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Chapter 5 - The Earthly Twist
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The Future of Korra





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January 13, 2015

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Chapter 4 – Welcome to Valem Town!

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Chapter 6 - Vogdar City

Korra and Mako broke their hug, Korra ordered Naga to go. Naga stopped at Taree's building Korra tied her up and Mako was waiting by the door. Mako opened the door letting Korra in first. Korra was glad to see that the old lady wasn't their, Korra walked over to Taree's apartment.

Korra knocked on the door. Taree looked at the eye hole and opened the door.

"Welcome back!" Taree announced cheerfully.

Korra smiled. "Thank you," she said.

Mako whispered in Korra's ear. "Should we tell Tenzin?" Mako asked.

Korra turned to look at Mako. "Are you serious? All he does is yell at us when I get pregnant," Korra whispered angrily.

"Okay okay, just stay cool," Mako replied.

They walk into the room together. Everyone was doing something quietly, Tenzin was meditating and everyone else (except the little ones) were reading books. Korra didn't want to disturb the peace and quiet but she had to.

"So, what do we do now?" Korra asked.

Everyone got distracted from what they were doing. Tenzin gave a little peak and then closed his eyes and forced them closed screwing up his face temporarily.

"I don't know," Kya said. "I guess we should just go to sleep, it almost night time anyway. Extra sleep could be useful, as we don't know what the Earth Kingdom will throw at us."

"Could be?" Tenzin asked still looking like he was meditating. "Will be," he corrected.

"I guess you're right Kya," Korra said. Korra sighs. "I hope everything will be okay," Korra said as she left to her bedroom.

Mako was squished, so he turned to his side. Mako then took his clothes off because he didn't want to get them greasy from sleeping. Then he turned Korra so that she was on her side facing him. Mako helped her take her clothes off. The two were naked on the couch, they both badly wanted to play with each other but they didn't want anyone else to notice so the decided to make it brief and quiet. Mako was literally hugging Korra on the couch trying to express his love to her in a quiet manner. Korra admired Mako and his inappropriate actions, she too wanted to do the same, as they did played in bed with each other almost every night. Korra looked into Mako's amber eyes. She couldn't help it, she kissed him. Korra was running her hands across Mako's white body and Mako ran his white hands across Korra's brown body. Korra and Mako were aroused, they were making out and Mako was whispering about how much he likes Korra's body and vice versa. Korra put her index finger on Mako's lips separating their heads.

"Shh," she said short, quietly and romantically. "No talk more love," Korra said before she reattached her lips on Mako's.

Korra and Mako was so close to each other it almost look liked they were trying to merge, Mako got an idea. He turned so his back was on the couch, Korra was on top of him. Korra thought that they were going to smooch some more but she knew that that wasn't going to happen when he adjusted something and she almost wanted to make a loud sound. Korra liked what Mako was doing to her. Later she told Mako to stop because she knew she was going to make a loud sound sooner or later. Mako stopped moving, and they both fell asleep.

In the morning Korra woke up, she felt awkward having her tongue hanging in Mako's mouth. She knew that today would be her big day. Korra personally didn't believe that Erpea should be separate from the Earth Kingdom, she felt that the best way to solve this was to give Erpea its own government, but still be a part of the Earth Kingdom. Korra saw that nobody else was awake, she got off of the couch, grabbed her clothes and put them on. Korra looked at the letter she had received yesterday that her mother wrote, and then she looked at a picture with her as a little child and her Mom and Dad.

Mako woke up, he looked at the wonderfully dressed Avatar, Avatar Korra as if he was drunk, like usual.

Korra wondered if Mako always acts as if he was drunk when he's up for the first few minutes. She never knew why he always acted like this its not like he just had a few drink five minutes before he woke up, that would be impossible, Korra thought.

Mako got off from the couch, and approached Korra who was not to far. "Hi Korra, so Earth Kingdom is sending some of their military to battle us?" Mako said.

"Umm ... Um, Yeah, well, you see they kind of don't know were here, but I will tell you that first put your clothes on before anyone else wakes up and two were going to Vogdar city first."

"Sounds good to me!" Mako said as he was putting his clothes on as Korra instructed.

Korra and Mako heard a yawn, someone was getting up. It was Taree that woke up.

Taree yawned, "Oh, you guys are up early today, I'm sorry if I interrupt your plans for today, but I need to go to the Markets to Vogdar City and -"

Korra cut her off, "Excellent! Were going there too, to show the people that the Avatar cares, and that the Southern Water Tribe army isn't useless or weak."

"I don't think that your nations army is useless."

"Well, I wouldn't say MY nation, as I live with," Korra starts talking and acting all romantic "Mako, in the beautiful Republic City, eating out together ..." Korra looks at the ceiling and has her hands together against her cheek and her eyes looks like there are pink hearts on top. Korra gives a romantic sigh, "Romance ..."

"I'm absolutely confused how you turned your army not being useless into a romantic moment," Taree said as if she was unimpressed and potentially jealous by Korra's romantic moment.

"Romance," Korra said still in romantic mood.

Taree got fed up with Korra's 'romantic' mood, she grabbed her stick and whacked Korra. Korra fell face first on the floor, snapping her out of her moment.

"Gosh, I'd never ever want to see you guys drunk," Taree insulted.

Korra got up, "Why did you do that, Taree?" Korra asked frustrated.

"Because you turned serious matters into a, 'romantic' moment," Taree said.


"Sorry Korra, I don't feel like getting myself in a quandary right now."

Korra pushing too far made a rude statement. "Ohoho, you think using big words can get you out of situations?"

Taree ignored Korra.

Korra saw that everyone else was up and the children were crying, she calmed herself down and threw herself on the couch. Mako sat down beside her. Mako tried his best to comfort her.

Taree was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the household, she hoped that the household would like it.

When Taree was finished making breakfast she carried a tray full of hot steaming French Toast. Taree put the steaming hot food on the table in the middle of the room.

"Breakfast's ready!" Taree announced cheerfully.

Korra looked at the table, she walked over just like everyone else did. She sat down beside Mako, and put her hand on top of his hand that was placed on Mako's lap.

Mako looked at Korra positively. "I wonder how good this stuff tastes."

Korra looks at her plate then she grabs a piece of Erpean toast and puts it on her plate. Korra notices that Taree puts a liquid called Maple Syrup on her French toast.

"What's that?" Korra asked.

Taree sighs, "I don't know, maybe maple syrup?"

Korra looks at Mako.

"What you expect me to know everything all the sudden?" Mako says.

"No," Korra says.

Mako looks back at his plate.

"This stuff is really good Taree, what do you call it?"

"I call it yellow bread that tastes good with sticky sweet stuff!" Chira stated.

"It's Erpean Toast!" Taree said neutrally.

"Wow It's like a different civilization here with all this different food."

The group dug into their food then something 'popped' up on the radio that sparked everyone but Taree's attention.

"It seems that the the 2st King of The reborn Earth Kingdom has changed his mind, He would like to meet the Avatar for a negotiation. The Earth King claims that he is afraid of losing a state after the chaos produced by the Earth Empire."

Korra stared at the radio.

"Okay so should we trust this guy that he just wants an negotiation or ..."

"We'll give him a chance," Korra replied.

After breakfast Korra and Mako when outside.

"Mako I want you to come with me to Vogdar City with me. I know it really should be just me and Taree but I ..."

"Love you?" Mako finished.

Korra smiled, and Mako smiled back. Korra broke the ice.

"And also that maybe I could use a tough guy like you, for you know just in case."

"Yeah, sure, I would love to see Republic City's competitor," Mako joked.

"That's great to hear Mako."

"Hey you know what's great to hear?" Mako questioned Korra. "That you're going to have a sibling. In fact I don't even think that any of the previous Avatar's actually had biological siblings."

"I know right its like I have an advantage over all the previous Avatars. I have a big family of my own with you of course, and now I'm going to have a little brother or sister!"

Mako giggled, Korra blushed. Korra some how after talking about her future sibling managed to kiss Mako.

Mako moved his lips away from the scene, he blushed. " Korra I don't know if I could ever express how much I love you."

"Well, I think we are on the same page with our relationship."

"Well, ah yeah, I guess that is really important to be on the same ... page ...?" Mako said screwing up the conversation.

"Well its an advantage," Korra said trying to fix the awkwardness.

"So when are we actually leaving to go to Vogdar city? Tonight or tomorrow?"

"Well I think that we should start packing because I want to do some sightseeing!"

"Korra that's an excellent idea why didn't I think of that. We could have a romantic picnic in a park and get a hotel together."

"Okay, But I'm just concerned, about the president, what do you think he will do to me? Do you think that he will accept my offer or do you think that ..."

Mako put his finger under Korra's chin maker her look up. "Whatever will happen to you, my Korra I will always love you."

Korra and Mako went back inside to Taree's house. Tenzin walked over to Korra.

"Korra I seem to have bad news, me and my family have to return to Republic City the president needs to negotiate something with me face to face. I'm afraid that you will be alone for this."

"What about my Dad's military? Aren't they coming here to help me out?"

"I'm afraid that the Southern Water Tribe Army is dealing with some more local problems than this."

Korra facepalms and turns to Mako as Tenzin walks away. "So now what? I don't want to do what the Earth King wants but I also feel that independence isn't a good idea either. I just think that the king should do more to care about Erpea Island. What should I do? Tell him to do more for the island?"

"Well I guess so. Just do what you feel is right Korra since you are the Avatar."

"I hate it when people say that to me, but I guess my idea is not super bad its very centered between the two sides."

Korra and Mako started packing, for the big trip to Vogdar City. Taree gave them some food for their trip. Tenzin was also packing his stuff to go back to Air Temple Island.

      • An hour later.

"Looks like I'm finished packing," Tenzin said to himself. He signaled Phema. "Avatar Korra, I do wish you good luck on deciding the future of Erpa island, Taree I would like to thank you for your wonderful hospitality, it was a wonderful experience." Tenzin waved good bye as he and his family left Taree's house.

Korra looked saddened at Taree as Taree gave Korra and Mako a picnic basket for their trip. Korra accepted it.

"Thank you Taree." There was a brief pause. "Whatever happens ... I hope you and your people will benefit from it."

"Korra, you are the hope to free us, save us from poverty."

"Poverty?" Korra asks.

"Well, I'm more fortunate but in the outer edges outside the walls ..." Taree chokes. "There are tons of people who work hard but receive so little money that they can barely afford any food."

Korra breaths with shock.

"Its like Erpea island is a cow in the King's eye's and he milks it as much as possible, and the milk, is money, the islands money, from innocent people who pay high taxes. I thought that Prince Wu would save us with his 'democratic' idea for the Earth Kingdom, but instead as you know he got assassinated and was taken over by Koji Ui." Taree looked down at the floor in anger and sadness. "Korra I wish you good luck. You are free to come back here any time."

Korra and Mako walk towards the door, "Goodbye!" They both say.

Korra and Mako both walk out of Taree's house. Mako pack everything to fit on Naga's back, Korra hops on Naga's back. "Ready Mako?" Korra asks.

"Just let me get comfortable," Mako says as he adjust himself. "I'm ready," Mako replies.

The couple takes off in the night sky as they live the town and enter the dark oak forest.


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