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Chapter 6: The Return of the Comet Part 1: The Eternal Flame

"Ryu, you have finished your firebending training. After a year of training, it's time for you to learn the secrets of the Sun Warriors."


"Come, let's go."

So they took a boat to the Sun Warriors.

Meanwhile in the Spirit World

"The laws of entropy have changed," said Aang.


"For Ryu, it's changed for him. His mastery in firebending and drawing unto the sacred flame's source; he can now fight against the dark spirits."

"I get it. Entropy is not only a cycle but a balance."

"Yes. Rava and Vatu are the only beings in the world that cannot be affected by entropy."

"What if Rava is spirit of light and Vatu is the spirit of darkness- not only they're not affected but they are entropy?"

"Light and Dark balances each other."

"Entropy was designed by the spirit Kami."

"Kami?" asked Korra.

"Kami, the brother of the Avatar Spirit."

"What do you mean?"

"Both used to be one spirit but then split."

"The One Spirit splits itself to better the universe."

"The Avatar Spirit was born human to perceive emotions and bring balance to the physical world. Kami is the spirit to bring balance in the spirit and natural world."

"So then, Aang, Kami made entropy to balance the universe?"

"Yes, Korra. The world changed timeline three times in history."


"Rava and Vatu was bestowed by Kami to be entropy."

"There is prophecy that Ryu shall end entropy and the world will collide with the other three timelines making the world one again," said Aang.

Back in the physical world

"Ryu, this secret is precious to the Sun Warriors. I see that you draw your fire from brute strength. You will now draw your fire from the eternal flame."

"Okay. I am ready."

"Okay, we are here. They have already prepared for the ceremony."

Ryu is circled with the flames from the eternal flame.

Ryu enters the Avatar State and sees Sozin's Comet and Ran and Shaw in rage.

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