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"The Union Point"
Chapter information

Avatar: The Legend of Miranda




Start (開始)



Written by




Release date

July 31, 2016

Last chapter

"Journey to the Foggy Swamp"

Next chapter

"Return to Gaoling"

"The Union Point" is the fifth chapter of Book One: Start of Avatar: The Legend of Miranda.

The Confrontation

"Finally we're all together! Imagine, in no time at all, I'll have Tyro's amulet and become your new Earth Queen," Lady Li-Hua said, speaking to her four kidnapped Earth Guardians.

"You really think gathering our Earth Amulets will make you Earth Queen? You have no way to take the power that's inside them!" Tyro said, sitting in his chair.

"Don't I?" Li-Hua said and showed the guardians a crystal. Guardian Su became really fascinated.

"It's a crystal," Tyro said.

"Not just any crystal," Li-Hua said and put the crystal in a hole over her throne. Nothing happened.

"How exciting. Nothing happened," Tyro said. The other guardians laughed.

"Oh, nothing yet," Li-Hua said. Then, suddenly, the three amulets started to glow. That meant that their sister amulet, Tyro's Earth Amulet, was nearby. "Bring her to me!" Li-Hua ordered her helpers to do, believing that the Avatar was nearby.

And she was. Team Avatar was flying on Yakul. They were on their way to Lady Li-Hua's lair.

"When I left her service, Lady Li-Hua had discovered a device that could suck the powers from the Earth Guardians' amulets and transfer them to herself," Huang-Gi said to the other ones.

"How did it work?" Miranda asked.

"I'm not sure exactly. She was still planning it when I left, but she was always clear about its weakness. It plagued her that it wouldn't be perfect. She said that the union point would always be fragile," Huang-Gi answered.

"The union point? What does that mean?" Dandelion asked.

"I don't know," Huang-Gi said.

"We can only hope we'll know when we see it," Miranda said.

They could now see Lady Li-Hua's lair. "There! That's Lady Li-Hua's lair!" Huang-Gi said, pointing on it. It was surrounded by guards.

The group landed. "We go in and try to find the union point," Huang-Gi said.

"I go in. I'm doing it alone," Miranda said. Ming and her brothers wanted to come with her but Miranda said no. "If more than one of us try to make it across, we'll be seen. I'm the one with Tyro's amulet, and I'm the Avatar. It has to be me. I'll find the union point," Miranda said.

"I know you will," Huang-Gi said.

"Good luck," Dandelion said, as the group hugged their Avatar.

The Avatar left her friends, almost taken by the guards. However, the rest of the team distracted them by flying over. Miranda made it into Li-Hua's lair, however, her friends became captured by the guards.

The Union Point

Miranda walked in the dark corridor, needing to hide from more guards.

Meanwhile, Pei Qi and the other helpers arrived in Li-Hua's room with Miranda's friends. "Huang-Gi, what a lovely surprise. It has been such a long time," Li-Hua said. Ming, having been put in a cage, twittered angry.

"These guys tried to attack us outside the lair. I think that they're friends of the Avatar," Pei Qi said.

"Perfect," Li-Hua said and smiled.

Miranda had walked through the long, dark corridor and entered a pretty long staircase. She started walking on it, and when she reached the top of it, she entered Lady Li-Hua's room, facing her enemy for the first time.

Seeing her friends tied up, Miranda became angry. "Let my friends go, Li-Hua, they don't have anything you want," she said to Li-Hua.

"Not true -- they have your love," Li-Hua said. "I'll be happy to let them go, if you give me Guardian Tyro's amulet," she said.

"NEVER!" Miranda screamed.

She attacked Li-Hua with earthbending. Li-Hua went behind Pei Qi, letting him shoot fire at the Avatar. Miranda used water against Pei Qi, easily defeating him and the other helpers. No one had ever since seen Li-Hua defend herself. Everyone was a little curious of what Li-Hua would do now. And she did surprise them.

Li-Hua snapped her fingers, completely hypnotizing the Avatar. "I'm ruling your will now," Li-Hua said. "Now, go and put Tyro's amulet around his neck," she ordered, pushing Miranda in his direction.

Miranda, still completely brainwashed, started to walk to the chair where Tyro was sitting. Li-Hua sat on the throne. "Yes, Miranda," she said. As the crystal started to glow, the three amulets did too. If Miranda placed Tyro's amulet around his neck now, Li-Hua would get all the Earth Guardians powers.

Tyro was shocked. "Miranda, hold off!" he said.

"Yes, you're so close!" Li-Hua said.

"Try to wake up, Miranda!" Tyro said. She was just a few millimeters from Tyro's neck with his amulet. "No! Li-Hua! You can't do this!" he screamed at the evil Lady, who laughed her evil laughter, and Miranda sat the amulet around Tyro's neck. "For the friends you haven't met, Miranda!" Tyro reminded her of, causing her to wake up.

Miranda took a look at the ultimate glowing crystal, understanding now that that was the union point. She took Tyro's amulet off him and threw it at the crystal, causing it to break. The Earth Guardians got their powers back. Li-Hua understood that she was in dire straits and retreated immediately, followed by Pei Qi.

Miranda ran after them, but upon entering the outside of the lair, Li-Hua and Pei Qi were gone.

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