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The Fortuneteller
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Child of the War



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January 8th, 2012

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"The Fortuneteller" is the 6th chapter of the Child of the War continuity. It was written by Annawantimes.


Jenju woke up to a sharp pain in his leg. The past remained a flash in his head, everything had gone so quickly ever since his mother was killed and his father was displaced. Jenju could remember a few nights ago when a quick duel took place. He sat up, and looked around. He had no idea where he was. "Where am I?" He said aloud. Suddenly, something came to him. Where is Sha Lu?

Jenju stood up, and then fell back to the ground with a tumble. His leg hurt far too much to stand on. He grimaced in pain, and tried again to stand, this time leaning on a rock. The pain fell away within a few moments.

"Sha Lu!" He called. Jenju repeated the call a few times, each time receiving an echo. The sound reminded him of the times he ventured into the woods and called across the valley, but that was a long, long time ago.

Jenju took his hand off the rock and stepped on his bad leg once again, which led him to fall like a rock to the ground. "Ugh." He grimaced in pain yet again. He stood up again, and this time, he walked by leaning on a series of rocks.

He had trouble climbing a hill, but when he made it up, he caught sight of Makapu Village, which seemed like a sprawling city to a backwoods boy such as Jenju. The village was made up of standard Earth Kingdom architecture. Jenju knew of the town as the "one with the crazy fortuneteller".

The first person Jenju saw was a tall slender man wearing red shoes. He forcefully ripped off the shoes murmuring, "Stupid Aunt Wu! Telling me rift-raft about meeting a true love!"

Jenju stopped the man, he was know by his family to be very outgoing and somewhat forceful. "Sir, would you know where to find the fortuneteller?"

"Who? Aunt Wu? Why she's in the building in the center of the town, that is, if she hasn't been ran out of town yet!"

"Uhm, okay."

Jenju developed a puzzle look when he hobbled away from the odd stranger. It took him a few minutes to arrive at the pagoda style building where Aunt Wu gave fortunes. He knocked on the door, and he was pulled in quickly.

"What the?" He said.

Aunt Wu, the fortuneteller, greeted Jenju and explained, "You have a lot of nerve coming here, kid."

"My family tells me that."

"Why have you come here, folks in the village don't trust me anymore after the Avatar and friends visited. At first, people stopped coming, but then, people got the idea that I was trying to make a joke of the village."

"Well, you're the reason I came to this village."

"Is that so? Well what can I do for you? Why don't we go into the fortune-telling room."

In the dark room, Jenju began to explain his predicament. "You see, I hurt my leg in a duel." Jenju lifted his pantleg revealing the untreated gash on his leg.

"My word, that's quite a wound!"

"Anyway, I woke up this morning and my friend, Sha Lu, he was gone. Any advice on where to find him?"

"I assure you, he is not far. Search in the night, and you will find him."

"What do you mean? Is that a metaphor?"

"I can say no more," Wu said as she escorted Jenju out, "Do not tell people you came to me, they may tear you apart." Aunt Wu slid the door shut.

Jenju scratched his head, and fell down upon stepping on his bad leg.

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