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The Visitor

Vakama was scratching something on the wall when he heard light footsteps. Koh must have heard it to, because he started to climb and cling to the ceiling of his lair.

"Hello?" asked an unwary voice.

"Who goes there?" replied Koh with his deep slow voice.

The young man instantly straightened his face as he heard his voice, though the sweat marks on his forehead were clearly visible.

"I've heard about you..." he drifted from his thoughts until he spoke again. "I was dragged here by a spirit because of my village's poor reputation of respecting your kind..."

Vakama and Koh could both hear fear in his voice but he wasn't showing any...yet.

"Yes, you mortals seem to forget how some of us watch over you and assist you with your limited lives...very disrespectful I must say" said Koh.

"That may be tru-I mean that is true, but I was hoping if you can give a humble visitor some guidance?" He asked while bowing to his knees, trying to look for the source of Koh's voice.

"Much better", the voice came from behind the man.

The man couldn't help but turn around and see the giant insect like creature that is Koh.

He backed away a little before yelling, though it was very brief.

The second he showed a sign of his fear Koh instantly grabbed his face with his arms and slowly but surely took away his face from the remainder of his body. Koh laughed, then said, "Now you won't be able to return to your world, if you do, you would be deceased the second you lay foot, now get out of my realm!"

The man did just that, bumping into a wall a few times, but eventually made it.

Then Koh slowly and dramatically turned his head to Vakama's direction, smiling with a sinister grin. Vakama, however, witnessing Koh do this multiple times, was unfazed.

"That one wasn't challenging, they usually break down when I show them my vast collection..."Koh said.

"I have a feeling the next one will meet your expectations better." Vakama replied sarcastically.

"I have a feeling the next one might be you." Koh shot back.

"Eh, I doubt it."

Koh ignored Vakama, seeming like he was trying to remember something.

"I'm expecting another visitor today, one more wise and knowledgeable then that fool we just met."

"So no more face sucking today?"

"It's much more difficult for me to abstract the face of a spirit", Koh put Vakama's comment aside, "especially if the spirit is Wan Shi Tong."

"You've mentioned him before, though I forgot what you said about him."

"Not surprisingly, you humans can only store so much knowledge and memory" Koh spat harshly.

"Wan Shi Tong is also known as the Knowledge Spirit. He has a slight disdain for humans so don't expect him treating you with kindness."

"I barely meet a spirit that does" Vakama replied, anger in his voice, but just in his voice.

"You humans aren't that kind yourselves; we spirits only help those we see with clear hearts and pure minds. Much of your civilization has been tainted by greed and lust, replacing dark emotions where lighter ones should be... "Koh said.

"You have a point, were more in common then we think"

Before Koh could reply a large figure appeared at the mouth of the lair. Vakama couldn't see him clearly but he seemed to have the appearance of an owl with two fox like creatures at each of his sides.

"Wan Shi Tong; due what do I have the honor of your presence?" Koh said using his owl face. It was clear he was using his owl face to mock Wan Shi Tong, and to demonstrate that he was the more powerful spirit.

The Knowledge Spirit squinted slightly and made his way deeper into the cave.

"You have some of my scrolls which I intend on having back, it would be only right if you return them to me."

"Ah of course, your scrolls." Koh said as he went to the deepest part of his lair, which only he was allowed to go. He warned Vakama if he even tried to go to his personal part of the lair, he would automatically take his face away. Even if he wasn't showing emotion.

"Here you are, it was quite a read, though of course I already knew everything that was in these scrolls, I just wanted to hear the stories from a different perspective." Koh said with a grin.

"I'm quite sure that was the reason," Wan said coldly, "Now that I have what I I need I must return to my Spir- wait... is that a human?" Wan was staring at Vakama now.

"A pleasure" Vakama said with a bow.

Wan was amused, Koh wasn't.

"Yes, though quite an annoying one." Koh said

Vakama wanted to smile but couldn't. He couldn't express sadness, which was difficult, and couldn't express happiness, which was rare.

"Aren't they all?" asked Wan, "How long has he been here?"

"...Ten years" Koh said with a hint of shame in his voice.

Again, Vakama wanted to smile.

"A human that hasn't express emotion for a decade? I find that hard to believe. Emotions are what makes a human what they are." Wan stated.

"I tell myself the same thing whenever I look at him" Koh said flatly.

Vakama had small pride in him at that moment, but then asked himself, what was there to be proud about? The fact that he didn't show any sign of emotion for the last decade? He felt dead and lifeless, he didn't feel human...he didn't know who he was anymore. If anything, it only made him feel isolated from everything else, like he was alone.


  • This is my longest chapter yet so it may feel a little different then the others.
  • It is hinted that even though Koh is mad that he still hasn't taken Vakama's face yet, he is impressed by him.

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