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Thirty Year War
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Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan


Book 3: Earth



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King Bumis Heir


King Bumis Heir

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October 20, 2014

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Chapter 4: Hunter's Vendetta

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Why General Senlin hunts the Avatar, and why the war started in the first place.

Chapter 5: Thirty Year War

Book 3: Earth

Chapter 5: Thirty Year War

Morning came still asleep the entire group was in Rong Yan's dreams he was dreaming about a large battle going on when air was blasted in all directions the soldiers in blue and green were trying to hold onto each other and not be swept away by the strong winds. White glowing eyes were seen present through the large dust cloud after the eyes had shot downwards all the soldiers had been knocked back in the middle stood Avatar Ku Tei, Rong Yan's past life angered in the Avatar State as he fought all the forces off.

Rising to the air in an air spout shooting the elements out of his palms and bending large earth waves to knock back or even kill small armies. He was met face to face with his past life who whispered to him, "It is time you've learned about what began the war and why Senlin is after you.."

Ku Tei had once again shot down like a bomb into the ground, after that Rong Yan awoke breathing heavily like he just had a nightmare. Everyone was packing as they looked back at him weird. His eyes darted to Jushi, "Do you know where the nearest location with spiritual energies is?"

"Yeah back on the Huangshun mountain range, there is a place called, the Whispering Boulders. Legend has it that the boulders will whisper to you and usually that means its a spirit trying to contact you. But nowadays it is pretty quiet." Jushi answered.

After a few minutes everything was packed and they once again back on Shen heading to the Whispering Boulders on the Huangshun Mountain range. An hour had passed by when they finally reached the serene place called the Whispering Boulders. After getting off Shen, Rong Yan ran over to the center, and plopped down onto the ground and began to meditate.

He began to hear the boulders calling to him, his friends watches at spiritual wisps flew over to him. His spirit had flown out of his body, and Rong Yan's spirit stood up the wisps had manifested into Avatar Ku Tei. Avatar Ku Tei, had put his thumbs on Rong Yan's forehead and heart the spirits had flashed a bright light and they shot into the sky. Rong Yan's physical eyes had flashed a white light as well, it was a stranger way of him entering the Avatar State.

"Did you guys see that?" Unaraq asked.

Jushi and Aloi nodded, "It may have been different from the other times you have seen him enter the Spirit World. Like I said this is a very spiritual place, it's out of the ordinary to see him enter the Spirit World like this." Jushi explained.

Rong Yan appeared to be in somewhere in the Earth Kingdom where soldiers were marching off to battle. In the distance he saw a large army of blue off in the horizon, a large built man was wearing an officer's uniform and then came another man who saluted him as he approached. Two young men were lined up ready to defend the front lines, both were young and very much new to the military. A short, slight built teenager, with tan skin and black hair, and the other was much taller and built bigger than the other, the short one had medium long hair while the tall one had cut his hair short. The officer had approached the two, "Private Ku Tei, you are hereby dismissed from your tour!"

"What?" Ku Tei asked.

"You heard me, you have done five years." the officer said.

"What about me?" the other asked.

"Private Senlin, you will remain here on the front lines and serve five more years just like everyone else." the officer answered.

An Earth Kingdom priest showed up to the position they were holding he bowed down and looked up to meet Ku Tei's eyes. Ku Tei looked down at him strangely wondering why the priest was bowing to him. Standing on his knees he said, "It is truly an honor to be in your presence Avatar Ku Tei."

Senlin's eyes had widen when he heard that his fellow private was the Avatar. The others bowed as well, quickly going back up and pay attention to coming battle at hand. Ku Tei had then begun to follow the Earth temple priest.

Rong Yan had then appeared in the Earth Kingdom city of Ba Sing Se within a home in the Middle Ring. Ku Tei appeared right next to him narrating his life, "I was sixteen and a half when that priest had come to my camp and announce that I was the Avatar. My comrades and I, were truly shocked about the news. I was told that was to serve ten years in the Earth Kingdom military like everyone else. But when they had told me that I was the Avatar the Earth King had cut my tour in half only making me serve five years." Ku Tei began.

"The temple priest, had told me that I would have to leave all my worldly possessions behind for I was to travel the world and master the four elements." Ku Tei added.

Ku Tei was seen traveling on a large tigerdillo around the Earth Kingdom, before heading on a ship to the Fire Nation. Once there he was presented to the Fire Lord, and the crowned prince of the Fire Nation became his immediate friend who left to travel the world with Ku Tei.

Rong Yan looks over to Ku Tei, looking at the chubby crowned prince of the Fire Nation. Wondering he took a guess, "Is...that Yeh Lu?"

Ku Tei nodded and replied, "Yes, he was a good friend of mine. He taught me firebending."

Thinking to himself Rong Yan thought, 'No wonder he was so nice to me.' He shook it off and began to pay attention as his past life was reviewing his life with the current Avatar. Now they were standing in front a large war room with a large map two Earth Kings stood on the other side both men tall, both built, both tan, and both had long black hair. Coordinating with their generals about the on-goings of the war, to his right was a young Earth Kingdom man. When they called him up he began to report.

"Officer Senlin, what is your report?" Ta Po asked.

"My liege, the Water Tribe forces have taken over Han Tui and have taken our water borders. They aren't allowing ship in or out. We've lost five ships this week!" Senlin reported.

"Damnit why did General Choyun kill Chieftess Akitla?" Ta Po stressed.

"You know why Akitla was a threat to the Earth Kingdom she had to be eliminated." Gao Zu answered.

Looking to Ku Tei, "That's how the war began?"

Ku Tei nodded, "Apparently the chieftess was a dictator was war born and bent on destruction she wanted the lands of the Earth Kingdom to expand the Northern Water Tribe. The Southern Water Tribe was their ally by ancient treaties so they were pulled in to the war as well."

Rong Yan nodded, as he looked on the chieftess's blood met the snow as it continued to pour out and the room was being filled with palace guards as Earth Kingdom soldiers fled the scene. Next Ku Tei had gone to the Jongmu Air Temple also known as the Southern Air Temple where he learned to master the element of air.

There he met another boy a monk the same age as he and a bit younger than Yeh Lu. The monk boy had bowed to Ku Tei when he introduced himself as Avatar Ku Tei. The boy introduced himself back, "I am Yong Ten, one of the monks here at the Southern Air Temple truly a pleasure to meet you Avatar Ku Tei."

Ku Tei bowing to the Air Nomad, "Likewise."

"As you know monk Yong Ten and I have become very good friends saving each other's hides every so often. The monks had let him travel with me. After the years had gone by of mastering airbending we had a ceremony and he was granted the arrows that marked him a master airbender." Ku explained.

Years had gone by, battlefields were left with bodies everywhere, clutter scattered across the land. Shields, weapons, arrows everywhere, there was fire burning around the area. Ku Tei, Yeh Lu, and Yong Ten were traveling throughout the Earth Kingdom. The years had aged the war yet it still ran anew. The two nations had brought down on each other, the Earth King's heir was captured and killed. Although they did find his son and transferred the boy to the Fire Nation. His name was Qiang Zhen, spending his days under protection he at least six years old.

"I was thirty-seven years old, the war was still raging like a wildfire. Earth King Ta Po's son was captured by the Southern Water Tribe and was executed in their capital city. Ta Po had sent troops after his grandson. They found the little boy and they transferred him to the Fire Nation where he would be under protection by the Fire Lord and his guards until the war was over." Ku Tei continued.

Another war council had occurred the Earth King was looking around he was missing his captain. The battle plans were torn to pieces and he didn't know why but he had recited everything on the plans to still remember what to do.

"Where is Captain Senlin?" Ta Po asked.

"We don't know sir, we haven't seen him in weeks!" one of his generals answered.

In came Ku Tei, along with Yong Ten and Yeh Lu, he knelt before Earth King Ta Po. "I have returned Earth King Ta Po." he began.

"Who are these men?" Ta Po asked suspiciously.

"These are my bending masters, Master Yong Ten and crowned Prince of the Fire Nation Yeh Lu." Ku Tei answered.

"Have you mastered waterbending yet?" Ta Po inquired, Ku Tei shook his head he hadn't mastered waterbending because the war was still going on and if he had entered the Water Tribe borders of either the South or North they would call him a spy and most likely execute him.

All of a sudden everyone in the war room bowed to him except Yeh Lu and Yong Ten, Ta Po rose to his feet and shook Ku Tei's hand, "You have returned to us...alive Avatar, and for that and your loyalty to the Earth Kingdom I bestow upon you the title and position of General. Congratulations, General Ku Tei of the eastern Earth Kingdom."

Senlin burst through the doors, saying sorry that he was late the poor sods that had attempted to destroy Ta Ren a village to the far southwest failed. He knelt before Ta Po as he saluted all the generals afterwards. Ta Po a little annoyed he spoke, "You forgot to salute your new general. General Ku Tei."

"General?" Senlin flabbergasted.

"Your honor, Ku Tei hasn't served the Earth Kingdom military long enough to be promoted to general. Let's not forget he left us half way through his tour." Senlin argued.

"Do you speak against your King, boy?" Ta Po retorted.

"You will respect the Avatar as your superior, is that understood?" Ta Po asked.

Senlin was angry as he saluted Ku Tei and barged out of the war room. Weeks had passed once more and another war council had begun. Senlin was nowhere to be seen this time around. He didn't show up even late, Ta Po had wondered his whereabouts but thought nothing about it.

Kneeling down before the chief of the Southern Tribe was a man in eastern Earth Kingdom captain uniform. He grinned as the Southern Chief has placed his staff on his shoulder. He promoted the man, as the man stood up the chief said, "Congratulations, Senlin."

"Why did Senlin betray the Earth Kingdom?" Rong Yan asked.

"Senlin betrayed the Earth Kingdom because I was born the Avatar, I left half way through my tour, and I was given the title general for my accomplishments. He believed that my status of Avatar made Ta Po hand me my rank. Senlin was mistaken and he was jealous, he envied me." Ku Tei responded.

Weeks later, Ku Tei had entered a village who had a local shaman who lived just outside of the village itself. He was a healer and Yeh Lu was injured in a recent battle by a Water Tribe soldier. Ku Tei and his friends were surprised when the old man had used waterbending to heal Yeh Lu's injuries. Ku Tei demanded for training but the old shaman refused. If the soldiers in the village were to see that the shaman was a waterbender they would have him killed.

They trained at night in secret far into the plains where a large pond stood, there was it that Ku Tei mastered waterbending. Months had gone by, as he returned to Ba Sing Se once more alone, only to learn how to master the Avatar State. He spent two weeks at it until finally he had his chakras opened and did he finally understand what the Avatar State was. He was able to enter it at will. During this time it was when Gao Zu had pulled his forces from the battlefield he just left, abandoning the eastern Earth Kingdom alone in its war. He had closed off the borders of the western Earth Kingdom, it had infuriated Ta Po but he couldn't focus on the western Earth Kingdom's act of cowardry.

The next morning came, a large battle was to happen where they would take back Han Tui that had been taken over by the Southern Water Tribe years back. A war council was held in Lu'an a port town not too far from Han Tui. There Senlin and the others were waiting for Ku Tei and Ta Po to arrive. Ku Tei angered he accused Senlin of treason, the only reason why the Water Tribes were able to advance on the Earth Kingdom was because Senlin had began to offer the chief and the new chief of the Northern Water Tribe battle plans of the Earth Kingdom.

Portions of the southeastern borders of the Earth Kingdom were under the control of the Water Tribes. With only two locations within that part of the province still holding Lu'an and Chu Shi. If Lu'an and Chu Shi fell, the eastern Earth Kingdom would have no offense or defense by naval forces.

Ku Tei had evidence from a captured prisoners of war who had claimed to have witnessed Senlin arriving with battleplans. Senlin had fled the war council to Han Tui, angered Ku Tei entered the Avatar State and chased him. The eastern Earth Kingdom army's luck had run out, forces from the Southern and Northern Water Tribe had arrived just outside of Lu'an from afar they were camped when they had seen a large dust-spout with an Earth Kingdom soldier flying from up there in the sky.

And another soldier fighting back, the men were rallied up and charged towards Lu'an.

Ta Po and his men had escaped Lu'an by boat returning to the capital city of Ba Sing Se. The final battle took place right outside of Lu'an the battle had gone on for hours with Ku Tei still in the Avatar State using a large air dome to blast back all the forces and shouting the soldiers were taken aback and afraid as the Avatar State spoke to them, the echoing and booming voices of hundreds of Avatars shook their very souls. In the end he had landed on the ground and bent an earth funnel over Senlin.

Entering the Avatar State once more, he bent a large pillar and stood atop of it as he declared the end of the war. "This war is over!" he shouted in hundred voices that roared loudly.

Senlin stood there trapped and defeated hanging his head lowly, Ku Tei walked up to Senlin, "As for you..." he paused.

"You have betrayed the eastern Earth Kingdom, and have committed war crimes. You should be dead." Ku Tei said.

"Then kill me already!" Senlin spat.

"I will not kill one of my own, you are Earth Kingdom just as I am, but you will spend the rest of your days locked away in prison." Ku Tei replied.

Senlin stood trial in Ba Sing Se, and was declared guilty and sent off to prison for life. Ku Tei had put in dedication and work to heal the wounds of the eastern Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribes. Ku Tei had convinced Ta Po to ignore Gao Zu, they had just ended a war and did not need to put the soldiers into that kind of pain and stress again in a civil war.

Once again becoming the Avatar he remained neutral in the world's politics. With the help from Chief Cupun of the Northern Water Tribe, the Northerns who lived on eastern Earth Kingdom soil were sent back to the Northern Water Tribe. A few remained however, those members were lost to the lands of the large nation.

In the Fire Nation, was Yeh Lu knelt on both knees as the Fire Sages stood over him placing the hair piece of the Fire Lord in his hair.

"I returned to the Fire Nation, and watched as my friend was crowned the Fire Lord of the Fire Nation. Everything had returned back to the way it was, old wounds were healed. Gao Zu and the western Earth Kingdom were forgotten by the Ta Po and the eastern Earth Kingdom. I witnessed the marriage of Fire Lord Yeh Lu and the birth of his firstborn. Likewise as he did with me. We lived life together, in the end I was the one who met my end..." Ku Tei finished.

"...never forget who you are, Avatar Rong Yan.." Ku Tei added as he faded.

A bright light shot downwards Rong Yan's body, as Aloi, Unaraq, and Jushi had covered their eyes. When they looked back they had seen Rong Yan standing up dusting himself off. He smiled and said, "I know how the war began, how it ended, and I know why General Senlin hates the Avatar."

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