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Everything started one fateful day. Avatar Kanna fought against the forces of evil but on the battlefield something happened and Avatar Kanna died. The world was devastated and waited for the time when the next hero will rise and finally save them. This is the Legend of Kano.

The fire burned, we all fell asleep.

The next morning...

I opened my eyes, the sun was rising. It was the best sleep I had in days.

"Good morning guys," I said.

"Hey Kano," Mira said.

"Good to see you up sleepyhead," Han stated.

"So when did you guys wake up?" I asked.

"Two hours ago," Mira answered.

"Why could you sleep longer like me?" I asked.

"Well, we had to figure out what villages aren't attacked and how to come to them," Han answered.

"You could wake me up for that," I stated.

"Kano, you didn't know how to find your way home in the second grade," Han noted.

"Well that is true but I could have helped you out," I said.

"We know, but you were tired and we didn't want to wake you up," Mira stated.

"Okay, so what path will we take?" I asked.

"We will take the south road to the Ku-yan village and then we will just continue to the nearby villages," Han noted.

Their detailed plan was fine but with one flaw.

"Guys isn't the south road like fifty miles long?" I asked.

"Yes Kano, but now when we got Cana, we could be in Ku-yan in like half an hour," Mira answered.

Great, I forgot about Cana. How could I forget her?

"Where is Cana anyway?" I asked.

"She went to find food," Han answered.

"Guys how do you know, maybe she is gone!!" I screamed.

"Kano, we are just kidding, she is sleeping behind you."

I turned around seeing Cana sleeping like an baby.

"Aw, she is so cute," I noted.

"Kano, you know what is interesting?" Han asked.

"What, Han?" I asked him.

"Cat-deer are listed among the most rarest animals in the world," Han stated.

"I knew Cana was one of a kind," Mira said.

We were all shocked with the statement the Han made. There was something about Cana that made her unique.

"Guys, she is waking up," I pointed out.

Cana was waking up and standing up. She went to the bowl of water and drank the whole bowl.

"Guess she is thirsty," Mira stated.

"Yeah, poor girl had an rough day yesterday," I said.

"Guys, we should get going if we want to make it to Ku-yan before the Un-Che," Mira noted.

We packed our stuff into one bag that we had and started our trip.

"So Han, when we came to your house, you said that I killed The Rock. What happened back there?" I asked.

"Kano, it was nothing," Han answered.

"Well it can't be nothing, I killed a person!!!" I shouted.

"Okay I will tell you. When The Rock was closing in at you something happened, and your eyes started to glow, and you rose up in the air in front of The Rock and said ... " he said.

"Well continue," I stated.

"I can't," Han said in sadness.

"I will tell you," Mira said.

"How dare you attack the Avatar." "You said it in a horrible tone like a thousand voices were talking at the same moment." "Then you combined the elements together and struck him." "After that he was dead and you started falling, when you struck the ground, everybody was sure you where dead." "But when we came, there was a huge crater in the middle of the arena. "You were inside." "Then the Spiritual Councilors came and took you away," she said with a terrified face.

"I am sorry if that scared you guys," I apologized.

"Nothing to apologize for Kano, you were still amazing out there!!" Han screamed in happiness.

"Yeah, Kano if you weren't the Avatar, we would be dead now," Mira stated.

I was happy that I had my friends here with me. Without them I couldn't make it that far.

"Kano, can we ride on Cana now? My legs are tired." Mira noted.

"Yeah, and the only thing I can see in front of me is meat," Han said in hunger.

"Don't worry Han, when we come to Ku-yan they will make us food like no other," I said to comfort him.

We climbed on Cana and she started to run.

"Wow, I didn't know Cana is this fast," Han stated.

"Well, she is a cat-deer, we can only hope that she doesn't start jumping," Mira noted.

"Wooooohooooo!!!" I yelled.

"Lets gooo!!!" Han screamed out of excitement.

Cana ran for miles and miles and got tried. We couldn't force her to run so we had to walk again.

"At least our legs aren't hurting anymore," Han noted.

"Do you guys think the mayor of Ku-yan will believe us about this whole Un-cah thing?" I asked.

"Well, it's going to be lot of talking to convince him," Mira stated.

We walked and walked, it was already five in the afternoon.

"So guys, do you remember the one time at school when Mira burned the teacher's pants," I noted.

"My Spirits that was hilarious!!" Han said while laughing.

"Remember guys, when you burn the teacher's pants I will not help you ever!!" Mira screamed with an evil face.

"That was the most hilarious moment of my life; remember that the teacher ran through the school and jumped into the fountain and then ... !!!" I said but I couldn't stop laughing.

"And then he had these underwear that had the writing I LOVE CATS and it had alot of hearts around the word CAT!!!!" I said.

I laughed so much that I started rolling on the floor.

"My Spirits I haven't laughed like this since Han farted in class," I said.

And with that statement Mira burst into tears of laughing.

"Ha ha, very funny Kano. Let's not forget when you ate cat poop thinking it was a cake," Han said in anger.

Mira was dying out of laughter now.

"Guys, let's stop with remembering embarrassing moments from our lives," Mira said, still laughing.

"Kano, you ate cat poo," she noted still laughing.

"Mira, it's not funny, I had been framed," I said.

We stopped laughing and continued our path.

"Guys, do you see that," Han stated, pointing directly in front of us.

"Yes, we do," I answered.

It was Ku-yan. We had arrived to our destination.

To be continued...


- Han is the one with the jokes, and he resembles Sokka most of the time, but that will become more obvious throughout the series.

- Cat-deers are a very rare animal species, and documents and books about them origin 10.000 years.

- The next chapter was posted on August 1 2013.

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