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Air. Water. Earth. Fire.
After a long, fulfilled and yet exhausting life, Avatar Korra passed, being succeeded by Sari of the Earth Kingdom, who died early and didn't play a role in history.
The current Avatar is Asura of the Fire Nation, who mastered the elements quickly.
Although she thought she would never play an important role in history, she was proven wrong when the black ships arrived. The first one came in peace, but all the following carried a deadly load: WAR.
A war even the Avatar and her allies can barely end, one that threatens to consume the worlds involved.
And the question everyone asks is: Will there still be a world, a mankind to save?

Previously in Avatar: The War of the Worlds

While the War of the Worlds rages throughout the galaxy, in the Fire Nation an organisation named "The Black Sun" is founded, intending to end the war on Avatara.

The Meeting

Pairs of black-uniformed elite soldiers patrolled the Capital of the Fire Nation, alongside their red-uniformed Fire Nation counterparts, as Fire Lord Olizon called the commanders of the Aryan League on Avatara for a war meeting. And so they were sitting there, in the Throne Room, Olizon and his niece overlooking all actions around the tactical world map.
"...Though the destruction of the 6th Army at the hands of the newly-founded 'Four Nations' Legion' has hit us hard, the Führer ordered to conquer all of this planet till winter. We all know that this is almost impossible, hence we have no means of conquering the Water Tribes, while Ba Sing Se may be the easier task with the Dai Li on our side - once again.", High General Muto finished, earning nods from all present except the two royals.
"What the Führer orders is to accomplish, General, although you are right about Ba Sing Se. It will soon fall, if not at the hands of the Dai Li, it will at the hands of our combined Air Force and Army.", Olizon spoke, rising the wall of fire before him and turning its colour from orange to a bright blue. The commanders, his underlings, shielded their eyes from the light, before Admiral Fusu spoke up, "My Fleet is - for sure - not able to defeat the Southern Water Tribe in the little time and resources I have. The last of the United Forces, combined with Air Nomads and Water Tribals, have almost cost me the Sozin, and you all know what this means. If we are to fully follow the order, Ba Sing Se must fall in the next months!"
"Oh, shut up you, who is father to the disgrace your daughter is!", a Fourth Reich's Marshal shouted, silencing the Admiral.
"I will see that I storm the city as soon as possible,", Muto explained, before he shot back at the Marshal, "if your elite troops are to finish the guerrilla troops in the southwestern Earth Kingdom in this century!"
The Marshal narrowed his eyes, striking back at the equally experienced General, "I've served under the Führer in his very first years as a leader, and helped him to come to his power!"
Before anyone could say a word, a commanding, female voice sounded from behind the - again, blue - curtain of fire, "We accomplish nothing if we tear each other up, questioning their competence. The true enemy, and we know all who it is, is out there and not here!"
So different..., a Dai Li agent who guarded the entrance thought, different from how I've known her. The woman he was thinking of divided the fiery curtain, and stepped at the map table, speaking, "If we manage to take Ba Sing Se from above, for this I recommend the 101st, we can direct our forces at the spots most necessary, be it the Water Tribes, the Southern Air Temple or the guerrillas across the Earth Kingdom... "
All fell silent as the cold voice of hers had spoken. This is so much unlike me., she thought, but it vanished as the commanders started off where they had been before, insulting each other with every insult in the Fourth Reich and the Fire Nation. She let her cold side return and shouted, "Silence, peasants! You are all stripped of your commandership if you don't make reasonable efforts in winning the war! You're dismissed for today!"
Everyone was shocked by the outburst but Olizon, who coldly smiled at how much she had become like him.
"You heard the Crown Princess!", he shouted as the eleven baffled commanders of the Fourth Reich's forces refused to go after being shown such disrespect, but walked out after the Fire Lord's order, yelling something like "Preposterous!".
"Agent Seon, with me.", she commanded her former childhood friend from the impenetrable city and led him, alongside the other members of the Black Sun to Muto's house in the Caldera City, which was, at this time, one of two truly impenetrable cities, the other being the former Washington D.C., capital of the Fourth Reich. Of the latter's soldiers, elite and ordinary, one entire army of two hundred thousand men marched through the Fire Nation officially to ensure its safety, but de facto they were an occupying force, everyone of this Nation knew it let it happen. Thoughts about this raced through Arzowa's mind as they entered the High General's mansion to discuss their plan to end the war on this planet early-on. Might be slightly difficult... the one Dai Li agent of theirs thought as Muto elaborated their situation and goals.

The Plan

All of the Black Sun members had gathered and ended up shouting at each other about whose idea of ending the war early-on was the better, which ended in two firebending officers challenging each other to an Agi Kai. Just as the two had prepared for the duel, one of their most powerful members released her face and forehead from the cover of her hands and spoke up, drowning the crackling of the first bended flames out, "I think that, since the very beginning of this meeting, we all missed a point: A serious idea how to stop Olizon. All we did was... arguing over it."
Another famous and powerful member of their organisation, Admiral Fusu, spoke, "Indeed. But we must shape the plan together. I have... a basic concept of how we could do it... "
"So what is it then, Admiral? Why do you hesitate?"
"Because, High General, I feel like being watched... By some expert... like a Dai Li agent... "
As they looked around, they noticed Agent Seon was missing, as was Arzowa, who had spoken just seconds before.
"Dammit, I knew they'd betray us!", Fusu shouted, readying his barely-used sword, as he heard the Crown Princess' and the Agent's voice just atop the building, followed by a barely audible lightning. After a few seconds the two reentered, an unconscious and bound Dai Li agent being dragged after them.
"Sorry we may have caused discomfort, but this one was dangerously close... And no, he's not dead.", Arzowa exclaimed casually as she seated herself in the background, demanding to know what Fusu's plan was. The other members put their heads together before Muto announced, "So the plan is - Well, before I reveal that, we need your full trust... So can we trust you and do you trust us?"
Both of them affirmed the question, and Fusu continued his colleague's sentence, " to organise a large-size mutiny or rebellion or... Y'know. We, well, I, will hold a speech and transmit via radio an all wavelengths. We'll need a sign for membership of this rebellion, like a black brassard. However, afterwards, we would conquer all of our nation and help the other of the Four Nations - and the URN - to eliminate the Fourth Reich's forces on our planet. So that's the basic plan."
"And when, if I may ask?", Seon, the only one of theirs who had been silent all the time, asked.
"Well, uh... Yeah, we don't really know yet. But soon, it has to be."
"Tomorrow, the war meeting will continue, that's a splendid opportunity if you manage to work out that speech till then.", Arzowa suggested, earning acceptation.

Five Questions

The war meeting's continuation had already ended and had gone well for the Black Sun's members, who now were headed for a radio room in the huge palace's depths, from where the entire world could be reached within a second and now, the whole of their nation was about to hear their speech, their begging to end the war, if necessary by violence, and violence would be necessary. A few of their members parted off to guard the small room and cover a bigger area. Only Fusu and Muto entered, and the latter left seconds later again to hear the speech he had partially written. Fusu took all microphones he could find and adjusted all the radios in the room to send one specific civil or military wavelength to reach every listener in the nation. He assembled the microphones in a semi-circle before him, turned on the radio and cleared his throat, vague remembering Muto's speech.
"Men and women of the Fire Nation! In these times of turmoil, one can never be sure whom to trust, such as it is with our nation. The Allies, which compose of the United Republic, the Earth Kingdom, the Water Tribes and the Air Nomads, who were declared our enemies by an oppressive government, are fighting bravely on all fronts, although it indeed is a lost battle. The Aryan League, which consists of our nation and the Fourth Reich, is causing this turmoil. We, the Black Sun Order, have decided not to stand by and watch, not anymore. I will now ask you five questions. I want you to decide for yourself:"
The Admiral paused as his speech roared from propaganda loudspeakers from the capital to the smallest and most insignificant village all throughout the Fire Nation, as well as it sounded from all military radios and urged almost all of the Nation's population to listen.
"I ask you first: Is our Nation still as great and mighty as it used to be?"
Again, he paused for a few seconds and prepared his next question.
"I ask you second: Is it this, total war, what you want?"
"I ask you third: Is genocide - again - what you want?"
"I ask you fourth: Do you think our nation has caused enough suffer in the past?"
"I ask you fifth and final: Do you want occupation?"
The uproars following this question could be heard all over the nation's capital, and Fusu continued satisfied with his people's agreement.
"We are fighting and murdering our comrades of the other nations, we are massacring our brothers and sisters and we ourselves are occupied by our supposed ally! If you do not want all of this, take a black brassard and put it on! Arm yourselves, people of the true Fire Nation, and end all of this murder the treacherous Fire Lord Olizon orders, and if necessary by force!"
He unsheathed his sword as he heard soldiers of the Royal Procession coming for him, and finished his speech just as they entered, "We are comrades in all the Four Nations, we are one people!"
Just as these words had been spoken, the room's wooden door burst under the soldiers' fire as they opposed the sword master and Admiral, and, more important, the Avatar's father.

Treachery and Treason

The sailors aboard the Sozin and its sister ship Comet flew black flags, and their crews all wore black brassards. The cannonry of both ships fired volleys at those loyal to Olizon, and some domestic forces joined the two mighty battleships. Soon, aircraft with swiftly-painted black insignia began battling such with ordinary red flame insignia in the skies above. Many of the 11th Shock Army, which now was an occupation force, marched against the rebellious battleships, and were shot to pieces, while more and more of ships, aircraft, soldiers and tanks began bearing black insignia and the tide in the whole of the Fire Nation seemed to turn against Olizon and his supposed allies. As it had reached even the frontline troops, the advance in the Earth Kingdom stopped and most of the attacks against the Southern Air Temple and the Water Tribes ceased. The Black Sun was in destiny's favour, as it seemed.

Fusu had just finished his speech while three of the Royal Procession were entering and he drew his sword. At the sight of incoming fireballs, the Admiral ducked under them and rushed, sword first, to slay the first of the firebenders. As the old blade sore through the flesh and cut the soldier in half, the second prepared to fire at Fusu, but he jumped to his right and afterwards to the left as fast as he could, cutting the soldier's head clean off with a swing of his blade. The third and last of the elite firebenders met the Admiral's fist in his face, which broke his nose, but didn't keep him from fighting - or trying to do so. When he tried to firebend, he stumbled backwards and hit the wall with a thud, and gave Fusu an excellent chance to end him. The Admiral pushed his ancient blade forward and impaled the last of the elite soldiers sent for him. As he walked out of the radio room, he noticed how much disarray his little coup had caused in the palace. Soldiers tried to engage him in combat often, but their bullets were no match for his agility. His and the other Black Sun members' paths were soon covered by corpses and thus easy to follow, and yet a warning not to come near these masters. All of them but three had gathered at the entrance of the throne room, but time was short and none of them cared if these three were there or not, they would encounter Olizon. The organisation entered, only to find Olizon and the Fourth Reich's officers waiting behind a fiery wall of blue colour.
"Oh, here come the TRAITORS! Treachery will not be tolerated, ever!", Olizon spoke before he launched half a dozen of blue fireballs at the group of military officers.
"C'mon, see it realistic. It is you who killed the previous Fire Lord to assume power in our nation and then broke our Non-aggression pact with the other Nations! It's you who is the traitor, and treason to the Four Nations is treason to mankind!", Fusu shouted, appearing behind the enraged Fire Lord, while his comrades had bound the Fourth Reich's officers.
"Now that's sneaky, traitor, let's see if you and your treacherous comrades can withstand a fight with me!", Olizon snorted as he breathed fire, moving into a fighting stance, as did his sword-wielding opponent.


The Fire Nation Princess and her trusted General raced to the Capital's harbour, which still was in the grip of the 11th Army and "Loyalists", troops loyal to Olizon. At the horizon, the Sozin and the Comet could be witnessed nearing the Capital, which was fight for hard. The two nobles went through without resistance, before the Sozin started shelling the port and the Caldera City. Centuries-old battlements and their improved, modern counterparts broke apart the soil and sore downwards, crushing dozens of soldiers and civilians under them. The sun sinking in the west bathed the entire nation in a red light while shrapnels penetrated every mean of personal armour and the first tanks were brought to counter the two battleships as the navy was unavailable. Arzowa and the elder General Muto both sought cover behind a fallen battlement as their troops advanced and shelled the palace and the city around it directly.
"We've got to do something about this, they're killing innocent people!", Arzowa yelled at Muto, who answered rather harsh, "Shut up, Princess or not. We swore not to interfere. It is too soon to strike!"
Arzowa shot him a deadly glare but remained silent as the High General continued, "We all see it is too soon. The 11th Army needs an opponent with a true leadership to be defeated, and that's not easy."
"And what about New Year's Battle?"
"The Legion had a plan and a leadership, I don't see how it is related to the current conflict."
"It simply is, but we also have to oppose the Loyalists!"
Muto raised his right index finger as if to argue about this, but lowered it when he saw that Arzowa was right. Afterwards, a loud engine-like noise could be heard, one similar to such like weeks before over Ba Sing Se when the Earth Kingdom tested their first jet fighters, but louder. Squadrons of fighter-bombers of the 11th Army flew above their heads as both, the Sozin and the Comet aimed their guns at the many aircraft which were coming for to sink the two battleships. Volleys of both sides were shot, and the two secret members of the Black Sun decided to hijack a lorry to get back into the Caldera City.

"Don't you see? With the Fourth Reich at my side, I cannot be defeated!", the Fire Lord cried out as he tried to his enemies in blue fire, while the latter, trained in combat, charged him from all sides, wielding fire, swords and even bows to defeat the tyrannous Fire Lord. Although none of the Black Sun's members could hit him as the Royal Procession was coming for them, Olizon himself could not land a hit on any of them either. Fusu was one of the most skilled of theirs and charged forward spinning around to avoid being touched by the flames. When the aged warrior was close enough to the Fire Lord, his sword bit through the flames and cut into the monarch's upper arm. Groaning because of the cut and the heat, Olizon paid less attention to Fusu who charged with everything he had got. Soon afterwards, cuts littered and weakened Olizon who, in his rage, made use of the most destructive firebending technique of all time, screaming, "Your little assassination attempt is futile!"
He snapped his fingers and created a spark that way, one he shot forward with his index and middle fingers outstretched while the rest of the hand he was using was clenched in a fist. The spark shot forward as a ray of heat and almost vaporised one of the Black Sun's firebenders. Everyone, including the entering Royal Procession, stopped to stare in awe and fear. Fusu, who was the first to snap back, raced up to Olizon, leapt at him only to kick him into the face before fleeing. What Olizon had said before was true, with the Fourth Reich at his side he was invincible. Almost.

Notes and Trivia

  • Ironically, Fusu's speech was partially inspired by Joseph Goebbles' (the Third Reich's Propaganda Minister) Wollt ihr den Totalen Krieg.
  • Sozin and his/her/its sister ship Comet. Creativity, where are you when I need you?
  • Yes, the Fire Nation is occupied. By their "ally", the Fourth Reich, just as (northern) Italy was by the Germans from 1943 to 1945.
  • The again in the question "Is genocide - again - what you want?" was referring to the Air Nomad Genocide.

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