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The Elemental Amulets
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Azula's Mysterious Plan





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January 16, 2011

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Chapter 4 (Azula's Mysterious Plan)

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Aang tells Zuko about the Elemental Amulets as the two figure out what Azula is up to...

Chapter 5: The Elemental Amulets.

Aang cried out in rage. "This is terrible. Everything that we've worked for, Azula could make it all disappear. This is horrible!" Aang Earthbended back the hole in the floor, and he and Zuko both jumped through it.

"What is going on, Aang?" Zuko asked frantically. "What is my sister doing?"

"Did you see that stone she had?" Aang asked. "That wasn't just a stone. It was an elemental amulet."

"What's an elemental amulet?" Zuko asked.

They had now reached the end of the stairs, and a labyrinth of different tunnels lay before them. Fortunately, being an Air Nomad, Aang knew the right way to go. But it appeared that, unfortunately, Azula did as well.

"There are four elemental amulets," Aang explained as they made their way through the underground caves, "one kept in each of the four Air Temples. She already has one, but I wasn't close enough to see which one she already has."

"So?" Zuko said impatiently. "What do they do?"

"These amulets were created by the very first Avatar. The Avatar is the bridge between the mortal world and the Spirit World. The very first Avatar created these stones as a last resort. He created them in case, for some reason, an Avatar was not able to keep balance in the world. If that occurred, then people would be able to unite these four stones, and grant the powers of the Avatar to a new person who would be able to fix the problems that the current Avatar couldn't. And they would also gain access to the Spirit World, just like the Avatar."

"But isn't know..." Zuko racked his brain for the right words, "...dangerous? Didn't the Avatar realize the damage that could be caused if the stones fell into the wrong hands?

"Because of the power that these stones possess, one was taken to each of the Air Temples. This way, they would be far apart, so that if something happened one, the others could be protected. The Avatar knew that the Air Nomads were a peaceful people, and that he could trust them with this power and responsibility.

"This worked well for hundreds of years. Except now the Air Nomads are gone, and the stones are unprotected. I thought that the knowledge of these stones died with the rest of my people, but somehow Azula found out about them, and now she's hunting them down one by one. We can't allow her to unite all four stones. If she did, she would gain the powers of the Avatar, and access to the Spirit World! She would be almost unstoppable...agh this is ALL my fault! I should have destroyed these stones once I realized that my people weren't around anymore to protect them!"

Zuko sighed, taking all of this in. Azula with the powers of the Avatar; he shuddered at the thought. Then he said, "Aang, you can't blame yourself for this. This is all my sister's fault, and we'll catch her. Don't worry. We're the Fire Lord and the Avatar. We can do this."

"We're here," Aang said. They had reached a massive underground room with a large glowing pedestal in the center. "We're here, but so are Azula and Long Feng..."

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