Halting a War
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Dawn of a New Age



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February 11th, 2013

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Chapter 5: The Wanderer

Chapter 6

It was early morning at the Southern Air Temple. Dashi and his fellow Airbending Masters were facing the rising sun, lost in meditation. The peace and serenity wouldn't last long as a massive jet of air collided with one of the nearby towers. The monks jumped to their feet immediately, all in defensive positions. Several more jets of air came raining down, all to be deflected by those disturbed from their peace.

"Is it the Warriors??" a nearby monk asked Dashi.

He nodded, "I'm afraid so, we ignored the warning signs and now it appears we have a battle upon us."

A young man landed in front of Dashi and launched a powerful attack at him.
Air jets

Air Warrior attacking Dashi

The Airbender easily avoided the attack and sent one of his own in return, knocking his attacker into a nearby wall. By now several more Warriors had landed on the Temple grounds, launching attacks at anyone nearby in. The sounds from above were ear-shattering as Sky Bison clashed, their horns tearing at each other in viscous attempts to knock one another out of the sky.

Dashi continued to counter the attacks from their invaders but could hardly keep up as they kept coming in droves. He finally had to ignore his teachings and go on the offensive when he saw a couple Masters go down with injury. An Air Funnel was launched in his direction but Dashi immediately took control and returned it to the attacker. It collided with the Warrior, shredding his clothing while sending him crashing into his fellow attackers. It didn't take long for him to clear the area, surprisingly not having to harm too many without doing much more than knocking them out.

As he ran to see if the Elders were alright he was ambushed in the small forest that was atop the Temple. Knocking him to the ground the Warriors drew their Air Sword hilts and prepared to attack but Dashi launched himself into the trees. A great battle ensued as he avoided the slashes of their swords while trying to knock them from the trees. Dashi may have been one of the best Masters in the Air Nomads but he lacked the ferocity of the Warriors and they soon began to overwhelm him.
Aang bends air currents

Battle in the trees

Panting with exhaustion he landed on the ground and hid behind a large tree, catching his breath. Calming his mind was the best thing he could do at this point but it was tough hearing the Warriors call out to him, taunting him into coming out of hiding.

"Poor little Nomad! You're a strong one but you'll never beat us!"

"We will claim this Temple as our own!"

Dashi continued to breath deeply, trying to ignore their taunts. Occasionally he would hear one of them curse as they did not find him in an obvious hiding place but it wouldn't be long before they found him, this little grove of trees wasn't that big. Opening his eyes he peered around the tree attempting to locate them but they had ceased their taunting.

"Behind you!"

Dashi whipped around in time to be slammed into the tree by a powerful gust of wind. All the effort he took regaining his breath was instantly knocked out of him. He collapsed at the base of the tree, coughing and sputtering. The Warriors laughed cruelly as they again drew their weapons.

"I told you! Beating us isn't in your nature. You know the can run but you can't hide." The man uttered an evil laugh, "You Nomads brought about your own doom giving us this power."

Dashi grimaced as he realized the man was right and lowered his head in defeat. The Warrior drew back his hand before something in Dashi snapped. He rose to his feet in and instantly before blocking the blow. The concentrated Air Sword cut into his hand but he didn't seem to feel it and he whipped his arms forward, blasting his foe into the tree behind him.
Aang testing his airbending on the lion turtle

Dashi loses his cool.

Another Warrior tried to come up behind Dashi but he turned, took a deep breath and sent him crashing into the branches above. Propelling forward on a burst of air he sped towards the main tower, intent on saving the Elders if they were under attack. As he exited the grove of trees he noticed an older man and a young, fierce looking woman on the pathway. The woman was launching rocks into the sky at the Warriors while the man seemingly chatted to her as though a battle wasn't raging. Dashi whipped and couple of air blasts in their direction but the man held out a palm and the two blasts dispersed, no more harmful than a gentle breeze.

"Who are you?" Dashi demanded angrily.

"Calm down airhead, we're here to help," snapped the woman as she heaved another boulder.


She rolled her eyes, "Never mind. We've already secured your Elders. Most of the attack is pretty much over."

"Thank you?"

"No need to thank us Airbender," spoke the man, "We were more than happy to help."

The woman shot him a look, "I wouldn't say happy..."

He ignored her and continued, "Soon the Warrior shall realize the attack is a failure and shall leave, never to return."

"How are you so sure of this?" Dashi asked suspiciously.

At that precise moment the woman was flown backwards by a particularly powerful blast of air. The man sidestepped the blast meant for him, followed by a large bald man landing in front of him. Judging by his arrogance and powerful bending, Dashi judged him to be the leader.

"This Temple is mine!" he growled, slicing Air at the man, who again dodged with ease. Each attack failed to land, frustrating the leader. "Accept your doom!"

Again he swing Air at the man and instead of dodging the man grabbed his wrist before he could do anything. Quickly he bent it behind his back and forced him to his knees.

"You and your Warriors are finished. You will ravage no more of these peaceful Temples. I give you but one option, disband and merge with the Nomads or you will suffer."

"I ain't doin' nothin' you tell me," spat the leader.

"So be it."

The man's eyes began to glow brilliantly. In a flash the leader was lying face down and the attacks on the temple ceased. Several of the Warriors floated out of the sky, unconscious but attached to their gliders. The leader rolled over slowly. He thrust a palm forward but only a weak gust blew. Again and again he tried before slumping his shoulders.

"I warned you. Stop your violent ways or I will visit you again. Your Airbending has been weakened, it shall come back but only through the teachings of the Nomads. The same goes for all your men. Leave immediately."
Old Earth Kingdom general

Krag delivers a stern warning

The man did as told. Dashi stood in shock at the man, his display of power was so intense that wouldn't have believed it if he didn't see it. The man turned to him, amused.

"All will be explained. It is time for you to leave this Temple Dashi, great things are in your future and we must be off if they are to happen."

Still stunned Dashi managed to blurt out, "Who are you?"

"Call me Krag."

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