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The Wolf, Windbag, and the Great Depression





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Earth, Fire, Air, Water.

Only the Avatar can master all four elements. Unfortunately, the Avatar is never around enough and the world needs her. There is a depression ravaging civilization, leaving thousands to go hungry and go mad. The Avatar is too busy resolving international disputes and spirit conflicts to help the common man. In times like these, real heroes will rise from the ordinary folk and try to restore peace and prosperity to the world.

Most of the gamblers and fighters inside were relatively deferent. Most of them didn't want longer jail sentences for resisting arrest so an overwhelming majority tossed their hands in the air like cowards. However one of the fancier and well-spoken fellows in the room approached the group of "cops".

"What in the spirit's names gives you authority to arrest us? None of you have warrants and your badges are unrecognizable." The man pointed to another person who was unconscious on the ground. "Hell, you almost killed that man with your brutal tactics. What do you think you are? Judge, Jury, Execution... AGH!"

The 'officer' pulled out a flying dagger and lodged in the fancy man's eye interrupting him. "As I said you are all under arrest." Then some of the officers pulled out strange devices that resembled handgun firearms.

Grei stepped forward and drew several icicle daggers. "How dare you impersonate a cop because it is convenient?" He shouted. The rest of the room drew their weapons and began showing signs of resistance. Even the mysterious stranger opponent stood by Naite brother's side.

"You had your warning. ATTACK!" The officer shouted as the thugs and gamblers charged at them with blunt weapons and fire blasts. The bending officers immediately blasted fire and steel at them. Grei launched ice spikes at the enemies to suppress them. Many of the officers with electric gloves and small daggers warded off the criminals.

However the non-benders drew their weapons and fired lethal projectiles at several of them. Those men immediately collapsed on the ground unconscious. The noise produced rang in everyone's ears causing the skirmish stopped.

"What the hell is that!?" Grei shouted as many of the men stopped fighting. Grei and his brothers dropped their weapons and bending.

Meanwhile, Meelo drilled Anil at airbending forms. Anil had mastered the basic combat at this point and now Meelo was trying to teach Anil how to use the air scooter and air glider. The attempts were bitter failure. While Anil could glide, the air scooter was something entirely different.

"No Anil! Quit trying to ride the air scooter like an armadillo bull! This is airbending, not the rodeo." Meelo instructed.

Anil had formed a sphere of air in under his behind however he couldn't position his feet right. After about seven seconds of sustained 'scooting', Anil plummeted to the ground. "Aww, you're no fun anymore." Anil said once he stood up.

Meelo sighed and helped Anil off of the ground. "Do you want to be a better airbender or not?"

"Well, it's on my bucket list," Anil said.

"Do you think this is funny? How do you expect to defend yourself from the chi blockers if you can't even effectively escape on an air scooter?" Meelo ranted.

"I have a glider don't I?" Anil smirked.

"You're probably the worst airbender in the world," Meelo said.

"Well duh, there are only seven of us," Anil laughed.

Meelo was angered by Anil's apathy and decided to blast Anil off of the roof. "Dammit, I've tried to help you but all you want to do is be a smart ass!!" Meelo shouted at Anil whilst Anil was gripping on to the ledge. "Now pull yourself up if you want to train."

Nearby, Li had been reading the books and a newspaper as well. Dako the lemur was perched nearby and Li stroked the creature. "Do you think Meelo's being hard on him?" Li rhetorically asked Dako. The lemur shrugged.

The entire task force of dark officers had surrounded the building and huddled everyone into the center of the illegal arena. The Naite brothers stood next to each other side by side while the mysterious stranger was nowhere to be seen.

"Damn this is the third sticky situation this week." Zed Naite whispered in Grei's ears.

"I'm starting to wonder if these are merely coincidences," Grei said.

"I dunno bro. How could an Equalist jail cell two days ago and arena bust have anything to do with each other?" Warsh asked obtusely.

The 'guards' as they wanted to be called slammed against the victims. "Shut UP you filth!!" One of them shouted.

While the guards were rounding everyone up, the Mysterious stranger managed to slip out of the crowd and was hiding in the scaffolding near the ceiling. "Perhaps Mr. Naite could use my help," the stranger thought. Then he pulled out two smoke bombs from his utility belt. Then he hurled a couple of them to the opposite sides of the room.

"What the crap is this stuff?!" One of the guards exclaimed. The little bombs emitted heavy amounts of gas mixed with water Vapor. The entire room was shrouded in a pea soup fog. Grei quickly caught on to this and water bent a clearance for him and his brothers.

"What are you waiting for, an invitation?" Grei asked his brothers and gestured for them to follow. The Naite brothers bolted for the door and then busted out of the arena. The guards, however, were none the wiser.

"That was close man!" Warsh exclaimed while the three ran for beast and mounted on it.

"Let's head back to the apartment before it gets dark," Grei stated.

"Yeah, let's do that." Zed panted since he was out of breath. "It's a shame we didn't get the money."

Grei nodded and rode beast down the side walk with his brothers.

While Anil had taken a short break, Meelo had tied a rope to between to rooftops. He had also lubricated the ropes with olive oil and then put nails in the ends. Once Anil had walked back to training, he saw Meelo suspending himself above the rope with an airbending move.

"What are you doing?" Anil asked.

"If you hope to master your airbending, you're going to have to master your balance," Meelo said.

"You can't mean..." Anil gazed at the rope and noticed Meelo nodding. He then gulped and began to shake.

"Come on what are you waiting for? Cross," Meelo said.

Anil walked up grabbed his glider and stepped on to the rope. He tip-toed across the tight rope an inch at a time; Anil had to take it slow since he hated tight ropes. Not heights but merely thin ropes. Meelo sat on the sidelines and took a bite out of an apple. After about five minutes Anil reached the other side.

"Good job buddy! Now do it without the glider and do it quicker," Meelo commanded.

"Ah dammit!" Anil threw his glider down then began to cross a second time. His feet were placed likewise on the tight rope and spread his arms out to reach to his full wingspan. Anil eventually reached the halfway point but then a loud crash distracted him. He then slipped off of the rope and grasped it with his hands.

"Oh crap oh crap!" Anil began to panic. Meelo however was not concerned.

"Go on then! Pull yourself up!" Meelo said. "You're in shape."

Anil tried to pull himself up yet the rope tended to swing a bit. "What kind of crap is this? This stupid rope dangles."

"Anil, you can do this," Meelo said in a rather calm voice.

Anil's hands slipped off of the rope and then he began to plummet. He shielded his eyes and felt like it was the end. Suddenly the wind and the breeze seemed to align perfectly with Anil. He felt the connection with the world drift away and the airbender instincts click. Anil opened his eyes as he fell down eighteen stories and the blasted the air towards the ground. He then propelled himself up and formed a perfect air spout. Then he reached the roof and landed next to Meelo.

"I'm ready," Anil said.

"It's about damn time you were." Meelo smiled.

A few blocks from Anil's "apartment", the Mysterious Stranger sprinted and landed in the middle of a dark alley. The stranger the walked over to his own personal safe that sat next to a dumpster, then he opened it with the proper combination. After that, the stranger removed his gear to reveal his normal civilian clothes. Soon the mask came off.

"Finally some fresh air," Stranger said then removed the mask to reveal the face. With his dark hair, green eyes, light skin, square jaw, and familiar complexion, there was only one person he could be. "I can't wait to get back and cash in with Anil."

Anil leaped into the air and formed a sphere of wind below him. His feet aligned perfectly and balanced on the sphere. Then he made donuts with his new mastery of the air scooter.

"Well done." Meelo and Li clapped.

Anil dismounted from the air scooter and then walked up to Meelo. "Thank you, Sifu Meelo." Anil bowed then Meelo bowed likewise.

"I apologize for my abruptness. I should have trained you like my father trained me, but I'm not Tenzin, and you aren't Meelo," Meelo told Anil and patted him on the back. Then Meelo picked up his private Glider. "I must go for now, I need to get home and help my brother and get him his medicine."

"Take care!" Anil said.

Meelo ran off the roof and opened his glider. A huge blast of self-generated wind sent Meelo high into the sky, allowing him to fly home to Air Temple Island. Anil, Dako, and Li waved goodbye then they began to walk downstairs towards the kitchen. Soon after, Baijin climbed up the side of the roof while the Naites took the usual entrance. It had been a long day and it was time for dinner.

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