick enough to duck underneath it, or agile enough to jump over it. The other thirteen quickly circled Flynn and began attacking him from all sides. He blocked a punch made by one of the agents and blasted some fire in his chest, sedning him flying from the fight.

He then grabbed a kick from behind and then used his elbow to smack down on the man's knee, breaking it and disabling from the fight. At the same time, an agent went to punch Flynn in the face, but Flynn grabbed his fist and, using his heightened strength gained from his adrenaline, threw the agent over his shoulder and into two other agents who were coming in for attacks behind him.

Flynn continued zipping aorund the opponenets dlivering quick, yet strong blows to them. He slowly dwindled down their numbers until there were just five left, all pacing aroung him in a circle like a pack of wolves surrounding their prey. The winds blew fiercely again, but this time they were hot from all the fire that had been thrown around the area.

The Colonel had enough of this display and he pulled out a sniper rifle from the front of his car. He loaded a fresh clip and pulled back on the bolt. Just as he was about to fire, Jake Grabbed the gun and hit him in the face with it, making the Colonel let go and stagger back. Jake threw the rifle on the ground and tightened his fists. "You honestly think you can beat me?" He chuckled and shook his head in sympathy. "You barely have enough strength to stand."

"I've got enough left to take you on."

"We shall see." The Colonel moved his hands behind his back like it was his stance and stood there, waiting for Jake to make the first move. Jake hesitated, knowing that attacking was the worst thing to do in his condition. He projected froward and threw a punch at the Colonel, who easily leaned back and dodged it. Jake followed through with another punch and it was easily dodged again. He then went for a knee strike but it was blocked by the Colonel's own leg and countered with a punch to the face.

Jake stumbled back onto the bonnet of the Colonel's car and was quickly restrained by the Colonel who held Jake's chest down with his hand. Bringing his fist up he struck Jake with a heavy blow, then another. Blow after blow shook Jake's head side to side, cutting his face and sending blood and spit across the bonnet.

Flynn was still being circled by the agents and he was getting annoyed with all of this waiting. Taking action into his own hands, he kicked fire at an agent infront of him and, using the same leg, kicked a blast of fire behind him as well, maintaining perfect balance from his strong attacks. The agents were both flung a good few metres back and their teamates decided to avenge them.

The three agents moved in slowly. Flynn looked at each of them with a murderous glare and smiled at what would be their imminent slaughter. One went for a jump kick that was easily dodged by Flynn. As the agent landed rather clumsily Flynn planted a side kick it his ribs, breaking three of them and sending him to the ground holding his ribs and breathing through a punctured lung.

The two remaining agents both went for the face, but Flynn blocked both of them, turned to the man on the right and landed a heavy blow to his stomach, winding him. Flynn then twisted to the other agent on his left and blocked another punch, grabbing the man's arm as he tried to pull it away. He sweeped the agents legs and sent him down to the ground. Still holding his arm, Flynn gave a quick twist and a pull to dislocate it. Hiis free hand became encased in fire and he was ready to deliver a fianl blow to the agent.

Flynn noticed this and tried to regain control, but it was now him who was locked in a cage begging to be released. He saw the absolute fear of the man who was in the fate of his unhuman counterpart and he knew he had to get free to save him. Flynn banged on the cage and drew the attenttion of his demonic self who was pulling the srtings of his mind. He walked over to the cage and Flynn kicked the door open, hitting him and sending him to the ground. He then picked the demon up and threw it back in the cage, firmly locking it behind him.

As the demon raged and banged on the cage to be free, Flynn gained control of himself again and was teleported into his own vision again. Blinking his eyes and shaking his head Flynn let go of the agents arm. The agent screamed in pain as it was finally taken out of position and left to drop down to his side.

Flynn heard grunts and the banging of metal from far away and he saw Jake being pinned to a car and being thrashed by the Colonel. He sprinted towards the Colonel and grabbed his wrist before he could stike another blow and after Jake rolled off the car, Flynn smacked the Colonel's head on the bonnet. He quickly backed away and joined Jake, who was standing with a wobble and struggling to maintain consciousness.

The Colonel rose and smiled at the duo. "Look at this, two children who think they can beat me."

Neither Flynn nor Jake spoke, they just looked at each other and went in for the attack. Flynn led the charge and blasted fire at the Colonel which was easily dodged. As a follow up attack Flynn went for a face punch that was blocked upwards leaving his entier sides open. The Colonel quickly punched his ribs twice and threw him onto the ground ready for Jake's attack.

Jake threw multiple punches that were blocked high and low. Seeing how weary Jake was, the Colonel threw his own punches that were weakly blocked. He punched Jake in the stomach but was blocked, but using that to his advantage he landed an uppercut in Jakes gut and thrusted his palm into his face, pushing over into a patch of mud.

Flynn sweeped an arc of fire at the Colonel whilst he was stil on the ground. The Colonel easily jumped over it and he turned to Flynn with a kick. Flynn blocked the kick whilst on his knees and he pushed it away. Using it as an opening to stand back up again, he reset his stance but was quickly attacked by the Colonel with a punch to the face. As Flynn flinched the Colonel kicked him in the stomach, making him stumble further back.

Sensing something behind him the Colonel turned, only to see the barrel of a rifle just a few millimetres away from his face. "No!" Flynn shouted before Jake puled the trigger. "He doesn't have to die."

"How very noble of you Flynn. You might just be human after all." The Colonel still kept his calm and sly tone even infront of certain death.

Flynn walked over to Jake and carefully placed his hand on his shoulder so he wouldn't knock off his aim. "We need to get back to Andra and get out of here."

Jake agreed with Flynn but still kept his attention on the Colonel, who still stood there with a wicked grin. "If you move, you die."

Both Flynn and Jake then started to slowly back away, their eyes still locked on him as he remained perfectly still. Jake kept the sniper rifle aimed at the Colonel head until they reached the truck. Andra was lay awake in the passenger seat but still too weak to even move. "Can you still drive?" Flynn asked.

"I'll manage." Jake got in the drivers seat and propped the rifle next to him whilst Flynn got in the side, pushing Andra up and letting her limp body rest on his shoulder. "Let's get out of here."

Flynn looked at the wingmirror to see the Colonel but he had disappeared and all that remained was a few black cars and the bodies of unconscious men strewned out across the field.

The truck then sped off down the road.

A Few Hours Later

The truck rocketed down the road leaving a massive spray of water behind it. The winds had picked up over the past few hours and thew blew the grass and the dotted side to side. Andra still had a gigantic gash on her head that had crusted over with blood. Jakes arms were shaking and Flynn kept dropping his head due to his lack of sleep. They were both worn out but kept the same mind, stay awake. Andra started to make sense after a few hours of muttering and started to form actaul sentences. "Flynn... I'm sorry..." She weakly spoke through still lips.

"Don't be." Jake suddenly slammed the breaks and Flynn was sent straight into the dashboard. Holding his nose he said. "What did you do that for?"

"We might have a problem." Jake gruffly replied and motioned his head to the window.

Stood there at the bottom of a hill was a checkpoint that stood strong in the middle of a flat field. It was ompletely black metal, apart from a few grey concrete barriers that were dotted around the entrance. A makeshift satellite was petruding from a building on the left and its meatl bowed to the winds power. Agents, all armed with assault rifles patrolled the outside.

They didn't stand a chance.

"What are we gonna do? Go round it?" Flynn poked Jake for answers he didn't have.

"No, we can't go round it. We'll be spotted in that field and swarmed in seconds."

"What are we going to do then?"

Jake didn't have the answer again and he said three words that were hardly ever spoken in his life. "I don't know."

It was then Flynn was left with all the decisions. He was the only able bodied one there. "Get out." He demanded. Jake opened his mouth to protest but Flynn cut him off. "Get out. Now." And just like an obidient child, Jake left the truck but still took the sniper rifle. Flynn shuffled out his seat and guided Andra out after him.

"What is this about?"

Flynn ignored Jakes question and sat Andra down at the side of the truck, letting her back rest on its cold, hard metal. "Andra are you okay?" He spoke to her like she was clueless.

"I'm fine Flynn... What do you need?" She could barely even reply clearly. Her head dipped constantly and her eyes fluttered.

Flynn just shook his head. His plan was blown out of the water, she could barely even speak. Then it came to him. He turned to Jake with a surprised look. "Jake see if there is a medic kit in the front seat." Jake obliged and came back with a green first aid kit. "Good, open it up and see if there are any needles in there."

Jake opened up the kit and rummaged through the bandages and disinfectant wipes. At the bottom there was a needle with a clear liguid in it. "There's one." "What does it say on the side."

Jake picked out the needle and rolled it around in his fingers to see the label. "It says adrenaline."

Flynn came up to Jake and snatched the needle off of him. "Perfect." He walked over to Andra and ripped off the safety plastic protecting the needle. Jake was shocked but he knew what Flynn was thinking and it would benefit Andra, so he didn't protest when Flynn jabbed the needle in her arm and injected her.

Andra's whole body jerked and she took in a desperatly needed breath. She clasped onto her chest and her eyes widened as the adrenaline began to flow through her, stimulating her nerves and giving her a temporary freedom from her crippled state. "Th- thanks." She was practically hyperventilating as she said it.

"Now Andra, are you okay?" Flynn placed his hand on her shoulder and looked into her eyes.

She shook her head vigorously. "Yes, I feel a bit better."

"Good." Flynn kept looking in her eyes so she could keep some sort of focus. "Now I want you to do something for me." She nodded yet again. "I need you to come with me to that checkpoint down there."

"What! That's suicide!" Jake was furious at the suggestion.

"Not if we have cover." He turned back to Andra, who was still flicking her eyes in every direction. "I need you to build us a really thick earth wall we can push through with. Jake, I need you to give us sniper support while we push through. When we've cleared them out you drive the truck through."

Jake tried to find a reason to protest, but as far as ideas go, that was the best one. Flynn helped Andra up and the trio stood at the top of the hill, noticing the purple clear sky that shone on the other side of the checkpoint. It awaited them, but they had to struggle to reach it.


"Let's do it." Flynn said and poised himself ready for the run. Andra did the same, but far less steady. She kept shaking her arms and her fingers. "You ready?" Andra nodded and looked at the checkpoint with a determinated look. Flynn took a deep breath in and ran down the road with Andra following close behind.

In the communication building an operator spotted the two benders and slammed his fist on the alarm button, alerting everyone in the base and the Colonel who was talking to some lower ranked agents. They all lined up against the concrete barriers and the clicks of armed assault rifles moved down the line. The Colonel stepped to the front of the line. "Hold!"

Andra looked over at Flynn with a worried expression. "Not yet Andra."

"Hold!" The Colonel needed them in the right range.

Andra looked at Flynn again as they got closer to the wall of death. "Not yet..."


"Wait for it..."

"Fire!" The Colonel threw his arm down to his side to signal the agents, who immediately began their barrage of bullets.

"Now!" Andra took a big leap forward and planted her feet in the ground whilst raising her forearms above her head. This created a huge 15x15 metre earth wall just in time to stop the bullets that sunk partially into its surface.

"Let's get moving!" Flynn shouted above the sound of whizzing bullets and breaking rock. Andra placed her palms on the wall and began to slowly walk forward as she pushed it closer and closer to the checkpoint. The Colonel didn't allow the agents to stop firing. He was too stubborn minded to give up.

They all stopped and reloaded simultaneously, not a single one was out of place. Even though the wall was slowly approaching them, they did not move in fear that the Colonel would kil them himself. "Make some holes in the wall." Flynn quickly said.

"What? Are you crazy!?"

"Just do it!" Flynn demanded and much to Andra's reluctancy she twisted her palms and several cylinders were pushed out of the wall, creating small holes in its surface. Flynn drew his arms in to his chest and took a deep breath in, guiding the heat from his breath to the end of his fingertips. He let the heat loose and small streams of fire erupted from his fingertips. All of them channeled through the holes and joined at the other side as one big constant fire wave that covered half of the wall.

That was when Jake started to play his role. As the agents began firing again he shot some of them in the arms, disabling the use of their weapons. He masterfully hit every target with extreme precision, even though the immense kickback from the weapon ached his entier arm. That was when everyone began to panic. A wall of fire was approaching them and a sniper was taking shots at them.

Now just a few metres away from the checkpoint, Flynn needed some momentum to crash through the barrier. He kept the heat flowing through his body with steady breaths, but where the fire separated Andra was being cooked by it. She was sweating and the adrenaline was wearing off, making her gradually weaker by the second and slowing her advance. Flynn realised this and tried to shout over his roaring flames. "Andra, keep pushing!" They still didn't move any faster. "Come on Andra, you can do it!"

She started to gain speed. "That's it. Come on!" Flynn kept motivating her and it worked. She dug her hands in the wall, making the layer of tarmac at the top crumble slightly, and started to take heavy steps which left footprints in the solid ground beneath her. Flynn began to crank it up also and he put more intensity into his fire, causing it to grow at the other end and curl as it was blown by the wind.

Andra let out a scream of effort and began jogging with large strides and Flynn quickly fllowed suit and kept the same pace. The firing line saw this walking inferno quickly approaching and some threw down their weapons and ran for it. Others were still in the sight of the Colonel and still didn't move but, as the wall drew closer and the air around them became hotter they eventually sprinted out of the checkpoint for the hills.

The Colonel was the only one left and he stood strong like his own one man army. Andra was now in a full on sprint. The earth wall grinded across the floor and the fire had its primal roar, matched closely with its intensity. The Colonel wasn't stupid though and he went for the communications tower, quickly scaling it's crossed antenna. Flynn saw this and stopped his fire stream. "Give me a boost!"

Flynn sprinted and was flung up into the air by a jaggered earth pillar that was made by Andra. The Colonel leapt at the same time from the tower to get behind the wall, but he was quickly intercepted by Flynn who kicked a large arc of fire at him in mid air before landing on the top of the wall. The Colonel went flying into the antenna and his back cracked against the metal poles.

Jake came down the hill and honked the loud horn of the truck. Andra grunted and puched the wall into the base, shattering the wall and breaking the base into pieces. Flynn leapt off it before impact and landed on the roof of the truck as it came to a stop. Andra got in and Flynn swung in through the side window and onto the seat. "Let's go," he said with a smile and they drove through the rubble that was left of the checkpoint and into the sunset.

"You know what Flynn, I have to admit. You did good."

"Thanks." Flynn couldn't help but savour the compliment.

"No Flynn... Thank you." Andra said as she slowly drifted to sleep.

As the truck coursed down the road, they were treated with orange clouds and a lilac sky.

Author's Notes

  • This was my Saturday and Sunday entertainment.
  • That is all. Too tired to write more.

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