True Love Has No End
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Avatar: The Tragedy of Korra


Book 1: Bloodbending



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Shadow Lord's Duel

Korra finished eating and was about to begin her first actual bloodbending lesson taught by Katara. But then she hears a voice in her head.

"Korra! Are you there? Whatever this thing is that took me, he's letting me say one message. I just wanted to say I know what you're doing and I don't think you should be bloodbending. Even for the sake of my life, don't bloodbend! Even if you do, as long as you save me from this freak, I'll be grateful. I love you Korra no matter what happens."

The voice sounded exactly like Mako, but she tried not to think too hard on it in case it would interfere with her bending and main objective, defeating the shadowbenders.

"Alright time to begin our first lesson Korra." Katara said.

As they began their lesson, bloodbending wolves and other harmful animals, Tenzin was sleeping in the guest room. He opened his eyes for a split second and saw someone, a spirit, standing in front of him. To his surprise it was nobody he's ever met before.

"I am Fire Lord Azulon. Fire Lord after Sozin and succeeded by Fire Lord Ozai, sadly. I've found eternal peace within myself and I take upon the burden of guiding the Avatar in the right direction"

"Fire Lord Azulon? You won't guide Korra at all! You were a ruthless Fire Lord who cared for nobody but himself"

"Yes, I know. But I have reached spirtual enlightenment through a guru, Pathik, here in the Spirit World. All be silent for now, but if she is going to be in genuine danger, I'll help"

Fire Lord Azulon disappeared into thin air, leaving Tenzin puzzled. "Why would a Fire Lord that strongly contributed to the hundred year war want to help Korra?" Tenzin laid back down and thought he was hallucinating.

After Korra's first bloodbending lesson, which was a success (since she had practiced a bit before), Korra opened the curtain to her room, which to her surprise was completely dark. The door area disappeared behind her and she felt ropes tie her up. "We've been expecting you" the voice said, which is the same voice everyone has been hearing.

"I am the Shadow Lord, and Korra, I will put a permanent end to you and all of the Avatars to come. I can't harm you right now. If I do, the Avatar would just be reborn again and I would have to start my hunt all over again"

"Why are you doing this? It makes no sense! I've done nothing to you!" Korra said as she was trying to break free of the ropes.

"I'm doing this for him..."

Noatak's 'Amon' mask appeared in Korra's face and her eyes widened.

"You're Amon?" she asked.

"No, but since you helped put an end to his life, I will put an end to Mako's"

The light went around Korra's head and appeared in front of her again and showed Mako, unchained, fighting the shadowbenders.

"You see Korra, you cannot stop us while we have the shadows to protect us. I can enter your tiny little mind whenever I want, and I can end you once the time is right"

Korra began breathing fire, a new technique she just learned at that very moment out of rage.

"Breathe all the fire you want Korra. Since Bolin is a failure I will have to end you myself"

The light, again, went around Korra's head then back in front of her. Bolin appeared in a demented state fighting Mako, and winning.

"I'll end you! Come and fight me whenever you want! I'll always be ready!" Korra screamed.

"I'll be looking forward to ending your life, and I assure you, I do have a plan"

Everything disappeared and Korra's room appeared normal. Korra look angry as she fell to the ground on her knees, lightly breathing fire. The next day she went to Tenzin for guidance.

"Tenzin I have a question" she said.

"Sure what is it?"

"How can the Avatar's cycle be broken?"

Tenzin had a worried look on his face and replied.

"The cycle is broken once the Avatar dies in the Avatar State. Once that happens, the Avatar will cease to exist"

Korra remained calm. All she had to do was never go into the Avatar State and she would be able to beat the Shadow Lord. She walked away from Tenzin and began to rest when Lin came up to her.

"Korra it's time for your metalbending practice. We have no time to waste, Korra."

Korra gets up looking tired and walks off with Lin.

Lin shows Korra some basic movements and stances to metalbend. Korra seemed to be doing the movements right but she couldn't bend the metal Lin had brought with her. It was a huge sheet of metal she had ordered in order to teach Korra.

Back in Republic City, Mako was still fighting Bolin in what the Shadow Lord called, 'The Shadowrealm', which was apparently the next step after the Spirit World.

"Bolin why are you doing this? Stop attacking me and help me!" Mako said.

"No, I will never stop! You aren't my brother!" Bolin kept attacking until Mako was hit in the face with Bolin's whip. Mako's skin where he was hit turned pitch black and then back to normal.

"See, I know you aren't my brother! You WILL tell me where he really is!" Bolin was then grabbed by two shadowbenders by the arms, he broke free by telepathically shaking the ground roughly, making the shadowbenders off balance. He continued his attack on the so-called 'Mako' as well.

"So it seems you found out the truth huh?" the fake Mako said.

"Yes...I did! You're gonna tell me what you did with my brother!" Bolin cracked his whip on the ground, creating a wave of earth headed towards 'Mako'. Mako dodged it and then disappeared, then Bolin heard the Shadow Lord's voice.

"Your brother will be held captive by me personally. He can't bend where he is now. Even you aren't suppose to be able to bend, but it seems you have broken the barriers of the Shadow realm. It's time for your test" The voice disappeared and Korra appeared in front of him.

Korra looked normal at first, then she began to attack with firebending.

"This isn't the real Korra, so I'll attack as hard as possible!" Bolin said.

The voice came back and spoke to Bolin.

"Every blow you deal to this Shadow Korra, will hurt the real Korra. Have fun"

Bolin looked puzzled, his brown and orange hair turned back black, his eyes turned back green, and he took every blow Shadow Korra gave him. Bolin was on the brink of death, when Shadow Korra said, "I love you" and then buried Bolin's body in rocks and dirt, which ended his life in the Shadow Realm.

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