Wisdom from the Past
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 1: Air


Chapter 5

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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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August 31, 2012

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Rong Yan must speak to his past life, and earn some wisdom and/or warnings.

Chapter 5: Wisdom from the Past

Book 1: Air

Chapter 5: Wisdom from the Past

The scene appears back at the table where Rong Yan sat opposite to an old man. Rong Yan looked at the old man, who had aged a lot, and was wearing a red vest, that was cut up from the top, and had an orange sash running down off the side diagonally from the red vest.

The old man also wore brown trousers and brown boots, and carried an old staff around. He wore a wooden necklace with a round piece of wood hanging from the necklace with three swirls on the piece, which leather tassels that decorated the necklace.

Not only was his face aged out, but the old man had arrow tattoos on his body, with a large arrow tattoo stopping at his forehead. The old man was an Air Nomad.

Monk Yong Ten

Monk Yong Ten, is Avatar Rong Yan's airbending teacher.

The old man looked at the Avatar. "Avatar Rong Yan, it is an honor, I will be known as your Airbending teacher. My name is Monk Yong Ten." Yong Ten said. "I may look fragile and very old, but worry not Avatar, I am a highly skilled airbender and highly respected monk, I will also be your spiritual mentor, but in time after you master all four elements, I will help you master the Avatar State." Yong Ten explained. "That time is not now though." he said.

Rong Yan nods and bows to his airbending teacher. "Now tell me Rong Yan, do I like familiar to you?" Yong Ten asked. Rong Yan examines Yong Ten for a second and then shakes his head. Yong Ten laughs, "Oh Ku Tei how can you not remember me, old friend?" Yong Ten slaps his knee jokingly. Rong Yan looks at Yong Ten with confusion.

"Who is Ku Tei?" Rong Yan asks with curiosity, "Never mind that. Let us go back to the temple, you need to speak to your past life!" Yong Ten replied. Yong Ten and Rong Yan leave the Fire Nation palace, and unto the pens within Yin La, they reach a large pen with a sky bison and they stop, Yong Ten looks at Rong Yan for a moment.

"Did you think we were going on foot, Avatar?" Yong Ten chucklingly said. Rong Yan laughs and nods, Yong Ten blasts Rong Yan into the air, so that he lands in the saddle of the sky bison, Yong Ten jumps twenty feet in the air, and lands on the sky bison's head and grabs hold of the reins. He pets the sky bison, "Alright Jippo, Yip Yip!" shouted Yong Ten.
Appa spots Pathik

Monk Yong Ten's lifelong companion, Jippo the Sky Bison.

The sky bison named Jippo heard the voice of his master and roared, lightly slammed his tail onto the ground sending an air blast to disrupt the other animals who were asleep. And flew straight into the sky, and towards the fire temple which was pretty far from Yin La.

After thirty minutes they reach the temple rooftop and landed atop of the rooftop. Rong Yan jumps off the sky bison, and so does Yong Ten. Rong Yan runs over to the wooden latched door, and opens it up, waving his arm directing down as Yong Ten understands what he trying to say he jumped down the hole and used airbending to slow himself down and landed safely onto the metal floor. Rong Yan climbs down the ladder.

As always, the Fire Temple's temperature was always cooking like an oven. They walked to the secret door. Rong Yan raised his foot, and stomped down, inhaled then exhaled the air and with both palms shot down at the key hole of the secret door. A burst of flame hits the hole, and fire comes out of eight little holes around the key hole.

One side of the secret door transforms into stairs, Yong Ten looks over at Rong Yan, then nods and signals the boy to the lead the way. Rong Yan walks down the secret circular staircase, followed by Yong Ten. They both reach a dark hallway, Rong Yan then makes a small ember of fire, to light the dark, dank hallway they both begin to walk down the hallway.

Rong Yan closes his hand to extinguish the fire as they reach a cave filled with lava pools here and there. They continue walking through the cave with even a hotter temperature than the Fire Temple itself, and eventually reach a largely immense room.

Fire Temple sanctuary door

The Fire Sanctuary Door.

The room has a few support beams, and a large door, with five dragons with their mouths open, luckily the door was already open. They both walk inside, and see a shrine made of some red like material, with a statue the same color of the shrine.

The statue was red, but not as tall as Rong Yan, but almost his height. The old monk looks at the Avatar, and points at the statue. "Rong Yan, do you know who she is?" Yong Ten asked beginning to strafe his goatee slowly.
Fire Temple sanctuary

The statue of Avatar Ilah. The Fire Nation Avatar before Avatar Rong Yan.

"No, I don't know who she is, but I know of her why?" he replies to the old monk with another question back to him. Yong Ten turns to face him "Well boy that is one your past lives! Her name is Avatar Ilah." Yong Ten replied. Rong Yan then turns to face the statue of the woman, and walks up to it. He places his hand on the statue, and begins to examine his past life.

"I looked beautiful, in a past life.." he said to himself. Not knowing that the old airbender had heard what the Avatar told himself. He gave him a hearty chuckle and placed his hand on the Avatar's left shoulder. "Of course, she was! Beautiful as the eye could bear to see!" the old man chuckled once more before beginning to explain what the boy must do.

Rong Yan sat down, with his legs crossed, and Yong Ten did the same. "Okay Rong Yan, I'm sure Fire Sage Xiao showed you how to meditate correct?" Monk Yong Ten asked. "Yes." Rong Yan replied. Without saying another word Yong Ten nodded, and began to walk out the shrine room, and turned around to look back at Rong Yan.

"Then you should be fine, try to focus and contact one of your past lives." Yong Ten said. The metal door began to slowly close, and Rong Yan began to meditate in the room, minutes have passed by, Rong Yan opens one eye to look at his surroundings. Rong Yan shuts his eye again and sighs, a few minutes pass by, and again he opens his eyes, only this time instead of only seeing his irises and pupils there was an illuminating white glow in his eyes, he had finally entered into the Avatar State and crossed into the Spirit World.

On the other side of the large metal door, stood Sifu Takumi, Fire Sage Li and Xiao with the other four Fire Sages, and Monk Yong Ten, astonished at the white gleaming light escaping from the bottom of the door.

Back inside, Rong Yan had entered the Spirit World, and was surrounded by a green field of grass filled with plants, trees, and vegetation in the area, on one half of the field it was pure earth. Rong Yan began walking into the dirt ground, and stopped, Rong Yan turned to what he heard from behind him and tried to shoot fire in that direction but nothing produced from his finger tips.

He then began to rise into the air, as a giant earth pillar raised pretty high. There was another giant pillar, he then noticed that the clouds around the other pillar had dispersed from the it, there he saw a short old man, in an Earth Kingdom general attire, he had long grayish white hair on the top of head he wore the top rolled up, and held onto by an Earth Kingdom nobility ornament, then looked down to see his long grayish white beard.

The pillars suddenly turned into a platform of earth high above the ground, and the old man leaped high into the air, and landed down hard, making dust come out from under his feet, then the dust suddenly disappeared.

The Earth Kingdom general looks at Rong Yan, then cracks his knuckles, "Hello there, young Avatar!" The old man said. "I am Avatar Ku Tei, the Avatar before you." he continued, a frightened Rong Yan stares at him with huge wide open eyes, not making a sound, or single move.

"I am not going to hurt you boy! Let's press on to serious matters!" he said, "I don't know if you know but, there is man that I once knew his name was General Senlin, during the war between my nation and the Water Tribes, he betrayed our nation by giving the Water Tribes, locations of our camps and bases, and gave them out battle plans. I soon realized of his wrong doing and had him locked away in prison for life. I could've never kill one of my people, so he was locked away." Ku Tei explained.

"There are greater threats in this world that are far more dangerous than him, you should be prepared Rong Yan. You will learn and master the remaining three elements in order of the Avatar cycle. First you must travel to the temples of the Air Nomads, then either of the Water Tribes, and finally the mighty Earth Kingdom." Ku Tei explained raising his fist into the air when he said mighty Earth Kingdom.

He looked straight into Rong Yan's eyes, and continued, "You must never side with any one nation, you are the protector of the world, you must serve ALL FOUR NATIONS!!"

Ku Tei ended the sentence raising his voice into a shout, scratching his mustache he continued more, "You are, the bridge between the mortal world and the Spirit World, you can be a medium between the two worlds if you choose to. Defend the world from anything either mortal or spiritual no matter the cause." Ku Tei closes his eyes and touches Rong Yan's forehead, and speaks "There is a great danger ahead of you in the near future, someone of great power will want to hunt you down. I cannot explain who or what it is, its just have my spiritual senses tell me what is going on, you will master the four elements and when the time is will defeat this menace once and for all."

Ku Tei finished, he took his thumb off Rong Yan's forehead, Rong Yan was no longer afraid of his past life, then he began to speak, "Thank you for your wisdom, Ku Tei, and for the foretelling danger that awaits me, I will be cautious of this danger." Rong Yan replied.

Ku Tei touches Rong Yan's forehead once again and closes his eyes, "I see..I see that your friends are awaiting for you outside..I see my old friend Monk Yong Ten waiting outside as well, I will possess your body, and speak to him!" Ku Tei said.

On the other side everyone is currently waiting for Rong Yan to come out, to ask him questions. The light from inside begins to fade, and the giant metal door begins to open slowly, the shrine room is dark, and everyone begins to stare into the darkness of the room.

Takumi then he hears the sound of earth moving within the room. Then all of a sudden an old man slides out of the room on a giant surfboard-like rock, then lands hard on the floor and the big slab of rock crumbles beneath his feet.

He looks around, and everyone just stares with complete shock and their jaws dropped. One of the Fire Sages faints, and the others lift him up. The old man walks up to the old airbender, the airbender hugs him and closes his eyes, as a tear runs down his cheek, and his the floor.
Avatar Ku Tei2

Avatar Ku Tei, (in colors) makes his appearance to once again see Monk Yong Ten. His best friend during his lifetime.

The airbender stops hugging the earthbender and looks at him, the earthbender stares back, "Oh..Yong Ten, old friend is good to see you again, teach the new Avatar what you know as you have taught me. I have mastered airbending nine-hundred and ninety three times, and I will master it once more! I know you can teach this boy, the best you can, he will be a great airbender, just like you. And when your time comes? I will be there waiting for you, good old friend."

Ku Tei says looking at the old airbender, Yong Ten diligently nods and another tear comes out one of his eyes, he wipes the tear with his orange sleeves, and waves goodbye.

Dust and air, form around Ku Tei, and then it fades, Rong Yan stands there, and soon faints, quickly Yong Ten catches the firebender. Rong Yan awakens in his arms, and Yong Ten nods, "You have mastered airbending nine-hundred and ninety three times, old friend, you will master it once more, I will train you once again! We must depart now to the Southern Air Temple, you're training awaits, Rong Yan." the old monk said.

Rong Yan stands on his feet, and begins to walk past the cave, down the dark hallway, and up the secret staircase. He walks through the hallways, then turns left, into his chambers grabs his red Fire Nation styled hat, and walks out of his chambers. He runs down the hallway then turns left once more, he climbs up the ladder and with his left arm pushes the latched door open.

The door folds to one side, and makes a light thud sound, he climbs the bison's saddle and places his things on the back of the saddle. Monk Yong Ten, flies with his glider to the top of the temple and lands on Jippo's head, he snaps the reins on Jippo's head, "Yip yip Jippo!" Yong Ten said. Without saying any goodbyes, Rong Yan looks back at the rooftop as he sees Takumi come out from the latched door, waving good bye, Rong Yan waves back and continues to look at the Fire Temple until it disappears in the distance.

Rong Yan turns around to look at Monk Yong Ten, Yong Ten still steering the bison then looks ahead of him. Yong Ten then yawns, they then land at forest, they roll their sleeping bags on dirt, then Rong Yan, walks into the woods a little, and breaks a branch off an old tree.

He brings it back to the camp, and breaks the branch into small pieces. He piles them in cone like shape and shoots a fireball at it. Rong Yan then goes down onto his knees, then slips into his cozy, and comfy sleeping bag. And falls asleep.

Scene fades.

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