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Family Ties

Hikar Spiritual Force opening sequence

The new Avatar is the only one capable of bringing peace and balance to the world.

All Team Avatar and their families were in the southeastern part of Republic City, right in the limit with the forest mountains. Each member was waving goodbye to their parents.

Bultina's family goodbye

"Make sure you metalbend those bracelets right."
"No mom, I'll metalbend them to their crotch in the shape of a metallic boot."

–Take care Bultina, remember to reload your arrows every now and then.– Said Takeyon.

–Don't worry dad, I think I'm not going to use them too much at all.– Answered Bultina.

–Make sure you metalbend those bracelets right. If you need to, to the guts of the boys who stare at you.– Said Kimyona in a joking tone.

–No mom, I'll metalbend them to their crotch in the shape of a metallic boot.– Laughed Kosen.

–You sure are my daughter.– Said Kimyona.

–Believe it or not, you did that to me when we met.– Remembered Takeyon.

Meanwhile, Shaila was saying goodbye to her family, accompanied behind by four firebending bodyguards.

Shaila and Li-Hua

"Yes, of course you'll do my little sister."

–Make sure to be safe hon.– Said Cassiopeia.

–Are you sure you don't want one to go with you for protection?– Said a worried Toreno pointing to the bodyguards.

–No dad, I don't need one, I'm a experienced firebender. And also, we're going with the Avatar, come on!– Said a proud Shaila.

–We'll, alright then. Be sure to come back.– Said Cassiopeia.

–If you don't come back, I'll take over your throne! And all your T-shirts will be mine!– Said Li-Hua imitating an evil laugh.

Shaila kneeled to the ten-year-old curvy girl, and rubbed her hair.

–Yes, of course you'll do my little sister.– Said a sarcastic playful Shaila to her sister, who giggled at it.

–Fire Lord Toreno, you don't have to send a single firebender bodyguard to protect her, because she's in hands of the best waterbender in the world!– Said Kensi doing his majestic pose. Shaila, again, facepalmed in shame.

–Okay, I'm not worried anymore, but REALLY scared.– Said Toreno.

Tao was with his parents: Teokan and Natsuki Tenba, like Shaila they had bodyguards protecting them.

Tenba Family

"Aw, Nat, come on. You've seen him in his best moments, he got his mother's strength."

–Take care son.– Said his mother.

–Aw, Nat, come on. You've seen him in his best moments, he got his mother's strength.– Said Teokan with a smirk, grabbing his son's hand to show his wife he was right, and Tao squeezed his hand. –Ow! See honey?– Answered smiling as he rubbed his hand to recover.

–You see dad.– Said Tao satisfied.

Hikar was being hugged by his parents, Sterkur and Vona, who were really uncertain about his travel.

–Please, be careful.– Said Vona.

–Don't worry mom, I'll be okay.– Answered Hikar.

–I know we say this to much but, we're very proud of you.– Said Sterkur

–Thanks dad.– Then their hug ended. –We have to go now. We've already packed Nikumi and Tao's motorbike, so let's go guys.– Said Hikar, as the group leader.

–Why don't you go by airship? It's safer and you'll have the army on your back.– Said Vona

–It's alright Vona, we've already talked about this. He's traveling by earth because he will connect that way with his spiritual self.– Said Sterkur.

As the team went to Nikumi and Tao's motorbike, Takeyon and Teokan stopped Bultina and Tao each separately.

Ashamed Bultina

"DAD! Tao and I don' IT!"

–Hey Bully, one more thing before you go.– Said Takeyon.

–Yes dad?– Asked Bultina. Takeyon left something on Bultina's hand.

–Just in case.– He said. When Bultina saw what it was she got very surprised, in the bad way.

–DAD! Tao and I don' IT!– Said Bultina, offended.

–It's okay honey, I understand that young people have their moments, and specially at this age when you can legally do it.– Said his father as a piece of advice. Bultina gave the thing back blushing and nodding.

Meanwhile, Tao had a different conversation. Teokan also gave something to Tao.

–Just in case.– Said Teokan. Tao looked at it.

–Thanks dad.– Tao answered, smiling. –But I think just one it's not going to be enough.–

–Of course, the pack is already in your motorbike's right compartment. You know how to do it, right?– Said Teokan.

–Of course.– Tao started to whisper in his ear. –Me on top for the big pleasure.– Father and son laughed for a moment, as Bultina asked herself what they were talking about.

Hikar, Kensi and Kosen mounted on Nikumi, and Tao, Bultina and Shaila mounted on Tao's motorbike, and they launched to the south.

–Gook luck.– Said Sterkur.

Meanwhile, in the middle of a huge abandoned factory, there was a Water Tribe Air Nomad meditating in front of a big Red Lotus emblem, suddenly a feminine voice interrupted.

–You go to the Spirit World too much brother.– She said. But he didn't answer.

–Well, I see you're too concentrated, so I'll go with you.– and the Water Tribe woman kneeled down and meditated to the Spirit World, when she opened her eyes again, she was in the middle of a huge library, and saw her brother reading come books, accompanied by a big owl spirit, who kneel to her.

–I'm Wan Shi Tong, the one who knows 10.000 things. Who are you?– Said the big spirit.

–It's okay, she's my sister.– Said Yurei, who closed the book looking seriously to his sister. –What do you want Zhasha?–

–Just wanted to tell you, the Avatar's tracking you.– Said Zhasha. Yurei left the book back on its shelf, sat down on his meditating position and disappeared. –Why does he always leave me alone with a bunch of spirits?– She said, as a Butter-Dragonfly Spirit posed on her hand turning dark.

In the material world, Yurei and Zhasha got up and looked at each other.


"Hikar is like a son to me, I don't want to destroy him, but I will if he gives me no other choice."

–Then let him come.– Said Yurei.

–What? Are you nuts? Letting the Avatar and an army discover us?– Replied Zhasha.

–First: it's just him and his Team; second: once he comes here he has two options: join me or defeat me, my way or highway.– Yurei turned to his sister. –Hikar is like a son to me, I don't want to destroy him, but I will if he gives me no other choice.– Explained Yurei.

Zeick and Aria where listening from behind the rusty doors, they looked at each other, and turned away.


The empty trails of the Hei-Bai forest were peaceful as always, a lop-eared rabbit was munching a little nut, but suddenly a huge motor sound made it scare and run away. Then a motorbike came out with three people on top.

–YEEHAAH!!– Said Tao, as his motorbike landed to the trail between the trees. Behind, Nikumi landed, as he kept running and roaring.

–Guess I'm going to win the Avatar!– Exclaimed Tao.

–I don't think so! GO NIKUMI!!– Screamed Hikar as Nikumi jumped above the motorbike.

–WOAAH!– Shouted Kensi before they landed in front of Tao.

–I think I'm going to throw up. Don't do that again, Hik.– Said Kosen holding her stomach with one hand.

–Well, don't do it on Nikumi, do it to the back, where Tao is.– Said a sarcastic Kensi.

–Ha ha, I'm laughing so hard Kensi. Remember I'm here?!– Said Shaila with indignation.

–Yes honey, relationship goals!– Kensi winked an eye at her. She nodded, giggling for herself.

–I heard that.– Said Bultina to her.

As they were rushing, they saw an abandoned village, in front of a bamboo forest.

–Can we stop here?– Said Kosen.

–Are you kidding me? This place is abandoned.– Said Kensi.

–But good for a sleep.– Said Bultina. –Tao, stop sweetie.–

–Aaaallllright madam.– And a mischievous Tao did a circle in the ground with his motorbike before he stopped, and Nikumi almost continued.

Hikar made Nikumi stop, and when he saw that half group had stopped in the abandoned village he got angry.

–Are you kidding me?– Said a nervous Hikar –How are we going to stop the Red Lotus if we don't get in time?!– Said Hikar nervously.

–Relax, we don't have to rush things. We're already half way and it only passed a week, and also Yurei didn't had any plans for destroying something at some date.– Said Shaila.

Hikar unmounted Nikumi and bounced his head on the animal's crust, Nikumi licked his face.

–I guess you're right.– Said Hikar.

–And remember why we started this voyage.– Said Bultina

–To connect with my spiritual self.– Answered Hikar –So I can connect with Korra, enter the Avatar State and defeat Yurei once and for all.–

–That's right Kari.– Said Kensi slapping his hand on Hikar's back. Hikar looked at him with a furious look.

–I'm looking there to see if there's somewhere to sleep.– Said Kosen.

–I'm going with you.– Said Shaila, and the two went to a house that seemed stable.

The two entered, and suddenly they seemed to be pulled inside of it, they screamed, but it ceased.

–Kossie? Shaila?– Bultina rushed to see what happened, but when she came inside, she also screamed and shut.

–What's happening? I'm coming inside.– Kensi said, he was stopped by Hikar.

–Whoa, whoa, whoa, you just saw three persons get trapped or something in the same house and you're going to be so stupid to go after them!– Said Hikar, suggesting it wasn't a good idea to get there.

–My girlfriend is there, and I'm packed.– He said as he waterbended the water from some puddles to a big whip. –CHAAARGE!– Kensi runned to the mysterious house, waterbending a water whip around him, but suddenly something like a red fly came quickly to Kensi's neck, and he started to run more slowly until he fell tired to the floor. –– And he fell asleep snoring.

Hikar and Tao were astonished and they prepared to attack, Tao pulled out his swords, Hikar earthbent a boulder and Nikumi prepared to attack, the three were furious.

–Alright! Show yourself!– Shouted Tao.

–Calm down.– And an agile guy came out of the nowhere on top of them. –Who do you think you're getting like this to our secret base?–

Hikar was getting more ferocious and stepped to the tall man.

–And who are you? Give our friends back.– Said Hikar.

–We will, if you promise me to don't tell anyone about this place and never come back again.– Said the guy.

Tao was getting a weird feeling, about he saw Hikar and the guy horribly similar.

–Hei-Bai forest? It's a touristic place, it's no secret. You should go somewhere else.– said Hikar.


"We're on our way to the Mining Village, you better step out of our way."

–We're on our way to the Mining Village, you better step out of our way.– Said the guy.

–We're going there too. And by the way, do you even know who are you dealing with?– Said Hikar.

Tao's head was hurting, he knew they looked to much alike.

–I'm the Avatar, Hikar.– When Hikar said his name the guy leaned back surprised.

–Hi...Hikar? It's you?– He said. Hikar dropped the boulder.

–Who...? Do I know you?– Said Hikar.

–Cousin, it's been so long.– Said the guy, who apparently was Hikar's cousin. Hikar suddenly remembered and was really surprised.

–Denryoku? What?– Then the two cousins hugged each other. –It's been so long.– Said Hikar

–Seven years dude.– Said Denryoku.

–Wait you guys are cousins?– Said Tao. –I knew you two were so alike.–

Hikar and Denryoku looked at him with a pouting look, and then Denryoku turned to the houses.

–Okay, free them, they're friends.–

And the three girls were pulled out by three other guys: a masculine lookalike girl, a muscular boy, and a tall armoured one. They laid the unconscious girls next to Kensi.

–Don't worry, they're chi-blocked, they'll wake up in a couple minutes.– Said Denryoku.

–And Kensi?– Pointed Hikar to the drooling and snoring body of his friend.

–Until dinner, don't worry about him.– Answered Denryoku.

Later that night, they went the two teams together reunited in a campfire having dinner. Kensi just woke up and had a very big appetite.

–Boy, this is good! What's this?– Said Kensi with his mouth full of a sort of meat-flavored rice.

–That's a mixture between rice, flour, pork and chicken mixed up.– Said Kakashi, the tall armored guy, who just got his armor off and cooked dinner.

–Well, it's delicious, Kashi.– Said Kosen.

–Kakashi.– Corrected Kakashi.

Shaila was enjoying the dinner, when suddenly she felt she was being stared. She turned left and she bounced of surprise looking the masculine girl's eyes staring flirty at her.


""My name's Danila, and I think you're reeaally sexy."

–Have they told you you're really pretty for a girl?– She said seductively.

–Uhhh, yeah. Lots of boys, and apparently...girls too?– Said Shaila uncomfortable.

–My name's Danila, and I think you're reeaally sexy.– She said in an obviously flirty tone.

Shaila was in the most uncomfortable situation she had ever felt. She tried to tell her she wasn't into girls, so she told her kindly she had boyfriend:

–I'm sorry, but, that guy you drugged before? Well he's my boyfriend. Sorry.– Said Shaila uncomfortable. Danila retreated ashamed.

–I...I'm sorry, it happens to me constantly, I can't see which girls are lesbian or not, I wish I had the power for that.– She said. –I hate being homosexual.–

Shaila left her bowl down and looked at her:

–Don't say that, it's who you are. I have nothing against lesbians, it's just, not everybody is in the same orientation. You should be proud to be yourself, it's who you are, and that makes you unique. Some thing we have to live with them, like me being royal.– Danila looked at her surprised. –Yes, I'm the so famous Fire Princess Shaila.– She said with boredness.

–The Fire Nation still has a monarchy?– Asked Danila. Shaila facepalmed.

Meanwhile, Tao was cleaning his motorbike with Kankuro and Bultina sharpening some arrows with the archer Neji. Hikar and Denryoku were talking about the last seven years of their life.

–That's how I officially was declared as the Avatar by mastering the four elements.– Explained Hikar.

–Amazing. And you haven't tried metalbending?– Said Denryoku. Hikar thought.

–Well, I have thought of it, but I thought of starting to train when we finish with the Red Lotus thing.– Said Hikar.

Two cousins talking

"I think you should start now, or never."

–I think you should start now, or never.– said Denryoku. Hikar thought again.

–Yeah, maybe this could make me advance more as an Avatar.– Hikar looked at Kosen. –Maybe I'll start tomorrow, whatever she says.–

–You should, I heard Yurei is armed with meteorite weapons.– Said Denryoku. Hikar ate another spoonful of rice and turned again to his cousin.

–So, how's aunt Shera? We haven't heard of her yet and we haven't known for the last years.– Said Hikar optimistic. Denryoku's smile faded instantly, and his eyes turned cold and stared down to his knees.

–She was...murdered...for no reason.– Said Denryoku coldly. Hikar felt a pain in his heart really deep.

–Oh my...I'm so sorry...I didn't know anything. Why didn't you come with us and live together?– Said Hikar, trying to comfort him and answer questions.

–Because I ran away, I tried to find mom's murderer, but he was gone. I left house with a couple thing in my backpack, and went north. Then I found Danila, Kakashi, Neji and Kankuro, whose families had been murdered too, and we joined, founding the New Freedom Fighters, to get justice over our families murderers.– Explained Denryoku. Hikar got his arm over his shoulder.

–Well, if you ever need something, you got a family in Republic City for you.– Said Hikar.

–Hikar I'm already twenty years old, and my own friends,– Denryoku looked at his friends. –I'll be fine.– Hikar smiled

–Well, be sure to come and visit us in the city sometime.– He ended.

The eleven seniors stayed awake for half an hour, and then they extinguished the fire and went to sleep, except Kensi, who couldn't because he had already been sleeping hours.

–Pssst, Hikar.– Said Kensi. Hikar, annoyed and half slept, got his vPhone to see what time it was.

–Kensi it's two in the morning, it better be something important.– Said a sleepy Hikar.

–Are you in the Spirit World yet?– Said Kensi. Hikar looked at him like he was dumb.

–How could I be somewhere like in the Spirit World while I'm talking to you?– Said Hikar. –My eyes aren't glowing dude.–

–I thought that maybe, because this is Hei-Bai's forest and it has a strong connection with the Spirit World, you could connect to it more easily.– Said Kensi. Hikar turned his head back to his sleeping bag.

–G'night Kensi, go to sleep, you're still drugged.– Said a monotone Hikar. Kensi started to shout:


–SHHH!– Shushed Hikar.

–Aye-aye captain.– whispered Kensi, and went to sleep.

Hikar gave pretty much thought to what Kensi just said, and made him wonder for the rest of the night.

The next morning, everybody got up.

–Good morning sweetie.– Said Bultina to Tao

–Leef-mee five-moh meenuts.– Said a sleepy Tao

–Ha, you were more active last night.– She said.

–Hey! Where's Hikar?– Said Shaila.

–Meditating I think.– Said Kensi.

–Huh?– Asked Shaila

–Look.– Neji saw Hikar in a meditating position facing the bamboo forest.

–Hikar? Are you there?– Denryoku turned him to see if he was in the Spirit World, and he saw the operation to get o the Spirit World had been another failure by looking a sleeping Hikar drooling and half snoring.

–Great, again, he can't access his spirituality.– Commented Kosen, ashamed by Hikar.


The eleven friends arrived to the Mining village, and there they parted ways.

–Well cousin, I hope you have good luck on your mission of justice, and find your parents's killer.– Said Hikar.

–You too on defeating that Yurei guy, and his evil family.– Said Denryoku. The two cousins hugged.

The New Freedom Fighters waved goodbye to each member of Team Avatar.

–Good luck guys. And visit us in Republic City.– Said Bultina.

–Thank you.– said Kakashi. And Team Avatar went to the Northern part of the small city and the New Freedom Fighters went to the South.

Later that afternoon, when the sun was going down to the sea horizon, Hikar, Bultina and Kosen had already packed Nikumi. Hikar was determined to go defeat Yurei, he had nothing else in his mind, other than mastering the Avatar State before he confronted him. Kosen was teaching Hikar some metalbending, but he was still incapable of making a single move ment in the metal braclet.

Page 7

–NGGG-K-K-K-K! METALBEND!– Cursed Hikar as he struglled with all his strength to bend the metal a single bit.

–Hik!– Said Kensi, Hikar turned curious. –Help me, what flavour of Yaki-Noodles should I pick for the next stage of the journey: Fire Shot, Fishy Shrimp, or Veggie Special?– Kensi was holding three flavoured noodle cups.

–Two things: First, get as much as you can so we don't need to get in the next stop, doesn't matter. Second: we need a micro wave for those.– Said Shaila.

–Alright honey. By the way, I thought you and Hikar could firebent them to cook them.– Winked Kensi.

–Before you go back: do they have Oriental Salad flavoured?– Asked Bultina.

–I'll get it too.– And Kensi went to get more noodles.

Tao approximated to Bultina.

–Well...sweetie.– He said seductively –Do you have plans for tonight?–

–Yes, we're sleeping in a motel, don't you remember?– Said Bultina, leaning on Tao's motorbike, reflecting her curves with the sunshine.

–Well, I thought we could go to a hotel I found, near your old neighborhood, first class and a nice bed.– Said Tao, I a deep flirty tone. Bultina blushed and looked at him with a sweet smile.

–OK then. Just one night...together.– And she said that in a way Hikar and Kensi found disgusting.

As they continued, suddenly, an explosion was heard from the headquarters of the Dai-Li, now present in the Earth Republic of Omashu and Hei-Bai.

–What was that?– Asked Shaila.

–It came from the Dai Li headquarters.– Said Kensi

–We have to go there.– Said Kosen

Hikar thought for a moment and remembered Kankuro knew how to make explosives, and he thought of the worse.

–Denry, what the hell are you doing?– Said Hikar.



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  • This is the first time Bultina wears her arc.
  • The New Freedom Fighters make their debut.
  • It's the first time we know about more family of Hikar.
  • Kakashi and Neji are named after the characters of Naruto.

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