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Avatar: The Chronicles After Yakone's Trial



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March 7, 2013

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Chapter 4 - The Arrival

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Chapter 6 - Hiding Place


Zuko tells Aang news that is very unsettling to the Gaang and could possibly affect Aang in the future. Meanwhile, Bumi falls in love with Zuko's daughter and Kya bets him that he can't win her heart, to which he accepts her challenge.

It's afternoon. The Gaang is sitting at the dining room table catching up with Zuko. They're sharing stories and laughing. 

Zuko: Thank you for letting me stay at the temple for a few days.

Katara: No problem, I had to make sure everything was perfect in the house for your arrival. You are the Firelord after all.

Zuko: You shouldn't have to overwork yourselves just for me. Remember I was your friend first, and then I became Firelord.

Sokka: You were also our enemy first. *laughs to himself*

Aang: Well it's good to see you again Zuko. How is it going in the Fire Nation?

Zuko: It's just peaceful there, like it should be.

Toph: I'm sorry you had people after you again on your way here, but when I leave this place, those lily livers won't know what hit them! *slams her fist on the table*

Zuko: Anyway, I didn't just come all this way to see you, I have some important news, I just don't know how you'll all handle it...

Sokka: See I told you there was a reason he came here. So what's this important news?

Zuko: Well, I'm not exactly sure if my facts are correct, but...Aang, you were in the iceberg for 100 years, right?

Aang: Right...?

Zuko: And during those years, you were in the Avatar State the whole time?

Aang: Yes, but where are you going with th--

Zuko: *cuts of Aang* The Avatar State uses up a lot of energy. You were in the Avatar State for 100 years, using up a lot of your energy. I'm afraid that that your life energy will drain and you'll die younger than you should.

Aang's eyes become wider at the sound of what Zuko said. He breaks eye contact with him and thinks to himself looking at the ground. After thinking for a few seconds, he looks back at Zuko.

Aang: It does make a lot a sense that I could die early, but there's always Katara and a some healing *looks at Katara* am I right sweetie?

Looks away from Aang a couple seconds to think and looks back at him.

Katara:  I don't know Aang. I could try, but this is life energy, not some wound. I think when your energy starts to drain I'll have to try, but if there's nothing I can do then you'll have to die.

Meanwhile, Kya and Bumi are in Kya's room. They're yelling at each other.

Kya: I'm just saying, it would've been nice if you at least looked at her! At least acknowledge her that you know she exists.

Bumi: I don't want to! I don't want to talk to her, look at her, or even be around her!

Kya: Will you just come and meet Zuko's daughter Bumi? She's really nice! 

Bumi: I don't want to! I have to deal with you and Lin almost everyday! I don't need another girl in my life! 

Zuko's daughter opens the door to Kya's room and enters inside. 

Zuko's daughter: Hi Kya!

Bumi looks at Zuko's daughter. He gets a huge grin on his face and a dreamy look in his eyes. Zuko's daughter walks over to Bumi. 

Zuko's Daughter: You must be Bumi, Kya's younger brother. Nice to meet you.

Bumi clears his throat

Bumi:*nervously* Nice to meet you too, princess. *bows down in front of her*  It is an honor to meet the Princess of the Fire Nation.

Zuko's Daughter: *laughs* You don't have to bow down to me. 

Bumi: *gets up from bowing down* Why don't I show you around the house, my treat.

Zuko's Daughter: Okay.

Kya grabs her brother's arm and drags him opposite of the exit. She walks back to Zuko's daughter.

Kya: Excuse me for a second, I need to *starts pushing Zuko's daughter out of her room and into the hall* talk to my brother. *slams her door and turns around facing Bumi with a smirk on her face* Well, well, well.

Bumi: What?

Kya: Oh don't 'what' me! You like her don't you?

Bumi: *nervously, obviously lying* What! No!

Kya: *gasp* You do! 

Bumi: Okay, yes I do, I don't know, I just--

Kya: It was love at first sight for you!

Bumi: Just, let me try to win her heart, you'll see, I can be romantic. *starts walking towards the door*

Kya: Five yuans that you can't!

Turns around quickly facing Kya. He starts walking towards her with an angry face

Bumi: Okay, fine Kya! If I win the princess's heart by the time she leaves you owe me five yuans, but if I don't win her heart, I'll give you five yuans! *stomps to Kya's door and opens it* *yelling to Zuko's daughter* Oh Princess!

Meanwhile at the dining table, the Gaang continues to laugh about stories. 

Toph: Well I gotta go. Those lily livers are going to jail for a long time. *yells at Lin* Lin! You're coming with me!

Lin and Tenzin are playing a card game. Lin looks at Toph sadly.

Lin: But mommy! Tenzin and I are trying to play a game right now!

Toph: *walking up to Lin* Not right now, *picks her up* Come on, just for a little while. *walks out the door*

Aang gets up from the table and walks up to Tenzin. He helps him get up from the floor and they walk to the dining table.

Aang: It's okay Tenzin, your friend will be back.

Tenzin: Can we practice airbending daddy!

Aang: *smiles* Why don't we all go outside, I've been trying to teach him how to do the air scooter.

Everyone gets up from the dining table. Kya, Bumi, and Zuko's daughter follow everyone out the door. They all walk over to the place where Aang teaches Tenzin airbending. Everyone except Tenzin sits down on along the side and Tenzin walks over in the center.

Aang: *yells proudly* Come on Tenzin, you can do the air scooter!

Tenzin forms an airball in his hands. He bends it under his feet. He jumps on the air ball and spins around on it like a top. He spins around the center a couple times and jumps off. Tenzin is in shock he looks at the ground stunned and looks at his family and friends who are all smiling at him.

Tenzin: I..I DID IT!

Aang runs up to Tenzin, picks him up, spins him around and hugs him tightly.

Aang: *happily* I knew you could do it Tenzin! 

Katara runs up to Aang and Tenzin and joins the hug

Katara: I am so proud of you my little airbender!

Zuko: One day Tenzin is going to be just like you, Aang.

Sokka: Well except he'll only be able to bend air.

Aang: Lets go back inside and celebrate!

Everyone starts walking back inside except for Bumi and Zuko's daughter who are sitting on a huge rock. They start talking.

Bumi: So what do you think of Republic City so far?

Zuko's Daughter: It's amazing. It's so wonderful to meet the Avatar and his family and friends. 

Bumi: Well I've met your father before, so it's nice to meet you.

Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Zuko stop walking and watch as Bumi and Zuko's daughter talk from afar. The watch them in with adoration expressions.

Katara: Look at our big boy, I think he *elbows Zuko* likes you're daughter Zuko.

Zuko: Yeah. And I think she might like him back.

Aang: I never pictured Bumi being the one to like girls.

Sokka: *proudly and slightly smug* He's just like his Uncle Sokka.

Aang, Katara, and Zuko exchange looks. They look at Sokka and start laughing, much to Sokka's annoyance. A few hours later, Bumi and Zuko's daughter are still outside sitting on the rock and laughing.

Zuko's Daughter: So, what element do you bend?

Bumi: Actually, I'm a nonbender. I must get it from my uncle.

Zuko's Daughter: I'm a firebender, just like my father. 

Suddenly, Zuko's daughter shoots a fireball from her fist. Bumi watches in awe

Bumi: That was amazing! I don't get to see much firebending action unless my father uses it. 

Zuko's Daughter: Well, watch this *firebends making the fire look like a dragon*

Zuko's daughter jumps up from the rock, forming a stream of fire from her fist and making in look like a dragon. She 'moves' the dragon around the air few times and makes it disappear

Bumi: *laughs* That was incredible! *gets serious* You're incredible.

Zuko's Daughter: *walks back over to Bumi and sits down next to him* Even though you're not a bender, I think you're incredible too, and I'm pretty sure you know your way around a weapon.

Bumi: Actually I learned how to use a machete pretty well thanks to my Uncle Sokka.

They start leaning towards each others faces. Bumi and Zuko's daughter close their eyes and their lips almost touchKya pops from behind the rock

Kya: Bumi! 

Bumi screams from being startled

Bumi: *embarrassed; his cheeks are flushed* What do want Kya?

Kya: Uncle Sokka is going to leave for the night, we have to say goodbye!

Bumi: Okay, *holds his hand out to Zuko's daughter* may I escort you inside the house?

Zuko's Daughter: *takes his hand* You may. 

Kya, Bumi, and Zuko's daughter walk over to the front door, where Sokka is half outside, ready to leave

Sokka: Well it's been great, I'll see you all tomorrow morning!

Suddenly, Toph barges inside the house, knocking Sokka down, causing him to fall over

Sokka: AH! Watch it Toph!

Toph: Sorry, but I have to tell all of you something!

Aang: *while helping Sokka off the ground* What is it Toph?

Toph: The lily livers from this morning, they escaped!


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